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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can Anyone take down our reigning champ?
We have learned that PIACERE is a true musicophile!
For the second week in a row,
she is the only person to complete the answer.
Anndi had the Artist & the Song.

This husband and wife combination were pioneers of the music industry. There are two people on that song. Les and mary. It is all done with over-dubs (recording different part on differnt "tracks" and then combining them).

Wikipedia says of Les paul that he is "one of the most important figures in the development of modern electric instruments and recording techniques. He is a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar (the Gibson Les Paul, which he helped design, is one of the most famous and enduring models), multitrack recording, and various reverb and echo effects."

Also from Wikipedia:
In 1947, Capitol Records released a recording that had begun as an experiment in Paul's garage, entitled "Lover (When You're Near Me)", which featured Paul playing eight different parts on electric guitar, some of them recorded at half-speed, hence "double-fast" when played back at normal speed for the master. This was the first time that multi-tracking had been used in a recording. Amazingly, these recordings were made, not with magnetic tape, but with wax disks. Paul would record a track onto a disk, then record himself playing another part with the first. He built the multi-track recording with overlaid tracks, rather than parallel ones as he did later. There is no record of how few 'takes' were needed before he was satisfied with one layer and moved onto the next.

Paul even built his own wax-cutter assembly, based on auto parts. He favored the flywheel from a Cadillac for its weight and flatness. Even in these early days, he used the wax disk setup to record parts at different speeds and with delay, resulting in his signature sound with echoes and birdsong-like guitar riffs. When he later began using magnetic tape, the major change was that he could take his recording rig on tour with him, even making episodes for his 15-minute radio show in his hotel room.

Of course the Gibson Guitar which bears his name was based upon an original design by Paul, though it has been modified over the years.

In January 1948, Paul was injured in a near-fatal automobile accident in Oklahoma, which shattered his right arm and elbow. Doctors told Paul that there was no way for them to rebuild his elbow in a way that would let him regain movement, and that his arm would remain in whatever position they placed it in permanently. Paul then instructed the surgeons to set his arm at an angle that would allow him to cradle and pick the guitar. It took him a year and a half to recover.

Paul and Mary Ford were married and Ms. Ford passed in the 70's. Mr. Paul is 92 years old and still performs.One more fact for you trekkies: The Klingon word for guitar, leSpol, was derived from his name, and is pronounced to evoke it.

To find out more about Les Paul & Mary Ford, you can check out the following sites:

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7 Of Your Sparks

  1. Piacere Says:
  2. *blushes*

    I'm verklempt!!! And thanks for the Vaya Con Dios...always loved that one! Plus, I didn't know the Klingon guitar trivia. learn something new every time you sit on the couch!!!


  3. I will never dethrone the champ because my taste in music is downright Philistinian compared to yours and hers and just about everyone else here.

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. There is a wonderful museum of music history in downtown Seattle. It focuses much celebration on the evolution of Seattle's rich and varied musical traditions.

    There is a room dedicated to the guitar, from its rudimentary beginnings to the instruments of today.

    It's fascinating to walk through and understand how long this instrument has been with us. And to see the technical leaps from accoustic to electric.

  6. BeckEye Says:
  7. I've never seen a Klingon with a guitar!

  8. Anndi Says:
  9. Thank you... thank you very much!

  10. Tisha! Says:
  11. Ow wow that's great music Bond darling thanks for sharing it with us, you always manage to activate my brain cells but also was grooving to the music - that's why I keep coming back!

  12. Anonymous Says:
  13. Runs in hyperventilating…I quit my job! What was I thinking!….runs out looking for a gun


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