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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Satellite radio. Nope don’t have it…have wanted it, but, dang…no money.

Then the thought comes, well which would we select?

Sirius Radio with Howard Stern, the NFL, NASCAR, the NHL and the NBA?

Or would THE COUCH select XM Radio with Major League Baseball, the Grateful Dead, Oprah, and the PGA?


Well, now all of your decisions are made. On Monday Gary Parsons, Chairman of XM Radio and Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio announced the two services would be merging.

Will the FCC, which has a rule against a satellite radio network buying another, allow this to happen? We wait with baited breath to see.

They haven’t decided what to call the new company but stated, during the announcement, that it would be a merger of equals.

If it does happen, do you get all the services for a new price point or will you still have to decide between Howard and Oprah…the NFL or MLB?

Oh the decisions we must make in our lives…


Britney shaved her head and ended up in the hospital where a spokesperson was quoted as saying she seemed “disturbed and distant, acting like she wasn’t there and was almost zombie-like.”

Ah good ole Brit… OK, all of you who think Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave over the insanity of Ms. Spears please move to the right side of the boat.

OMG, we’re gonna Tump!


LOL…Tump. Yesterday at lunch one of our co-workers introduced me to this word. It seems it is part of the lexicon of this general area. It was confirmed by three Memphians and someone who grew up in Alabama.

Tump is the combination of Tip and Dump…as in, if we all rush to the right side of the ship, we may tump it!

Y'all just gotta love the South!


The murder trial of producer Phil Spector will be televised ordered California Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Think this member of the court is excited to have all those cameras focused on him?

Now to find a way to get sick and stay home. This should be almost as entertaining/sickening as the O.J. spectacle.

The hair alone is worth the video cameras! Is he hiding the revolver in there?


The five former members of the pop act Boyzone were spotted leaving the London based record offices of Universal,starting rumors of a reunion.

Ummmmmm… THE COUCH has no idea who these guys are ….we just thought the name was hysterical, and wondered when they broke up??? DOH!

Sound effect of young girls screaming…barf.


So tomorrow the public voting begins for American Idol.

THE COUCH will begin a weekly review, coming full circle from where we began last year at this time.

It might even be easier as we have no feelings for any of the contestants.

So, come back tomorrow, take a seat on THE COUCH and play MID-WEEK MUSICAL MEME and get a complete review of the 12 men of American Idol.


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ON THE RADIO: Cheap Trick; Composer: Rick Neilsen


29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Excellent post!

    Ah.. to sit back on the couch and feel like we're having a conversation over (insert beverage of choice here).

    Britney... *shakes head* think her brain went tump when it fell out of her head?

    I think Phil has a satellite radio receiver in his hair!

    OMG!!! REALLY?? Like, is that confirmed?

    The name sounds like it's something prepubescent acne riddled insecure boys lath.... wait... nevermind.. bwahahahaha!

    The Chicklet will offer up her picks to Uncle Vinny...

    Smooch! (again... great tune!)

    And thanks for the refurbish! Again!

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. Uhm...well...uhm...sheesh...

    I actually know who Boyzone is.

    **hangs head**

    See, it's like this. I know a little bit about musical theater. And I happened to see a show with various and sundry singers performing songs from musical shows.

    Boyzone sang a song called No Matter What, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Jim Steinman, from the musical Whistle Down the Wind.

    Stop laughing.

    I also own a DVD Collection called Andrew Lloyd Webber Now and Forever, on which this recording appears.

    I said stop laughing.

  5. Twyla Says:
  6. I don't have satellite radio either, so don't feel bad. I'm usually behind on everything anyways. LOL
    Britney is such a mess. Not sure if this is all for attention, or she is actually having a breakdown. Either way, I wouldn't want her life. I think being famous is a curse for some people.
    I haven't watched AI since the first 2 shows, so I have no idea what's going on. I'll try to catch it tonight...if we still have power by then. We're entering our 467th straight day of SNOW. Well not really, but it feels like it. Today's the first day the kids have had school in over a week. We're all getting cabin fever.
    Have a great day. :-)

  7. Piacere Says:
  8. Heard the news about satellite radio this morning. I have XM and love it...can't figure out how I lived without it as long as I did. With the merge, I can't wait to see my new bill...YIKES!! Funny you should mention satellite. A certain 81-year-old blues performer said he loved XM because you could listen to anything you wanted, any time (I was there...check out my ruminations when you get a sec...)

    Britney is a bonehead, LITERALLY...


  9. Mags Says:
  10. I also know Boyzone. And I acutally liked them. In fact, "No Matter What" is really good!!

    And I feel bad for Britney. I wanted to do something drastic when I got a divorce too and I can't imagine doing it in front of the world. She does need to get it together though, or she'll lose her kids.

    I imagine having the spotlight is addicting. And imagine if the only way you could get people to keep talking about you is by being nuts...it's sad.

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. Nice job, Mr. Bond. I had that same picture of Spector as my computer wallpaper for months...

  13. ANNDI: Gad the feeling has returned. Glad you enjoyed the read and the tune. The refurbish was my pleasure...smooch

    TRAVIS: see, you are just diverse giggle nothing wrong with that at all my friendlol Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman (the man behind Meatloaf, nothing to be embarassed about there oh darn bwahahahahahahahahaahahaa - Boyzone ummm sorry I tried

    TWYLA: 467 DAYS! It snowed right through the summer??? goes back and sees you were kidding Get them kids to school before they have to go all summer! And umm Twyla? That's what you get for living in the Great White North!

    PIA: Yup...will be interesting to see how they handle it IF the FCC let's them. Ah B.B. will post my comments over on the Ruminations.

    MAGS: I would like to introduce you to Travis...Travis, this is Mags, you two seem to have something in common.. umm OH DARN bwahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaha

    MATT-MAN: I mean this is one of the great music producers of our life and it looks like he and Brit are in the same zombie zone!

  14. Tug Says:
  15. Maybe we can hire Britney & her clippers for Phil?

  16. You know, usually I stay up late to be one of the first to read your posts, but last night, well...you know.

    Anyway, after a call to Poison Control and a follow up call at 12:30 am my time (DON'T ask!), I'm now awake and somewhat chipper, in a lot less pain, and behind the curve already! That's what I get for living in the Left Coast time zone I guess...

    Anyway, Brit definitely is out of control, but I wonder why we haven't heard from her illustrious mother lately. Probably too busy trying to control the younger Spears girl...

    We have XM in the car and Sirius on the television (through Dish Network). Can honestly say that we love both, so I guess we'd be cool with this merger should the gods allow it to happen. I know I'm risking my life with you by saying I'm not an MLB fan (Randy Johnson's back?!!! - aaack!), so until Peyton and the boys come back, I'm kinda apathetic, especially since March Madness is broadcast on network telvision. Oh the horror, you say...

    Anyway, enough of my post drug-induced ramblings.

    Laissez les bon temps rouler!

  17. tiggerprr Says:
  18. OK, few things...First, sorry I haven't been here like I should. Been having Spring Fever or something silly and just lazy as all get out.

    XM/Sirus...Hubby has XM in his truck...I love it. I love that you can push a button and it tells you what the song is and who it is. I love it, love it, love it!

    Britney...how sad she makes me. Someone needs to intervene, and her poor babies need a real mommy!

    American Idol, I got my little notebook all ready to go! I'm with you though, I'm not hopped up over any of the contestants. In fact, I got rather pissed at the mother of that one choir kid who got released and she hung up on him. WTF kind of parent does that to their kid?

  19. tiggerprr Says:
  20. Oh and I forgot to say, I hate it when I tump over my glass of Coke. It's terrible!

  21. TUG: bwahahahahahaha great idea!

    SONGBIRD: My friend, i hope you are ok... your comments made me nervous...BAH - follow baseball! LOL A 2 satellite household.. How 21st century

  22. Liz Hill Says:
  23. A Spector spectacle--yup.

    I so do not care what happens to for with or about Britney Spears

    If I traveled a lot I'd do satellite and you must have baseball Bondbaby--Yankees are exactly in your market area anymore

    Boyzone--LOL at Trav's knowledge

    Awesome job refurbishing Anndi's luggage

    I am so glad someone is gonna watch AI and tell me if it's worth it. Because so far i am seeing nothing exciting.


  24. Tisha! Says:
  25. Magnifico my darling!

    Britney, SAD...

    Boyzone, we can do without a reunion, thanks for warning us!

    Many, many kisses

  26. If you go to my blog today, you will see the rant that I wrote about Britney Spears. I, for one, am actually sick of hearing about it. They did a segment this morning on the Today show... Alright already... she shaved her head... big whoop... let's get on to more pressing issues at hand...

    TUMP???? I've lived in the South my entire life and have never heard that word. But I likes it.. LMOO

    Love the job you did with Anndi's luggage.

    Boyzone??? Who??? Have NEVER heard of the either and frankly I don't think it's something I want to hear either.

    I with you on AI... there has been no one who has actually made me sit up and say WOW.... not like last year... it's going to be very interesting.


  27. BeckEye Says:
  28. Thanks for illustrating that not enough hair can be just as bad as having too much hair.

  29. Julie Says:
  30. Hmmm what took longer reading the blog or the comments? Sheesh V-man you sure have a following!

    My son grabbed XM before he went south to catch his Cavs and Indian games. He loves it!

    Re: Brit....I'm waiting for her to sing "Nothing Compares 2 U". It's obvious that her brains WILL leak out now!

    Spector? Sheesh...see through hair?

    Boyzone---can't get past Trav's comments.

    AI---must I start the 5 hours a week fix? I thought we started voting with the top 12...is it different this year? Or am I confuzzled?

    Super post, Vinny...I've missed alot this past week. Back to reading!


  31. Peg Says:
  32. I agree w/ Dixie--Brit is right there w/ ANS in my life right now.

    "Tump" I'd heard from my in-laws...but have you heard of "chunk"? Not as in the 'chocolate-chunk cookie' but as in, "This cookie is so gol-dang stale I'm fixing to chunk it right into the trash!" Sort of a cross between 'Chuck' and 'Junk'...

  33. Travis Cody Says:
  34. **blows a big wet raspberry at Vinny and Turn for laughing**

    Sheesh! Try to ejumacate some friends and see what happens!!

    I may just post this song on my blog now - and the video too.


  35. Unknown Says:
  36. You don't know who Boyzone is? Well, they were...of course, they did...that song...um...

  37. TURN: MLB package on cable will do it...TY on the Luggage...Spector Spectacle - heheheh

    DIXIE: I bet you would have known TUMP..dang...Sorry, have not gotten to your page..gooing in a few

    BECKEYE: bwahahahahahahah great take darling...

    JULIE: ah ty ty ... LOL love the Brit song choice.. LOLOL

    PEG: WOOO knows TUMP and I love Chunk another new word!

    TRAVIS: Ah bud.. I really am sorry and it will never... umm ...oops... bwahahahahahahahahah .. UM never happen again...

    DANA: Yeah.. my point

  38. Anndi Says:

    Travis is listening to that Boyrash music again!



    Or I'll steal his woobie!

  40. TISHA: ty Tisha Belle... glad I could warn you...

    ANNDI: OOOOOOOOO Travis is gonna put your hand in warm water while you sleep for that

  41. Anndi Says:
  42. Nope... he always falls a sleep before me... besides.. the woobie's my flood insurance!

  43. hi bond! don't know nuthin' about any of it, just saying...

    smiles, bee

  44. AtriaBooks Says:
  45. I can't recommend Sirius enough. Its worth every penny.

  46. You might know this by now, but Ms. Spears wound up in rehab...

  47. Sadie Says:
  48. Do you know what? I have used the word "tump" all my life and never realized where it comes from. Interesting.

    I use it for when the cat falls over on his side for belly rubs. And when my very clumsy self knocks over a glass of water.

    I didn't really think of it as a Southernism. But now I know. ;)

  49. TopChamp Says:
  50. Couldn't resist a comment as you sniggered (rightly) over Boyzone. Problem is now after reading comments I have to go onto Travis's blog to make sure he hasn't actually posted any songs (would have said music but that'd be pushing it...).


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