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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, yesterday THE COUCH was goofing around with his Hootchie Mamas and laughing about writing a story about our adventures.

OK, we see the raised eyebrows. “Did he say Hootchie Mama’s???”

Yes, he did. But they brought the name to the group…

Can you guess who THE COUCH is? LOL

The Hootchie Mama's are: Anndi, Busy, Dixiechick, Maryfly, & Turn

Now understand that we have never ever been together as a group, but we have a lot of fun through emails, and except for Busy (we're gonna miss you Birthday twiny), we will all be together in Birmingham in 11 days.


Now, I am off track, mind wandering....be right back....see what you people do to me!

Casting Couch?????

…ok, so, the point today is, we began to pick the actors who would play us in the movie after the screenplay was written.

Have you ever done this with your friends? Or did you ever do it on your own?

Well today on THE COUCH, it is your turn to tell us who should play you in the movie about your life.

There are rules… (Hey it is our COUCH, we get to make the rules…)

You can not select someone more then 10 years your junior or senior.

OK, I will start…this is a no brainer, since I kept yelling it yesterday afternoon during our casting…


My pick to play me in my life story…

GEORGE CLOONEY (b. 1961) 7 years

Their choices included:


Robert DeNiro (b. 1943) 11 year difference - close to our rule


Al Pacino (b. 1940) 14 years - a little further away

OH, and let’s not forget the first two THEY suggested: (thanks ladies!)


Sean Connery (b. 1930) 24 year difference


Clint Eastwood (b 1930) 24 year difference

DO I look that old???????????????



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33 Of Your Sparks

  1. No, you don't look that old, but you gotta admit, when it comes to "hotness" factor, you can't go wrong with Sean or Clint! I'd take that as supreme compliments, darlin'!

    I've never really thought about who would get cast to play me. Hmmm....Asian, overweight, and snarky...Let's see...uh, I dunno...Margaret Cho?

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. Hello Bond - hope you're well! Haven't read the matinee yet but am popping over right now... Had to stop and play this game though first. My boyfriend has a colleague who genuinely believes he looks like George.

    Kate Winslet for me - looks nowt like me but she's cool.. and British. If I could be anyone though (sort of backwards and not really with the point) it would be Sandra Bullock - generosity of a saint and gorgeous to boot...

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. I'd really have to give you the best of two men. 1) KEVIN COSTNER, for his personality and 2) PATRICK SWAYZE, for the way he moves. Yup ... that would be my choice.


  6. Julie Says:
  7. I'm depressed now...Clooney is YOUNGER then me? ARGH!!!!!

    Someone to play my life? Well...she's got to be funny and between 37 and 57 years....hmmm I'll have to get back to you on this. Maybe!

  8. Mags Says:
  9. I went on MyHeritage.com and they said I most look like Amanda Bynes. I don't know about that AT ALL. However, she's cute and she's 20, and I'm 30 so that works.

    I dunno...who's quirky and creative and 20-30? That's who I'd pick.

    And she'd have to be way hotter than me. That's a given.

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. Well, I may need 2 actors - but the guy that would play me as an adult? Brendan Fraser.

    He's a few years younger than me. He was actually born the day after my sister in the same year!

  12. Piacere Says:
  13. Ahem...ummmm...I definitely thought I had "hoochie" potential...guess you'll just have to see...

    My pick to play you would be either (1) De Niro or (2) John Travolta. I think both have a wicked sense of humor (as do you!), but Mr. Travolta would have to do something about that Scientology thingy.

    For myself, I'd pick Meg Ryan...I've always wanted to be a blonde...


  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. hmmmm oh, and to play me? Signourey Weaver, w/ the spice of Sharon Stone. :::: smirk :::


  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. I was thinking more along the lines of Steve Buscemi...He's 50. Cheers!!

  18. Lizza Says:
  19. I can see George Clooney playing you, also Kevin Costner. That would be so cool.

    Me? I like Sandra Bullock; don't know if she can get away with playing an Asian role, though.

  20. Unknown Says:
  21. I still like Rosario Dawson for me, although she is 12 years my junior. There really is no one, I can think of that I resemble even slightly other than her.

    And I know you want Clooney, but I still think DeNiro is more 'you'. Not necessarily looks, but just his persona. He's a way cool guy.

    I'll miss you guys too, but I'll be there in spirit and on the phone.

  22. AtriaBooks Says:
  23. I would cast the guy who played Larry Appleton in Perfect Strangers to play me.

  24. SONGBIRD: Asian and sanrky... yup Margaret would be great...

    TOPCHAMP: Thanks for playing and we will contact both and see who is available.

    J: TY for the choices for me...

    JULIE: We will wait :::tapping foot while waiting:::

    MAGS: How much hotter does it get?

    TRAVIS: Brendon ...OK, ... now we have a better idea...

    PIA: In B'ham, you could earn your Hootchie Mama Wings! WOOOOO girl...yes, can't be dealing with the Scientology thing..not worshiping the Tom Fruise (and yes the F was done on purpose)

    J: Ah... wondered if you would come back and actually play

    MATT-Man: For you or for me?????? LOL

    LIZZA: Looks like Sandra is the fav of many....I could do a whole lot worse then George and Kevin I tell ya

    BUSY: Rosario works for you, yes she does. Well, you are right...I AM a way cool guy!!!! bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    DOC: That would be Mark Linn-Baker... Just for the record.

  25. OH AND DOC!!! I am amazed but LARRY APPLETON even has a wikipedia entry all his own... a fictional character... sheesh

  26. Twyla Says:
  27. I did the thing at myheritage.com too, and it said I looked like Katherine Heigl...who ever that is. I don't see it. LOL
    If someone were to play me in a movie, I'd pick Claire Danes. Love her.

  28. Angell Says:
  29. Go with Clooney or DeNiro. :D Either one would do you justice - Connory and Eastwood are just looking OLD these days. LOL.

    Man, I gotta start hanging out with you guys more often - I miss y'all.

  30. Maryfly Says:
  31. I can't believe you posted this! too funny. Sweetie, your a young Clint Eastwood but Clooney will do fine.

    I of course would be played by Sandra Bullock, that's a no brainer. Picture "Ms. Congeniality", me to a T!

  32. Anndi Says:
  33. For the record... I did speak up about the elder choices LOL!

    An actress that ended up on my Heritage was Maura Tierney... kinda like her... I also got Kate Beckinsale and Emmanuelle Béart.. now a French actress.. makes sense.. I like that!
    Alors c'est Emmanuelle Béart.. ouais.. définitivement. Whoever plays me must be able to speak French.

    Smooch and Bisous

  34. AtriaBooks Says:
  35. Hahaha...I need to get me a Wikipedia page if Larry Appleton has one!

    Mark Linn-Baker as Dr. Blogstein.
    Meredith Baxter-Birney as Woman in Peril

  36. Liz Hill Says:
  37. LOLOL

    For the record I am still in negotiations with Kate Winslet for me. She's rather good at accents and says she'll have the "Southern" down just fine. And she says Clooney is a bonus--who knew?*wink*


  38. Anndi Says:
  39. Oh.. guess I'd be remiss if I didn't say...


    Excellent musical choice darlin!

    The drive to Bham is going to be a blast.. have you come up with the playlist yet?

    (chicks love guitars.. remember that LOL)

  40. Unknown Says:
  41. I´d pick George Clooney for you, too.

    Oh, NO, Vinny didn´t bribe me with Martini! *LOL*

    And for me: Angelina Jolie - just because a quiz outcome was she´s my celeb look-a-like.

  42. TWYLA: No Idea who she is either.. humm OH GOOGLE... Claire Danes.. nice

    ANGELL; TY darlin' ... well we are here!

    MARY: Young hehe like a whole lotta years ago! Sandra is perfect for you dear.

    ANNDI: great choices and they are all within the required age range Oui? OOOOOOOOOOO French...someone grab Travis

    DOC: LOL ok and who plays the villain?

    TURN: Now, I don't think she fits within the rules of the game dear...LOLSMOOCH

    ANNDI: TY on the music.. you always comment and I like that

    SANNI: I went back to look at yours and you should be quite happy with all that came up

  43. Anndi Says:
  44. LOL Bien sûr!.. I'm playing by the rules of the game!

    I even have actresses that are older than I am... Both Maura and Emmanuelle are older (4 and 6 years)... Kate is 4 years younger.

    Call me secure thank you very much!

    And you are most welcome about the music dear... you know how I love that soundtrack of yours..

    So.. driving music.. got something planned?


  45. TRAV!!!!! She's speaking French again!!!!!!!
    Planning Planning.. only prob is my CD burner died ARG

  46. Meribah Says:
  47. Heeheehee! You look like Kim Basinger??? I don't see it!
    I did the Myheritage thing too, and it said I looked 83% like Delta Goodrem, 73% like Heather Locklear, and 73% like Deborah Kerr. All in all, not too shabby! Mind you, I used my real picture, not my puppy alter-ego, but I wonder what would have happened if I HAD used it...hmmmm....LOL

  48. Liz Hill Says:
  49. LOL we never realy had any frickin rules LOL-Smooch

    And even if we did you know how much I like to bend them hehehe

  50. MERI: See now, how do we know? No one has ever seen the "real" you..LOL But those are people to feel good about.

    TURN: Not during the discussion...The rule was posted here, but if breaking the rule rocks your boat - then break it dear! LOL

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  52. i pick dolly parton cause we are both blonde and my boobs are just as big as hers, it's just that she pushes hers up and i roll mine up (cause they are empty), see? otherwise we are one in the same! oh, and i can't sing either, but i can lip sync a little, but just not too good, okay?

    smiles, bee

  53. Travis Cody Says:
  54. **sigh**


    Dangit Ann!

  55. I'm sitting here laughing because I can't believe you posted this... oh my... buwhahahahahahah....

    No, you don't look that old, but considering the "Hottness Factor" of Connery and Eastwood, that's why I said that... but I'll settle for George...

    It's almost B'ham babeeeeee

    Oh and for the record... Cameron Diaz here....

  56. Coco Says:
  57. I'm thinkin' DeNiro for you, Vinny. That "je-ne-sais-quoi" that he possesses, added to the "in-your-face" factor. Age matters not one smidge in this. It's all in the attitude.

    For me, probably Minnie Driver ... anybody remember her? I haven't done the celeb look-alike thing, so I don't really know ...


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