Thursday Thirteen

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh, Pretty Woman
By Roy Orbison

So, Wordless Wednesday we play music and talk.
Thursday Thirteen, well we are going to just share,
13 beautiful women who do not know

Bond, THE COUCH, or Vinny exist!
In No Particular Order:



EMILY PROCTOR - chick with a gun WOOOOO











60 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Oh my. . .

    Oh my my. . .

    Uhm. . .thud. . .thump. . .


    **glances to the left**

    Yup - got me a pretty lady right here!!!

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Oh. yummy =)
    Halle Berry - to me she is pure eye candy!

    And yes, I know: We both are women... but I confess: I could not resist her

    Happy TT,


    P.S.: Please visit my TT - Thanks a lot =)

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. Hmmmmm Oh My---Hummmmmmmmmm

  7. tiggerprr Says:
  8. Hey Bond, if you ever get to meet Lara Flynn Boyle, please do me a the girl a sandwich! She's TOOOOOO skinny! :)

  9. Lizza Says:
  10. Please do not start charging us a fee for a place on the Couch if any of these celebrities drop by! :-)

  11. Barb Says:
  12. Their loss :) Happy TT!

  13. Tink Says:
  14. I don't know the last one, but I can see why you like them all!
    My TT is about the year 2007.

  15. Twyla Says:
  16. Those are definitely some beautiful women, although I'm a little partial to men. LOL
    I have to say that Sophia Loren scares the heck outta me. I would have replaced her with Julia Roberts. :-)

  17. Maryfly Says:
  18. good choices there V. You would really pic Kate over Anna Lucia??


  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Great list. I love Charlize. People always say how sexy Angeline Jolie is...PAH! She ain't got nothin' on Charlize!!!

  21. Schmoop Says:
  22. Purrrr Diana Rigg, Emma Peel in leather pants be still my heart. As you know I have a thing for Gina Lollabrigida circa 1954, but the thought of Sanni getting it on with Halle Berry has got me all a' flutter. Cheers

  23. I also hope it was noticed, I did not pick huge glamous shots...I tried to find the most "real life" shots I could...

    TRAVIS: :::helping you up:::.. yes dude you do... but you can still thump over beauty!

    SANNI: see we are so much alike, i coldn't resist her either...

    TURN: you ok?

    TIGGERPRR: Yes, I was thinking more in terms of a few years ago when she had more meat on the bones.

    LIZZA: HEAVENS NO! You were here first..maybe I will make THEM pay!~

    SKITTLES: awwwww ty ty tyvm

    TINK: She appears on a TV program called Lost here in the US

    TWYLA: Scares you? why? She is a classic beauty. Julia almost made the cut...

    MARY: umm Anna Lucia is dead.. I am not into that!

    BUSY: Charlize is a true beauty... Angeline has the lips which cause men to stumble and bumble...

  24. Anndi Says:
  25. Beautiful women... I'd follow Halle just about anywhere.. Sanni is right.. never mind that we're both women cause whoa!

    Funny.. I have my own list of hotties up.. musician hotties.. have a look, well... you'll prefer listening... LOL!

  26. Sonny Says:
  27. That's a really nice list!
    Yummy girls! I must admit! I couldn't resist some of them either... =)

    But I prefer my hubby...

    Lots of Hugs and Happy TT from Germany,
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    P.S: My TT is up too! Please visit! Sweet like Kitty

  28. AtriaBooks Says:
  29. Bond: Tell me more about this Emily Proctor chick. I've never heard of her but am quite enamored. What I would give for 5 minutes with her on The Couch.

  30. ANNDI:, Sanni, Halle ...OMG CALL 911 heart .. oh I am having a THUMP... OK no heart attack.. but oh my i will smile all day with that visual!

    MATT: YES! I was hoping one of the guys would relate to Diana... OMG...leather pants, the skimpy outfits when she was undercover (not under the covers - but ummm WOOO on that thought)
    Gina is also a great choice...

    KITTY: LOL did you think hubby might see the first part of your comment so you covered your tracks!?!

    DR. B: Emily Proctor.. was on the WEST WING as Ainsley Hayes, an attorney. Now she carries a gun THUMP on CSI Miami.. more info needed? Here

  31. Coco Says:
  32. Is this one of your New Year's Resolutions? Lol.

  33. Ah, interesting to see the Couch's taste in women! Happy TT!

  34. Twyla Says:
  35. To each his own I guess. Maybe it's just that picture that scares me...LOL

  36. Julie Says:
  37. Hmmm interesting list! Leave it to Vinny the blog god.

    Check out my TT!

  38. Liz Hill Says:
  39. I am fine LOL

    Have to go with Busy--Charlize it is

    Only two blondes. Interesting.

  40. Very good list. I can't understand Nicole Kidman though, I don't see it.

    Happy TT!

  41. Okay, as a chick who likes guys, you'll have to take my opinion for what it's worth:

    Halle - I so totally get that.
    Cindy - eh, whatever
    Emily - LOVED her as Ainsley Hayes; good thing Miami has her because David Caruso is NOT all that
    Salma - my husband would totally agree with you here; she's adorable
    Sophia - okay
    Demi - eh? What?
    Eva - understandable
    Lara - agree with Tigger; buy that girl a sandwich, and make it a hoagie fully loaded!
    Nicole - totally get that
    Courtney - eh, whatever
    Charlize - yup, totally get it
    Diana - ditto Matt-Man on this one; I get it
    Evangeline - don't know her.

    There, for what it's worth - a straight woman's take on a straight man's lust-filled fantasies.

    Maybe I'll steal this idea for my own TT soon.

  42. COCO: What to meet them? Nah...I don't make resolutions!

    Joely: Was hard to cut it to 13 though

    TWYLA: LOL..OK, well as i said I was looking for the "natural" shots not the glamour....

    JULIE: LOL not quite a blog-god dear... not close

    TURN: Back again ...LOL Yes, totoally agree on Charlize... and I have never really been a blonde guy.. my first love was a redhead and I dated 98% the 2 of 12 kinda of works

  43. DIANA: it has something to do with the red hair... and alabaster skin

    SONGBIRD: hummm
    Cindy: well the mole... the lips...
    Demi: Loved her since her brat-pack days.. the hair.. the eyes
    Laura: as I said earlier.. thinking of when she had more meat on the bones..think Twin Peaks
    Courtney: The eyes... the eyes...
    Evangeline: Wow... LOST best freaking show on TV

  44. Anonymous Says:
  45. Salma! Salma! Salma! Salma! Salma!

    Great list... :-D

  46. Anonymous Says:
  47. ***WHERE BLOGIN NOW BABY!!!!!!****

  48. Excellent list!
    Dianna Rigg & Sophia Loren = classic class acts all the way.
    Halle Berry & Nicole Kidman = a new generation of fantastic actresses.

    Happy TT!

  49. I LOVE that you Diana Rigg there....

    And Sophia is still good

  50. Tisha! Says:
  51. hmmmm we're in sync today Dominator!

    For me first Selma and then Halle, the rest can watch us!


    One of my favorite songs and musicians btw!!

  52. Ummmmm Vinny.... I totally agree with you... excellent list!

  53. tiggerprr Says:
  54. I know there's lots of people that love annoys the heck out of me. The Hubby enjoys it immensely so I vicariously know what's going on but I don't care! Really, I don't. Honest. Not me. I will watch, with great interest when they finally get around to answering some freaking questions. My biggest question is, "WTH"? Actually the H should be a different consonant, but there may be children present. ;)

  55. CHRIS: Welcome to THE COUCH did you have a favorite?

    DAMM: Yup we are bloggin

    MORGEN: What? They are actresses??? OH .. OK, - LOL

    CRUNCHY: Welcome to THE COUCH
    Thrills me that Diana is getting so much attention, since obviously, she has been in my mind the longest!

    TISHA: Aren't we alwasy dear heart? LOL...we can write and make the offer!
    Love that i can put up music that is enjoyed.

    DIXIE: TY darlin...

    TIGGERPRR: See, i like the mystery..they start answering questions and it just another show..


  56. Anonymous Says:
  57. :)

  58. Tisha! Says:
  59. Thanks Mr. DJ!

  60. Sadie Says:
  61. I like Emily Procter, especially on West Wing, she was funny.

    Wonderin' where my pic is? ;)

  62. DHAMM: You planning a trip you want us to nowabout?

    TISHA: Spinning the stacks of wax on my wheels of steel to keep you jumpin' and jivin' and giving you the soundtrack to your lives...

    SADIE: You know I exist... the theme was only those who do not know any one of the three of us exist!

  63. well bond dear i must have forgotten to send you my photo. i am so sorry. i will either have to get in on the next one or you could do a new blog if you would rather. my friend mist sent me, she said i belonged on the list. and she knows these things.... bee

    ps: at least i am younger than sophia!!!!!

  64. EMPRESS: You know I exist, you do not meet the criteria... these women do not know I exist...

  65. Angell Says:
  66. Ok, well, we all know which way I go when the wind blows....BUT, I do go upstream once in awhile, and for some of those ladies, I'd make it a full time practise. :D

    Great list Bond. Maybe you should do next weeks on the sexiest ladies of the SP....I'll get started on a pic now...:D

  67. LOL Yes Angell....we know....

    UmmmThis is Thursday 13.. no way I am touching that subject with only 13 blank spaces to fill in

  68. Coco Says:
  69. Although your TT is quite interesting, Bond, I have to concede that I find Anndi's blog infinitely more ... um ... titillating. Been there a lot today, I must admit. Every time my computer would let me, that is ... **deep sigh** Feeling the urge again right now, as a matter of fact. Bye!

  70. Anonymous Says:
  71. I understand you, Bond; I too had strong feelings against payperpost when I fist started; however, I have grown fond of the idea of getting some cash for some extra blogging.

  72. AtriaBooks Says:
  73. Don't mind me. I'm just back checking out Emily Proctor again.

  74. COCO: I understand

    OSEAS: Will give it big time consideration

    DR.B: No worried..always a seat on THE COUCH for a man of science
    Dis you check out the link I left above?

  75. Meribah Says:
  76. Well, Bond, if you're not careful, those women might just find out about you, what with your blog gettin' all famous and stuff! LOL That's the price you hafta pay for putting yourself out there!

  77. AtriaBooks Says:
  78. I tried the link but I saw no sign of our beautiful Emily Proctor.

  79. Amanda Says:
  80. Very nice Vinny..I must say Sophia Loren is gorgeous..always has been, always will

  81. Chickadee Says:
  82. OK, so I'm a chick, but I think Selma Hayek is hot. I wish I looked like her!

    My 13 are up.

  83. Anonymous Says:
  84. It's ok Bond. There's lots of beautiful female bloggers (not me, but I'm sure they exist) who know you exist...

    Or something like that.

  85. Valtool Says:
  86. Excellent choices, and yes, Kate over Ana Lucia. I'm glad you passed on Scarlett Johanson, I do not see what the world has seen in her.

  87. MERI: That is one great fantasy...can I borrow it? LOL

    DR. B: Very weird. is her web site.

    AMANDA: Totally agree...

    CHICKADEE: Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH Selma seems to be popular!

    SHE: Well thank you...why not you?

  88. AtriaBooks Says:
  89. Michael: I like Scarlett Johanson. I find her sexy.

  90. Travis Cody Says:
  91. **sneaks in for another look**

    Uhm. . .you know. . .Vivica Fox is hawt too.

    Just a reminder.


  92. Sparky Duck Says:
  93. ok, Ill take any one of those but Cyndy Crawford. Replace her please ;)

  94. DR. B: Back again I see... did you get to ?

    TRAVIS: You know I have heard those exact words before...umm maybe 100 times! LOL

    SPARKY DUCK: Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH Did Cindy break your heart once? Stand you up on a date? Maybe she didn't return your phone call? LOL come on back any time my friend.

  95. oh.

  96. EMPRESS: From what I have read at Morgen's knowing you is a good thing too

  97. Barb Says:
  98. Check your email for the answer to the question you asked me :)

  99. AtriaBooks Says:
  100. Yeah...I found it...its ProctEr...we've been looking for ProctOr.


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