Anna Nicole Smith Update

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Saturday, February 10, 2007

OK, THE COUCH gave Dr. Blogstein the exclusive first shot at this story...

but we will now give you, our special guests, the full unedited story of Anna Nicole Smith...

Bond said...

OK, I will let you know what happened Doc... With the money she has squirreled away waiting to collect the inheritance, she found a poor girl from a small town whose parents had died. Anna offered her a huge amount of money telling her she needed a "double" to help keep her out of the line of sight of the paparazzi.

The poor girl is give a full makeover including plastic surgery so she looked just like Anna.

Once she was ready, she was killed so the world now thinks Anna is dead.

Anna snuck off to an island in the South pacific where she awaits the arrival of her baby along with the lawyer who claims to be the babies father.

When he arrives, he will disappear forever. His body never found.

Because, you see, he is not the babies father, neither is the other sleezeball. Zsa Zsa's husband.. not him either.

See right before the billionaire husband died, Anna went down on him and after she got him to empty his love juice, she had it frozen and impregnated herself with his sperm.

You heard it here first folks.

I decided to give you, the good Doctor this exclusive.

No thanks necessary.

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I don't know. Despite of all the bad things people are saying about Anna Nicole, she did do alot
    with her life.. From topless dancer in Texas to having her own show, being the media starlet..
    I didn't know that her history until I saw her timeline here.
    I'm impressed. R.I.P Anna Nicole

  3. ummm hello anonymous... but I beg to differ...

    I do not think she made anything out of her life other then making it a circus...

    But that is what makes the world so intense.. differing opinions

  4. Tug Says:
  5. You know it's not just you saying that the old dude's sperm was frozen & he could be the dad, right?

    I still think Howard K. kept her drugged up to control her, trying to get the fortune, & it just went too far. She was lost after her son died (OK, before, too) - Howard K. took total advantage.

    And remember how he was the one in the room when her son died & someone heard Anna screaming "YOU DID THIS" afterwards? She KNEW something...he wanted her drugged up or gone, I swear.

    k, rant over. ;-)

  6. Lizza Says:
  7. Ahh, celebrities. What would life be without them?

    Funny story, Bond!

  8. Tisha! Says:
  9. this is bigger than the JFK conspiracy theories lol I'm just sad she went out that way!
    bisous Bond baby!!

  10. TopChamp Says:
  11. Bond - are you lying to me?

  12. TopChamp Says:
  13. Fibbing at least? She'd never be this devious (by which I mean intelligent). No offense to the dead lady meant.

  14. TUG: Yup Yup..which is why Howard K. will be gone soon.. You do not mess with A.N.S. and live to enjoy it.

    LIZZA" Story???Story??? We have researched this extensively and stand by our REPORTING as fact.

    TISHA: Living on a desert Island, with billions and you are sad?

    TOPCHAMP: Now would I do that? Just remember, when you visit Fiji to say hi to her.

  15. Anndi Says:
  16. I was hoping for an exclusive interview.. Vinny.. come on man.. wait...

    Aha! Now we know what the "business trip" of yours is really about!!!!

  17. Julie Says:
  18. "Anna went down on him and after she got him to empty his love juice..."


    **chokes on white chocolate macadamia nut cookies**

  19. Liz Hill Says:
  20. I am so so so tired of this "story" I can't believe I am commenting. Funny take on it though (as usual) Bondbaby.

    And ewwwwww on the .....I can't even go there

    but for you

  21. ANNDI: that is top secret information...sorry we can not comment at this time


    TURN: bwahahahahahahahaahahah YOU can't go there... bwahahahahahaahaha

    why do I find that so freaking funny???

  22. Peg Says:
  23. *wipes the spewed coffee from the laptop screen*

    LOL--Don't do that to me so early in the morning!

    Glad your back online!

  24. Twyla Says:
  25. Your theory makes as much sense as any other. That woman may have had tons of money, but she led a very sad life and she was surrounded by people who were NOT looking out for her best interest.
    Oh, and please no more talk about the old man's love juice. Blah! LOL

  26. PEG: SO sorry, I should have posted a "Do not drink while reading" warning.

    TWYLA: You are so right about her. Sad, and not protected. Well, We will try and grant your wish, but we can't guarantee anything.

  27. AtriaBooks Says:
  28. I heard the best rumor this morning...The baby's dad is Anna Nicole's son Daniel which is why she had to kill him.

  29. DOC: Bwahahahahahahahaahahahahahaah

    OK, that one is definitely a possibility


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