Thursday Thirteen - Bestest - wow

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, January 18, 2007

1 ) THE COUCH WONDERS how far Melissa Joan Hart, she of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" will go in her attacks of Chris Daughtry and his claim that he wrote the song "It's Not Over." Ms. Hart wrinkled her nose - what? Oh, wrong witch? - did she blink her eyes? - oh right Jeannie not witch...anyway she went after Mr. D on her Myspace page on Sunday. This is almost too good to be true... LOL ...
"I am so sick of all the articles saying Chris wrote the song 'It's Not Over'.
Then the other day I saw in In Touch that Ace Young is taking credit as well.
Bullsh**. Mark fully wrote everybit of that song except
the new lyrics in the chorus... which are gay anyhow.
Mark wrote the song about his ex-manager screwing him over
and they turned it into a fairy love song. Anyway just wanted to vent
and give my man his due credit. If anyone agrees, write in to the
rags and let em have it. I am!"

2) THE COUCH WONDERS what the thought process is with Taylor Hicks and the release of his CD? They pushed it out just before Christmas and put him all over the Television. Tree Lightings in NY & Washington, every morning show and "The Tonight Show", singing a real good song from his CD, "The Runaround". Then...well then is the holidays, everything slows down...a month later...hummm what's missing from this picture? OH Yeah! Where is the single? Where is the radio push? Now, here comes the single and it is a totally different song! They are now releasing "Just To Feel That Way" a great song.. but it just seems to this one little person that they really don't care about him.

3) THE COUCH WONDERS exactly what Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company was thinking when they hired the ex-Mrs. Brittney Spears to star in their Super Bowl commercial? It is one of the "Life Comes At You Fast" series. Before we knew what we were writing about tonight, we left a comment over at The Popeye where we saw this story...well we are going to use it again - hey it's my comment! - can life just come at this loser a little faster and squash him like a bug on the windshield? Now we hope you thought it was at least a tad amusing...

4) THE COUCH WONDERS why everyone is not watching 24? Jack Bauer is ready to rock and roll and this is after the best first 4 hours of heart-pulsing action and excitement. The story line is as topical as they come and they handle it in a way that gives a fair representation of all sides.

5) THE COUCH WONDERS if the Indianapolis Colts will keep it together and get by the New England Patriots this weekend. Personally, THE COUCH would like to see Peyton get his shot at the Super Bowl and we would also giggle at Edgerrin James, who left the Colts for the $$$ in Arizona this past season. NO, it has nothing to do with the fact that we selected James as our running back in fantasy football and he was lousy...nothing at all.

6) THE COUCH WONDERS if the special feelings around the New Orleans Saints will continue this weekend as they travel to chilly Chicago. We sure hope so....then the decision will be tough.

7) THE COUCH WONDERS if the American public is ready to give an African-American the chance at the White House? Barack Obama has thrown his hat into the ring. We are impressed with this gentleman. It will be intersting to see the reaction he receives as he begins this journey.

8) THE COUCH WONDERS if this is the way the winners of the Academy Awards or the Grammys or the Golden Globes or even the others who have been honored with THE BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY AWARD? We ask because we just received an email from Bobby Griffin informing THE COUCH that we are the BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY for today, Thursday, January 18, 2007! Wow... my heart is beating fast...

9) THE COUCH WONDERS if anyone is truly surprised that Lindsay Lohan checked herself into the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles after making " a proactive decision to take care of my personal health"? Our Miss Party-girl told PEOPLE that she had been going to AA meetings for a year. She then stated "I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything. I am not even legal to, so why would I?" THE COUCH thinks that Lindsay has not grasped the basic concept of joining AA.

10) THE COUCH WONDERS how to thank our good friend STARRLIGHT who, we just saw wrote the posting for us over at BESTEST today. Thank you thank you thank you. Your words made me feel humbled and honored.

11) THE COUCH WONDERS if the iPhone is really as good as they are telling us? Not that we will end up with one...we still have not gotten an iPod yet. But putting it all together in one wants one bad!

12) THE COUCH WONDERS if anyone really cares whether or not Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie will live in New Orleans, Katmandu or the moon? Really people...this has just gotten too out of hand. They are people just like you and me. Bet Pitt couldn't do my job for one day. Well, I couldn't do his either, but that is NOT the point.

13) THE COUCH WONDERS how many new friends we made today? We hope y'all come back again sometime and take a seat...there is always room for one more here...


SOMETIMES I WONDER: Nat King Cole; Composer: Nat King Cole
SOMETIMES I WONDER: The Drifters; Composers: Carole King & Lover Patterson


58 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I found an advantage to living on the west coast and having insomnia - I get a chance at first post here!

    I also wonder who's in charge of marketing Taylor - whoever it is appears to have fallen asleep.

    I am watching 24!! Yes I am. And enjoying it so far. Wow.

    **performing all possible rituals to send good mojo to Peyton and the Colts**

    I will consider any person of integrity for President.

    Dude - you rock! Bestest Blog! But of course. Those of us who sit daily knew this.

  3. Interesting ruminations, my friend. You know my thoughts on the Colts (and on Edgerrin James, for that matter). I'm pulling for the Saints; that would make it really interesting in the Archie Manning home, don'tcha think?

    Congrats again on the Bestest Award - well deserved.

  4. I guess my previous comment sending along my congratulations on your Bestest Blog of the Day award was lost in cyberspace.

    I can't recall what I said, but it is a well-deserved award. I think I also referred to myself as erudite for reading so many award winning blogs!

  5. Tisha! Says:
  6. The Couch is very inquisitive and might I add one of the most amazing person I have come across!

    No wonder you were honored with the Bestest Blog of the Day, doesn't surprise me one bit.

    I'll be back to comment on what the Couch wonders just wanted to say that for now.

    Much respect to the Couch!

  7. Barb Says:
  8. Happy TT and woohoo on the Bestest award!

  9. Lizza Says:
  10. Congratulations!!!

    Receiving that email must have made your day. :-) Well-deserved accolade, Vin.

  11. congrats, bond!

  12. Twyla Says:
  13. Awesome TT. I loved it. And hey,
    CONGRATS on being Bestest Blog of the Day! I'm soooo jealous. :-P

  14. Piacere Says:
  15. First of all, you made my day with that tune - nobody sings it quite like Nat! Second, bravo for your Bestest Blog honor - you definitely deserve it!!! This is most often my first stop in the a.m. when I log on. Third, I've been wondering lots of the same "wonders" that you posted, esp. the one about Taylor, the NFL playoffs, and the gossip about the "stars". Thanks for verbalizing what, I'm sure, many of us have been thinking.

    No TT for me today - Gotta Move (e.g., WORK, WORK,'s a head-banger's ball here!). Have a great day, revel in your award, and may your comments box be overflowing!!


  16. Liz Hill Says:
  17. Congrats V-- you deserve Bestest. Your wonders never cease! Smiling

    Big SMOOCH Bondbaby!

  18. Mags Says:
  19. 1: I think it's hilarious that your comment instructions are in french. OR is that just for me on my computer?

    2: Being that I'm from CT, I hope the Pats win.

    3: I don't really follow football, but felt it my duty to mention the Pats.

    4: I didn't realize how much you like American Idol. It's a little scary! ;)

    5: I'm with your on the Pitt/Jolie thing. Though I must say I'm happy to see they're finally directing some charity to Americans.

    That's all! Have a GREAT day!!!

  20. Unknown Says:
  21. Hey look it works today! ??

    I watch 24, The Power of Bauer! We can always chat about it!!

  22. TRAV: Thanks for the kind words...I always look for you to be at the top of my comments list...

    SONGBIRD: Yes, I know of your love for all things Colts...and your other congrats is attached to yesterday's post. TY for the kind words...there is that word again likey that one huh? LOL

    TISHA: We do wonder a lot of things! know I feel honored to havemet you also.

    SKITTLES: TY .. glad you enjoyed our little wondering party.

    LIZZA: My heart literally started pounding...and I wanted to scream it out...

    PEANUT: have not seen you around...tyvm for your stopping by

    TWYLA: Glad you enjoyed the TT... believe me it will come oyur way...your site is awesome.

    PIA: I love you can enjoy my tunes! Try not to work tooooo hard now. Thanks for the kind words.

    TURN: shucks making me blush here...ty ty

    MAGS: Ummm I think it is just you, have you been typing in French? OK, you can root root root...I lived in MA for 5 years and followed them during the TUNA years. Yes, it is scary that I fell into that show, but it was truly due to a greying soulful voice from last season. Well there is a bit of good news that they rememebr their home country. Thanks again.

  23. Schmoop Says:
  24. Well slap me on the ass and call me Sally, Mr. Bond has hit the big time. Congrats my good man, and Cheers!!

  25. Maryfly Says:
  26. Congrat's Bondbaby! You be the bestest! LOL

    Go Pat's!!

    and love me some Keifer......


  27. Tug Says:
  28. CONGRATULATIONS Bond!! YEA for YOU.......

    Go BEARS!

  29. Peg Says:
  30. Cheers to you, Bond! A fine choice for Bestest Blog!

    And I truly enjoyed your never fail to keep things interesting!

  31. Congrats Bond baby.... It's about time you got that awards... wooooooooo

    Even though I'm NOT a New England fan I sure hope and pray that they beat the socks of Peyton... If he doesn't choke now and makes it to the Super Bowel I'd be willing to bet he will choke there.... Heck, I didn't even like him when he was at Tennessee... why would I like him now?

  32. Congrats Bond baby.... It's about time you got that awards... wooooooooo

    Even though I'm NOT a New England fan I sure hope and pray that they beat the socks of Peyton... If he doesn't choke now and makes it to the Super Bowel I'd be willing to bet he will choke there.... Heck, I didn't even like him when he was at Tennessee... why would I like him now?

  33. Another Awesome Couch TT!
    Oh yeah, and congrats on that Bestest thing too!

    Ha! Seriously, I am very happy and proud for you! I was just telling Bee the other day in a gmail chat that if you didn't get Bestest Blog Of The Day SOON, I was going to have to go back to being a guest reviewer for Bobby so I could name you Bestest! Then Bee told me that she was going to nominate you for it, too, but the honor was already snatched up! (Yay, Starrlight!) So, in other words, my friend, you are loved and revered by lots of great bloggers out there! Congrats on this award -- it is well deserved!

    Enjoy your BESTEST day!

  34. Kevin Says:
  35. The site looks great. This is my first time here and you've already been bookmarked.

  36. AtriaBooks Says:
  37. Congrats on your Bestest--it was looooooong overdue in my opinion...

    I'll respond to some of your wonders:

    2) McPhee should have won anyway. Taylor Hicks is a poor man's Michael McDonald and is destined to have a career singing jingles for commercials.


    5) Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Bill Belichick's face after his former kicker Adam Viniteri kicks a game winning field goal for the Colts on Sunday.

    7) I really thought Benson would end up being our first black president. I'm real bummed that he never ran.

  38. Anonymous Says:
  39. Gets up off the floor

    "don'tcha wish your grilfriend was hot like me"

    where do they get these people?????

    fall down laughing again....slaps Mtt on the ass and calls him Sally on the way.

  40. I totally agree about the Colts--despite the Chefs embarrassment in the first playoff game. Manning and Dunge (sp?) are a class act.

  41. Tisha! Says:
  42. Me wonders the same thing about the iPhone, I tend not to like all-in-one devices because if it breaks down you're out on several functions!

    Me wonders the same thing about Obama, being that he's an "oreo cookie" perhaps that may work in his favor. I think the US would more likely to vote for a Black man than even a White woman but that remains to be seen!

  43. tiggerprr Says:
  44. First, congrats! ::throws confetti on the couch and hands out those horn blowing party favor things::

    It's kind of funny, and I think a sign I'm getting old and curmudgeonly...but I don't listen to the radio much at all. I just know what I like, and just buy the stuff mostly. To be honest, I'm not really sure I've ever seen them push anyone's CD. Except maybe Ms. Clarkson's. Though, I no longer have my finger on the pulse of the music biz.

    I wish that they'd just put Mr. Ex-Spears in a box, and the Missus right along with him.

    Everyone should be watching 24. Certainly more people than are watching the dreck of American Idol: The Parade of Fools Week.

    I was thinking about Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton for that matter. I'm sad to say, though I think very highly of them (Yes her too...I know I will probably get boo/hissed for that...but I do.) that with people the way they are now, with a lot of back a$$wards thinking, they won't have much of a shot. And that's dissapointing to me. I think the nation is ready for a woman and/or an African-American president, but I don't think that some of the residents of the nation will let that happen...yet. I hope I am wrong and will do my part to say I'm ready for change.

    Starrlight is a peach isn't she? A smart cookie too. :)

    Lindsay...pfft. If she was my daughter, I'd spank her.

    I bet you make lots of new friends every day. Your blog is thought-provoking and entertaining. I'm glad we found eachother. :)

  45. MATT-MAN: I ain't slapping your ass ut I will call you Sally! Thanks so much...

    MARY: But if you had to chose, you would take Murdock over keifer...thanks hootchie

    TUG: Thanks so much. People like yourself who make this fun.

    PEG: Gosh girl... y'all makin' me blush now...

    DIXIE; many deserving sites out there... it is a nice feeling though... YES, you have expressed your dislike for one, Peyton Manning.

    MO: OK, now you actually made me choke up there. What a wonderful thing to say. I am inspired to keep getting better by many bloggers, you included.

    KEVIN: thnaks for sitting on THE COUCH Will be stopping by your place in a few

  46. DOC: OK, we totally disagree on the AI thing. TOTALLY... give the new CD a listen... he has a voice Doc... and it is wonderful. Katherine will have her top off in a movie in the next 4 years...

    DAMM: They find them out there on the street me boy... delusional people abound.

    JOELY: Agree 100% - sorry Dixie

    TIGERPRR: TY vm ... Your boy's album is doing well, wonder what this new controversy will bring. I am not sure about Hillary... but Obama just maybe (Does it help that he is light-skinned I wonder???)
    Starrlight is the best!

  47. You are very welcome! And thank you for making me 10. I am gonna call up Bo Derek just so I can yell "NANANANANANA I got your number Biyatch!"

  48. Glad you noticed I waited so you could get that number... yeah call her.. do it now.. call her ...yeah

  49. Angell Says:
  50. Honey - you should be best blog EVERY DAY (I only say that because I don't post every day LOL). Congrats - what an honor!!

    Me wonders about half this stuff too - and I love the KFed comment. :D

    As for Chris and Ace and Melissa etc. - why doesn't this surprise me in the least? Having never heard the song, I can't comment on it specifically, but I gotta agree with Connie (who didn't say it here) when she said that is against the code of the songwriting community.

    But again, doesn't surprise me...

  51. AtriaBooks Says:
  52. I hope you're right about McPhee having her top off within the next four years.

  53. Sonny Says:
  54. This is a really nice and interesting list! I'm sorry for not stopping by for long but I've been very busy. And if that's not enough, Chris and I caugth a bad cold. Penicilin for us now....
    Hopefully we'll be better soon...
    Still so many things to do.

    Big Hugs and (belated) Happy TT,

    P.S: My list is up too! Please visit my blog and have fun!
    I will exercise for comments!

  55. Anonymous Says:
  56. osp at ai lives...runs out.

  57. Anonymous Says:
  58. osp at ai lives...runs out.

  59. Anndi Says:
  60. Congratulations Vince... well deserved...

    I can't even begin to understand what goes through the minds that are steering Taylor's career.

    And we all saw during AI that Mr Bald Screaming Eagle doesn't have an original bone in his body. Good for Melissa ... standing by her man.


    Beautiful music dear..

  61. Mia Says:
  62. Ive never seen 24 yet, but have contemplated renting the first season or two.

    I finally had a minute to do mine, my list's up now too.

  63. Woozie Says:
  64. Does anyone honestly remember Melissa Joan Hart?

    Go Bears!

  65. yea you bond!!! congratulations on a job well done and an award well earned my friend.... bee

  66. Congrats on the award, thanks for your nice comments

  67. ms blue Says:
  68. I would love an iPhone too! It looks sweet.

    I think people let the Pitt and Jolie crew gossip in so that they can block out the mundane aspects of their own lives.

  69. Tisha! Says:
  70. Can't believe I am back for like the 4th time today homey! Make some room on the couch I need some rest.

    What's wrong with singing jingle commercials DOC? I did that for quite a few years!

  71. TopChamp Says:
  72. Ooh - Congrats at Bestest Blog!

    I wonder why the text on your blog has all of a sudden gone tiny on my PC... You seem to know answers to this sort of thing?

  73. TopChamp Says:
  74. cracked it I think - had the text size on 'smaller'. Wasn't deliberate.

  75. Claire Says:
  76. Very good TT,
    How long does it take you to put this together?
    Congrats on Best blog thingie!
    Thanks for the visit.


  77. Unknown Says:
    Gimme a "B" - Gimme an "O" - Gimme an "N" - Gimme a "D" - Gimme an "S" - Gimme a "B" - Gimme an "I" - Gimme a "G" - Gimme an "L" - Gimme an "E" - Gimme an "A" - Gimme a "T" - Gimme an "H" - Gimme an "E" - Gimme an "R" - Gimme a "C" - Gimme an "O" - Gimme a "U" - Gimme a "C" - Gimme an "H" -

    *shaking her pompons*


    Congrats on the BBOTD, dear Vinny -
    this is so well deserved! Thanks you so much for THE COUCH, it´s always a pleasure to take a seat on THE COUCH, sit back and relax =)

  79. AtriaBooks Says:
  80. Tisha...were you the singer on any jingles that I would recognize?

  81. Eyezaku Says:
  82. Congrats Bond!

    I suspect there are quite a few basic concepts that Lindsay Lohan has yet to understand/come to terms with:)

  83. ANGELL: Kind of you to say but there are so many great blogs out there.

    DR. B: yes I knew that was coming... ummm. nevermind

    SONNY: sorry you are both feeling poorly..get better soon...

    ANNDI: welcome back and ty ty tyvm

    MIRANDA: DO it .. and get cuddled in and watch it... they are great.

    WOOSIE: welcome to THE COUCH...well people on Myspace do! LOL Go good games all around!

    EMPRESS BEE: Ty so very much...glad we met through Mo

    SARGE: Welcome to THE COUCH.. thanks for your kind words

    SOMETHING BLUE: welcome to THE COUCH - you might be right about the gossip thing...

    TISHA..Yeah DOC..what's wrong with it???

    TOPCHAMP: glad you got it worked out and ty

    CLAIRE: Thanks for the congrats.. that one took about an hour overall..maybe a bit longer.. it depends upon how much formatting is needed and how long for the header...

    SANNI: TY so much.. without your format the COUCH would be mundane... ty ty ty

    DR. B: Yeah Tisha..what jingles???

    EYECHAN: Thanks for coming by and visiting..and you are probably very correct.

  84. Bubba Says:
  85. Wonderfully done list. Having lived in both Chicago and Indiana for years before moving to the desert, if they both win their respective games, I'm going to have a hard time knowing who to root for in the Super Bowl.

    Congrats on your award...and happy TT!

  86. A belated congratulations! I was surprised when I first sat on the Couch that you had not already won. Way overdue, if you ask me!


  87. I am not a big fan of Thursday 13. Not meaning yours, just about all of them. How many ways can you tell us 13 things about yourself? Today I LOVED your Thursday 13. It is a great format for your humor. Great post!

  88. BUBBA: Thanks LOL tough problem to have.

    BUD: Thanks my friend.. so many great sites out there.. and I am getting bored with the TT and that is why i decided to swap it up. Tell Mimi I will be attemting to corrupt EVERY MIME EVER THOUGHT OF! Bwahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahha

  89. Mimi Lenox Says:
  90. Congratulations, Bond! It's about time I'd say. You certainly deserve it.

  91. BeckEye Says:
  92. Hey, once you comment on my blog, I own all the rights to said comment. You'll be hearing from my lawyers. :)

    I'm pulling for the Colts doo, even if Peyton Manning is a big doofus. I'm so sick of Tom Brady and the Patriots. I'm so sick of them being referred to as a "dynasty." Oh whatever. The '70s Steelers were a dynasty, baby! And the Pats can't touch that legacy.

    The iPhone scares me. I fear what I don't understand. I don't even have an iPod yet. I really would like to become iBeckEye, but i have no money for that metamorphosis.

    Congrats on your bestestness!

  93. twinnsmom Says:
  94. Wow! Congratulations! How exciting! Your blog has been good for you and for me. It keeps me updated on your life! Thank you! Miss you.


  95. LOL...hope the case is in front of Judge Judy!
    Spoken like a true Steelers Fan.
    Well Well Well - another person without an iPod, I thought I was the only one.

    TWINNSMOM: Thanks sis. LOL I miss you too. Hope everyone is feeling well..

  96. Julie Says:
  97. Okay so Mr. Blog God....I knew it all along! Would love to read all these comments but won't have time to get to the next one!

    What would we do IF we couldn't wonder? Great idea!


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