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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Congrats to the following for knowing the following:
BAND: Vanilla Fudge
ALBUM: Vanilla Fudge
SONG: Ticket To Ride
Mark Stein
Tim Bogart
Carmine Appice
Vince Martell

A short history on THE VANILLA FUDGE:
Originally formed in 1965 after breaking away from another band Stein, Bogert and drummer Joey Brennan formed the Electric Pigeons. This was later changed to The pigeons.

Vince Martell joined shortly after.

An R&B cover band they spent time between NJ and Long island. They along with other east coast bands such as The vagrants (know who played lead guitar in this band?), The Illusion, The Good Rats, The Hassles (know who played organ in this band?), and a west coast bang The Sparrows (know who they became?) were in the background hidden behind the British Invasion and the west coast sound…but they worked the clubs hard up and down the eastern seaboard.

The Vagrants were one of the first bands to make elaborate productions out of other peoples music and The Pigeons took up with this idea of building inspired new arrangements to the covers they played.

Near the end of 1966, Joey Brennan left and carmine Appice joined the band lending his special qualities to their arrangements.

Early 1967 The Pigeons became the Vanilla Fudge.

At this time touring bands were constantly waging war on each other. The west coast bands vs. the east coasters and even within the east coast contingent, bands did not like each other.

One of the bands that warred with the Vanilla Fudge was Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention. Zappa even wrote a song lambasting the VF as “teen combo” of adolescent sexual deviants (Do you know the song?)

In 1969 a brand new band opened for the Vanilla Fudge when the Jeff Beck band backed out (YES, The VF were the headliners!)…this band toured with the Fudge for most of the fall…The band…Led Zeppelin.

This is an abbreviated history taken from the official web site for the band. To read the entire history and see how many bands the fudge played with over the years, you can find it HERE.

OH, the Guitar player from The Vagrants? Leslie West and many for that band became Mountain.
The organ player for the Hassles? Billy Joel.
The Sparrows? They became Steppenwolf.
The Song…I am not really sure of this one...Do YOU know?

On a personal note, I have original music by the Illusion (GREAT FREAKIN BAND!) and The Good Rats, who I also helped get gigs in Rochester, NY while in school there and one of my friends is mentioned in one of their songs.

The late 60’s – early 70’s on Long Island was a treasure chest of bands playing local clubs and many of the members went on to great things.

To hear more Vanilla Fudge, check them out at bestaudiocodes.com
Yes, it is WORDLESS WEDNESDAY and that means NAME THAT TUNE, but of course we don't always play by the rules here on THE COUCH...OK OK, hardly ever do we play by the rules...

Thank you to Turnbaby for pointing out that yesterday Ray Ray McElrathbey was named the 2007 FED EX ORANGE BOWL-FWAA COURAGE AWARD. The award is given to a player, coach or support person who shows courage on or off the field.

What did this young man do to win the award? Well we profiled him back in September HERE and you can also read about him and the award HERE.
Good things do happen to good people.
And before we get to the music...and the no words! Something happended yesterday afternoon and the dark blue background on the site just disappeared. We asked a few people and they could not see it either.

An emergency email was dispatched to SANNI (The winner of the January 2, 2007 BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY!) Hopefully she will come running with the calvery and some assistance... bear with us until then please. ALL IS BETTER THANKS AGAIN SANNI!

We only had two bad comments about the blue, but that does not mean that one day you will see it has darkened... always tinkering...
Well, something else...hehehehe a new link on the side is to BAG WINE RUMINATIONS. It is the brainchild (or would that be conceived monster!) of Matt-Man (not my Matt), who we have run across on blogs all the time. This weekend, laying in bed, we decided to visit and man what a blast!

He was away, but his friend Gouda Girl
hosted a retrospective and reran three posts about a dinner party Matt-Man gave. Go search those posts out and this is a warning...do not drink any liquids while reading or cover your keyboard and monitor with plastic.
Now it is time for me to shut up and give you a chance to play the game.
The Band, members at the time the song was recorded, album, album the song first appeared on
Get them all correct and the first three get their name in LIGHTS!

Dug into the vault...later we will give you some info on this interesting band.

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. I want to say Vanilla Fudge's cover of Ticket to Ride, released in 1967.
    Band members then were:
    Mark Stein, Tim Bogert, Vince Martell, and Carmine Appice.

    The album it appeared on was : Vanilla Fudge

    Wait... I thought you hated vanilla?

  3. Coco Says:
  4. Good thing I had a nightmare, or I wouldn't be up listening to that wonderful psychedelic cover of Ticket to Ride. The band is Vanilla Fudge, and the album is also Vanilla Fudge, released on the Atco label in 1967. The band members are ... organist Mark Stein, guitarist Vince Martell, bass player Tim Bogert and drummer Carmine Appice (who replaced the guy with the really great name).

  5. Coco Says:
  6. Oh yeah - forgot to applaud your choice of band. True ground-breakers in the history of rock music: one of the bands instrumental in the development of the heavy metal movement, if I'm not mistaken.

  7. Well, I said I would stop by and try to guess. And yes it's 300 am!

    Band: Vanilla Fudge
    Song: Ticket to Ride
    Album: Vanilla Fudge
    Original Release Date: 1967

    Carmine Appice - drums, vocals
    Tim Bogert - bass, vocals
    Vince Martell - guitar, vocals
    Mark Stein - lead vocals, keyboards

    Also, they are from New York!

  8. Lizza Says:
  9. I think your layout looks great, but I wonder what design/color you'll come up with the next time you do some tinkering.

    I agree, Matt is a riot!

    P.S. I know the song is Ticket to Ride, but that's about it. :-)

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. This is Vanilla Fudge? No. I have this album, the original. Oh shoot, what is the name. Vanilla Fudge is the album name. Oh well. I could be so wrong since I can't listen to them. At least I got to listen to it today! :)

    Carmine Appice - drums, vocals
    Tim Bogert - bass, vocals
    Vince Martell - guitar, vocals
    Mark Stein - lead vocals, keyboards

  12. TopChamp Says:
  13. Hello Bond, Happy New Year! I can't hear audio codes all of a sudden. Always used to be ok.. but now I can't play I'm afraid. Not too upset as I never knew the answers when I could hear them anyway!

    So til my computer head is screwed back on I'll leave you to it.

    Have a fabulous 2007 x

  14. Twyla Says:
  15. My guess...
    Song - Ticket to ride
    Band - The Carpenters
    Band Members - Karen and Richard Carpenter
    Album - Ticket to ride
    1st Album - Help! by the Beatles
    I hope I'm somewhere close to the right answer. LOL

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. Thanks for the shout out Mr. Bond. Glad you liked the dinner party. I will link you as well, and throw you out some props...or something like that...Cheers!!

  18. That is awesome news about Ray Ray. I'm so glad he was recognized for his dedication and sacrifice. What an incredible big brother.

    As usual, I'm the fluffhead when it comes to your music. I know the song, but that's about it.


  19. Unknown Says:
  20. OK OK Song Ticket to ride. Do I have them all now? Did I foreg something else? LOL!

  21. Tisha! Says:
  22. What a surprise I have no freakin idea!

    Ray Ray's story touched me deeply, thanks for sharing it.


  23. Coco Says:
  24. Rofl - I bet Richard Carpenter's hair just turned whiter than snow ... sorry Twyla, I'm having a moment at your expense ...

  25. Liz Hill Says:
  26. Great tune as usual Bondbaby. I love Matt-Man's stuff. Too funny. And it's nice to see a kid step up and learn to be a man. SMOOCH

  27. I'm baccccckkkkkk....wooooooooooo

    Congratulations to Ray Ray... what a story!

    *pouts* I can't hear music at work....

  28. I'm baccccckkkkkk....wooooooooooo

    Congratulations to Ray Ray... what a story!

    *pouts* I can't hear music at work....

  29. Twyla Says:
  30. LOL @ Coco...I honestly don't know much music from before like 1992...other than Metallica...and some REALLY bad 80's music. I typed in the name of the song, and the Carpenters were the first match on google. Haha.
    Bond, you make these too hard. :-P

  31. ANNDI: Yes, I do hate vanilla, but I am not eating or smelling these guys.

    COCO: Congrats also.. yes they were groundbreakers and upset many during their time. We will discuss later.

    DIANA: Maybe we should just keep your name in lights permanently!

    LIZZA: who knows what colors lurk in the heart of man>....TY for the compliment.

    BUSY: Ok eventually you sent in the song title...LOL so Honorable mention award to you.

    TC: happy New year and I hope you get the computer bug figured out.

    TWYLA: maybe i'll throw a metallica cut in there to help you! LOL...and don't let Coco mess with ya...she lives in Nova..I mean New Brunswick!

    MATT-MAN: Hey appreciate it... I just ove introducing my small little audience to great spots around the bloggosphere...

    SONGBIRD: yes, i am thrilled it has worked out for he and his brother.

    TISHA: Glad I could bring Ray Ray to light...

    TURN: Thanks again for the Ray Ray info...and glad oyu liked the song.

    DIXIE: it's about timmmmmmmmmmmmme
    No sleeping until 11am today i see!

    TWYLA: Gonna do some headbanging for you next week!

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. AHHH I have been out of town...here's my guess :)

    BAND: Vanilla Fudge
    ALBUM: Vanilla Fudge
    SONG: Ticket To Ride
    Mark Stein
    Tim Bogart
    Carmine Appice
    Vince Martell

  34. Tisha! Says:
  35. Go Anndi, go Anndi go go go! Tomorrow the song on my blog is dedicated to you hun!

  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. Ooooh, really like your new look here. Much easier to see everything. Well done, Bond!

  38. I would have finnally been able to get one right and I am too late. I have been busy!


  39. Anndi Says:
  40. Vince... I think they are also relieved you won't be ... um.. nevermind.. LOL.. Thanks!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm getting a song from Tisha!

    The duck just waited for the answers to be posted... sheesh!
    *Throws the rule book at the DammDuck*

  41. Julie Says:
  42. I loved that song!! Although my name will never be in lights...I will always visit on Wed for the trivia.

  43. desert rat Says:
  44. Late day, but love the tune.

  45. Travis Cody Says:
  46. Can I get credit for knowing the name of the song?


  47. Rainbow Says:
  48. DANG! I miss this one every week! Sheesh! I coulda won this one...Oh and Vince...I watched "Animal House" this past weekend...and LMAO!!!!! Hugs! Oh and go read my TT...you are in it!

  49. Unknown Says:
  50. Thanks for the shout-out =)
    Too bad I couldn´t participate on your WW this week. Luis is teething - so there has not been any Mommy ´time today.

    I know I´m way too late, but I hope you visit my WW nonetheless =)

    Thanks a lot!

    And congrats to the winners!

  51. JHS Says:
  52. OK, so why the HELL would you listen to that when you could just listen to the Beatles and be done with it.

    That was just BAD, esp. that funky organ-playing. :-(

    And yes, I'm a keyboardist so I know about that of which I speak! :-)


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