American Idol - 10 & The Nevilles

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday, when we were writing about the Bestest and speaking of points made by a friend (who it has been pointed out in my comments was our friend Anndi), we wrote that some of her points made were "not important."

We apologize for the wording of that statement. Sometimes we do not go back and proof my writing (BAD ME THAT IS THE FIRST LAW OF WRITING). We never meant they were unimportant, what we meant was that we did not agree with them.

Anndi, if I hurt you by my mis-wording, I publicly apologize.


GWEN STEFANI & NO DOUBT evening and the bands that inspired them – gee isn’t that like everyone????

OK, I can’t make jokes about Gwen… can you say WOOOOOOOOO…

LaKEISHA - Last Dance: Not start to the evening. She was much better then last week and this was a good song choice for her. Cool boots, upbeat, she had fun and hit all the notes. Hit a big last note…climbed back up the ladder.

CHRIS S. - Every Little Thing She Does: He is singing way too fast…ahead of the music…swallowing his words. Not liking this at all. Totally off-beat, can he even hear the band? He has the voice for this song, but the song was a train wreck. Breaking notes near the end. Not a good night from the boy.

GINA - I’ll Stand By You: Going the way of Haley with little clothing. Started a little rocky, but she came back and did an EXCELLENT job. Not our favorite song – but when you sing well… you get the props. The song did fit her voice and she emoted the feelings well. OH and BOOTS! Plus, I love that she thanks the audience after every performance….class act this girl.

SANJAYABathWater: (We had not idea, but Dana says this is the title) WTF is the hair???? Then he forgets the words again. Why is American deluding this boy? He does not rate any comments. The voice is off, the rhythm is off, the whole performance is just horrible. William Hung is more talented. Randy/Paula… you aren’t helping here. Why do we think he now knows how ridiculous, how much of a clown he has become?

HALEYTrue Colours: Wonder if the judges can tell if she has panties on or not as she stands there on the stage. Do these people listen to the celebrity judges? We thought she was off key most of the song and the last part was not great. It was a boring song, done poorly. DO these amateurs think they know more then the professionals?

PHILEvery Breathe You Take: Good song for his voice. Though not loud in the beginning it demands a rough quality and Phil brings that to his songs when he is on. Then when the chorus kicks in, it demands what he does best – bringing strength and a solid sound. He was a little rough on it, but pulled off a big note near the end. He came back from a bad experience last week.

MELINDAHeaven Knows: Even Gwen knows she is a star. Wow, she actually is looking more and more confident on the stage. Getting fun and opening up. OK, first chorus, the chill returns…Tremendous last note. Nothing more to say… she is a star.

BLAKE - Love Song : We have not liked Blake most of this season. Tonight he did a hell of a job with a difficult song. He stayed away from the beat-box which is a bonus in our mind. His voice soared where it had to, and got tender when it had to. Very impressed this week.

JORDINHey Baby: The girl can sing. Real interesting song, though not our favorite (again). She had the riffs down and made it seem easier then it was. The band was great along side her and she was very on tonight. This girl brings in every week…every week she grows.

CHRIS R.Don’t Speak: Coming off a week where he was in the bottom two, we were curious how he would do. The song began strong, but we felt like he lost it somewhat in the middle and the last few stanzas were just real boring. The arrangement was ok, but the vocals were just not tops.

Melinda Doolitle (getting kinda boring on this one – LOL)
Tie: LaKeisha & Jordin

Sanjaya (god, it is boring)
Chris Sligh

Sanjaya (maybe this week??????)


We have been without music for so long here,
we wanted to leave you with a few songs by a band of brothers.

They come from the 13th Ward of New Orleans, LA. Their heritage is a mixture that inspires the growth of rhythm, soul and blues; African, American Indian, French, Spanish and Caribbean.

Their mother and her brother were a superb dance team named Landry & Landry. The singer, Louis Prima offered them a chance to go on the road with him but their parent decided it was not a good idea and aborted the dream.

Music abounded in the house as the four brothers and their two sisters grew up. Though their parents did not play instruments, five of the children played or sang and were always receiving encouragement from their parents to spread their wings.

The brothers have recorded together and as solo artists…today, we give you
THE NEVILLE BROTHERS; Art, Charles, Aaron, Cyril & Ivan








Composers: Thom Bell & Linda Creed

Ziggy Modeliste, Art Neville, Cyril Neville, Leo Nocentelli
George Porter, Jr.

Composer: Sam Cooke

Composer: Leonard Cohen

Composer: Lawrence Chandler

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Oh, man - "Betcha By Golly, Wow" brings back wonderful memories for me. Thanks for those; I wept.

    It's been weeks since I've sung, and I'm still not able to sing a note. Reading your review (while I'm still rooting for our Glendale Hometown Girl Jordin) is somewhat painful.

    [[deep, mournful sigh]]

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Great tuneage from the Neville's.

    The show tonight nearly succeeded in turning me away from it entirely. But for Melinda, LaKisha, Jordin, and Gina, I would be divorced from it. I'm losing interest fast.

    It reminds me a little of season 3, when I so enjoyed Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London. Neither of them was able to build a fanbase, and they were voted off before some of the worst singers that have ever been featured in the top 10.

    Oh well. Maybe it's just because I don't feel well.

  4. BeckEye Says:
  5. and I have disagreed on Blake most of the time. I usually love him and you don't...and this week I didn't like him and you did! :)

    I think Gina's performance was the best of the night. (Yes, even better than Melinda!) And I haven't been a fan of hers AT ALL. She really wowed me though.

  6. Callie Ann Says:
  7. I am totally disgusted with the Sanjaya thing. He is so horrible. I think it is terrible what people are doing by voting for him. Makes me sick. I couldn't believe his lame singing and that stupid hair. OH my.

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. Yep, Melinda at the top again...she's awesome!

  10. Maryfly Says:
  11. hey dude - not watching AI and can't get the music to play but.... SMOOCH!

  12. SONGBIRD: Hoping you are on the mend and fell better is hard to write about the show this season.

    TRAVIS: It is getting harder to write a review as the performances are so damn uninspiring for many of these "contestants"

    BECKEYE: Maybe because he sang the song straight tonight and it is an age thing... he does seem to be a love em or hate em kind of guy. I liked Gina a lot..but the "chill factor" went to Melinda once again

    CALLIE ANN: The poor boy is being given false hope, but as I said, I am also wondering if he realizes what a caricature he has become and is screwing with us.

    DANA: She is

  13. MARY: Is it a work thing with the music? You are the first to mention a problem. SMOOCH

  14. Twyla Says:
  15. What was with Sanjaya's hair? I felt embarrassed for him. It was so bad...the singing, the hair, the whole deal.
    Apparently people are voting for him just to make AI look bad. I think it's working.

  16. Angell Says:
  17. That poor kid - the only reason he thinks he's something is because America keeps him in there. How humiliated would he be if he won and THEN realized that he doesn't have what it takes. The audience isn't doing him any favours.

    I heard somewhere that Simon said he'd quit if Sanjaya won. Interesting to see the outcome now...

    Love the music. :D I've always admired the Nevilles. Such a talented family!!

    SMOOCHES buddy. Thanks for always making me smile.

  18. Schmoop Says:
  19. Where's William Hung when you need him!!?

  20. Barb Says:
  21. I wondered how Melinda would do with No Doubt songs, then I heard the part about "people who inspired Gwen" and like you said that left the door wide open. She did great as always. I think they should go ahead and crown her, then let the rest vie for second place.

    Sanjaya? Me and hubby just laughed at his hair the whole song.

    I've always liked Gina and Jordin and thought they weren't getting the credit they deserved.

  22. Callie Ann Says:
  23. Just in case no one knew. William Hung died. In a Las- Vegas Hotel room about 2 years ago. He overdosed on drugs. Intentionally. he said he couldn't take being made fun of anymore. I find that out when I googled him just before Idol started this season.

  24. Sparky Duck Says:
  25. ok I get my american idol from here and the Tony Kornheiser radio podcast, so Im only going off that but, isnt Melinda sort of a plant, like pro basketball players in the olympics.

    I need to check out Haley and Gina though, just to see if they are hot in little clothes. So I can prepare for the maxim cover in there future.

  26. TWYLA: It is a shame how the show is using him and how the American Public is reacting to it.

    ANGELL: A total shame and Simon ain't quitting he likes the $$$$$
    Glad you enjoyed the Nevilles

    MATT-MAN: Well he isn;t dead!

    SKITTLES: Agree, Melinda is far and away the best. hough Gina or Jordin could be spoilers..

    CALLIE ANN: Umm nope a hoax... there is even an article dated yesterday on some site with the same hoax... check it out for the facts

    SPARKY: She is like Taylor and some others in the past, a true musician who could not get discovered and is using the show for that opportunity.
    LOL Maxim or better...

  27. okay, I got nothing on this.
    never have seen Idol.
    the only thing I know about this season is that I heard the parody song of that Sanjaya person (to the tune of Elvira)

  28. Tug Says:
  29. I was a big Lakesha fan, but am more Jordin now...and yeah, Melinda. AWESOME. I can't believe Gwen was so subdued - I LOVE her, kind of expected a little more. you think he just WANTS to go home now? He knows he's not going to win...he's made the tour... just a thought.

  30. Ahhh.... my Idol Buddy. This week, we vary on our predictions :-)

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. Ahhh, the Nevilles, my hometown band....well, hometown before Katrina. JazzFest is just not the same now, without them closing the Fest as they have done for every year since who knows when. The Nevilles are one of my favorites and they put on an awesome show.

  33. TopChamp Says:
  34. Do you not find out who's booted off on the same day?

  35. MO: Just your being here is enough...

    TUG: I think Sanjaya knows he is just pulling one over on the public and is becoming a caricature of himself

    108: Love varied opinions

    JOHNH985: Love the Nevilles.. so cool

    TOPCHAMP: No we find out tonight..

  36. Liz Hill Says:
  37. LOVE The Nevilles--oh my Aaron is singing on this Robbie Robertson CD I am stuck on lately

    Waiting for the dust to settle on the whole BBOTD thing--need more facts

    AI is SOOOO sucking this year--and not in the 'good' way. I think a lot of people have finally figured out the producers are "crafting' the show by manipulating the contestants to choose from.

    Sanjaya still being in is because they let him get out of Hollywood--how could that have happened without some desire to have someone who could serve as a person for some viewers to hate but others perversely want to keep on?

    I like Gwen Stefani--she was very cool last night and spot on with her observations. Blake sang a song that allowed him to be a little off--it worked. Jordin took a big risk--it worked. The rest--including the much vaunted Melinda --were just not very memorable to me. In fact none of them blew me away or gave me chills. I remember seeing Kelly Clarkson 'bloom' when she sang "Natural Woman" I remember Fantasia 's tears when she 'felt her song' singing Summertime. I remember crying when Taylor sang "You are so Beautiful"(plus a LOT of other chill inspiring moments from The Sweet Daddy) It shocks me that I know these kid's names let alone 'remember' what they did-they are just that non-descript. Sorry--just sayin'

    Congrats on your nomination from Bud for Thinking Blogger! You deserve it sugar



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