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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, February 22, 2007



STEPHANIE EDWARDS – Well tonight began three levels higher then last night. Nice runs. Great last note. Excellent performer overall. Liked how she handled the song.

AMY KREBS – No stage presence. Pitchy performance. She lost it at the end totally. Where was the finish? Very boring.

LESLIE HUNT – OK she can not dance…Good thing she had backing singers. The song was bigger then her. Voice was real scratchy at the end. OK performance, but not special.

SABRINA SLOAN – I mentioned a number of times last night that not one guy with the exception of Chris S, owned their song. Sabrina OWNED it. She had the voice, the fullness…she blew the last note..that is the only criticism.

ANTONELLA BARBA – Weak start…pitchy at times. Followed a great performance with a lack-luster one.

JORDAIN SPARKS- She sings way older then she is. Excellent voice. Liked her performance. She is a contender. Nothing “sweet about that”

NICOLE TRANQUILLO – Started too over the top. Needs to learn to not overplay it. Too many faces…and the runs were just OK. Instead of singing – she shouted a good part of the song. Probably has a good voice. It did not show tonight.

HALEY SCARNATO - Started very shaky … pulled it back in the middle. She seemed off from the music at times throughout the performance. Not great…not horrible. Middle of the pack. Then she tells the judges they are wrong…

MELINDA DOOLITTLE – OK, here is the front runner….She has the voice, the phrasing, the runs…she has it all… The target is on her back…they will all be after her.
THAT’S how you do it on AI!

ALAINA ALEXANDER - Weak start…pitchy…bad bad song for her… nothing special sorry nope …she was even weaker following Melinda

GINA GLOCKSTEIN – Felt she was totally off-key the whole song… big note was not good…ending was OK.. but was not impressed

LAKISHA JONES – She was GREAT… The girls were HOT HOT HOT HOT and she ended the night the best of the bunch.

Last night did not mention top three… my mistake.

LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle, Stephanie Edwards
Antonella Barba, Alaina Alexander, Leslie Hunt

Well tonight we find out just how good THE COUCH started this season…hope you enjoyed.



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LADIES NIGHT: Kool & The Gang; Composers Ronald Bell and Kool & the Gang



23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Callie Ann Says:
  2. loved your review. Good job. I am sitting on the couch tonight. My top 3 I am going for are
    Lakisha,Melinda and Sabrina. Wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow night. I am excited.

  3. Lizza Says:
  4. Ooohhh, thanks for the review! I gotta catch the rerun tonight (I always miss the live broadcast in the morning).

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. I didn't hear an off note from Sabrina. Melinda was outstanding.

    But LaKisha - WOW.

    My top three are LaKisha, Sabrina, and Melinda.

    Antonella and Alaina are my picks to go home.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. I agree 100% with everything you said here. We think a like on the girls. The girls were much better than the guys.

  9. Piacere Says:
  10. As I mentioned yesterday, I gave up AI 2007 for Lent. Plus, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. Which is why I took a little trip back through your archives to read your AI reviews from last year. Sweet memories, Mr. B. - thanks!


  11. Julie Says:
  12. Yup quite a show! Did you vote at all?

  13. Schmoop Says:
  14. I never watch it and yet feel compelled to leave you a meaningless comment...Cheers!!

  15. Interesting assessment, darlin'. Even though I don't follow AI, I can always count on you for accurate reviews.

    Good thing I don't allow you to critique my performances! I'm very off my game at this stage in my life...

  16. Twyla Says:
  17. I actually watched last night...the whole thing. Yey for me. LOL
    My fave is Melinda. She's just so freakin' cute. Love her...but you can tell she doesn't have a lot of confidence yet.
    It's hard for me to remember everyone's name, so I can't remember who else I liked. I'd know them if I saw them. LOL You should put a pic beside their names when you do a help clueless people like me. :-)

  18. Tug Says:
  19. I need to start writing down their names...or learning them. Did think the last one was the best by FAR. Love the Meatloaf song that was sung...but he's, what - 105 years old or so? So yeah, too old. I liked the chick with the red or purple stripe in her hair, too, but she wasn't the best out there.

  20. I totally agree--the girls blew the guys away. It'll be interesting to see who gets cut first. :-)

  21. Sadie Says:
  22. I swear, was that a whole different competition from Monday night? It doesn't seem fair that the same number of boys and girls will make it.

    My top 3 were LaKisha, Melinda, and Sabrina. I also liked Jordan and Stephanie.

    Bottom? Alaina, Antonella, and maybe Nicole. Or Amy.

  23. Sadie Says:
  24. I swear, was that a whole different competition from Monday night? It doesn't seem fair that the same number of boys and girls will make it.

    My top 3 were LaKisha, Melinda, and Sabrina. I also liked Jordan and Stephanie.

    Bottom? Alaina, Antonella, and maybe Nicole. Or Amy.

  25. Meribah Says:
  26. It looks like we both agree on the top three. Those girls were great! Way better than the rest in my opinion. As to who's most likely to be in the bottom...I have no idea. The others didn't really keep my attention long enough for me to remember them.

  27. Angell Says:
  28. I have to agree with a lot of what you said. I did like Leslie though - there's something different about that girl. I think if she can hang in there until the top twelve she's going to surprise everyone.

    Thanks for the seat!!


  29. Coco Says:
  30. Good afternoon Vinny. Once again, I didn't watch AI, but I trust your judgement implicitly. Brennan asked me to say hi to you. I fell back on a meme for today's blog, but I smiled while I was doing it. It's nice to see you getting back to your roots, hon. I kinda missed the old "in-your-face" Bond.

  31. Tisha! Says:
  32. I'm so lost! No American Idol here just "Nouvelle Star" but I find it hard to believe you watch it! mouaaaah

  33. CALLIE: Thanks, glad you are enjoying yourself here...

    LIZZA: Curious if you agree or disagree...

    BUSY: My twiny...not the first time we have thought alike darlin...

    PIA: Glad you enjoyed the trip through the past..interesting choice for Lent...16 days til B'ham!

    MATT-MAN: It is the power or Quorn...bwahahahahah

    SONGBIRD: You would always get an A from me!

    TWYLA: TY for the suggestion... I shall find the photos for next week...

    TUG: WIll be putting pics up to help...

    JOELY: Watching right now.. interesting for find out...

    SADIE: At this point I would bring 10 girls and only two guys...

    MERI: the girls are great this year.

    ANGELL: We will see if Leslie can make it through...

    COCO: Wow, you are the second person who has mentioned that point...OK "in your face" more and more...

  34. Bond, I told you today who my picks for the girls were... and that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

    Stephanie Edwards
    Jordin Sparks
    Melinda Doolittle
    Sabrina Sloan
    Gina Glockstein
    Lakisah Jones

    Those will be your top 6 girls.. mark my word... LMOO

  35. TISHA: I really began watching lst year when, during the auditions this gray-haired guy made me sit up and pay attention. Taylor Hicks showed me the music business was not lost.

    DIXIE: Well we have it in writing here, we will come back and see how you did!

  36. Well, I just found out that this Jordain Sparks is a local girl here, so even though I don't follow AI, Go Jordain!

  37. Mimi Lenox Says:
  38. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on this. Great job!

  39. Jules Says:
  40. I'm hoping Lakisha will go all the way. I just love her voice and stage presence. They are totally right when they say she's in another league. I hope America sees this too!


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