Thursday Thirteen

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, January 11, 2007



1975 RIT Fraternity Basketball Championship

John's Wedding - Naval Aviator
Dickie, me, John, Griz, George

Commack Clambake 2 - Held at Vince & Joan's
All-weekend party, clam, beer, laughs

Clambake 3 It was too much fun to stop
RSL Softball Team We played uder the 59th Street brige...
yes some of that
story was fact...
my ex-finance is in this picture

Clambake 4 Let's keep it going

Clambake 6 - At Greg's parent's - Wish I could find 5

Key West Florida - 1976 Diom Motel
Andy, Dom, George, John, Buzz(back), Two-shoes(kneeling)
Kenny, Murdock (kneeling), me, Jeff, Jamie, Willie

Disney World with Allyson Brother & his family
yup me screaming like a teen girl
George, Chris, Jen, Kim, Matt (hidden), me
St. Thomas - 1990 New Year's Eve
Bob, Mary, Ginnie, Mark, me, Allyson, Lynne, George

Wedding - 1984
From Back:
Jeff, Andy
Dickie, George, Dean
Greg, John, Jim, Allyson, me, Tom, Wade
Business Softball Outing

Fraternity Composite

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FREEZE FRAME: Band: J. Geils: Composers: Seth Justman & Peter Wolf
PHOTOGRAPH: Band: Ringo Starr; Composer: George Harrison & Ringo Starr

47 Of Your Sparks

  1. Great group shots, but it's too late in the evening for me to try and find you in each of the ones where you didn't specifically identify yourself.

    Love the wedding photo - ha!

    Did I ever mention that TKEs at my university were as******, um...jerks? Glad RIT's TKEs aren't/weren't. Reminds me...dated a guy once who was headed off to RIT...hmm...

    Oh, uh, sorry for the stream of consciousness moment there...

    I'll have to come back and listen to the music when it's not 11:00 at night and I'm afraid of waking others in the house...

  2. Nice stroll through memory lane!

  3. tiggerprr Says:
  4. Photographic evidence to support my'd be a fun guy to hang out with. ;)

  5. Tisha! Says:
  6. Great photos Bond. Did anyone ever tell you that Tony Danza looks like're only better looking.

  7. Tink Says:
  8. I love TT's with pics! I've tried to find you on the pictures, but only succeed on the ones you mention... :-)
    Thanks for visiting my TT this week!

  9. Liz Hill Says:
  10. Very fun pix Bondbaby--I know some of the stories and I am certain there are good ones for all. SMOOCH

  11. Sonny Says:
  12. These are wonderful pictures! I really enjoyed! Thanks for sharing! I 'm not sure if I'll do a TT this week coz I'm very busy.

    But anyway I would be lovely if you could leave me a comment anyway. I need my daily dose of excercise! ;)

    Big hugs and again thanx for sharing,

    Sweet like Kitty
    I will excercise for comments!

  13. Twyla Says:
  14. What an awesome idea for a TT. I love it. It's fun to see pics from people's past.

  15. Mags Says:
  16. Fantastic Thursday pics! I love it!!! In John's wedding: George looks like Robin Williams. Sort of.

  17. Piacere Says:
  18. LOVE the pics, esp. the frat. photo. Who's the dog??? And btw, isn't it strange that our heads looked a lot bigger in the 70's??? Go figure!!


  19. Julie Says:
  20. **wants to attend a clambake party at your house**

    Hey Vinny! What's up with the frat pup? Oh that doggy's could talk!

  21. Meribah Says:
  22. Ooooo, I love these "Where's Waldo" type things! LOL **gets out magnifying glass to search for Bond, comes to the fraternity composite, sees the dog** Dad???? LOL

  23. I agree with Tiggerprr -- confirms my suspiscions that you'd be a helluva fun guy to hang with at a party!
    Great photos!
    And so many clambakes!
    Thatsa lotta clams!

  24. I'm with Julie... I want to come to a clambake party!!!

    Love the stroll down memory lane...

  25. WOW, what great pictures, you party animal! Happy TT! Joely

  26. SONGBIRD...YES you have mentioned about the TKEs at your school...what was the laugh for on the wedding photo?

    DIANA: Glad you enjoyed...

    TIGGERPRR: I'd like to think I am...

    TISHA: never heard T. Danza.. Now, Frankie Vale, yes...

    TINKS: OK, here goes...
    BASKETBALL: I am way in the back, can only see a tiny piece of me...
    CLAMBAKE 2: bottom row far left sunglasses
    CLAMBAKE 3: Far right, 2nd row, Yankee cap & mustache
    SOFTBALL: Middle, bending over
    CLAMBAKE 4: right side again, second row again, leaning over.tough picture to see
    CLAMBAKE 6: front row far right green shirt, being hugged by good friend Shelly
    BUSINESS SOFTBALL: Bottom far right TKE shirt
    FRATERNITY COMPOSITE: Third from bottom, far left row...

    TURN: Of course there are!

    SONNY: Will stop by and give you some minutes.

    TWYLA: Glad you enjoyed

    MAGS: I will let him know you thought so!

    PIA: The dog...ah ..the dog is SCOOBY...he was owned by one of the brothers. He was the bes, except around other male dogs. he and his brother ripped apart a dane, so they had to be separated. One of Scooby's offsprings is actually the dog that appeared in the movie "Against All Odd". Scooby passed after tangling with a bobcat in Colorado.

    JULIE: LOL Clambakes were incredible. Scooby was bound by fraternity code of silence


  28. MERI: I do not see the resemblance ... sorry

    MORGEN: Maybe someday we can find out... yes a lot of clams -3-4 bushels each weekend.. hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken wings.. OH MY

    DIXIE: At some time, i will be doing another.. bank on it

    JOELY: Thanks!

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. Just one word: Veeeery cool!
    Oooops, that´s two. I knew I couldn´t keep it at one =)

    I love all those pics, esp. the Wedding picture, the St. Thomas one, the Splash Mountain (I have one as well - Can you remeber the "Caution! You might get wet!"-signs? It was raining cats and dogs during our wait to get into Splash Mountain... Great laugh having a look at the signs), the Key West one, the... okay:

    Have a good one!

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. Bond you are sooooooooo cute in these pictures. It is like 'Where's Waldo?'. And your wife is a hottie too. Two hotties together, watch out!

  33. Tug Says:
  34. FUN. I love looking at old pictures...wish I could have made some of those clam bakes!

  35. Great pictures! Those clam bakes looked awesome.

  36. Angell Says:
  37. I agree with tug - looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Great pics - and love the wedding one. Allyson made a beautiful bride.

  38. Maryfly Says:
  39. love the pics!! very cool

    nope, can't listen to tunes but that could be this awful work computer.

    p.s. Murdock??!! *giggles*

  40. SANNI: Glad you enjoyed...

    BUSY: LOL where is waldo... I did think of that as i was posting the big groups!

    TUG: If I had known you, you would have been

    STARRLIGHT: They were and they will come back again someday

    ANGELL: TY dear... she wore her mothers dress and looked great that day

    MARY: Sorry bout the tunes..and yes MURDOCK! Remind me to tell you a Murdock story or two in B'ham

  41. Coco Says:
  42. Great pics, Vinny. Will comment later ...

  43. Wait, wait. So, you guys were aka the Pikes? That's what we call guys from your frat...

    Ha if you are! I've done the best keg stands at the frat house here..

  44. Piacere Says:
  45. Vinny,

    Music is loud and clear from the #2 player...

  46. TopChamp Says:
  47. Hello - I'm impressed! I have exactly '0' group photos in existance with me as part of the group.

    That's down to not liking having me in photos rather than not having any friends..... (promise!)

    Hope you're well - haven't done so much browsing this week but I'll catch up at the weekend.

  48. Anonymous Says:

  50. COCO: Thanks.. don't comment stay in bed...get better

    DIANA: No we ar TEKES.. not PIKES

    PIA: Yes, i can't understand why the other is not was a better choice of songs for the subject.

    TOPCHAMP: TY vm for the go take some group photos

    DAMM.. moving on...LOL

  51. I enjoyed the photos and commentary.
    Great post!

  52. Rainbow Says:
  53. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! Allison is beautiful...and you aint so bad yourself there dude! Thanks for sharing! partied harty..didn't ya?

  54. Rainbow Says:
  55. Music is loud and clear for me on player 2!

  56. BUD: Nice to see you

    TISHA... Thanks to dad, I stnd corrected... Not Frankie Vale... it is Jerry Vale
    And he IS from....DA BRONX

  57. Barb Says:
  58. Lots of good pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  59. Travis Cody Says:
  60. Dude I love that song!!!

    Uhm. . .I didn't read any of the other comments here yet, so sorry if this is a duplicate question. But do I spy a Yankee cap combined with a Red Sox jersey in the softball photo???

  61. Unknown Says:
  62. I forgot to tell you how cool your TT-header is... so I´m back again:

    Bond - your TT-Header is so COOL! =)

  63. These are great pictures--great memories!

  64. Peg Says:
  65. Great Photos!! :-D

    I'm alive...thank you for checking in on me! I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for a couple of months (nothing tragic, just, well...LIFE happening), but am working my way back in.

    Now to catch up on the Couch...



    TRAVIS: No dude..that is a TKE shirt

    SANNI: Thanks for the compliment..from you that is special

    JUDY: Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH


  67. TRAVIS: I jsut saw what you were talking about and yeah i guess he did have a Sox shirt on..but that ain't me...

  68. Amanda Says:
  69. Love the pics! What a great glimpse into your life...Hugszz!

  70. Claire Says:
  71. A great thursday 13, after checking out everyone elses i definitely need to work on my next go at this!
    Ps. i am sure beckham will be worth it and i wont have to read about him so much here!(meaning UK)

  72. Jessica Says:
  73. Amazing photos man...great group pics!! nice stroll through the much cherished moments of the past!!!

  74. ooo those clam bakes look great!!!
    congrats on winning bestest blog today!!! I like your Thursday 13. You can visit mine at
    The Witch Dr is IN

  75. AMANDA: tHANKS...

    CRPITT: Thanks for stopping by...

    JESSICA: Glad you enjoyed the stroll

    LEXA: Thanks for coming by


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