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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just posted and then got an email and had to ask for your prayers for DESERT SONGBIRD.

Our friend is spending the evening in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. Feel better soon DONNA,
we will keep your spot on THE COUCH warm for you.
Go over and leave her a GET WELL SOON comment for us. Thanks.

Thanks to ANOTHER DESERT RAT for the heads up.


(Main Artist Only this week)


Ha- Dedication Week, you know that means weird videos...


PHIL STACEY: Even better then last week. Was a bit pitchy, but overall was a very good performance. He is in the top of the men. As we said last week, he is much stronger when the song calls for him to be powerful,
which it did at the end, saving the song.

JARED COTTER: Nicely done. Still think he loses concentration in the middle of the song like he did last week and forced it a little too much. The song should be smoother then he made it. He was a little pitchy and his voice is a little too high pitched then is called for with a Marvin Gaye song.

A.J. TABALDO: Nope. The beginning of the song was a wreck. Bad song choice in my opinion. Did not enjoy that song.
(Of course the judges did like it more then I did…but hey.)

SANJAYA MALAKAR: He looks uncomfortable tonight…He really can’t sing this type of song...his timing felt off and I thought he was speaking the song more then singing it…and the last big note was very weak. The song choice may have also lost him his “little girl” vote also.

CHRIS SLIGH: OK, before we begin…the kid is married??? America heard this song last year and it was done much better then. Broke on the last big note. He was also a little too fast for the song. Overall a good performance, but I am
not sure it was as strong as last week.

NICK PEDRO: Very weak. The song should be smoky and to me it was “squeeky”. Not necessarily overly pitchy, though there was some pitch problems throughout... Didn’t like it.

BLAKE LEWIS: Excellent job… He did a great job with what appeared to be a tough song. Personally, we still have a problem with the beat box. To us it is an “instrument” and playing an “instrument” is against the rules of the show…
call us picky, but that is how we feel.

BRANDON ROGERS: Not real impressed once again. He hit one good note, but was screechy throughout. The voice isn't working for me…It was weak and without the backing vocals, it would have been totally lost –
Randy and Simon were so totally correct on this.

CHRIS RICHARDSON: It sounded like his performance last week. He is good with this type of music. The song worked well for him. Honestly not sure he will be able to survive theme weeks. He may prove me wrong, but when he has to sing a ballad or a rock song, I wonder if her will be able to handle it.

SUNDANCE HEAD: OK, so he decides to sing something more R&B and picks a one note song? And then he doesn’t do a great job with it. The luster is totally off Sundance for me. Ummm are you kidding me? The judges can gush all they want and America will follow along, but he doesn’t do it for me. I really liked him in the auditions… not any more.


Yes, I know I criticized each of them - but they were the best tonight.



See y'all later with the winners of the MUSICAL MEME
Tomorrow the 12 Ladies.



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21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Twyla Says:
  2. Yey, pictures! Now I can place a name with the face. I missed the show last night, but your commentary is better anyways. :-)

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. Oh my... I so hope our friend Desert Songbird will be well soon!!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

    Let´s sing a happy song for her =)

    Artist: Taj Mahal & The Hula Band
    Main Artist: Taj Mahal - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Song: Baby You´re My Destiny
    Album: Hanapepe Dream

    I´m sorry I can´t join your AI-conversation... I don´t know any of these guys. But, having a look at your excellent taste in music I´m sure I´d vote same way you´d do!



  5. Piacere Says:
  6. I left a comment earlier but I think it got lost somewhere in cyberspace. Just in case, here are the answers:

    Baby You're My Destiny - Song
    Music Fuh Yuh - Album
    Artist - Taj Mahal

    If my other one did manage to make it through, just disregard this one.


  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. Nice job putting up the pics--it is helpful as I am so underimpressed with the lot of them. I did this last year with the women. I never saw any of the women perform until they 'merged'. Good critique as usual Bondbaby.

    I'll be sure to send my best wishes to DS


  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. She BANG!! She BANG!!

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. She BANG!! She BANG!!

  13. desert rat Says:
  14. Thanks for posting for DS.


    Song: "Baby You're My Destiny"

    Album: "Music Fuh Ya'" (Warner Bros. 1977)

    Artist: Taj Mahal (born Henry St. Clair Fredericks)

    What a fantastic voice he has! Love the rhythm of this piece.

  15. tiggerprr Says:
  16. Hello! I'm over Sundance too. Any jackass (can I say that?) can sing "Ride, Sally, Ride" over and over again. Please. I think he sang two sentences other than that the whole time. Please.

    I'm gonna do my own little synopsis this week now that I'm starting to form opinions. That'll be up later today.

    I shot straight over to Desert's site to wish her well, I'm really worried. :(

  17. Unknown Says:
  18. Yeah Chris is married. :)

  19. Anndi Says:
  20. First off.. the song:

    Baby you're my destiny... and that's Taj Mahal. Man, I LOVE this guy.. great voice and his eclectic bluesy west indian feeling style never fails to put me in a good mood.

    Best of the night... Blake Lewis. YUP! The Chicklet LOVES him and I was over the moon that someone did a Jamiroquoi song. He brings what the judges have been asking for: originality.

    And.. you know I disagree with you on the beat box-scat he did. It's a vocal performance.. wanna find fault with Al Jarreau when HE scats? Or Sarah Vaughn? Or Bobby McFerrin? Or mariah Carey? Why is beat-box different than runs? WHY?

    Like I said.. original and fresh. I'm looking forward to seeing what this guy can do.

  21. BeckEye Says:
  22. Ok, so I did do an AI post before the top 12. But it had to be done. Sunjaya just creeps me out way too much not to mention.

  23. Mia Says:
  24. Im rooting for Blake.

    Hey did you see Dream girls? Way to go to Jennifer Hudson...bet Simon's eating crow now. Not only can that girl sing...omg she's an awesome actress.

  25. Anndi Says:
  26. I've heard another version on an another album that was more West Indian in feel with the steel drums.. but this one is off Hanapepe Blues (2003).

  27. Angell Says:
  28. Hey Bond. Good job, as always. I had a few different ideas on the performers, mainly Nick Pedro & A.J. Tabalo, but that's what's great about music ain't it?

    We can all like who we like and still get along (well, unless you like Justin Timberlake in which case YOU ARE BANISHED...he he he).

    Best wished out to DS. Hope she's feeling better.

  29. Anndi Says:
  30. Argh.. did I post Blues or Dreams.. ok.. my brain stopped working during my conference call this afternoon as i was posting.. yes.. I got bored with the call and ventured over here..

    Anywho.. Hanapepe Dreams was what I meant.. I think I said blues..

    STOP laughing...

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. I agree with you 100% on the guys. So glad you liked Blake too. As for the song, it sounds like Taj Mahal but I don't know any more.

  33. Prayers going up for Desert Songbird...

    I agree with you about the guys last night... they did step it up a little... Bottom 2 for me were Sanjaya and Brandon... we will see on Thursday.

  34. TWYLA : Thanks

    SANNI: Nice, all but the album

    PIA: Bingo

    TURN: TY.. we will see Smooch

    ANOTHER DESERT: Bingo also.. nicely done

    TIGERRPRR: We are in agreement

    BUSY: Not that I mind! LOL

    ANNDI: Yup Taj.. umm to me in this context it is an instrument... filling in the song.. there is a difference between beatbox and scat to me.. but we will see as the contest goes on.. glad Chicklet likes him...I so enjoy our back and forth... KISSES

    BECKEYE: Coming to read.. been a long day... he has the teeney boppers and I think the Indian vote... might be around a while

    MIRANDA: have not seen it yet, but she deserved the Oscar from what i heard.

    ANNDI: Sorry wrong album dear...

    DANA: WOW Dana Agrees! And she knows TAJ!

    DIXIE: Miss you girlfriend... think Brandon stays around a bit longer

  35. Julie Says:
  36. Hmm and I thought I left a comment here this morning....I was checking to see if the gals were up yet.

    Ya big tease!

  37. JULIE: Not until 11:00 PM sorry

  38. Coco Says:
  39. Man, I love Taj Mahal ... Sorry I missed this one yesterday. First time I ever heard him was only a few years ago, when he featured on the movie SongCatcher (Busy would love this one ...). Mmmhmmmm. Definitely worth bookmarking.


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