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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, January 31, 2007


SANNI knew the song, the band, the album and the composers
she had a partial list of the band members.

• Tommy Bolin: Guitars, vocals.
• Roy Kenner: Vocals.
• Dale Peters: Bass guitar, percussion, vocals.
• Tom Dowd: Keyboards, piano.
• Albhy Galuten: Keyboards, piano, synthethizer.
• Jimmy "Jim" Fox: Drums, percussion, keyboards, organ, vocals.

The James Gang started out in Cleveland,
Ohio in the late '60's, and came to fame as a
three-piece rock/funk band featuring the
legendary Joe Walsh. Joe left in the
early '70's, and he was replaced by various
guitar players for the next decade, including
Dominic Troiano (later of Guess Who)
and Tommy Bolin (later of Deep Purple).

It's true they achieved their greatest
success when guitar legend Joe Walsh
was an important Gang member. But
drummer Jim Fox was the man who oversaw
the group's rise to fame. It was Fox
who put the original band together in
Cleveland, Ohio way back in 1966 and
ensured it stayed on track throughout
the glory years of the Seventies.

The James Gang were unique. Despite
their cowboy sounding name, their
music was far from being country
oriented. They took on board both
American and British rock influences.

Although occasionally a five piece
band, they usually worked best as a
trio. The first version of The James
Gang consisted of Glenn Schwartz
(guitar/vocals), Tom Kriss (bass/vocals)
and Jim Fox (drums and vocals). Schwartz
later left the band in April, 1969 to
join another group called Pacific Gas
And Electric. He was replaced by
mighty Joe Walsh, master of guitar,
who appeared on the group's best known
albums including "Yer Album" (1969),
"The James Gang Rides Again" (1970)
and "Thirds" (1971) and subsequent albums
like "Straight Shooter" (1972),
"Passin' Thru" (1972), "Bang" (1973),
"Miami" (1974), "Newborn" (1975), and
"Jesse Come Home" (1976).

Later versions of the band included
the brilliant but ill-fated guitarist
Tommy Bolin, while Dale Peters
on bass replaced Tom Kriss. When Joe
Walsh left he was replaced by Domenic
Troiano (guitar/vocals), and Roy Kenner
came in as lead vocalist. Next came a
version of the band with Bubba Keith
and Richard Shack (vocals and guitar).
Just before the band broke up, they
had Bob Webb on vocals and Phil
Giallombardo (keyboards, vocals).
Throughout all these changes, one
man remained at the helm. Jim Fox
(born August 24, 1947), the drummer
who laid down that James Gang beat,
is also the man who knows their true

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Tug Says:
  2. I don't play this game 'cause I'm ohso bad at it. But I DO read!!

  3. Tug Says:
  4. I don't play this game 'cause I'm ohso bad at it. But I DO read!!

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Hey.. I know who Joe Walsh is.. yup!

    I play.. but I told you this week I just could not put my finger on it.

    Thanks for the music history lesson, I don't remember seeing their stuff in the RRHF... and they have a section on local artists... then again, maybe I was distracted by the Sam Cooke and Elvis displays... ooh and the Beatles... I wanted to try on Janis' glasses too...

  7. TUG: Thanks

    ANNDI: Ah the RRHofF.... would like to get there some day

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. I like this game. But even knowing I'd heard the song before, I was nowhere near guessing.

  10. well honey i think i'm too old to play but i do read and wait to see who wins. and bond? how do you know so much about this stuff? aren't you old too? smiles, bee

    ps: just kidding!!!

  11. Piacere Says:
  12. Still pissed that I couldn't load the song yesterday, but I'll get over it. There's always next week...WAAAAAAAAA! Anyhoo, I remember that album SO well...1974 was a great year (think Pomp and Circumstance...)


  13. TRAVIS: I love that you are here to play

    BEE: never too old Bee... it is in our heart.. I worked as a DJ for many years and have a passionate love for music...thus my knowledge base.

    PIA: Always next week darlin'... I think sophomore year in college and oh my... LOL

  14. Unknown Says:
  15. Ujjj - thanks =)
    I love this game but I have to confess this time it was hard, so I had to guess. Frank listened, too, but he had only a vage idea, just like me. But he was the one to tell the Album´s release year =)

    Sorry I couldn´t stop by earlier. Huuuuge blogger problems =(

  16. TopChamp Says:
  17. Please don't be offended - audio codes still don't work for me so I'll not be playing any time soon.

    Just got a laptop though so I might see if they work on that.


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