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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well.. only two of you played this week..

As such, We are retiring the Mid-Week Musical Meme
At least for a while...the enthusiasm for it is not there.
Wednesday's will, most likely, still be devoted to our first love...
MUSIC...but in some other fashion.

Congrats to our final winners...These two ladies enter our
for their outstanding performances over the weeks.

Band: YES
Album: YES
Band Members:

Some More Of YES



Well, it can not be as horrible as last night…this is where the main talent lies this year.

I think the judges were kind when they said 4 of the men deserved to move on…
THE COUCH puts that number at three…

Paula had to do something for Randy under the desk???? WOOOOOOOO can you say … ummm no I can’t

JORDIN SPARKS: One of our spoilers in past weeks…she came out a bit pitchy tonight…Got better in the middle of the song and think she did well enough to move on. If she finds her place, she could be here a long time.

SABRINA SLOAN :Again, came out pitchy and shaky..and found herself in the middle. NOT her best performance by a long shot. Pounded the last note and showed her pipes…but not the best. Solid…unfortunately the song choice did not help her. She will be back next week.

ANTONELLA BARBA: OK, her friend should have been here and this girl needs to be home sitting on toilets and posing naked… Horrible performance… Pitchy…raspy…a wreck…then the judges rip her again and call out to America “It is a singing competition NOT a beauty show… she should NOT be back.

HALEY SCARNATO: OH NO… last big chance and she picked a bad song and then sang it badly…very boring …no life… no personality… yawwwwwwn.. could have been part of the boy’s night …did I say yawn???

STEPHANIE EDWARDS: Excellent performance…sweet notes… great phrasing…big last note… got a little pitchy in the middle, but otherwise…Stephanie could be a real spoiler (We know – we said that already). Stephanie is totally here next week.

LAKISHA JONES: OH MY…this girl just makes the chills come up and down the spine…I am not sure it was her best performance, but it was incredible… She WILL be back.

GINA GLOCKSEN: Well she is taking some advice and reverted to her rocker personality…She showed she has a real powerful voice and can work a song and the stage. Got a bit pitchy and lost the singing a bit, but it shows she deserves to be here and whould be in the 12 next week.

MELINDA DOOLITTLE: When she first started, we were a bit nervous...could she do the phrasing needed for this very difficult song? WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW....the answer is (just like our mystery group), Y-E-S!!! She brings so much fun to the stage and enjoys herself and can sing like the dickens…She received the Pimp Spot and took it by the neck and just owned it… once again…I got chills all over. At this point the odds on favorite to win the whole thing in our opinion.




Let’s see if the little boys who are voting for her take Doc Blogstein’s advice and not vote for Antonella. Guys, let her go and then Playboy will come calling and you can see even more of her.

Results tomorrow….


Music Codes: Best Audio Codes

Headers: 2007VEM

I'VE SEEN ALL GOOD PEOPLE: Yes; Composers: Jon Anderson & Chris Squire

ROUNDABOUT: Yes; Composers: Jon Anderson & Steve Howe


21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Hey, babe, what's your definition of "pitchy?" I've been trying to deduce from context, but I'm getting confused...(easy for me, I know, I know).

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. America must get this right for the gals - send Antonella and Haley home. Neither one is up for this - the one cause she can't sing and the other cause this just isn't the best avenue for her.

  4. Mimi Lenox Says:
  5. BlogBlast for Peace banner at the top of your blog. You are the first person to do so! I was beginning to wonder if anyone even read the post that day. Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging others to do the same. I can't wait for June 6th.

    Mimi (on the groovy peace globe hunt)

  6. Mimi Lenox Says:
  7. Forgot...Have a blast in Birmingham and take lots of pictures!

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. But I didn't know the song - don't stop with it because I do enjoy guessing, but I'm not all that good at it. I agree with you on the girls!

  10. SONGBIRD: To me when I say pitchy, I mean their voice changed pitches while singing and/or they "broke" the notes...i.e. I can not sing worth a dam.. my voice is all pitchy

    TRAVIS: Totally agree bud... I just hope the little boys opt to see Antonella in Playboy and not on AI

    MIMI: I was with it from the moment I found out last year my friend and will help promote it this year again...Just thought you would hold it on the 16th! LOL A Great day of the month! Will have tons of pictures from everyone there and will share links and pictures next week.

    DANA: There will be music on Wednesdays, but if only two people participate it just isn't fun...and if I make it soooo easy - well then .. LOL YOOOOO HOOO RADAR THE CAT...COME HOME TO DANA!

  11. Anndi Says:
  12. Darn.. well at least I still get to give Pia a run for her money at Movie Trivia over at Mary's (when I get there faster than her LOL)

    Thanks .. I've had a lot of fun playing...

    Excellent choices for tunage, great analysis.. Will America stop voting for herjust cause she's hot (I want her boots.. Julie and I are gonna get em I tell ya!)

    OOH gotta finish packing.. there's the pesky matter of work getting in the way.. I shall succeed in the no checked luggage quest if it kills me!

    BHAM bound in 2 days!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


  13. Unknown Says:
  14. Again, we are on the same wave length. I'm agreeing with you this year...wuz up wit dat?? LOL!

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Yo, from Philly, Couch! Why don't we call it a day and give Lakisha or Melinda the title? Really, it's a contest between them. Voices that soar above the others, and humble, to boot. America loves the combination. Jordin Sparks could be the dark horse. I can see the younger crowd going with her. She's adorable, with a pretty good pop voice!

    This week? Haley and Antonella are history. Or, at least I hope Antonella will go. What on earth is this country thinking? When I think of all the other, better singers who could have had that spot, it makes me cringe. But really, this is a monster that Simon created. He was her champion all the way through Hollywood--up until they got to the live shows and he had to really listen to her sing. I think he got caught up in her "marketability." Now he's seen the (spot)light. Too bad he didn't realize it before she sucked up three weeks of airtime.

    Hope all is well down yonder. Best wishes, Gretchen

  17. AtriaBooks Says:
  18. Bond: I got to tell you, this post had a lot of "Yo" You really brought it home, Dawg.

  19. ANNDI: You two are awesome at this -- Jeopardy calls for you --We don't need America to stop voting for her - just prepubescent boys - Don't get stopped at customs...

    BUSY: OH NO..scary thought -- you and I agreeing...the world is sure to implode now!

    GRETCHEN: great to see you...hope all is well...I truly think Stephanie could be a spoiler if -- say LaKisha has an off week when we get down to the last 4-5...I fully expect to see four girls standing at the end...

    DOC: Who knew you could channel Howard Stern AND Randy Jackson Dawg... You have a huge YO factor

  20. Hmm, I stopped when I wasn't being challenged anymore.


  21. Schmoop Says:
  22. Why is your post clear down the screen? Are you trying to hide from me?

  23. DIANA: You would have made a good opponent for PIA and ANNDI

    MATT: my presumption is you are blind and your screen resolution is very large... this caused the BLOG FOR PEACE to push the center column down...
    I have adjusted it so that other then 600 x 800, you should be fine to see THE COUCH as it is meant to be seen.

  24. Liz Hill Says:
  25. From the little attention i paid them your review is pretty much spot on sugar. Two days!!!! Smooch

  26. Tug Says:
  27. Sorry I don't play the Wednesday thing, but I really suck at that stuff...

    Totally agree with all you said on AI, but I still think LaKisha's one of the top 2...

  28. Schmoop Says:
  29. What did you call me?

  30. Angell Says:
  31. WOW - should have made it here sooner. LOL.

    I keep TRYING to participate in the music, but I'm just not that smart. :D

    I totally agree with you on the ladies - and Gina, Lakisha and Melinda are my girls to beat this year. I think that Stephanie and Sabrina have great voices, but there's something about them I just don't like. And as for Jordin, she's great, but needs experience. She'll be there for awhile, but not until the end.

    Have fun in Bham - and don't forget to remember me.

  32. hey bond! thanks so much for the cruise ship! it was wonderful... the captain didn't believe me at first when i told him you gave it to me, but he finally gave me the keys. funny thing, they had one of those little bobber thingys on them so they would float if they fell in the water! ha ha....

    smiles, bee

  33. Meribah Says:
  34. My favs this year are Melinda and Lakisha. Those two DEFINITELY have the IT factor. I sure hope Antonella goes tonight, but I fear she will stay to torment us for a little while longer! The only one among the boys I like is Chris Sligh. I do believe the boys will be picked off quickly when it gets down to the top 12.

  35. Twyla Says:
  36. Missed both shows this week, but hoping to catch the results show long as it doesn't coincide with Survivor. LOL I have a strange taste in tv shows.
    Have a great trip this weekend. I'm sure it's going to be a blast. :-)


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