7 Songs, Important Medical Information, Best Audio Codes & New Friends

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I guarantee that my answers will be different then anyone else!


Name the Seven songs I am listening to now:

1) PLACES I'VE BEEN - Taylor Hicks

2) JUST TO FEEL THAT WAY - Taylor Hicks

3) CANDY MAN - Hot Tuna

4) ONE NIGHT - Elvis Presley

5) HIGHER & HIGHER - Jackie Wilson

6) SNOW ((HEY OH)) - Red Hot Chili Peppers

7) CANDY MAN - Christina Aguliera


Hard to select seven songs, when my i-tunes is over 200 hours of music, plus all the vinyl I play, but recently these seem to find their way to the play position often.


We are asking all my friends both male and female to journey over to CATHY'S today and read the incredible story of her fight with Cervical Cancer. You need to learn why a pap test can change your life.


We have written to Best Audio Codes to find out what is going on over there. 90% of the codes we have tried over the last few days have not worked.

Want to continue to hear music on THE COUCH and other sites, go HERE and send them a short note asking what is going on. We figure the more they get asked, the faster they will get it fixed. This is a tremendous site that offers a great service and we would hate to lose it.


You may have noticed a few new links along the right. We have added:

THE 108




Home of Little Buddy Radio

If you have not visited them, click on their links and tell 'em

You should not get too much flack!


21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Twyla Says:
  2. Very diverse list, but I expected nothing less. :-) Snow (hey oh) almost made it on my list too. It gets stuck in your head.

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. Not so sure your choices are THAT different.. my 7 will be up before the clock strikes midnight... isn't Twyla too sweet.. must be cause she's Canadian!

    I'd already written to bestaudiocodes yesterday after lunch as I was trying to get some tunes myself...

    Great tunes Vince, as always..

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Oh..... and.... Black Leather Elvis.... and.... that song.....and the bottom lip... and the growl... oh my!


  7. Piacere Says:
  8. Great tunes, my man!!! And we gotta get Best Audio back in bidness...DAY-UM!!!

    Thank you for posting Cathy's site...I have worked with SOOOO many cervical CA patients in the past...PLEASE, LADIES: GET YOUR PAP SMEARS!!!

    Great plug for Little Buddy Radio - I listen all the time!!!

    The Bodacious One

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. Candy Man is an excellent boogie woogie tune and Christina Aguliera rocks. She not only looks good she has a great set of pipes. She is the Anti-Britney and Simpson sisters. Cheers Vin.

  11. Good morning Mr. Bond, 007

    I would to thank you for your comments at my place. I have no problem with people that disagree with me, in fact I welcome open and reasonable debate of issues. I engaged in such debate with another blogger for some time, it shifted to insults and at that point I pulled out of the debate. To be honest with you, if we do not engage I have no opportunity to change your position.

    I thank you for your comments about Vietnam, it was an experience that I will never forget, and the treatment that Vietnam Vets received at the hands of our countrymen is also something I will never forget. I have dedicated my space to insure that we do not produce another generation of warriors that are abused by our fellow citizens, as I see it, we are on that path now. For that I am willing to stand and fight.

    You are more than welcome at my site and I will check in on yours, I do not know Dixie personally, but I would like to. Her pride in her son is overwhelming to me, I too hope that he is not put in harms way, but if he is he deserves and should expect the support of a grateful nation.

    As far as the war in Iraq, I support the effort, I do feel that mistakes have been made but that is the nature of warfare. Our goal should be a stable government in Iraq and we should not leave there until we reach that goal.

    It is the nature of a people to agree and disagree, my greatest wish is that we can find common ground, and eventually you will agree with me. Smile.

  12. Sparky Duck Says:
  13. all I can say is Christina Aguilera as triplets ZOWIEE!
    Plus Jackie Wilson rocks, well not rocks, but grooves, or something like that

  14. am i in the twilight zone or something? who is talking to who here? strange but funny...

    smiles, bee

  15. Thank you Bond, I just decided to pop over today when I spotted you on MyBlogLog, you aren't exactly a stranger as you are everywhere. Great list of 7, and I will definitely have to check out the Bob Denver site.

  16. Just passing through quickly for now; I'll be back to listen to tunes.

    My, my, my - this circle of blogs that I enjoy is getting bigger (or smaller, depending on your view) as we speak. Seems we're running in similar circles, and everywhere I go, you seem to be in my wake lately. SgtDub is a good egg, and I'm glad to see that you found your way there.

  17. Angell Says:
  18. Great tunage Bond - of course we've always known you have top notch taste.

    Thanks for the reminder - I know it's really important to test for cancer. Too many lives have been lost.

  19. TWYLA: Yes it does get stuck in your head...

    PIA: Thanks and yes, it is important...I don't want to lose any of my friends... LBR is pretty cool

    MATT-MAN: LOVE Hot Tuna and yes Christina has totally come around from when she ran in the Brittney/Simpson sister realm

    SARGE: Or maybe I can convince you to come over to my side and get our troops out of there. I am not sure we will be able to stabilize that country for too many years. But bottom line is.. a good discussion without flinging barbs is ALWAYS welcome.

    ANNDI: TY for the tunes.. well not totally different, but I doubt I see many Hot Tuna listings out there... and as far as the Thud.. well it was expected dear, especially after I had to call the EMS guys when you swooned as we just drive by Graceland

    SPARKY: Thanks for quacking up (hehehe) always welcome.. yes Jackie is incredible...and Christina as a single is awesome..trips well.. guys THUMP! AND I just learned she was here in St. Cloud last night and OH MAN she was in the building next to my hotel!

    BEE: OK, SOrry, but I am not even sure if I understand that...are you referring to my comments about Cathy's blog? Come back and unfog my brain please...

    SGTDUB: LOL I know we have followed each other around the bloggosphere, but I thought it was time we introduced ourselves... Welcome- always a seat on THE COUCH for someone defending our freedoms.

    SONGBIRD: Yes - I think it is smaller actually... Many of us float in the same circles and that circle gets wider bringing us all closer...

    ANGEL: TY and now go make an appointment

  20. I have been away too long!!!!

    GREAT songs! I like people who like good music :-)

    And... thank you for the linkage!!

  21. Tug Says:
  22. Very nice! I love checking out other's lists...and enjoy a lot of these also!

  23. Liz Hill Says:
  24. Excellent music--just yummy. Thanks for the reminder--I go every year.

    I love our blogworld's intermeshing--it's so very cool.

    Congrats on your win Sugar in Mimi's Big Challenge--very funny mister.


  25. bond, besides the meds i'm on, now i have to wear a seasick patch on the virtual cruise and i am just confused period. sorry, not you honey, you are the man.... and taylor is on the ship tonight in the lounge, just for the hoochies and the hotties, and you...

    smiles, bee

  26. You are on my friend, as far as getting out of Iraq, that would be wonderful as long as we accomplish our mission, you must remember when we cut an ran from Vietnam, 10 of thousands were locked up for years, real torture, and killed, just because they were our friends and helped us. Do you expect any difference if we abandon the folks in Iraq. History tells us they reeducate by cutting your head off.

  27. 108: Glad to see you back...The linkage is my pleasure...

    TUG: Glad you enjoyed the choices...

    TURN: I had forgotten I entered to be honest, but TY...Glad you enjoyed the music choices..adn Yes, our blogworld is growing, yet shrinking...

    BEE: LOL... Ummm can I share those meds? LOL TY for the show.. the Hootchies wil be very excited

    SARGE: I understand your point regarding those who suffered in Vietnam after we left.

    Maybe it is selfish, but my concern is more for those men and women who are American who are losing their lives right now. I am fearful that this war could last way too many years and that more and more men and women will perish and in the end, we will still not have accomplished our mission.

    I also fear another draft situation if this continues, and with a 20 year old son, it frightens me to death.

    Do I have a solid answer, unfortunately not, but given a choice, I would rather those losing their lives be Iraqis and not Americans.. Harsh, perhaps.. but that is how I feel.

  28. Cathy Says:
  29. Bond, thank you so much for helping me get the message out about cervical ca and pap tests.

    Also, I love these songs you are talking about. "one night" and "candy man" boy, do those bring back memories of my teen years, 57 chevy's and drive ins.

  30. Coco Says:
  31. incredible 7, Vinny. what a great meme. almost makes me want to come out of retirement ... what's with bestaudiocodes, though?

  32. Julie Says:
  33. It feels good to be back on the couch.

    Thanks for being here for whenever this crazy girl has a moment.


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