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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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Tomorrow is the day pitchers and catchers officially begin reporting to training camps in Florida and Arizona.

YES!!! Baseball is back baby and THE COUCH can not be happier.

The smell of fresh cut grass...the feel of a new glove sliding onto your hand. Fingers wrapping around the barrel of a bat. The sounds of balls hitting the glove and bats smacking brand new baseballs.

A new season, new hopes and dreams.

Already news is streaking across diamonds everywhere...


Kris Benson, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles will, most likely, miss the entire season with a torn rotator cuff. There are no confirmations to the reports he hurt his arm while trying out new sex positions with his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson have been the subjects of numerous stories over the years of their sexual exploits. Mrs. Benson even has her own website where she does nothing to downplay these rumors.

When Benson was traded from the NY Mets in 2006 the speculation was it was due to Mrs. Benson's escapades on radio shows and on her site. The Mets, of course denied these allegations.

When reached for comments, Mrs. Benson told COUCH reporter Hocka Loogey "What me and my husband do in bed, on the porch, in the shower, against the wall, in the car, in the shower (oh, did I say that already?), on the front lawn, in restaurants, on the pitchers mound of every stadium we can, on airplanes and cruise ships is no one's business but our own. That is until my autobiography "MY HUSBAND PITCHES AND I CATCH" comes out next year."

For the first time in 16 years, it appears Bernie Williams will not be in Yankee spring training camp. The Yankees offered the 38-year old Williams a minor league contract to come to camp, but Williams has, so far, declined.

A sad day for true Yankee fans, but a result of Williams growing older and the Yankee's team getting younger.


It is also the last year on the contract of Mariano Riviera, the ace bullpen closer of the Yankees. THE COUCH hopes the brain trust does not pull another bone-head move as they did with Andy Pettitte and ignore Riviera while pursuing some other player. Note to Brian Cashman, give the guy another two year contract, for all he has done, he deserves it...get it done NOW.


SO, the Dixie Chicks, who spent the last two years being booed and vilified for their comments about George W. walked away as the Queens of the ball at the Grammy Awards.

Funny how time heals all was especially nice as they kept a certain male singer from getting up and collecting any statues...Guess they are on "TOP OF THE WORLD"


So, that is about it for today. Hard writing when you are traveling. Went out to dinner last night at a place called Bern's in Tampa. OMG...huge steak house. After dinner a tour of the kitchen was provided including their wine cellar which is claimed to be the largest for any restaurant IN THE WORLD! They store 100,000 bottles of wine! Then upstairs to their dessert room with 42 pages of wines and cordials.

THE COUCH is now the size of 6 sectionals...


Hopefully home tomorrow.

See y'all tomorrow for MID-WEEK MUSICAL MEME...



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TOP OF THE WORLD: Dixie Chicks; Composer: Patty Griffin


23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mia Says:
  2. I totally am with the Dixie Chicks....way to go girls!!!

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. Uhm...Vinny? Have you got any spare towels? I seem to have made a little drool puddle.

    So, about spring training...uhm...

    Nope...can't think...legs...


  5. MIRANDA: Yup.. not a huge fan, but I am happy they have been semi-vindicated

    TRAVIS: hands Trav some towels... don't slip on all that drool dude.. damn...walks over and helps Trav up.... sheesh bud.. you are gonna hurt your knee again...

  6. Anndi Says:
  7. Dr. Blogstein! Be there or be square!

    Yadda baseball yadda

    Sexual exploits… whoa (I heard Travis THUMP)

    Yadda yadda yankees

    Yadda yadda bullpen

    Dixie Chicks! WOOOOOOOOO! Good for them! It burns my britches that they are shunned by Country Radio because of their political views… I’m guessing Country Radio doesn’t have the power it thinks it has. (bwahahahahaha *evil grin*… poor JT… NOT!)

    Yeah… work’s a b****, ain’t it Vince!

    Perfect song choice... again…

  8. Travis Cody Says:

    **shakes self**

    Spring training....

    Oh hell...THUMP

  10. ANNDI: ignoring the yadda's... I am not a huge Dixie Chick fan, but love that they stuck it to the radio outlets who tried to put them down

    TRAVIS: Son, there were pictures that make that one look tame... glad I did not use them

  11. AtriaBooks Says:
  12. Thanks for the plug, El Bondo!

    As far as Bernie goes, as a Mets fan, I'd love to sign him. I think it would be silly for the Yanks not to. Age or not, he was pretty solid last season in a part time role. Still, at 38, I'd rather have Bernie up in a big spot than Josh Phelps or Andy Phillips.

  13. Tug Says:
  14. I cannot believe that it's zero degrees, snowing, and baseball season's starting up. There IS hope!

    Will never listen to the Dixie Chicks again - I don't care what party you belong to, it's not that. I just truly don't believe in going to another country and bashing your president...we need to be 'united' we stand.

  15. DOC: Always here to help my friends succeed. I agree with you on Bernie. Last year, because of injuries, he played in twice as many games as they had thought and was SOLID.
    Hopefully the posturing will go away and something will get done.

    TUG: Understand your point of view and accept it. And we do need to stand "united" but we also have freedom of speech.

  16. TopChamp Says:
  17. Hello - you reviewing the Doc for me tomorrow?
    (obviously I have to ignore the sports and the semi-naked ladies.... ok VERY foxy lady!)

  18. Meribah Says:
  19. **Tippy toes around the BIG puddle Trav made** Sheesh! The man's a walking drool machine...thus sayeth the puppy. LOL
    By the way, tell me again what nice freshly cut grass smells like...I seem to have forgotten, what with the snow and all here in the Great White North!
    Woooo! Way to go, Dixie Chicks! I don't care what their political position is, I like 'em!

  20. I don't believe the Dixie Chicks WERE dissin' The President of the United States; I believe their beef was with George W. Bush.

    I can respect the office without having respect for the person holding the office.

    But then again, what do I know? I'm just a dumb housewife with a crappy marriage who doesn't know when to keep her trap shut...

  21. TOPCHAMP: I am sure there will be words about the good doctor in addition to the MUSICAL MEME

    MERI: Fresh cut smells like heaven in spring... I try not to let the political views of musical acts get in the way.

    DESERT: Now now - you certainly are none of those things... you make astute observations all the time and hope you will continue to.

  22. Travis Cody Says:
  23. THUMP


    Now I came back here to say something about baseball, because the pundits have chosen the Dodgers to win the NL West. And while I'm aware there are 192 games to be played (30 spring "games" plus 162 for the season), one's hope is high.

    But nooooooooooooooooooo. I gotta scroll down through that pic again!!




  24. But hey, whoa, hold the phone...I thought the Bensons were getting a divorce?....Did I make that up, or did they reconcile? (whatever THAT means to them)

    Trav - slow down, take a deep breath, and scroooooooooooooll down.

  25. TRAVIS: Step back from the picture....step back slowly...


    DESERT: A week after she filed, she withdrew the suit....

  26. Oh to have the boys of summer back in action.... All I can say is....

    GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Julie Says:
  28. **giggles at all of Trav's attempts at making one sane sentence**

    Great post Vinny!

  29. Liz Hill Says:
  30. Baseball!!! WOOOOOOO

    She is one hot chick..Yup....Oh sorry Trav

    And the Dixie Chicks deserved to win. The CD is excellent from start to finish--their absolute best.

  31. Unknown Says:
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  33. Twyla Says:
  34. I was very happy to see the Dixie Chicks win, even though I'm not a big fan. I do love that song though, "Not ready to make nice". It's good to see that some people think free speech is still alive.

  35. Mags Says:
  36. Yay to baseball!!!

    We like different teams, but the crack of the bat still sounds wonderful-the smells, the sounds...

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  37. hi bond. why do "stars" try to mix their talent with politics. i wrote them off for it. also julia roberts and the whole lot of them, they will get no more of my dollars, ever. it makes no sense to me why they do it. i don't care what their opinions ARE, i care what they DO with them. and i will try to watch some baseball. at least i get it, not like football that makes no sense whatsoever, them having a goal and no goalies and all. anyways, just wanted to say hey and hope you enjoyed florida.....

    smiles, bee


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