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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 15, 2007


Diana Ross sang One of THE COUCH’S favorite songs… good thing the dress was glued to her or we might have had a Janet Jackson moment.

IF the Judges had spoken:
Randy: When I heard you were singing this, I was excited. You tried to work it out… but it was real pitchy dawg.
Pauler: Let me start by saying, you look beautiful tonight...but you need to make it...
Simon: PAULER, SHUT UP! It reminded me of a mother at a wedding getting up with the band after a few too many drinks...
RANDY & PAULER: NO, it wasn't THAT bad...


America left in the bottom three:
Brandon RogersHe deserved it…
Phil StaceyNot a good choice America
Sanjaya MalakarOH MY FINALLY

Phil gets sent back to his seat….good news

And you sent home Brandon???? He did not have a good night and forgot his words – but geeze America… get a clue…Sanjaya is HORRIBLE

We had Sanjaya in the bottom two - 4-4 on our predictions…Next week we begin naming the "going home" contestant.


Heading out to Atlanta in the morning on business. Will be back Friday afternoon.

Then Sunday, off to St. Cloud, MN until Tuesday…

Then Thursday night to NJ to pick up a rental car and grab the remainder of my stuff and drive back to get back home to Memphis on Sunday…

Going to try and post as normal, but can’t guarantee it.

HOLY SNIKE!!!!!! Jack and Claire are Half Brother & Sister?????? WOAH NELLY!!!!!!


Also promise to make my way to all your sites. Miss reading your words and thoughts.


Please go over to Mimi and get your Peace Globe and banner and add it to your blog.
Let’s make June 6th a HUGE SUCCESS…


We will also be updating our Favorite Sites area…taking some down and adding one or two.


We have a new link to Mo’s online store for THE WREN’S NEST
check it out.. some nice things there


American Idol continues to have it’s behind the scenes troubles…

Magdaleno Olmos sued American Idol Productions, Fox and season-four contestant Mario Vazquez for wrongful termination Friday, alleging that Olmos was fired after complaining to various higher-ups that Vazquez had sexually harassed him by making unwanted advances, flashing his genitals and engaging in other inappropriate behavior.



When is the government going to give up the fight?????

SAN FRANCISCO - A woman whose doctor says marijuana is the only medicine keeping her alive can face federal prosecution on drug charges, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The ruling was the latest legal defeat for Angel Raich, a mother of two from Oakland suffering from scoliosis, a brain tumor, chronic nausea and other ailments who sued the federal government pre-emptively to avoid being arrested for using the drug.

On her doctor's advice, Raich eats or smokes marijuana every couple of hours to ease her pain and bolster her appetite.

Incredible that millions of dollars are still being spent to try and stop pot from being used. Either legalize it and regulate and tax like liquor, or allow citizens to grow up to a certain amount on their own each year. Selling it can still be a crime, so that anything grown is for personal use.

Let’s use this money we are burning on the interdiction and prosecution on more important things like education or stopping the spread of other drugs that do much more harm - like Methamphetamine perhaps???

Oh and the thought that it leads to harder substances is hooey…sure people who use harder substances might have used marijuana, but that does not mean the marijuana caused them to move up the ladder.

What are your thoughts on this??????


Music Codes: Best Audio Codes

Diana Ross
Composers: Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland & Brian Holland



18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. LOL--that was funny! I wonder if they realize just how stale and predictable their 'banter' has become.

    Sanjaya is gonna be their worst nightmare.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Peace Globe banner--will have mine up by the weekend.

    I have no problem with the legalization and regulation of marijuana. Prohibition did not stop alcohol consumption it just further empowered organized crime. That's what is going on with the criminlization of marijuana use. And there is of course 'money' behind the whole deal. It won't be legalized until whatever faction that has the most power can secure the biggest piece of the pie for themselves. oooo I never get political ;-)

    Be safe travelin', man.


  3. Lizza Says:
  4. Pot has medical benefits. It is used in several other cultures to ease pain. I think decriminalizing its use would be beneficial.

    Have a safe trip, Bond!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I'm so glad you picked up on the medical marijuana story. I think it's outrageous. As someone who has an inoperable brain tumor myself, it made me weep when I read about the case. You know, when you go to the hospital--to the emergency room, for example--you see signs all over the walls, stating, "You have the right to be pain free. Use this 1-10 scale to explain what you're feeling..." Why doesn't that "right" extend to all citizens of this country, at all times? This poor woman is dying, and we're going to deprive her of the one drug that seems to alleviate some of her suffering? It just doesn't make sense.

    In the immortal words of Peter Tosh, we've got to "Legalize it!"

    On to more upbeat affairs--American Idol. You know, I wasn't really surprised or disappointed when Sanjaya got a stay of execution last night. For me, it's down to a final sing-off between Melinda and Kiki. It really doesn't matter the order in which the others get the boot. I'll just continue to Tivo past all the so-so talent and watch the few performances that matter.

    Safe travels. We'll look forward to having you back next week!--G (

  7. Twyla Says:
  8. LOL...I nearly spit my coffee out when I read your take on what the judges would say. You were right on the money...and I loved that you called her 'Pauler'.

    Oh, and I say let the lady have her Mary Jane. :-)

  9. Somehow I am able to sneak in today at work... woooooooooo... have a safe trip...

    I need your help adding my Peace Globe to my blog... and I need to add one more thing too...

    I can't believe Sanjaya is still there... OH.GOD... what is America thinking???

    Gotta run now before I get caught... ;-)

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. I had to mute Ms Ross.

    Brandon was going home sometime in the next 3 weeks anyway. I cringe at the thought that Sanjaya will likely make it to the top 10 and appear on the CD.

    Good luck on your travels!

    I've got the peace globes banner and stuff - I think I'll put it up in May.

    Legalize medicinal marijuana.

  12. Angell Says:
  13. I'm all for the legalization of pot. They've been talking about it up here for awhile now.

    As for AI - I missed last night's disaster in order to work an equally disasterous hockey game. :S

    BRANDON went home? Yikes...

    Have a safe trip hon.

  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. St Cloud, MN. Damn, some guys have all the luck!!

  16. Tug Says:
  17. Sanjaya even looks guilty when he remains any more - even HE knows he should be going home. Geez.

    I agree - legalize pot - tax it, watch it, all that. And I've never tried it in my life, so you know I'm not looking out for me here.

    Safe travels!!

  18. Mags Says:
  19. I KNOW!!

    (Jack and Claire)

  20. You know, I love my country, and I'm proud to call myself a citizen of the US, but the continued attempts of our government to legislate morality is insane. I say legalize marijuana and be done with these petty-assed drug battles. Fight the good fight against garbage like meth, which can be manufactured (and IS being produced) in any Joe Schmoe's garage.

    Getting off my soapbox now.

    Have a safe trip.

  21. TURN: Nah they have no clue how stale it is... a few more years and most in power will be from the time when so many smoked and then maybe we will see some movement...Smooch

    LIZZA: It is silly we are fighting an unwinnable fight on marijuana...

    GRETCHEN: Thanks for sharing your personal account...Sanjaya is not being pimped by VOTE FOR THE WORST...
    Thanks for coming by

    TWYLA..hope it didn't harm your computer! lol

    DIXIE: At least he was in the bottom two and not the top four like a few weeks ago...

    TRAVIS: True on Brandon...but Haley deserved it more this week.. Just medicinal?

    ANGELL: Well Vancouver is almost the new Amsterdam from what I didn't miss much...

    MATT-MAN: Hey...ya gotta be a big shot to get the St. Cloud trips dude...LOL

    TUG: I agree he is as shocked as anyone each week... yup yup..agree on the pot issue and thanks for your well wishes

    MAGS: OMG OMG I almost fell over when I saw dad in the hospital room!

    SONGBIRD: Hear Hear...hummm meth or pot..why are they both classified the same.. ridiculous

  22. Meribah Says:
  23. I wasn't too surprised to see Sanjaya still standing, but he'll be gone in a week or two anyway. I hope.
    As for marijuana, I think they should legalize it and be done with it. Sheesh! I mean, from what I've read, it's not much worse than tobacco really, and, besides, it has medicinal benefits. Here, in Canada, peeps are allowed to use it medicinally, and there's talk of legalizing it or, at the very least, decriminalizing it. I hope they do...and I don't even use the stuff! LOL

  24. Mimi Lenox Says:
  25. Legalize marijuana.
    Criminalize American Idol.

  26. MERI" Another vote in favor... and yes Meri.. I think his backing is dwindling


  27. Unknown Says:
  28. ROTFLMOO! I love the comments by the judges!

  29. Peg Says:
  30. Well, I'm not an AI watcher...

    But fer cryin' out loud! The government could make more from taxation on weed than it currently spends tracking down and prosecuting just those who have less than a oz on their person. Now, I have NO empirical evidence to support this statement...But really, think about it!

    I got a telephone call just this morning asking me to contact my state rep to pass NH Bill HB774 which is a medical marijuana bill. Needless to say, I just left a voice mail for my rep...

  31. Julie Says:
  32. Yup D. Ross...what a shame! What was worse her singing or the group song. UGh to both!

    Funny Funny "judges" comments!


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