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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peter Noone sang…Loved Hermans Hermits growing up and this guy can still do a song the right way…AND…ya just gotta love the jacket!

Plug for another Fox show… ummm yawn…

Phil, Melinda and Blake are asked to stand. They all survive… Had Phil in the bottom…nope safe.

Chris Sligh, La Keisha and Jordin stand…They are all safe.

Sanjaya, Haley & Gina stand…They are NOT in the bottom three…WTF???????

Stephanie & CHRIS R. are the bottom two…. WTF???? CHRIS???????

Lulu sings…ummm the judges would rip her, me thinks….


Stephanie and Chris R.


Stephanie Edwards…

They only showed Bottom Two
we had Stephanie at the bottom and not Chris R,

5-5 on the bottom selections
1-1 on guesses for going home

Sanjaya makes the CD… arggggggggggggggggggg


Got an email from best Audio Codes that said the following:

Please understand, we do not host any files, we just supply links to large
companies that do. We are aware that many of our links no longer work. The
company that hosted these, has been bought out by another company that has a
paid service and no longer allows links.

Some still work just fine, but Many(sic) do not. We are in the process of
cleaning up our database. Sorry for the inconvience(sic), but this happens from
time to time and is beyond our control.

Thanks for your support and understanding

So it looks like we will need to work on some other options. They say “many still work” ummm 1 out of 20 is not many in our opinion…


Serious note…Get back over to Cathy’s and read part two of her battle with Cervical Cancer…I love all of my female friends and her story is one of warning and hope and love.


Got through all of our Favorite Blogs last night. Sorry we have not been present every day, but it has been a crazed couple of weeks.


We are leaving tonight to fly to NJ to get the rest of my belongings. Drive back down home on Saturday and Sunday.


We will be missing Friday’s post…
but will be back with the conclusion of
on the


Enjoy your weekends….stay safe and happy…

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Okay, so we didn't do so hot with our bottom three's. But at least we had the going home right.

    I agree.... WTF????? Chris??? That was some B.S.!!!!!

    Dear god, Sanjaya.

  2. Tisha! Says:
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome sweetie and have a safe trip to NJ, I hope the move goes smoothely! much love!!

  4. Piacere Says:
  5. 1 for 1??? Not bad, not bad...I think I'm done with this season now and have it out of my system - at least I got to see Peter Noone and LuLu...

    Have a safe trip and take care of yourself. See you next week!!


  6. Have a safe trip! I agree about Sanjaya--he totally gives me the creeps. Ugh.

  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. Have a safe trip sugar--we'll be anxiously awaiting your return. Smooch

  9. Mags Says:
  10. Have a safe drive Bond-thanks for the encouragement regarding the competition-I'll post pics later in the week!!!

  11. Sparky Duck Says:
  12. have a safe trip, the weather is supposed to be decent in the temp department, though a bit wet.

    I would offer more AI if I knew who the hell these people were.

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. All the little girls are crying for Sanjaya!!

    *He's sooooooooo cute*

    ARGH! Anyway, I don't think we will be rid of him anytime in the near future. I'm thinking top 6 or 4.

  15. 108: Yup yup..batting .500 on bottom ...guess since I selected three, they decided to go with two..sheesh.messing me all up...

    TISHA BELLE: least I let you know where my mystery trip was to...LOL

    PIA: Well 5-5 on the bottom selections.. this week was first i named the going home person...

    JOELLY: TY vm

    TURN: TY... will decide if i try and do a straight through or not by how I feel...

    MAGS: TY.. good luck and can not wait for the pics

    SPARKY: Just hope my Saturday drive is dry... hate the rain

    BUSY: God no..not that long.. bad enough he is on the CD

  16. Angell Says:
  17. Bond, have to agree with you on the finalists.

    I had a response on my review on about it - this guy wrote to us and said that his teenage daughter and her friends - basically her whole class - all vote for the full two hours for Sanjaya.

    God help us all.

    Safe trip - and can't wait for Monday's post.


  18. hi bond. drive safely my friend, the cruise continues, try to make the show tonight, you won't be sorry.

    smiles, bee

  19. I am a vocalist, but my no means am I a performer. I think this Sanjaya guy is being done a great disservice by not only the voting public, but more importantly his family and friends. I think it's really sad when people unfairly "prop" up others in order to help "build their self-esteem."

    I am a realist, and when it was obvious I didn't have what it takes to be a performer, I changed my major in college and decided not to pursue a dream that I knew was just that - a pipe dream. Now I use my limited gift in the proper forum for me.

    I'm so incredibly sad for this Sanjaya kid - he's in for a long, hard fall, judging by what you all have been saying about him. I hope someone who cares for him will be there to catch him.

  20. Unknown Says:
  21. I'm batting 1,000 so far for people going home. Of course, I don't pick until after the show on Wednesday. Stephanie was VERY forgetable this week especially since she's splitting voters with Melinda and LaKisha.

    I wanted to let you know that all the top 12 are on the CD and it's the top 10 that go on tour. So, San-gina will be on the tour all summer!!! The Idol Powers That Be will have to deal with him for a LONG time to come! Pretty funny!!

  22. Anndi Says:
  23. Safe trip sweetie... Oh LORD... Sanjaya on the CD


    I don't understand Chris in the bottom 2... but oddly enough, I'm not surprised Stephanie was eliminated.. she doesn't seem to have her own style, and tries to sing everything à la Beyonce.. it gets grating.

  24. Mags Says:
  25. Bond: Your wait is over...


  26. Coco Says:
  27. quote of the week for you, dear Vinny ... Leno says: Sanjaya, isn't that Indian for William Hung?

    Considering I've never heard the child sing, I should probably not comment, but I trust your judgement ...

  28. Coco Says:
  29. have a safe trip, Vinny dear.

  30. BeckEye Says:
  31. I honestly loved Lulu. She was a bit pitchy in spots, dawg, but she was just adorable. She certainly has more stage presence than any of the other Idols. And I'm a straight woman, but holy moly she has some boobs.

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. I hope to goodness you had a safe trip...and you are right about Lulu. My mom said, "What in the world...?"

  34. ANGELL: Well that is why he made the album and will now go on the tour..can you imagine those train wrecks..night after night?

    BEE: TY and sorry I had to abadon ship

    SONGBIRD: Well now it is the American public who is deluding this boy

    KRISTI: TY for sitting on THE COUCH and you are correct about the CD.

    ANNDI: TY darling and the Stephanie comment was right on

    MAGS: Thrilled for you CONGRATS

    COCO: TY

    BECKEYE: LOL..the boobs... all about em...she made enough money in her time to ensure they stay that way

    DANA: TY and ooooooooo mom chiming in...


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