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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Played Mimi's Dating Challenge this week,
and guess my answers were just snarky enough to get a win.
Thank you Mimi, I am honored to have won this fun weekly contest.

AUDIO CODES still not working... damn


Let’s roll … whoever makes it through tonight gets to record on the album…

SPECIAL GUESTS: Lulu for the ladies and Peter Noone with the men…


HALEY SCARNATO: “Tell Him” – First off, is she going for the least body parts covered in all of AI History award? Second, WHOA, where has this person been the last few weeks. She actually did a nice job with this song. Her voice suited it well. She worked the stage and the audience. She made a comeback tonight. Sticking around.

CHRIS RICHARDSON: “Don’t The Sun Let You catch You Crying” – Like he decided to go with the guitar on stage to open it up. Second week in a row he moved away from the hip hop persona and kept in the genre. He has a great voice and we are hearing it now. And, yes, the girls are gonna just lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve him. Sticking around.

STEPHANIE EDWARDS: “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” – Hoping she did well tonight, but there were a few tough notes throughout. It was a good rendition, but we think she could have belted it out of the park and instead it was a cheap flare double...Puts herself on the firing line.

BLAKE LEWIS: “Time Of The Season” – Argggg beatbox…what the hell was he wearing pajama bottoms???? Felt like I was in Las Vega actually. We are losing touch with this guy. He is way too campy for our tastes, we actually think he has a decent voice but his performances feel like sarcasm. (Yes, we know the judges disagreed…hey this is not a repeat of their comments). Guess he is safe.

LAKEISHA JONES: “Diamonds Are Forever” – We think she could have gone with “You’re My World”, but that is just us. Her voice is excellent, but this was not a great night for her. We felt like she was playing up the words more then singing them. The whole performance was a little forgettable tonight. Still safe, but slipped down the ladder a bit.

PHIL STACEY: “Tobacco Road” – Excellent choice for his voice...can he pull it off? Began the song perfectly. Think he might have been moving around too much, seemed to lose some power as it went on. Missed some notes in the middle. The song calls for a roughness and that did not come through. Finished it off strong. Good performance, but not what I expected out of him with that song. Middle to low end of the pack tonight.

JORDIN SPARKS: “I Who Have Nothing” – OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO chills…the girls is ready to rumble folks. This song demands a big voice and then a complete change to softness and she did it right spot on. Standing and clapping. EXCELLENT. Flying through tonight. (It IS a depressing type song ---like “You Are So Beautiful”, another angst love song that Simon didn’t get)

SANJAYA MALAKAR: “YA REALLY GOT ME” bwahahahah “I don’t think I am the best singer in the competition” - do ya think Sanjaya? LOL – OH GOD NOT THE KINKS!??? The picture of the little girl in the audience…THAT is why he is still here… He butchered one of the great rock songs ever recorded. It was like watching your three year old nephew on Thanksgiving in the living room. It was so bad I almost threw something at the TV….PLEASE do not let him get through.. please – please-please…PLEASE. (OH no, judges are really talking him up????) ARG!

GINA GLOCKSEN: “Paint It Black” – Excellent Choice Gina…Damn, we did not like it very much. There were some real good parts, but then she would just lose it. Though she ended real strong, overall it was not my favorite Gina performance. We are definitely rooting for a rocker chick to go far. It was much better then last week, but still rough. Middle of the pack this week.

CHRIS SLIGH: “She’s Not There” Second Zombies’s song of the night…who woulda thunk it? OOO and a Taylor entrance…Began a tad ahead of the music. Then he kicked it up on the second stage. We liked his performance tonight. Liked he stuck to the original arrangement. Put it out there and made it a good night. Staying around this week.

MELINDA DOOLITTLE: “As Long As He Needs Me”: Pimp spot for Melinda…OK, she is batting 1.000 in giving us chills each week. She is coming out of her shell a little at a time and we can only wonder just how good this girl can be. Tonight she left the other 10 in the dust. NO COMPARISON –Flies Through.






STEPHANIE EDWARDS – Our Possible spoiler.

It SHOULD be Sanjaya...but we know it will not be


27 Of Your Sparks

  1. BeckEye Says:
  2. I almost picked the same bottom 3, but opted for Gina instead of Stephanie. I don't know why. I guess I just feel like Gina is a bit more predictable and bland, and more people will at least remember Stephanie.

  3. Yay for Jordin! The kids and I were pulling into the parking lot of our local library today, and there in the parking lot was an SUV with a Jordin Sparks "AI" star bumper sticker!

    Jordin's hometown is pulling big time for this girl - go Jordin!

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. I'm with you on most of this.

    One of my biggest problems is this - if you insist on moving around, then get your stamina. If you think you're going to run out of breath, then stand still.

    Sligh, Gina, Haley, and Sanjaya - all were guilty of running out of breath and losing the power behind the vocal.

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. Agree...except for Blake Lewis. I like the guy :D

  8. Piacere Says:
  9. I guess I'm going straight to hell 'cuz I broke my Lenten penance last night...I actually watched, but only to see Peter Noone and LuLu...liked 'em better in the 60's, but I must say that LuLu is looking good for an "old" broad (I've seen "To Sir With Love" about a THOUSAND times). Peter Noone...well...what can I say?

    I agree with your assessment, hands-down (this is truly the 1st time I've watched this season). OK, back to abstinence (AI, that is...yuck, yuck, yuck!!!)


  10. Unknown Says:
  11. I mostly agree with you. Although I thought Sanjaya did an OK job with the song. At least this week he sang loud enough for us to hear him. All in all it was a pretty boring show. I love the Zombies so those songs got my foot a-tappin', but the other stuff was just eh. LaKisha and Melinda have great voices and presence on stage. Let's see who will be going home tonight. I really am not sure this week...maybe Hailey.

  12. Tug Says:
  13. Another great recap, & I totally agree with you! I think the judges were nice to Sanjaya because HE knows he's bad, & it was pity praise. Oh yeah...& the little girl - not even Simon could probably stand to say something bad & take a chance on more tears.

  14. AtriaBooks Says:
  15. Bond: I use your picks in the American Idol pool that I'm in so that I can gamble and not have to watch the show!

  16. I do believe that you have absolutely hit the nail on the head... Melinda has just pulled way ahead of the competition... she is one class act.

    Oh, the Internet Nazis are asleep at the wheel today.. LMOO

  17. Liz Hill Says:
  18. I actually watched it last night. none of the boys did anything at all for me. I really liked Jordin--she did a great job with a tough song. Melinda picked the wrong song--it's a boring melody and I just did not think she was that great. I'll be sure to watch her next week to see if a different song lets her showcase her voice better

    Excellent recap btw


  19. Schmoop Says:
  20. Ray Davies should put a contract out on Sanjaya. I heard it on the radio this morning. It was most disturbing.

  21. Good Morning Mr. Bond

  22. Angell Says:
  23. Well, I agree with most of what was said, but I (getting behind the couch as to avoid flaming walnuts that will be hurled) actually ENJOYED Sanjaya's performance. NOT the vocal. It was just fun to watch him come out of his shell and do something different.

    I was very disappointed in Gina. I thought for sure she would nail it.

    And I LOVED Blake & Chris R. I think they're going far. With Phil, I saw that wrong?

  24. Twyla Says:
  25. I watched bits of AI during the commercial breaks of my newest obsession. LOL I saw Sanjaya sing. OMG. That guy creeps me out on a 'Michael Jackson' kind of level. Please send him home. It must be the teenage girls keeping him around.

  26. i'm going to have to watch this show one day so i can see what the hell you are talking about bond honey....

    smiles, bee

  27. I want to smack I could not believe the eight million shots we got of that little girl in complete hysterics.

    I agree with you on everything excpet Blake... I love him!!!! But.... I AM a 28 year old girl, hee hee.

  28. BECK: if they remember Stephanie this week it is because she was so bad.

    SONGBIRD: Jordin is bringing it more and more each week.

    TRAVIS: excellent point - except you included Sanjaya in there..we don't speak of him LOL

    DANA: Seems it is a like or hate - and i am on the hate side

    PIA: Well if ya had to break it- this week was a good one...

    BUSY: GAWD how can so many people think he did ears started bleeding

    TUG: Rumour is they sprayed her with mace to make her cry like that

    DOC: Glad to be of service dude...

    DIXIE: keep the internet nazis away, we like you here

    TURN: Already told you this, but I can not disagree more about Melinda...She is brilliant

    MATT-MAN: The hell with Ray, we should all put a contract out on him.

    ANGELL: you have a two day time-out...Sanjaya is the anti-christ...Gina was better then you make her out to be and I can not stand Blake. Phil = BO.. make that a 4 day time-out

    TWYLA: YES, An MJ type creep-out...that is what has been lurking deep in my brain... YES

    BEE: Nah, no need...just come here and read!

    108: Of course you love Blake... :::walks away wondering what has become of the youth of our country- and other Canada also:::

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. It's simple - girls like Blake and boys like Haley...probably for the same reason...

  31. Wow. You got it right. High five!

  32. This boy does not like haley actually


  33. Unknown Says:
  34. I haven't been able to watch much Idol this season so I'll just keep coming over here every week to see who's doing what, you give a great sample of what happened that night. I heard somewhere that the little girl that was crying was set up by the producers, so the tv could get a good picture of her. Least amount of clothing cover body parts....hmmmm, now I wish I had seen the show for sure. From what little I've been able to see so far this year my favorite is Gina but I don't think she'll win it. I think Melinda is the best, but that doesn't mean she'll win.

  35. Sparky Duck Says:
  36. JohnH stole my thunder about the little girl being a plant so we would "connect" with Hula Boy. I dont watch the show, but I may have to find some Haley pics!

  37. Mimi Lenox Says:
  38. Congratulations, Bond! Your Challenge answers were funny!

  39. Anndi Says:
  40. Interesting recap.. but you know I totally disagree where Blake is concerned.. he's original and different and I don't care about the pants.. as someone told me.. it's all about the music.

    Melinda is a star.. no one touches her. Jordin is coming into herself and is a pleasure to watch.

    My top three: Melinda, Jordin and Blake.


  41. Coco Says:
  42. not watching this year, as you know. if I was a gambing woman, I'd do like Doc B. You always get it right. Hope things are well, hon.

  43. JOHN: Thanks for coming by...the best tend to get to the end, but not always win...

    SPARKY: Desperation makes producers do strange things

    MIMI: Appreciate it ty ty tyvm

    ANNDI: Yes, I knw you like Blake...different strokes....

    COCO: Well not always but thanks for the faith.

  44. Julie Says:
  45. I have to say that I like Blake also....I've posted my thoughts and I'm just wondering what next show will bring.


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