Hey! Where's My Block of $1,000 Bills?

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Gotta gain weight…gotta gain weight…gotta gain weight…trying to get to 372 pounds. Also buying one of those racks they used in medieval times. Think if I can stretch my 5’9” frame to 6’6”, and gain 182 pounds I can get a 7 year $50 million contract to play football for the Dallas Cowboys.

That is what Leonard Davis got yesterday to play offensive line for “America’s Team”. Now, unlike other sports; football contracts are not guaranteed, but $18.7 million of the 50 is guaranteed and his signing bonus? A record $16 million…nice going Leonard. After 6 disappointing seasons in Arizona, now you get to go home to Dallas

How long before we hear old L.D. is in a strip club throwing around hundreds of dollars like local player “Pacman” Jones cornerback of the Tennessee Titans.

Y’all heard about the “Pacman” haven’t ya. He is in a strip club in Las Vegas at 4am in the morning, the weekend of the NBA All-Star Game - because you want to bring all these overpaid children to a place like Las Vegas and turn them loose - throwing hundred of dollars in $1 bills onto the stage…

A stripper goes to pick the money up and doesn’t get permission and that made “Pacman” treat her like a wide receiver on a post pattern and he banged her head on the stage...and that started it all...



Don't be fooled by police reports or a bar tab featuring several $600 bottles of Patron tequila; Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones wasn't such a high roller the night he and his entourage allegedly ignited a brawl in a Las Vegas strip club that ended in the shooting of three people, the club owner says.

Rob Susnar, co-owner of the new Minxx Gentlemen's Club and Lounge, Monday questioned initial police reports that put $81,000 — supposedly used by Jones to shower 40 strippers in a practice known as "making it rain" — in the hands of the troubled football player about 5 a.m. Feb. 19. Club employees changed $3,500 into singles for the sports star, said Susnar, who was not there himself.

The $81,000 that police recovered from the hotel room of the Houston club promoter who organized a four-day party at Minxx contained cash that Jones and other celebrities threw on stage and money that the promoter collected at the door from the $100 cover charge, Susnar said.

Susnar said he didn't want to see Jones, a man he says he hates and blames for the paralyzing of one of his newest bouncers and the potential collapse of his new business, claim tens of thousands of dollars that don't belong to the player.

The recovered money was stored in a safe in promoter Chris Mitchell's room at the Silverton Hotel and Casino, according to a police search warrant that says it is "in all probability, the money from Adam 'Pacman' Jones' plastic bag."

An eyewitness and club employee, who asked not to be named out of fear for his safety, said he saw Jones before the brawl reaching into a black, plastic trash bag and throwing fistfuls of bills into the air while the player danced on stage with the strippers. He didn't know how much was in the bag.

Meanwhile, rapper Nelly and producer Jermaine Dupri, who left once the fight broke out, displayed their money in blocks of $1,000, peeling off bills and tossing them over the dancers, the employee said.

Susnar estimated that the music celebrities threw about $10,000 in bills.

A spokesman for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department would not comment on the origins of the money found in Mitchell's hotel room.

"We're done talking about it," Bill Cassel said. "The investigation is continuing. We will not release any more information at this point."


First off..this club owner is totally doing a back-pedal here to try and ave his club. You can't trash pro athletes and then think others will show up to party there.

As someone said the other day, hundreds of dollars, 4am and a strip club just equals trouble.

Not saying this is going to happen to Leonard, gee we don’t even know Leonard…but this rash of football and basketball related violent stories is just too much.


But HEY… it ain’t only sports stars that lead lives of privilege and get away with things we’d be in jail for.

C’mon down to Memphis and be a big time politician…if you are, you don’t have to pay business taxes, property taxes, utility bills…

The Ford’s of Memphis are a four generation family with clout here in this area. City councilman Edmund Ford’s utility bill on his business and home is $16,000.00…not a penny paid.

About $3 thousand on business taxes…unpaid.

But Edmund Ford isn’t the only one getting free utilities around here. So are 5 other city council members and ..OH let’s not overlook the MAYOR!


My concentration is off this week with thoughts of Birmingham this weekend. Yes, I am excited to see Taylor Hicks in concert, but more so, I am excited to meet the 50 people who will be congregating there for the concert.

Some I don’t know other then some emails and they email names.. others have become special people in my life.

We have laughed together online. We have suffered sad times together. We bonded over Mr. Hicks, yes…but we stayed together because we found we liked each other.

Then, as has been said by others, there are some people who could not make the trip for various reasons and it was cause a hole in the festivities.

We will be calling some on our cells from the concert to allow them to experience part of it. We have promised some to make posters with their names on it so when we take a group photo, they can be shown “in spirit.”

Some of you are laughing now and wondering what the attraction is to this singer. I just say, buy his CD and put on “Places I’ve Been” or “Just To Feel That Way” or or “The Right Place””Soul Thing” or “The Deal” (the last two original compositions) and listen to his ability to take some words and make them special.

But as I said, it will be the time before and after the concert that will create the lasting memories of friendship.


Gonna play Midweek Musical Meme tomorrow
and report on American Idol…



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BIG SHOT: Billy Joel; Composer: Billy Joel


16 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Perfect tunage!

    Ah the lives of the overpaid...

    Looking forward to the trip too, and yes.. some will be sorely missed. She's getting extra glitter remember? LOL


  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Insanity. UGH. Well I loved the Cowboys and have followed them for my entire life. That said I have always disliked Jerry Jones. That dislike became deeper when he signed Terrell Owens. And now he has gone the route of so many baseball owners--essentially 'making it rain' for these players in some desperate attempt to 'buy' victory. ugh.

    I am also very excited about BHAM.It's going to be great to finally meet some and wonderful to reunite with others. And we will hold the ones who cannot be there in our hearts.

    4 more days!!!


  5. Julie Says:
  6. I hope to be with you in spirit too! I love sharing in the excitement of these concerts. I'm hoping to go to the Columbus OH show....hoping....


  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. As long as PacMan had fun. Maybe he will be at the Taylor Hicks concert!!

  9. Good choice of "Big Shot," although the song should be titled "Big SNOT" for all of the crap that spews from these so-called "star" athletes.


    I LOVE me some big-time sports, but I am disgusted by the behavior of these gangsta wannabes and punks that think that money buys them class. My parents were almost as poor as dirt, and yet they had more class in their little fingers than the entire Baltimore Ravens defensive line.

    And people wonder why I like the doofus-type boys like Peyton Manning...

    Have fun this weekend, and be sure to post lots of photos upon your return!

  10. AtriaBooks Says:
  11. Bond: Have you ever made it rain?

  12. Angell Says:

    I wanna go to B'ham with everyone!!!!


    You won't forget about me will you?

  14. Meribah Says:
  15. Wooo! Hope you have lots of fun, Vinny...and TRY to stay out of trouble, Hmmm? There's not enough bail money for alla yez. LOL

  16. Maryfly Says:
  17. SMOOCH!

  18. Maryfly Says:
  19. SMOOCH!

    no comment on the stupidity of celebraties.

  20. ANNDI: Tunage was easy today... and ty KISS

    TURN: HAHA "rain" but yup Baseball owners will never be able to dry that the union has harmed them- they did it themselves..

    JULIE: crossing fingers for you dear

    MATT-MAN: why would he be there ..will there be strippers?

    SONGBIRD: Yes the few ruin the image for all.. "doofus-boy..bwahahahahahahahah I like Peyton also

    DOC: Ummmm... Do I look like someone with that kind of cash????

    ANGELL: We will have you there in spirit

    MERI: I will call Bruno and guido if i need bail money.. LOL

    MARY: SMOOCH to you also darling.

  21. Travis Cody Says:
  22. Getting here late with a big ball of fluff between my ears. I am so tired.

    Excellent choice of song for this post.

    Cheers for the weekend!

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. I WANNA MEET BOND...I promise not to thud!

  25. Anndi Says:
  26. Dana.. I'll let you know if it's possible! If you haven't heard from me by Sunday night... call the Mounties!

    *packs clean unstained thud mat cause Turn's is still under analysis*

  27. TRAVIS: Get some rest my friend.. we will have you in our minds and hearts this weekend...

    DANA: Ah shucks ma'am....I am sure I am not a thudding kinda guy

    ANNDI: It is totally possible

  28. Tug Says:
  29. The wrong people (sports, singers) get paid WAY too much, while others (teachers, health care) get paid way too little. Unfair.

    HAVE.FUN.IN.BIRMINGHAM........my daddy's hometown. ;-)


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