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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 07, 2007


BLAKE LEWIS: Another song of the same style – hip hop/R&B…Has not shown any versatility so far…Not saying he doesn’t do it well, but what happens when we get to the themes? Blake, thank you for not beat-boxing though. Not bad…He has been better.

SANJAYA MALAKAR – oh no…the voice is just not ready…Squeeky, pitchy, raspy… boring…. We disliked this performance a lot. He is way out of his league.

SUNDANCE HEAD: Oh my… Is it our ears, or was he off-key badly at the beginning? He struggled trying to hit the notes the whole song. There was no excitement from the crowd until the end. Extremely pitchy.

CHRIS RICHARDSON: Began a little pitchy…but then pulled it back and sounded very good. Last week we questioned if he could do different styles. He listened and changed it up tonight and did a fine job. I am impressed with his choice.

JARED COTTER: During theme weeks, they make them sing tough songs. Why would someone pick Stevie Wonder on their own. You will be compared to one of the legends…and unless you are incredible, the comparison will hurt you. His weakest performance to date. Just did not make the song memorable, It wasn’t horrible… but eh….

BRANDON ROGERS: Not a great song to showcase your voice… Wrong time to bring something like this out. And I don’t think he did it very well on top of that. His timing seemed off near the end. Very forgettable.

PHIL STACEY: Very off-pitch to start…again, when he belts it, he is much better, but he hurt himself this week…his entire song was shaky – start to finish. The song was a very bad choice.

CHRIS SLIGH: Finally, someone who owns the song this week. He took advantage of the “pimp spot” and showed how off all the other guys were tonight. His vocals were the best of the evening, though not his best performance of the competition.

The guys, once again, showed how much weaker they are then the girls…It was – overall – a very boring show…





Wonder if we sound like a broken record on these picks….let’s see if America wakes up and finally listened.


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14 Of Your Sparks

  1. Piacere Says:
  2. Why is it I can remember these old tunes but I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday?????

    OK, here goes:

    Song: Sweetness
    Band: Yes
    Album: Yes (?)
    Members: Jon Anderson
    Chris Squire
    Tony Kaye
    Bill Bruford
    Peter Banks

    "Roundabout" is still my fav, though...


    Pia 'da Pledge

  3. Mags Says:
  4. I didn't see it, but my guess is that America won't vote that way.

  5. Julie Says:
  6. Yup we pretty much agree on the top and the bottom. Except something bothered me about Chris R this week...I don't know.....

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Hate to tell you this but Sanjaya isn't going anywhere. He has the teeny-bop vote and they are doing crazy voting for him. But I agree with all of your assements. I knew Sligh would rock, he had the pimp spot, and that isn't saying much for the lot of them. The girls are kicking butt this year.

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. How the hell can you diss somebody named Sundance Head!?

  11. Anndi Says:
  12. Idol.. well, the boys were disappointing overall.. I enjoyed the reggae feel to Blake's performance, that was refreshing. Chris Sligh did a real good job.. so basically I almost never looked up from my laptop the whole time... Chris R was a bit pitchy but I also like that he shows some versatility.

    Sundance needs to go.. he gets worse every week...

    Looking forward to the girls.. man I have to start packing...

    Mid week musical MeMe

    I'm late but I'll play anyway...

    The Band : Yes
    The song : Sweetness (it was their debut single)
    The year: 1969 (the year I was born.. yes.. you now know my age..)
    The album: YES
    The band members: Lead singer Jon Anderson; bassist/vocalist, Chris Squire; Tony Kaye on keyboards; Peter Banks, on guitar; and drummer Bill Bruford.

    I was introduced to Yes by this cool chick named Marie-France back in what would be junior high school. She kinda looked like Tracy Chapman, she is also responsible for helping me discover Styxx… man I hadn’t thought of her in AGES!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.. Great Song, Great Band..


  13. Angell Says:
  14. Gotta agree with a lot of what you said. I like Blake, Chris S, and Phil - yes he did lousy this week, but I see so much potential in him.

    As usual, can't figure out the music, but it's a soothing tune - desperately needed halfway during this day from hell I've had.

    I hope the girls do better tonight..


  15. Liz Hill Says:
  16. Well i am glad i didn't miss anything good. I was with some local hoochies feasting on mussels fra diavolo, provencal, meurniere, blue cheese and saffron, lots of yummy bread and frites and a lovely 2004 Bordeaux YUMMY

  17. BeckEye Says:
  18. You were kind to Sundance. I was not.

  19. MAGS: Fingers crossed they do

    JULIE: He wasn't great.. but so much better then the others

    BUSY: We can only hope they didn't vote hard enough.. This kid can not get into the 12

    MATT-MAN: If he was 1/2 way good I wouldn't - but gosh he sucks

    ANGELL: I am sure the girls will do better - as the judges all said.. only 3 maybe 4 of the guys deserve to come back next week

    TURN: Glad you enjoyed your meal because the show sucked

    BECKEYE: LOL I didn't think I was kind... and the hairstyle... HA

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  21. PIA and ANNDI.. you two rock...

    always getting it right
    I can not get one past either of you

    You both earn a place in the MIDWEEK MUSICAL MEME HALL OF FAME

  22. Travis Cody Says:
  23. Wasn't much to enjoy last night. I'm expecting better from the gals tonight.

  24. Tisha! Says:
  25. God's gift to us ladies Vinnie! mouaaah


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