Minstrel Show?

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, February 01, 2007


SO, it is the first day of February.

We have started this post more times then we can count.

We had the greatest month here on THE COUCH.

We would like to thank you, our wonderful guests for coming back day after day. We know that sometimes we are not the most interesting post out there, but every evening as we sit down to write, we are writing for ourself...or are we?

Or are we thinking about our guests. Is that what a true blog is about?

Should we think about our guests? Some would say yes and others would take the opposite side of the argument.


We have a friend who reads us but never comments. They told us a couple of months ago that they had seen a change here on THE COUCH. That they felt we were trying too hard to please our guests and had lost our way. Were we becoming a sideshow act?

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls...step right up...

We thought about that comment alot and do keep it in the back of our mind. But then, our readers grew. And grew. We were honored with the BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY. Did that honor us for who we are or who we hope you think we are?

C'mon ... win a prize, put a ring around the bottle...give it a try

230 posts into this, we are still excited to put our words down on "paper" each day. Would we still do it if, like in the beginning, we got 2 -3 comments a day? We wish we could answer that.

Watch Annabella charm the most dangerous snakes on earth...

We love doing the Monday Matinee...it has given us an outlet for the flood of thoughts in my brain. Would we be writing if not for THE COUCH..we don't know.

Try your luck...spin the wheel - win a cupie doll...

Mid-week Musical Meme allows us to share music with you all...and we did make a promise to ourself that THE COUCH would always have music of some sort...music is who we are down deep.

Cotton candy...corn dogs...popcorn...

We have said it before - and we were the first to say it - there is always a soundtrack going on in our head. When we are happy...when we are sad... when we are frustrated... all the time...

Come on in and let Waldo the Magnificent show you the art of illusion...


But there are days like today when we are totally clueless....and we wonder if we are just a minstrel show...

a traveling circus of oddities...come on out and see the three-legged boy...the bearded lady...
the snake charmers and the exotic dancers...

Our brain is fogged by many things and we have to get this sorted out...

We do know one thing for sure...

we will not dance for spare change...or will we?


Tomorrow is a big FRIDAY SPORTS post, that will include more then just a Super Bowl preview...we hope you come back and see the other oddities we have in the tents along the fairway.



MUSIC: Best Audio Codes

MR. BOJANGLES: Jerry Jeff Walker; Composer: Jerry Jeff Walker


40 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mags Says:
  2. I guess just the fact that you thought so much about that comment says that you care about what your readers, well, read.

    But there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you don't change who you are or change your overall message, it's all good.

    I blog for me, but also take great joy in the "You made me smile, laugh, cry, inspired" comments. Those are for me too.

  3. Tisha! Says:
  4. do give a hoot what anybody thinks or how many comments i get i enjoy the exchange and that what matters to me, those who enjoy my work come back and those who don't don't i am not an entertainer just little ol' me and it will stay that way

  5. Twyla Says:
  6. I know what you're saying...
    When I first started my blog, it was just for me. It was a place to write all my thoughts and feelings and there were only 2 people who knew the address. I hardly ever got comments. Then I started telling more people about it, and suddenly people were actually reading what I had to say...and were seeing the inner me, and that kind of scared me. I didn't want anyone knowing how I really felt. So my blog changed...I guess I felt I had to censor myself more...and I felt like I wasn't doing it for me anymore. It wasn't serving the same theraputic purpose for me that it used to. So now I'm trying really hard to get it back to what I want it to be. I guess I just need to write whatever I want, and not care about what anyone else thinks...like I used to. I hope that at least some of this made sense. :-) I love your blog no matter what you do.

  7. MAGS: Yes, you are probably correct...that whole post started off the last line...and just came about. We certainly try and stay true to who we are...we hope and pray we succeed.

    TISHA: I, for one, enjoy your work...and I understand your comments...but the entertainer still lurks in me...

    TWYLA: Sometimes I truly wish I could write some of the things in me, but because of certain circumstances I don;t feel it is possible. Maybe if I had not publicized so much I could have..but that circus has left town.

  8. But to all three of you..I thank you for always being here...You all make me laugh and think...and sometimes even cry

  9. Liz Hill Says:
  10. It's funny Vinny--I would never have started blogging had it not been for you. And I have watched you develop this and like everyone you have your off and on days. But V--you are mostly 'on'-and-even when it's a bit of a 'sideshow' it's still an expression of YOU. You are many faceted and it does come through. So de-fog V and keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.
    SMOOCH (hey you can't get germies through the puter)

  11. Piacere Says:
  12. Everyone has a brain fog from time to time. Let it ride. I'm not going anywhere, especially when you play stuff like Jerry Jeff!!


  13. Unknown Says:
  14. No meme today? I'm sad. But it's all good!

  15. Ah, the age old question, "Why do we blog?"

    As a writer, I can spout and pontificate that we should write what we know and believe and then if others follow, then great. But then again, if no one reads, we are miserable, commiserate with others about our inability to touch the hearts and souls of others, and we either give up or we "sell out" and compose schlock for mass consumption.

    I think, for me anyway, the reason to blog is a little of both. I believe we all start to blog because we're seeking an outlet for our thoughts, our ideas, our creativity, and then when it strikes a chord, we crank up the volume a tad more and more to see if we can gather an audience to rival Woodstock (or in my case, Live Aid).

    There's nothing wrong in that, but it can be a bit daunting and intimidating when suddenly we've been labeled "Bestest" something and we feel unworthy or we question our worthiness. We begin to wonder, "Am I writing for me or for others? How can I possibly maintain this level of "bestness?"

    I visit here often during the day because the ongoing conversation that occurs in the comments section adds to the value of the post; many times, it becomes more fascinating the original post itself, which does not make the original post uninteresting; on the contrary, it means that it was sufficiently interesting to generate witty, fascinating discourse or debate.

    In short, Vinny, if you didn't question yourself once in a while, then I would say you were a total sell out and without redemption. But then, from what most of us know about you, we know you would never be that way, so keep doing what you're doing, and the true you will shine through. (Gee, I didn't mean to rhyme there, but what the heck!)

    Love you much.

  16. Angell Says:
  17. Vince, I think you are responsible for getting most of the SP on here. :D

    I blog for me too - and it bit me in the ass big time. But I won't stop blogging because of it. I found a way around it. It was sad that I had to go that route, but I did what I had to do. I am still true to who I am tho.

    Every post on here is true to who you are. Each entry showcases a different aspect of your personality.

    I love to read entries from writers who are GOOD - the content of the entries is not important. If it teaches me something I didn't know before, if I can come away from it with a sense of understanding that wasn't there when I started reading, then it's a good blog. Whether I agree with the writers opinion, or whether it's a work of fiction, sharing thoughts and ideas is a wonderful thing.

    Ok I don't know if that actually made sense, but hey - it's just my opinion.

    You could write *shudder* baseball stats and I'd still read....

  18. Anndi Says:
  19. Deep thoughts, humour and a classic tune.. the true Vince is in good form!

    Vince darling, you know there are just as many reasons and types of blogs out there as there are bloggers.

    I guess what I want to know is, does your blog make you happy? Does it bring you what you wish from it? Cause in the end.. it is a place for you to put yourself out there, and it should bring you nothing but good, since that's what you deserve.

    I love getting to meet new and interesting people through blogging, and I love reading what my dear friends such as your fine self have to say.

    Blogging has allowed me to share some very personal things about myself, which is not as you know my favorite thing to bare LOL! It becomes a reflection of the mood I'm in and has provided me with a release. If people enjoy it, the people I care about, then it's a bonus.

    It's a hard thing to put oneself first... but this is actually a place where it can be done, and should.

    You've welcomed one and all to the couch, and your growing readership doesn't surprise me...

    Your best posts are the ones where I can imagine you sitting at your computer smiling as you write them, the ones that I feel give you tingles of excitement as you hit the PUBLISH button...

    Be true to yourself, the person you truly are.. You've built it, they will come (oh lord that was a baseball reference,... see what you've done to me!)

  20. Travis Cody Says:
  21. V - Blogging can be the ultimate ego trip. Or it can be the ultimate form of self-expression. Or it can be the ultimate method for an entertainer to get noticed.

    Or, it can be whatever you want it to be. I appreciate what you write here. I appreciate the thought you put into it. I appreciate the way you sometimes make me stop and think about something.

    I enjoy the music, the sports, the silliness. I definitely enjoy your style. I don't know that there is a right or wrong way to blog. It just is. It's something we do.

  22. Sonny Says:
  23. Hey Vinny! You're doing a great job! Please keep on writing! I always love to come here to have a little rest and sit on the couch.


  24. Peg Says:
  25. I always enjoy your blog, and even though I may not comment all the time, I dig the tunes, and the way you mix things up and keep it interesting and fresh!

    I know for me, I started blogging for myself, as an outlet (I think I've mentioned this before LOL) when I stopped running a bulletin board/message board community. I needed to write. And yes, I wanted the feedback.

    I aspire to write a novel one day (let me get the great one out of diapers, first, though!) so for me, blogging is exercise in a way. I need the feedback to see if I'm hitting folks the way I am hoping to.

    Keep on keeping on, my friend! You have an excellent, diverse, and interesting blog!

  26. Sir Bond... I love your blog. I don't care if you are writing for yourself or for everyone else... just the fact that you share and let us all in is fantastic. You're terribly awesome.


  27. TURN: Appreciate the kind words...

    PIA: It was the only song I could use with the subject matter.

    BUSY: Nope..moving away from the 13

    SONGBIRD: Interesting you mention that, because there are blogs I go to where the comment section becomes a public meeting place and people chat..about the post and about other things as well

    ANGELL: Not sure I can take credit (or be given it) for all the bloggers from the SP..People would ahve found it eventually me thinks. Yes, it is sorrowful that you had to change your tactic...but you are still with us.

    ANNDI: TY VM for the thoughts and yes, it does make me happy. You putting yourself out there is also a wonderful thing. Yes, those posts that I laugh with as i write them are the most satisfying. last night this one sort of wrote itself once I realized I did not want to go where my brain was bringing me.
    TWO CANADIANS IN A ROW TALKING BASEBALL...My job is done i can now retire!

    TRAVIS:I think your last 2 sentences say it all Dude..."It just is. It's something we do."

    SONNY: TY darling... I truly appreciate it.

    PEG: TY also I appreciate the kind words and look forward to reading your novel.

    TO MY GUESTS...Please know this was not a post to elicit comments of praise...As those who know me best understand, I am not about getting the praise and in many ways it embarrasses me...All I want is for THE COUCH to be a cool place for me to hang out and for you to join me on the ride.

  28. Maryfly Says:
  29. as long as your enjoying yourself and hon, you'll always have the best couch in town.....

  30. Schmoop Says:
  31. If you have a bearded lady ask her if she'll go out with me!!

  32. Dude it is your blog, blog how you want to. Having said that I do know the daily fear of not being able to be "entertaining" and I think all the other bloggers out there have had that too. So if it is one of "those days" just say it loud say it proud! "Today I will be a boring poopy. Deal!"

  33. Dude it is your blog, blog how you want to. Having said that I do know the daily fear of not being able to be "entertaining" and I think all the other bloggers out there have had that too. So if it is one of "those days" just say it loud say it proud! "Today I will be a boring poopy. Deal!"

  34. Quite a mindful of goodies to ruminate over here, my friend.
    My comment, actually, could be verbatim from Twyla's. I started out more honest & open & "free" than I am now.
    When I started my blog, my "tag line" was "Gay pagan gun-owner drops the F-bomb often. Watch Out!"
    Do you think my blog says that now? No.
    It's evolved into something different.
    Am I still a gay pagan gun-owning blogger who says Fuck too often (maybe not on the blog, but still...)? Fuck Yes.
    But I think my blog is more mainstream than when I started. For the good or the bad, there you go.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my blog. But sometimes I do censor myself.
    Bottom line is - you have a great site. If you want it to be different that how you perceive it to be now, then change it. But only make changes for YOU - not for your readers.
    Okay, I've rambled enough.
    This was a good, thought-provoking post.

  35. AtriaBooks Says:
  36. Bond: I love the Couch. I'm amazed that you could do 5 posts a week. Sometimes I struggle to get two good ones out. It aint easy being entertainment especially when we put pressure on ourselves to entertain.

  37. AtriaBooks Says:
  38. By the way, if I can get rid of Word Verification, you can do away with comment approval!

  39. Unknown Says:
  40. Vinny, to make a long story short: You´ve got mail =)

    I love THE COUCH!

  41. tiggerprr Says:
  42. It was TT that brought me to the couch, but it was you that made me ferret out a little spot just for me next to all the good people sitting here. I too find myself, coming back, to read what you've said to my comments, and to see the conversation that your often thought-provoking and interesting posts begin. Through your site, I've found some awesome friends and hope to make even more. You are someone, I know I could be friends with and have witty conversations with, except about the sports thing..I'm not so good there. But that's ok. :) I'm thankful for you and I hope that when you visit me, you find reasons to sit on my couch too. :)

  43. Rainbow Says:
  44. YOU, my dear friend inspire! YOU are the reason I started my blog. YOU are the reason I stuck with it.
    YOUR writings have taken me on wonderous journies into worlds I knew nothing about. Hey, I even watched "Animal House" because YOU told me it was a classic and was funny....and YOU were right! I rely on YOUR willingness to share YOUR life experiences. I learn through reading them. So for me, yes, YOUR Blog has taught me many lessons, made me smile, made me cry, helped me understand so many things about life. Ultimately, this is YOUR blog, a place for you to express yourself...just please keep on doing that, for YOU and for all of us who admire and love you so much.

  45. Rainbow Says:
  46. YOU, my dear friend inspire! YOU are the reason I started my blog. YOU are the reason I stuck with it.
    YOUR writings have taken me on wonderous journies into worlds I knew nothing about. Hey, I even watched "Animal House" because YOU told me it was a classic and was funny....and YOU were right! I rely on YOUR willingness to share YOUR life experiences. I learn through reading them. So for me, yes, YOUR Blog has taught me many lessons, made me smile, made me cry, helped me understand so many things about life. Ultimately, this is YOUR blog, a place for you to express yourself...just please keep on doing that, for YOU and for all of us who admire and love you so much.

  47. TopChamp Says:
  48. I like your blog - and it's your blog so you can post anything you want.

    But since you're interested: I like that people come and read my blog... but I don't really worry about it when they don't as it's there for me primarily.

    However some of you have become blogfriends - and this means that often I associate things I see with things I've read about you or by you. And I want to share them with you - which I think is ok too.

  49. Tisha! Says:
  50. Dr. B has a point Bond baby!

  51. MARY: Glad you enjoy.. you will always have a seat.

    MATT-MAN: She would like to know what you offer in the way of entertainment before she agrees....

    STARRLIGHT: LOL I might just use that darling... Thanks for being a friend.

    MORGEN: Thank you my friend. Damn... thanks for warning me that you carry a gun.. I will make sure all my comments on your blog are flattering from now on! LOL

    DR. B: You struggle?? HA.. you are one funny guy and I look forward to visiting you every damn day. As far as the comment moderation... well now you know.

    SANNI: I got your mail and you are a very special friend. Thank you

    TIGERPRR: Thank you for your words... I love you come back to see where the post has brought us. I also enjoy spending time on your couch. So comfy there

    SUEANN: Sweetie...You are way too kind. You have this incredible ability to write that i can only aspire to. You are a special friend and I am thankful we met and I was able to witness your growth and new found happiness.

    TOPCHAMP: I enjoy your words..and finding out how life treats you. It is interesting to see how you touch students with your lessons

    TISHA: Stop sucking up to the Doc on the Couch!!! LOL

  52. honey you not only get a lot of comments, you get a lot of long comments. you must be doing something right!! smiles, bee

  53. my friends are verbose... LOL

  54. Change is inevitable, even in how you blog. I used to blurt all sorts of writing details every single day--it was my journal, after all. I wanted to track my progress. But after a bad spell of two years, I've learned I don't want quite so many people always knowing exactly what I'm writing, how I'm writing, when, etc. So I did some thinking. I think it's a natural process of self discovery. I've always enjoyed your blog and who gives a rip if someone posts a negative comment or complaint. They don't have to come back. It's YOUR blog. Keep posting whatever you want!

    I missed your TT today.

  55. Julie Says:
  56. Dear Vinny, not only are we verbose we DO love you and what you write. And yeah, you are my blog god!

  57. JOELY: Yes, as all my wonderful guests have pointed out to me - just keep blogging even when i am boring! lol - probably will not be doing 13's much anymore...

    JULIE: ah shucks.. blush

  58. Could be worse, we could pontificate :P

    Scrabble me that!

  59. STARRLIGHT: PLEASE pontificate for us!

  60. You have NOT sold out!

  61. TopChamp Says:
  62. I had a chat with a friend who reads my blog last night and he told me I'm boring at the moment coz I'm not blogging enough. So it seems you can't win - you blog too much... I blog too little....

  63. Unknown Says:
  64. I don't comment near as much as I should...but I love the site and I love the Monday Matinees!


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