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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We are going to try this for music today... the video is not the main point.. the music should be used as background for the post...


You may have seen the posts on SKITTLES site or over at MO’s It’s a Blog Eat Blog World about the Bobby Griffin’s site Bestest Blog Of All Time.

The site, which brought us an entire world of blog friends has disintegrated into a giant Pay Per Post site. Bobby does not seem to do daily updates and has left the nominations up to the guest reviewers.

There also seems to be a second site, allegedly run by his wife that is supposed to be about weight loss, but is anything but.

Tonight, before I even heard about this situation, we received an email from Bobby asking us to join another community that would bring me closer to other bloggers.

Now, we have a friend who has blasted this site as a scam in the past. We saw some of their points, but felt others were not as important. Yes, we have paid for a premium ranking when THE COUCH was named Bestest.

It felt kind of wrong, but we figured, it was how things were done. When we became a user of the site way back when, our traffic went up, but more importantly, we found new friends.

It is unfortunate that a great idea seems to have become a grab for the dollar.

As others have done, we are pulling the Random Button off THE COUCH and the link to Bestest is also going.

We will not remove the Badge that announces that THE COUCH was named BEST BLOG OF THE DAY on January 18, 2007. Why you may ask?

Well for a simple reason. Our nomination was made by Starrlight, (who has been missing way too long)one of the special people we met through the Bestest site. She was allowed to name anyone and she named THE COUCH. In doing so, she wrote some words that touched us. If we were to take the badge off my site it would feel that we were dishonoring her and that would be wrong.

Everyone has to make their own decision on this. This is my decision.


Recently, a meme has been going around called the Thinking Blog Award. Some of our friends have been honored with this award and we have read their posts and been touched and educated by them.

Our good friend Travis was awarded this honor and his post was quite enlightening.

He pointed out that the originator of this meme seems to have a disdain for bloggers who have fun with their blogs. That all blogs are supposed to be serious endeavors…

Well, we are going to continue in our ways… hope Bobby comes to his senses and comes back from the dark side and continue to write for our enjoyment with the sincere hope that you also have fun when you come over and sit…


So, Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose. Of NINE different prescription drugs including a powerful sleep syrup she was known to swig out of the bottle.

When we saw this yesterday, the vision in our mind was of Howard K. Smith's hand down her throat shoving pills in saying "OOPS, sorry that was an accident."

How many people have to go from an "accidental" overdose while this guy is around before someone starts to scratch their head ans say "HUMMMMMMMMMMM?"


Baseball starts in SIX DAYS.... I am totally pissed at Major League Baseball. They have solidified their deal with DirectTV as the exclusive carrier of their MLB package. This impacts us now that we are not in the NY market and can't see the Yankees whenever we want.

Our only option is to buy the package that provides streaming video on our computer...There are some real good things about the cable/satellite evolution for television...THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM...BUD SELIG---You SUCK!


The next time you call the local pizza place and order the large cheese and pepperoni in the Cincinnati area, you might get something extra...a flyer attached to the top of the box with pictures of those slimy scum... deadbeat dads! Yup, local authorities have handed out the flyer's to local pizzerias and they are being taped to the top of boxes.

They say that only one arrest has been made, but they have seen an increase in payment of child support. We think this is an EXCELLENT IDEA!

Of course there are the detractors. The American Coalition of Fathers & Children say kids may be devastated by seeing their dads picture on the box.

OH YEAH, me thinks that these kids who are struggling to have the necessities in life will be devastated by learning their dads ARE DREGS WHO ONLY GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THEMSELVES!


We have been told by reliable sources that the following item is NOT about Bee and Sarge. It seems two passengers fell overboard from a cabin deck of the Grand Princess which was sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. They were each treated and released and have asked that the "circumstances of their fall remain private."

They fell over a foot foot high railing... hummm just high enough so that if she sat on the railing..

OH, never mind...OK, we will now allow each of you out there to imagine what these two kiddies were doing on the 4 foot railing to cause them to fall....

No, kiddies, they were not married....


That's it for today...

36 Of Your Sparks

  1. WHAT IS IT WITH BLOGGER? As is usually the case, I post around 11 PM CDT. So I need to manually set the date and time on my posts to show the next day. I looked and comments and links were set to allow, yet it appears Blogger decided to reset itself AGAIN to not allow both. This has happened a few times in the last few weeks..ARG

    Because of that, I will need to post comments by a few people who came by last evening.


    I couldn’t find a link to post a comment on your Tuesday post, so I thought I would e-mail you.

    Regarding Bobby and this whole Bestest Blog shit, it doesn’t really upset me all that much personally because I don’t rely on hits to come from his sites. I’ve been finding readers on my own through various methods. When I was named BBOTD, I didn’t make the “suggested donation” because a donation is just that – a voluntary giving of something (in this case, money), and since I didn’t want to give, I didn’t.

    I think the people who feel “scammed” by this were putting way too much stock in what this site COULD (not WOULD) do for them, plus I think they put way too much money into that expectation. But, that’s just my humble opinion. I give my money to very few people if I can; worthy causes, yes; donations for people in the hopes that they’ll read me? Nada.

    Anyway, you might check out Peg’s post on this subject, just for a different perspective:

    Just my thoughts…


    Hey V,

    Checked your blog before heading to zzzz-ville. Looks like your comments are set to private for the Tuesday post...which was excellent.

    Thanks for the shout out.


    I hope you saw the difference in my post about Bobby then others. I made a pssing comment about numbers, but overlaid that with the statement that it brought me new friends...
    My displeasure (and to be perfectly honest - it has been bothering me for a while now) is that he seems to be disinterested in the whole community he organized.
    It seems that 90% of his posts are PPP related.
    My sidebar is for place I want my guest to visit for interesting content, not ADS.
    If he is not interested in this community, then why should I be?
    My donation was made not to get more readers per say but to show thanks for all his hard work in providing a place for me to find some excellent blogs.
    Well if the hard work is not there then I feel ripped off.

    TRAVIS: Glad you enjoyed today's blog.

  5. Mags Says:
  6. Bond: Well, they weren't married, so they couldn't have been having sex....hmmm...I wonder what they WERE doing...playing scrabble?


    The Bestest thing gets me too. I was completely put off by his asking for money once I got Bestest and after that I pretty much never visited. It seems like he did the whole "bestest of the day" thing to build readership and then posted TONS and TONS of ppp after we were there.

    Oh well...lucky for him I didn't pay money. I'd be super super pissed if that was the case.

  7. AtriaBooks Says:
  8. I'm sure we'll see Bobby Griffin on Dateline sometime soon!

  9. Angell Says:
  10. I kept meaning to get over to the Bestest Blog site but never actually made it. It's sad that there isn't anything on this Earth anymore that we can enjoy without having to pay for it. :( If I get hits, it's going to be because people enjoy what I write. If I don't get any, yes, it's upsetting, because I truly enjoy feedback on what I write. But I know my friends come by, and that's enough. New friends are great to make, and I've had several new visitors from links on blogs such as The Couch. That's good enough for me. (PS- I luv y'all).

    Me thinks me has an idea of what those two kids were up to, but for decorum's sake, I'll just WINK.

  11. AtriaBooks Says:
  12. By the way, I gave it to him good on his site!

  13. Vinny: It's all a matter of perspective, and yes, I did see the differences in your post versus others regarding this Bestest Blog "scandal."

    I also did not visit his blog much when I started noticing all the PPP posts. But, I didn't send a donation once I got the BBOTD designation. I was more than a little surprised when I got that e-mail asking for a "donation" when I thought I was being singled out without any expectation on his part, especially since my award came not from him but from Starrlight (whom I agree, has been gone far too long).

    I did find one or two great blogs as a result of his blog, and I suppose a donation to him could have been given in thanks for that. To be frank, most of the blogs I read were found as a result of my own research, and I guess I didn't think I needed to pay him for that!

    I'm sorry others felt scammed by him, but I guess I'm surprised that people would give him money. If he had made the same "promises" via the telephone rather than a blog, would he have gotten the donations he has?

    Anyway, the rest of your post was excellent as usual. I hadn't heard about the pizza/deadbeat dad thing, but I find that absolutely wonderful. I think these deadbeats need to be humiliated and persecuted (as well as prosecuted), and what better way to do that than with a forum that is used by so many peoople? Love it!

  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. I have been trying to buy up all of the pizza boxes before my face is exposed. Cheers!!

  16. Peg Says:
  17. I'm laughing about your comment on my blog--if you want, I'll write you a note to give your boss. I'll sign it "Peggy, as she is"...or better yet, "Signed, Vinnie's Mother" heh, heh, heh...

    I think you do a good job in putting your perspective on the Bobby thing to words, btw...and I'll say again, as with you, I found some of the finest bloggers via BBOTD...yourself included.

    Perfect segueway for me to tell you LOVED the Rogers Bay story. Just awesome!

    Oh, and as the wife of a dutifully paying non-custodial father, (who has ALWAYS paid the court ordered support in full & on time, even when his atrocious ex flat-out lied to the court system about her job status and income level thus giving herself a temporary and BOGUS increase of $150 a week and leaving our family to just figure out where to find that money so WE could eat...) I say, if you don't pay your support--and you're behind, you deserve all the negative publicity you will get from the pizza boxes. And honestly, if the support is that far behind, methinks the custodial parent isn't going to be serving take-out anyway, so the 'embarassment factor' wouldn't really apply.

    Glad, too that Bee & Sarge are safe and sound!!

  18. Tug Says:
  19. I'm with you on the whole Anna Nicole thing...and LOVE the idea of deadbeat dads on pizza - they should be posted everywhere!!

  20. I refuse to pay money for anything having to do with my blog. If people come to read, it is because of word of mouth from other readers and that is how it will stay unless someone likes it enough to critique it without a donation.

    Howard K. Stern.... what a shady bastard. I really hope that baby isn't his, poor thing.

    I'm from Cincinnati!!

    How do TWO people just happen to fall off a boat together. I wonder if it was a suicide pact.

  21. An appropiate song.

  22. TopChamp Says:
  23. Sounds good to me. I had noticed this about bestest blog and have not been there for a while. Never really understood the pay thing and couldn't be bothered to find out.

    So now I understand. And I'll take down my link, not that I think anyone has ever used it.

    You and Trav are very thought-provoking this week.

  24. Travis Cody Says:
  25. Skittles reviewed me for BBOTD, and if I had ever gotten a badge for my site I would continue to proudly display it, because she took the time to tell people about my blog. It was a wonderful surprise and I appreciated it. I never heard from this Bobby.

    I agree with you about the community. I've found most of the blogs I visit through links on those sites. Or through memes.

    I'm enjoying the whole experience because of the diversity of what I find. And it has nothing to do with any particular search for information or debate. I find it fascinating to read what ordinary folk like me have to say, about whatever topic they choose.

    I could go on, and maybe I will in a post.

  26. Twyla Says:
  27. The whole BBOTD thing...
    I've read both sides and I really don't have any opinion. I'm staying out of it. I do hate the PPP though. Urgh.

  28. Tisha! Says:
  29. Hello Bond baby!

    Darn shame about Bestest Blog.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Travis' post on the thinking blog meme and like you both I just enjoy myself on my blog regardless of what anyone says, keep enjoying yourself sweetie! When you enjoy so do we!

    Much love!

  30. MAGS: Ah the innocence of youth! LOL
    I was never pissed I sent money, as he introduced me to so many people I may have never found, or would never have found THE COUCH...but it is his lack of concern for the community that gets to me.

    DOC: Tonight on to build up readership and then barrage them with ads...

    ANGELL; Everyone goes for their own reasons... and winking back teeheee

    SONGBIRD; Liked your points on B.G. and you sending me to Peggy gave me a new insight also... the pizza box is excellent - other cities should follow suit.

    MATT-MAN: too late, i ordered from a Cincinnati pizza place last tuesday and got my pizza yesterday - it was cold but I saw you there.

    PEGGY: ended up the boss was out, so he never noticed! LOL
    We are totally on the same page about Bobby.
    Glad you enjoyed Rogers bay... not sure how a 52 year old male wrote about 16 year old females.. but it came out of the dark place that is my brain!

    TUG: As i said before, othere cities should follow suit on the pizza box postings

    108: I am not sure it was suicide they were thinking of!


    TOPCHAMP: Ty for your kind words and everyone has to make their own decisions on Bestest.

    TRAVIS: That is one of the things that disappointed me when I heard people were not getting the badges. The hell with the visits...but if you build it and they come you DAMN WELL better keep the place up and running.

  31. Maryfly Says:
  32. Hottie! great post! serious blog? what the heck are they and why would I want to only read them?


  33. I agree with you evaluation. I cannot get YES because my cable company considers this Red Sox land. All of CT but my six town area can get YES. So I asked about MLB's "Extra Innings". I was told the Yanks are blacked out because the is YANKS land.

    Go figure.

  34. Unknown Says:
  35. Well, I quit visiting BBOTD when I realized all those PPP-Ads... most of them written in such a bigheaded sound, but the fake weight-loss blog made me remove my link and random-blog button. You know how hard it was for me to get rid of the 130+ pounds... Playing tricks on overweight persons (esp. to make money)is definitely not acceptable.

  36. Piacere Says:
  37. Same crap with blogger happened to me this morning, too. And I was here at the crack of dawn but didn't post because I was working (which is what I should be doing right now but I took 5 so I could stop by for a second...SMOOCH!!).

    RE: Bestest Blog...I don't do no stinkin' PPP...fuggedaboutit...I have morals (STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!!!).


  38. Hottie ... you will get to see alot of the St. Louis Cardinal's games... LOL... GO CARDS!!!!

    I did not know about all the drama with the BBOTD.... thanks

    Ok as far as the dead beat dad thing... I say "Oh heck yeah"... well everyone know that I'm dealing with one...

    Ok, going over to Bee's to make sure it wasn't me who fell off the boat... I was wearing my bikini backwards a few days ago.. *giggles*

  39. Coco Says:
  40. Makes me want to go out and buy take-out pizza, just to see ...

  41. Meribah Says:
  42. I've never been to the Bestest Blog Of All Time blog, so I didn't know about the stuff going on there, which is probably just as well it turns out.
    I'm not sure what to make of the whole Anna Nicole Smith accidental drug overdose thing. Maybe she committed suicide? **shrugs**
    As for the deadbeat dads pics on pizza boxes...sounds like a good idea to me! If it makes 'em take responsibility for their kids, I'm all for it!

  43. MARY: TY Smooch

    BUD: This is the worst thing that has happened since I moved...

    SANNI: it really is too bad...

    PIA: Love your visits..SMOOCH

    DIXIE: Dear I am a YANKEE FAN...I knew you would like the dead-beat story...LOL Maybe it WAS you over on the cruise

    COCO: LOL have to go to Cincinnati LOL

    MERI: Thanks for the input... I don;t think it was suicide with a new baby....

  44. Anndi Says:
  45. To say that Bobby Griffin is responsible for creating a community makes me snarf. He may have led you to someone's site... but has in no way any impact on whether you'll visit it again. There are some fabulous blogs out there that have nothing to do with Bestest Blog.

    I'll say it if you won't Vince.. it was I who ranted about all this a while back .. I did it in public, on my blog and was very vocal about it. So no need to keep my identity private.

    I visited Bestest Blog to get a feel for what it was.. and was turned off immediately.

    If the premise really was to find the 'best' blogs (and who can really judge what is a best blog) then it seems he lost his prime directive QUITE some time ago.

    So.. when someone nominates something for best of the day.. do they actually have to spend a day scouring the blogosphere?.. Preferably randomly instead of hanging in a tight circle of people in order to find a true 'best blog OF THE DAY'? .. no wait.. that would be wrong.. nepotism would cease to exist... what was I thinking?!

    Sorry, but I think it's a load of Bull...

    That's always been my opinion and the more I see, the stronger it becomes.

    "Badges!? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!!"

    So... that couple... balancing on the top railing explains why she fell.. but why did he?

    Accidentally taking 9 drugs?.. suuuuuuuuuure...

    "Hey Tommy.. I saw your Dad's pic on my dinner last night"

    Those slimy sperm donors.. can't be bothered to care for their kids financially but they have their emotional and psychological best interest at heart.. excuse me while I go buy the Brooklyn Bridge.. Can you believe I guy is selling it to me dirt cheap?

  46. ANN: Yes, you have said it before, but I believed that was what was being built there.

    I guess I was living in a Nirvana...

    Maybe he went to grab her as she fell over? maybe he was on the rail and she was on top of him... maybe it was a complete accident...maybe they will sue for millions of dollars... maybe a sea monster came out of the water and dragged them down.. let's go ask bee and Sarge... LOL
    LOL make sure it isn't the Williamsburgh Bridge and they are telling you it is the Brooklyn Bridge.. I heard that scam is happening now... LOL

  47. Cathy Says:
  48. Bond, great post...As for blogger and comments. It has been happening alot on my posts also. I make sure it is set to allow comments, and then somehow, it has been changing to not allow comments...grrr.

    As for Anna Nicole Smith. I feel exactly as you do. Howard Stern is involved with her and her son's death. I would bet good money on it. It is just all to stange. How is he getting away with all this? He is a madman in my opinion and will do anything to keep that baby and the money that comes with her.

    As for Bobby's site...Here is some things I feel about it..I believe some people really don't understand that when we sent money..WE WERE NOT donating to Bobby's pocket...

    He was selling a service and we bought it. See, when I "donate" I would not ever just find a website and decide I want to send this guy some money. I DONATE to the Alzheimer's assos. or to St Judes children;s research hosital. At Bobby's, I bought a service that he was offering. FOr each dollar donated my blog would be put into the link exchange an extra time.

    Many people seem to have forgotten this was the purpose of the whole donation thing. It was not money that we just sent him personally!

    Now, I do feel that I certainly got my 50.00 worth from him. I met you through that site! I also met many of my other blog friends that I would not have had the opportunity to meet, if not for him. So for me personally, Im not that upset with him.

    But, I do understand why some people are. Other's obviously don't understand that this money was paying for a service, and then that service was discontinued, through no fault of our own. Hell yes, people are going to be mad.

    Bobby had a good thing going there. Im sorry for him that he seems to have screwed it all up. I hope he realizes what he has done and decides to get himself back on track, and make something of his blog again. There is great potential for him there, if he takes the right road.

    Take care my friend!...:)

  49. Barb Says:
  50. When I first mentioned my problem with Bestest it was an afterthought almost.. the second half of another post. I thought it may get a comment or two then fade away into obscurity (archives). Boy was I wrong!

    What really surprised me was how very many people commented and said the same thing.. and a lot of those were bloggers who had staunchly supported, promoted and participated in Bestest and carnivals, etc.

    When I first found Bestest, through the next blog button (I'll email you about that).. I saw the premium list and knew if my blog was going to get exposure I needed to be on it. I emailed Bobby and asked him how much I needed to pay (yes, pay) to be visible on it.. as at that time not all the premiums were showing. At that time he said at least $10. He also told me he could guarantee me hits, but it was up to me to keep them coming back.

    Yes, as my payments went higher, so did my hits. But I think I made it clear too that it wasn't the number of hits, it was the great people I was meeting. After I made it to the top of that list, he emailed me once and told me someone else had made a donation that would put them in the top spot if I didn't contribute more to stay there. So I did. *Sigh*

    Of course I'm the one taking all the heat for this from people who have a different point of view. I guess that's to be expected.. but clearly I am not the only one who has been upset by the situation.

    Thanks for the info on the autopsy. I knew it was going to be announced Monday, but I guess I haven't been near the tv. Nine, huh???

    The pizza boxes are a terrific idea. My ex would have been on them.

  51. Callie Ann Says:
  52. Hi just wanted to say I completely agree with all your points on the bestest blog. Yes, keep your badge. That is the right thing to do.

  53. Sparky Duck Says:
  54. on Anna Nicole. why was she taking HGH? Was she sleeping with barry Bonds?

    which leads me nicely to baseball. You know this whole thing is just a ploy to get the Baseball network on cable? Just like the NFL Network. Though here in Philly I am screwed because Comcast wont give me the local sports network on air. So I can watch the phillies if I sign up for the baseball package, just not with the hometown announcers since CSNPhilly is not on DirecTV. So The cable companies and the satellite companies are both just arse holes.

    and the swimmers were 22 and 20 at it was 2am, enough said.

  55. hi bond. know how you can tell it wasn't sarge and me that went overboard? it was PRINCESS! we like carnival, see? ha ha ha ha ha now about that balcony thing? honey the rails are four feet high. you can't just fall over, you have to TRY to fall over. idiots...

    smiles, bee

  56. hey there Bond babe -
    thank you for sharing your opinion of the BBOTD situation. Yes, I did meet people from the site. Yes, I think I got my money's worth for IABEBW for my premium donation, in hits. But, as Bobby went down the PPP road and the hits dried up, I think I finally realized it's the people and the quality that matter, not the hits and the ads.
    People like you.
    And Skittles, and Bee, and Travis, and ... well, you get the idea.
    We'll still be here blogging even after Stone Philips comes to us live from New Jersey to report on Bestestgate.

  57. Barb Says:
  58. Stone Phillips is coming? I better get dressed!


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