Midweek Musical Meme & Twelve Males

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 21, 2007




As we mentioned yesterday, unlike last year, at this point we have no interest in any one contestant, male or female.

Ricky and the band are back again this year…THE COUCH normally likes what Ricky does for the contestants...

And, yes…there was no mention of last year’s winner…their slight of Taylor Hicks continues, BUT Chris has been incredibly successful…

For our new readers; We listen and try not look at the screen after the first few bars. All of our comments are made before the judges speak. Using our TiVO, we pause after the performance and make our comments and then hit play. So, if you think we sound like the judges on some of our comments, well dang…we must be doing a good job. LOL

As Jackie Gleason used to say…and awayyyy we go….

RUDY CARDENAS – Did he forget a few words or just swallow them? Not a good song choice, though he might have a strong voice. Not impressed whatsoever. Eleven contestants to go, he will be forgotten before 5 of them sing.

BRANDON ROGERS - Look out googily eyes coming at you. Nothing special…maybe he does belong in the back row. Off-key at times, and unimpressive.

SUNDANCE HEAD – Thought he was off-key the whole way. Didn’t think he deserved to get through Hollywood after forgetting words, and he proved it tonight. Poor performance.

PAUL KIM - He started so low. Falsetto was horrible. Felt very Karaoke to me.

CHRIS RICHARDSON – OK, when you are told you look like J.T. and then you come out with all his moves, well…Was not horrible...probably the best so far tonight, but that isn’t saying much. Is this the dad/son duo for this season? Ugh

NICK PEDRO – Our returning contestant, who walked away last year. There has not been a strong voice the entire evening…and Nick has not changed that. Falsetto was nice, but the song was just so weak. Not guts behind it.

BLAKE LEWIS – His phrasing seemed off to me in the middle of the song. Falsetto kind of broke. Again…no punch in my mind, nothing wonderful…Have to tell you though, he was original. And that is a huge plus, especially tonight.
(Note after the judges – THE COUCH is thrilled he did not beat box…this is a singing competition and I thought contestants were not supposed to play instruments and I know “beat boxing” is with his voice, but it still brings an instrument feel to a performance.)

SANJAYA MALAKAR – He does have a good voice. BUT he didn’t “fill out” the song well. And he got a little pitchy at the end. Why do people pick songs by singers who are so difficult to sing?

CHRIS SLIGH – OK, someone who knows the music he is singing. Full-bodied… I truly enjoyed this performance. Felt a little nervous, but so far the best of the evening.

JARED COTTER – Started strong. Lost it a bit in the middle during the chorus...then really went off badly. Falsetto was OK, nothing more. This kid could have the strongest voice in the competition, but we did not see it tonight.

A.J. TABALDO – Another returning contestant, only he got cut and did not walk away. Another performance that showed potential and then went south. Was only good. Somewhere in the middle of the group this evening. Safe.

PHIL STACEY – Ouch.. sorry, that began so off key… can he not hear the band??? Making a little comeback…he is not suited for low, mellow songs…needs to belt it or he sounds real shaky. Belt it Phil.


The guys, as a group, are weaker then THE COUCH has ever heard.

Ryan Seacrest
is getting real big for his britches…he thinks he is too much of a star.

Personally, THE COUCH agrees with Simon’s view of speaking to the contestants. If they need to be stroked, then they should stay at home and let their family’s do it.

The bottom three for this week, –
two of those three will be heading back to their lives somewhere…

Tomorrow, the Ladies sit on THE COUCH

Thanks for sitting with us.






23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Sorry - no clue on the music (as usual), but I know I should know it. Sigh - got my one chance at fame with The Ramones, but only close and no cigar...

    No comments on AI.

    Thanks for the kind e-mail. We'll catch up soon, 'kay?

  2. Callie Ann Says:
  3. yep agreed totally with you guys. Super. I am voting for Blake Lewis. I feel he may have the potential to fill the idol pants. But we will see. I'll be checking in alot since your doing this. Awesome. Thanks. I am on the west coast. So when I finished watching you had allready posted. Yeah Thanks

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. First AI - I am unimpressed.

    Oh you picked a good one today!!

    Band: Savoy Brown
    Song: Street Corner Talking
    Band Members: I hope you're not picky cause I went with the guys that I think played on this album -Kim Simmonds, Paul Raymond, Andy Silvester, Dave Bidwell, Dave Walker.
    Album: Street Corner Talking 1971

  6. Piacere Says:
  7. OK, that's Savoy Brown, isn't it??? Don't have time this morning to postulate on the rest, but will be back later...nice music, Mr. B!!!

    RE: AI 2007...pssssssst...I'm swearing if off for Lent...


  8. Twyla Says:
  9. I tried watching AI last night, and then I remembered why I don't like it. They DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG it on and on and on. It started at 9pm here and by 9:15 only 1 guy had sang. I watched the first 2 guys sing and then changed the channel half way through Sundance's performance. Let's just say I was less than impressed. I kept thinking, 'these are the BEST?'
    I guess I just never got into AI or Canadian Idol. I missed the first season of AI but watched the one with Constantine (I must say I was in love with him). LOL But Canadian Idol was even worse. I only watched the first season of that because I felt obligated to. I'm not sure if you've ever seen it, but the host is the biggest DOUCHE BAG that ever lived. He's the son of our ex Prime Minister.
    Okay, enough ranting for this morning. Hopefully the girls do better tonight.

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Very good tune.. no clue who it is.. totally stumped.

    The boys also had me stumped...

    I've said it elsewhere.. byebye noshoeguy!

    For some reason I think people might want to save Sundance (why, I don't know...).
    This is, whether people want to admit it or not, a popularity contest within a singing competition.

    Not sure I agree with you on the beat box.. it's a VOCAL competition.. and quite a few artists use riffs of many kinds.. jazz singers scat... Not a strong performance, but at least I wasn't bored.

    He listened to what the judges have asked all along.. bring something different.. I for one look forward to seeing what this guy can do. I'm willing to give him a chance.

    Good luck to the musical director and the vocal coach.. you have a TON of work ahead of you.


    Ladies on the COUCH.. bwahahahahaha! ;-p

    *hits play on the music again...*

  12. Mags Says:
  13. I didn't watch it b/c I had school, but I heard some highlights on the way to work...I liked Blake. He sounded the best out of everyone they played back...


  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. I just have never been drawn in by American Idol, but I do like William Hung. Cheers...

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. Yup the show last night was a definate yawner! My review is on toosp and in your email...if interested. Chris Sligh should do stand up along with singing.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your song pick though I'm clueless as to who did it.

  18. Tug Says:
  19. NICE...I like the AI recap! I wasn't all that impressed with anyone last night, but it's early, so I'll keep checking it out & checking in here. I think Ryan is all right, he just needs to let the judges do their job & he do his. AND, I totally agree with you on Simon - he's my fave judge. I'm done with Loopy & Dawg.

  20. Savoy Brown
    Street Corner Fighting (title cut of the album as well)
    Dave Walker, Paul Raymond, Kim Simmons (of course) Dave Bidwell, Andy Sylvester

  21. Coco Says:
  22. Hi Vinny - liked the song pick but haven't the energy today to play the game. Haven't watched Idol. From what I've heard, it's not worth my time this year, but it might take my mind off other things, at least a couple nights a week. I could use your special brand of humour today, my friend. Got anything for me? Oh, and I am back to blogging as of today. Just sayin'. Good to read you again. I've really missed it. Got some catching up to do, I guess.

  23. Piacere Says:
  24. Trivia hound that I am, I couldn't stay away on this one...

    Band: Savoy Brown
    Song: Street Corner Talking
    Band Members: Kim Simmonds, Dave Walker, Andy Silvester, Paul Raymond, and Dave Bidwell
    Album: Street Corner Talking

    I know this is a late submission (yes, I really DO have a job...). Do I get an honorable mention?

  25. Angell Says:
  26. Good recap - but you always were the best at those.

    (No clue on the tune, but it's a good one)

    I'm with Anndi on this one - I like Blake. I see him going far. And I liked Rudy. So he was forgetable - I still think he's got potential.

    Personally, if I wasn't covering it for The Trades, I would have turned the damn thing off after Blake.

    Let's hope the ladies are a little more lively...


  27. Tisha! Says:
  28. Stroking should not be allowed Bond baby! Hugz

  29. Meribah Says:
  30. I didn't watch AI last night, but, judging by the comments, it doesn't look like I missed much. Glad Chris Sligh did well. I find he's one of the more entertaining contestants on there this year.

  31. Sadie Says:
  32. I was very disappointed in all the performances last night. Especially Sundance Head, b/c I was ready to like him after his Memphis audition. But now I'm just... eh. He was bad. And he looks just like my ex.

    Maybe the females will save us all from a season of yuck.

  33. Unknown Says:
  34. I know this! It's Street Corner Talking! By Savoy Brown! WOO! And did I mention I like Chris Sligh?


  35. Unknown Says:
  36. Can I Google the members of the band? Cause I don't know...

  37. Rainbow Says:
  38. Well I never get to play...cause I work and can't get to the computer! But I knew this one..really I did!
    Great to read your recaps again this year for AI. I have not watched it at all this year. I have it on in the backround now, but I just can't seem to get into it this year...but I think your recaps will help me do that! I need to get interested in "someone" on AI this year...missing Taylor, I will say that!

  39. *BIG YAWN* last night was totally B-0-R-I-N-G!!!!

    As I am typing my comment, the girls are great.... so far Sabrina and Jada and Melinda... woooooooooo

  40. DESERT- Glad you are feeling better..

    CALLIE ANN - Thanks for sitting.. come back again

    TRAV - Perfecto My man!

    PIA- OO band but no more.. must be busy

    TWYLA - tell us how you really feel darling! LOL

    ANNDI- Not sure he will be saved... glad you enjoyed the tune and yes, there is much work to be done on the boys.. SMOOCH

    MAGS - he wasn't so hot.. but maybe over the radio.. who knows..

    MATT-MAN - Yes, he seems like someone you would enjoy bwahahahahahahah have a hot dog dude.

    ANONYMOUS - thanks for coming by... not sure who you are though

    TUG - yup yup ... we agree 100%

    BUD - Thanks for Playing - YUP! nice job!

    COCO - Ah dear... Home so late tonight... Kiss

    PIA - Comes back and hit another one out of the park

    ANGELL- i would have turned it off too.. yukkers

    TISHA - Of course it shouldn't be.. SMOOCH my belle

    MERI _ Just come here and learn... LOLOLOLOL

    SADI - Sundance should be goooooooooone

    DANA - WOO girl... nice going!

    SUEANN - Check it out before you leave in the morning dear.. normally posted at midnight EST...

  41. Unknown Says:
  42. Yay! I'm an honorable mention! And it's in COW~!


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