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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to our newest feature here on THE COUCH.
Even though we are using AUDIO CODES for the sounds,
THE COUCH has all of songs we will feature on vinyl.
Adding a twist, they will also be of bands we we have seen
live over the years, and we will use live versions here when possible.

So, joining
THE COUCH now introduces...


When at school in Rochester, at R.I.T., THE COUCH was fortunate to see some incredible concerts at the Auditorium Theater, an old classic theatre with incredible acoustics.

We worked for the local concert promoter and were on the air at the school and local radio stations. Because of that, we had some great access to shows, even when we had to pay for tickets.

One concert at the AUD, was the Jerry Garcia Band. We leaned on the stage in front of Jerry the whole concert.

Merle Sunders was there, as were John Kahn and Bill Vitt. A special guest joined them playing piano that evening...Billy Preston. Mr. Preston was so drunk he never came out after the intermission.

The show lasted about 4 1/2 hours with some jams that soared and swooped. Having seen Jerry with the Grateful Dead prior to this show, it was special to experience his versatility with a different group of musicians.

Over the years we saw different versions of the JGB and also saw Jerry performing with the New Riders Of The Purple Sage, when he would play Pedal-Steel guitar.

Not counting Dead shows (we will feature some of these in the near future), this was probably the best Jerry show we had the privilege of attending.

This photo is one THE COUCH took that evening...

Now more sounds from the album featured this week






And Something Completely Different...



Music Codes: Best Audio Codes

MERL'S TUNE: Saunders, Garcia, Kahn & Vitt; Composers: Saunders/White
POSITIVELY 4TH STREET: Saunders, Garcia, Kahn & Vitt; Composer: Bob Dylan
KEEPERS: Saunders, Garcia, Kahn & Vitt; Composers: Kahn/Saunders

Photo of Jerry Garcia: VEM1974


25 Of Your Sparks

  1. Piacere Says:
  2. OOOOOOOO!!!!! "Keepers"!!!! I love it...gimme some wah wah, mix it up with a little vinyl, and I'm in heaven.

    Bodacious Friday Fare, Mr. B. - many thanks, and have a great weekend!


  3. Dixiechick Says:
  4. Ohhhhh... great tunes ... ain't nothing like the oldies but goodies...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Matt-Man Says:
  6. Oh yeah big deal. I saw Chubby Checker at the county fair 20 years ago...Top that!! Actually, he wasnt too bad.

  7. Anndi Says:
  8. Vince..

    As usual the tunes are tremendous.

    Great version of a Dylan classic...

    Now I need this album... know what I'm doing this weekend.

    Great pic too!


  9. the108 Says:
  10. That photo is wicked awesome! I'm insanely jealous.... I saw the dead a few years back minus Jerry... sob.... at Further fest. It was a great show, but... NO JERRY! So, it wasn't the same :-(

  11. Bond Says:
  12. PIA: glad you enjoyed. Have a great one..

    DIXIE: Feel better pookie..glad you enjoyed

    MATT-MAN: Hey he puts on a good show..the old-timers were great performers..

    ANNDI: It is one to own dear...hit the store... OOOOOOOOOO HUGS and A large smooch

    108: TY, one of my prized possessions. I have another one of JG from a Dead show where I was almost as close. Life without jerry is certainly different for the Dead. In so many ways, they lost their soul.

  13. Tug Says:
  14. Nice...that would have been SO awesome!!

    When I first read the title, 'Vanilli' popped into my head...was wondering why you were posting about Milli Vanilli. heh.

  15. Sueann Says:
  16. DAMN IT ALL! For whatever reason I can never listen to any of your audios! And, man, I don't want to miss all of these! I don't have a problem with anyone's blog but your's. Yes, my speakers are on, yes, I clicked play...and nothing, nada, zelch! Have any ideas as to why this is happening???? Thanks for the comment on my Wordless Wednesday Video, Vince.

  17. Sueann Says:


  19. Sueann Says:
  20. WOOOOOOOOO! Love this music! I should have been a hippie, I should have been a hippie, I should have been a hippie. Loved the version of the Dylan tune. "Keepers" is totally awesome!!! I have to have this album....can I become a Dead Head at this late date? LOL!
    Thanks, Vince!

  21. Bond Says:
  22. TUG: lololol Milli Vanilli... LOLOLOL When I do a post are losers in the music business they might be features

    SUEANN: Sorry you can't hear...OOO happy you can hear...Hope we are not keeping you from anything... LO yes, I officially crown you a hippie is all in the attitude dear... NOW...send me a package FAST!

  23. Sueann Says:
  24. LOL!!!! Thank you oh Great Dead Head..**takes the "ring of flowers" from The Great One and places it on her head** Now I feel like a hippie! If I know I would send that package to you. Oh and I finally found the perfect "creeper" person!!!! Oh my! You haven't mentioned my "Sign" for Taylor's concert...did you really make one? Anndi said I get extra sparkle on it...I love my Anndi!
    HUGS - From the Hippie with the "right" attitude! :} Dude!

  25. Great stuff! Funny thing - I used to have a black vinyl tuxedo sofa just about like yours. It wasn't quite as long...
    I saw Preston (sober) back when he was doing gospel. That guy could play the piano like no one else...

  26. Dana Says:
  27. OOH! I like this!

  28. Sanni Says:
  29. WOO-HOO! Great tunes - that´s exactly what I needed right now. I´m getting our place prepared for Luis christening on Sunday... My saver - it´s much more fun while listening to these cool vibes! Merci =)

  30. Turnbaby Says:
  31. I know I am late getting around the blogosphere this week but happy to have these wonderful tunes for my snowy Saturday entertainment. Gota hand it to ya Bondbaby--I think you've outdone yourself this week with the tuneage. YUM


  32. Bond Says:
  33. SUEANN: the sign is not done yet.. but will be in B'ham

    GRACIE: My dear.. THE COUCH is 100% leather... LOL
    BP was a great tinkler of the ivories, no doubt and even drunk he was hot.. he just kept slipping in and out of consciousness!

    DANA: So glad you did... there is more out there then the Monkees LOL

    SANNI: Hope you have a tremendous party my friend...

  34. Bond Says:
  35. TURN: Snowy?
    TY..glad you enjoyed the music

  36. Tisha! Says:
  37. Bond baby I can always count on you for grooving music! It must have been incredible to be there live and how did you manage to get such a close up of Jerry?

    have a lovely weekend sweetheart!

  38. Bond Says:
  39. TISHA: TY as I said I was leaning on the stage..a perk of knowing the promoter

  40. Gail Says:
  41. Just fluttering thru to say 'hi'



  42. Travis Says:
  43. Ahhhhhhh

    Always with the excellent tuneage. Great new feature!

  44. Bond Says:
  45. GAIL HI

    TRAVIS: Glad you enjoyed dude

  46. TopChamp Says:
  47. Nice post - see you tomorrow! (Monday....)

  48. Vinny - so sorry I haven't roosted here in a while. I've been in and out of the house a lot the past few days and haven't had time to tune in here.

    Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to let you know I'm still alive, even if I haven't had a chance to listen to the tune.

    BTW - hubby and I still have a large collection of vinyl which we enjoy on our turntable - guess we're old, huh?


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