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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 01, 2007

They all knew our MIDWEEK MUSICAL MEME ARTIST was:


One of the great singers of our time,
Taj has never gotten the credit he deserves in our opinion.

Our Honorable mentions selected the wrong album...
REMEMBER, it is the first album the song appeared on,
Not the album the version of the song appeared on.

More of the great Taj below...


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GINA GLOCKSTEIN: Sorry got home late and TiVo was not set correctly - missed her performance.

ALAINA ALEXANDER: All over the place. Didn’t hit any big notes. Very pitchy. Off from the music.

LA KISHA JONES: Really enjoyed Paris doing this song last year. Liked this version even more. This is the front runner this year. She knows her voice, she knows the music, she knows it all. This girl should never be nervous.

MELINDA DOOLITTLE: OH I did get a chill on that first wooooooaaahhhh, and it lasted the whole song. A real talent. Interesting that she and LeKisha sang back to back…you might be seeing them sing back to back on the final showdown show. What a voice….the notes were all perfect. Not a missed phrasing. Marvelous. Brilliant. I take it back…she is the one to beat.

ANTONELLA BARBA: Began very pitchy. Did not like the big note. She just is not that good a singer. Though overall it was a much better performance then last week. Still nothing could be that bad again. Why do people continue to sing Celine…it only brings out the worst in them. I wonder if they say "Well the judges said she couldn't sing it BUT I can..."??? When will they learn to NOT PICK ON THE JUDGES?

JORDIN SPARKS: She started off a bit rocky and then came on strong hitting some great note. She, once again, shows she has the potential to have an incredible career. She needs some more training. She will be around for a while, but I don’t think she is there until the end. Personally, I like this girl.

STEPHANIE EDWARDS: She came out stronger this week, and she was good last week. Excellent phrasing. Terrific notes. She sits right behind Melinda and La Keisha in my mind. This girl could be a spoiler down the line.

LESLIE HUNT: Immediately she showed she has a much better voice then she showed last week. The a capella opening was excellent. Still not sure her voice is powerful enough when the band comes in. The scat wasn’t the best. And the last note was a bit off. It just didn’t work overall.

HALEY SCARNATO: This girl decided to kick it up this week. She came out with a rocking hot song. The song is very much a song with a ton of background, hid her voice at times. Worked the stage well, and hit most of her notes. Last week we put her in the middle of the pack…think she moved up a few places this week.

SABRINA SLOAN:We said last week that she owned her song and had the vocal chops. If you didn’t see it then, she threw it at you tonight. Unfortunately, once again it is the last note that kills her. She has a very big voice and will be around for a while. Nicely done.

Overall a much better night then the guys. I truly wonder if they tweak the rules next year to bring the top 12 in and not make it an even split...





See y'all tomorrow... here is some more Taj for your listening pleasure...






Before we leave you...PLEASE RUN, do not walk to TWYLA'S and watch the video marked HAHAHAHA .. OMG do not be drinking will hurt from laughing...BRILLIANT...Thanks Twyla!



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CAKEWALK INTO TOWN: Composer Taj Mahal

TEXAS WOMAN BLUES: Composer: Taj Mahal

DUST MY BROOM: Composer Robert Johnson


20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Posted my review on TOOSP. I agree with most of your thoughts.

    Melinda & LaKisha - in a totally different converstation than anyone else.

    Stephanie & Sabrina - if America doesn't go for LaKisha, one of these gals could step up.

  3. Twyla Says:
  4. I missed AI again last night. America's Next Top Model was on, and there's no way I could miss that. LOL I think I'll just give up trying to watch AI, since it conflicts with all my other fave shows. I'm still hoping for Melinda to win the whole thing though. :-)

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. I agree...LaKisha and Melinda are miles ahead of the others. And the judges are there for a reason - sure, Simon can be rough at times, but he's usually right. Listen and learn from them and I wish the audience would quit booing!

  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. I am so indifferent to AI this year it's not funny but i thought your comments were spot on. And thanks for the tunes YUMMY


  9. Piacere Says:
  10. Oops!!! I did it again!!!

    But seriously, my first email that I sent about Taj must have been lost in the hinterlands...I first heard Taj Mahal when the first Mr. Pia and I became engrossed with reggae and the like (we're talking late 70's here). I literally wore the grooves off his Anthology album. BTW, have you heard his version of Brown Eyed Handsome Man? Very
    n i c e....(but simply NOT Taylor Hicks, I must say!!!). Thanks for the tunes, Mr. B.

    8 DAYS!!!!!!!!


  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. I am giving away a future post topic, but this is exactly how Christ was selected to be the Son of God. Of course the contest was called "Jerusalem Idol". Cheers!!

  13. Coco Says:
  14. ... and more Taj Mahal! Wooohooo. Guess what we're listening to this afternoon in my advanced music class? Fits right in with the music history topic ...

    Not commenting any more on Idol after today. I watched it for the first time this week, and I thought it was awful. What a waste of my time. I can only hope for your sake that it gets better ... but can't see that happening. Nope. Nuh uh.

  15. Angell Says:
  16. Agree with you on everything Bond. My girl Leslie didn't cut it this week - she won't go home tonight, but next week.....

    I hope An "tone deaf" ella goes home tonight. A sexy body does nothing in this competition.

  17. AtriaBooks Says:
  18. did Antonella keep her cloths on? I want her voted off already so she'll do Playboy!

  19. Tug Says:
  20. I thought Haley's reaction to the judges was kind of funny...she just thought they'd love her.

    LaKisha is my choice!! Again, great reviews...thanks Bond!

  21. TRAVIS: Yes, there are a couple of spoilers lurking...

    TWYLA: We'll let you now what is happening here..and btw...INCREDIBLE VIDEO!

    DANA: they encourage them to boo I think

    TURN: TY .. glad you enjoyed Smooch

    PIA: Are you prepared for your Hoochie Mama initiation testing in B'ham????

    MATT-MAN: Will you need a soundtrack? A Logo? Call on me! LOL

    COCO: The ladies are much better then the men... glad you enjoyed the Taj.. he is brilliant

    ANGELL: Wow on every comment? wow! Well if she does go home then Doc gets his wish...

    DOC: Playboy? or do you think Penthouse makes a bid (wait??? Is there still a Penthouse????)

    TUG: Yes it was...I thought they were harsher then necessary TY

  22. Just passing through as I lounge in bed today and rest.

    Thanks for posting about my hospitalization. I thank all of your readers for their kind words and warm wishes. I'll post more when I'm back in the swing of things; for now, big hugs and thanks for being my friend.

  23. BeckEye Says:
  24. Can't stand Antonella on so many levels...

  25. Twyla Says:
  26. I didn't notice the link to the video the first time around. I need to pay more attention I guess. Isn't that the most hilarious video though? I loved it. I still laugh after the 10th time watching it. :-)

  27. ah my girlfriend loves American Idol. I'm always working and don't get to watch it.

  28. Anndi Says:
  29. Melinda... best lady .. and a true one in every sense of the word.

    Goosebumps on my goosebumps!

    *kicks feet up and listens to Taj*

    8 days and a few hours to the road trip... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  30. SONGBIRD: Feel better

    BECKEYE: No arguments coming from THE COUCH

    TWYLA: The best thing I have seen in soooooo long...

    LEXA: WOrk.. getting in the way of our lives.. so wrong

    ANNDI: Absolutely wonderful she was and is and will be

    Going to be a gun trip... OMG YES

  31. ummm FUN trip

  32. Right on the money Bond... right on the money...

    Melinda was absolutely brilliant last night... absolutely brilliant... that girl is great.

    Lakisha was brilliant as well.. I agree the final 2 will be Lakisha and Melinda... those two got it going on..

    Loved Sabrina and Stephanie and Gina and Jordin... these will be your top 6 girls..

  33. Gail Says:
  34. I'm rooting for Gina...


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