A Little Friday Party

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank you American Idol for not confirming rumours that Perval Jackson would be a celebrity on the show this season. That would have caused the loss of this viewer.

OK, how did THE COUCH do last night…
we predicted the bottom three for the Men would be:


For the Ladies, we predicted the bottom three would be:


Last night, America sent home:
“Shoeless” Paul Kim – America got it correct...his farewell song proved why…weak weak weak. We also saw a clip on TV where he was downing William Hung as “ruining the whole thing for Asians” Dude…give it up!

Rudy Cardenas – America got it correct again…

Amy KrebsTHE COUCH missed on this one. We felt she had "no stage presence" and was "very boring", but thought she might get through. Then she asks if she can sing a different song for her departure tune. Has this girl even watched the show?

Nicole Tranquillo – Wow…We felt she had a good voice, though thought she sang "over the top"...America, you might have missed here.

America left two of the worst up there…

Sundance…you are the luckiest SOB in the world…And Antonella the luckiest DOB

Not a great start…0-2 on the Ladies…2-2 on the guys… a .500 record


Was not sure we were going to mention this next item, then thought we would mention it without a lot of fanfare…then...well this is THE COUCH...so we figured...


Welcome to the


Over these 250 posts we have revealed our lack of employment; our new job; the difficult sale of our house in NJ; and chronicled our move to Memphis.

We have redecorated twice since our first template.

We have told of our love for Matt; the Yankees; music; Jerry Garcia; Wade Winter; music; Duane Allman; Mickey Mantle; music; sports; and our family and friends.

We posted to honor mom and dad (Joan & Vince), and let you learn of these two incredible people.

THE COUCH has challenged you with Musical Memes; revealed our stories through the Monday Matinee; Ranted; took trips in the Way Back Machine and shared our concert memories on Vinylally Friday’s.

Throughout these posts you have learned hundreds of little facts about us, at times maybe too many, but THE COUCH has never done anything half-way.

Many have been in our sights, celebrities who act stupidly; government officials who just don’t care; environmental terrorists; thieves; celebrity parents who saddle their kids with weird names; and people who cheat.

We've brought others to your attention, great men, women and children who have impacted our lives in a variety of ways.

Because of these 250 sessions we have met some of the most incredible people in the blogosphere…husband’s and wife’s who blog; soldiers protecting our freedom around the world; people from around the globe who blog; people close to home who blog; men and women who have become friends, though we have never met.

We have joined Blog Carnivals and Peace Globe initiatives.

Along the way, we have been honored by being named BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY.

You know what? We would never ever have done it any differently…there have been times we felt we have gone off track, but have always found our way beck to center...

Strangely, in the last week a few people have pointed out that THE COUCH was getting back to it's "IN YOUR FACE" attitude...This made us happy, since we were making a conscious decision to find that attitude once again...

Over the next 250 blogs, we will continue to share and ask you to continue sharing when you come to sit here on THE COUCH.

Thanks for sitting…always room for one more.

Enjoy your weekend.


Music Codes: Best Audio Codes

PARTY: Boston; Composers: Bradley Delp & Tom Schotz


31 Of Your Sparks

  1. V - What can I say? You have been one of my faithful readers almost since I came online, and I am so grateful for your friendship and humor.

    I feel so honored to have a small space here on The Couch, and I am deeply honored that you visit The Ice Box even occasionally.

    Congratulations on your 250th post - you are a rare jewel, my friend.

  2. Lizza Says:
  3. Congratulations on post #250!

    Always felt welcomed here. I don't usually like crowds, but the crowd here's a pretty awesome bunch.

    Looking forward to many, many more from you, Bond. Cheers!

  4. Mags Says:
  5. Happy 250 Bond!

    (I'm not sure where my head is, b/c I typed "Bong" by accident)

    Perhaps I'm telling you to go celebrate!? LOL.

    I'm so very glad I found your blog. You simply delight me.

    Happy Friday.

  6. Maryfly Says:
  7. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! *tosses confetti and assorted chocolates*


  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Clink Clink and Cheers. Have a great weekend and congrats!!

  10. Angell Says:
  11. *joins sister Mary*


    *tosses flaming walnuts, tayboggans, and nerf harmonicas*

    WOW - I was at the birth of something special wasn't I? Thanks for reserving my seat on the couch Bond - me thinks you should ressurect - for one post only - the old SP thread greeting.

    What a wild ride - and it's only going to get better.


  12. Tug Says:
  13. busy eating MaryFly's chocolates, just a sec.....

    CONGRATS ON THE 250!!! Nice...very nice.

    AI seems real blah to me this year...they really need to step it up!

  14. Julie Says:
  15. Wow 250! Way to go V-man!

  16. SONGBIRD: Thanks so much. Your loyalty is appreciated here on THE COUCH

    LIZZA; And the crowd here like you too. You have become a COUCH favorite

    MAGS: if you are bonging... ya better be sharin' ... Glad you found us also...we enjoy yours so much also...

    MATT-MAN: Slide a WIR over here and let's party!

    ANGELL: Watch those flaming walnuts ya crazy person...You were at the birth.. special...well that is relative! LOL..wonder if i can find the greeting.. will go looking... SMOOCH

    TUG: She brings the best snacks, doesn't she? Glad to have found you...

    JULIE: Ty Ty Tyvm

    MARY: me likey chocolates...YUM AND A rub for you too...SMOOCH

  17. Liz Hill Says:
  18. *hands over a nice bottle of Gentleman Jack*

    Congrats Bondbaby

    here's to the next 250

  19. Sonny Says:
  20. *clapmyhandsandshakemybodytoshowyoumy happinessboutyourcelebration*

    Thank you very much for being there in the blogosphere!!! I really would miss something without your Monday Matinee and all the other stuff you write!!!

    BIG Hugs to you, Vinny!!!

  21. BeckEye Says:
  22. I can't wait until we get to the Top 12 and then I can do my AI posts. I feel like if I started now, I'd get burned out! :)

  23. Peg Says:
  24. wait a minute...did someone say, Bong? LOL

    Cheers, Bond! 250, wow, you rock! And you know, you're batting 500 on the AI front, and I firmly believe that is NOTHING to sneeze at!

  25. TopChamp Says:
  26. ooh - big milestone.

    Don't want to swell your head but you're a favourite blogsite for my reluctant to join the blog game boyfriend as well as me x

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. Happy 250! And may your next 250 be filled with attitude.

  29. Meribah Says:
    Naked shuffleboard anyone? LOL

  31. TURN: TY vm... yum Gentleman...

    SONNY: How sweet (heheh) of you... I am happy I met you

    BECKEYE: Then we can compare our notes!

    PEG: Wwo.. what a wonderful compliment... ty and sure.. take a toke...

    TOPCHAMP: WOW ... glad he comes by also.. tell him I said HI

    TRAVIS: The attitude feels like it is back

    MERI: You silly puppy... sure :::stripping off jeans::: let's go!

  32. Congrats on your 250th post... it's time to P-A-R-T-Y!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I am so happy to have been apart of The Couch from day one.... and had it not been for you, I wouldn't be blogging...


  33. Anndi Says:
  34. *plops down on the COUCH so glad there is a 250th celebration*

    Thank you for sharing of yourself...

    You've made me laugh, driven me crazy with guessing games, provided me with baseball stories to nap by (hehehe)... and made my day better, each and every time I've spent time here.


    Love ya Hottie!

  35. DIXIE: SO happy to be able to call you a friend Pookie

    ANNDI: You have all made it so easy to share ... gonna make a baseball fan out of you yet...and make you even crazier with even harder musical memes....it would not be the same without you

    SMOOCH and love you too Foreign Hottie

  36. congratulations! i put a cyber gold rolex over there on the table for you. i love cyber gifts, don't you? cause i can give whatever i want...

    smiles, bee

    (hey! you with the drink in your hand! yes you! back off from that cyber gold rolex! i mean it! bond hasn't even gotten to see it yet and now you have your grubby little cyber fingerprints all over it! drat!)

  37. AtriaBooks Says:
  38. Happy 250! Here's to the next 250 and 250 after that!

  39. Unknown Says:
  40. You say it's your birthday? Well, happy birthday to you!

  41. BEE: Thank you so much... what a great watch... And to think I was planning on buying you a cyber-Jaguar with a driver for your next celebration.

    DOC: Thanks my friend

    DANA: Awwww...sweet

  42. Tisha! Says:
  43. Long live THE COUCH!!! Kudos to you sweetie! I am honored to be able to sit next to you on the Couch for more than one reason *wink* and you've conjured up so many memories, feelings and thoughts - SO STIMULATING! Love you and look forward the continuation of our journey together!!!

  44. TISHA: Dear Belle... ty for your wonderful words...your presence on the COUCH is always welcome and pleasing.

  45. bond? could i have a cyber cruise ship instead??? smiles, bee

  46. :::Pulls back curtain to show Bee the Carnival Liberty:::

    "All yours dear"

  47. Gail Says:
  48. Congrats, dearie! So blessed to have met you...

  49. *blink* thanks bond....

    smiles, bee

  50. Mimi Lenox Says:
  51. Congratulations on #250! What a milestone. Looking forward to more from The Couch. Bud and I are glad somebody is taking over American Idol! We just can't stomach much more.....You're doing a great job with it.


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