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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OK... Do like Southern Rock, but NOT a country fan...

Damn, does that make me just like Simon???

Martina McBride...can't talk about her, don't know her...

OK, time to listen to them sing about their wife breaking down on the side of the road, their truck being loyal and by their side and their old hound dog leaving them for another...ummm that doesn't seem right...ummm maybe it does...the porch may be leaning to the side, but the satellite dish is brand spanking new...

Gonna hear it from my Southern friends, fer surrrre


PHIL STACEY: "Where The Blacktop Ends": Think we may have found his genre. One of his better performances. Fit his vocal stylings, gave him a chance to be "rough" and show his tonal range. Saw some personality tonight. Nice job

JORDIN SPARKS: "Broken Wing": OK, hated the dress...made her look matronly. Liked that she did listen and just stood and let her voice and face emote. Started off slowly, let the song build and build and brought it home strong. Last note was huge. Did a great job this week and showed why she is still around, and will stay around.

SANJAYA MALAKAR: "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About": Well, no mullet, thank goodness...OK, he is back... off-key, off tempo...last note was hopefully he is off the show...

LaKEISHA JONES: "Jesus Take The Wheel": We heard the strength in her voice - but we did not connect with the song at all. Did not hear her live the song, did not feel her embrace it. She sang it and that was all. Had some troubles in the beginning. Not great. She can be had and with the Sanjaya crew voting hard, it could be soon.

CHRIS RICHARDSON: "Mayberry": Isn't this a song that is supposed to be whistled? hehe - Ummm...not great, not at all. Was really bored listening to him sing this. Disagree that he can sing country. Key was too high for him in my opinion. No connection, vocals were ehh...

MELINDA DOOLITTLE: "Trouble Is A Woman": The girl is getting more confident every week, oh my chill factor returned tonight. Think she is the only one who could have sold that song tonight. Cocky attitude, fun persona, vocal perfection...great last note...that is the way you sell a song folks.

BLAKE LEWIS: "When The Stars Go Blue": Thought his first big note was off. He has a good voice. He has his own style and tries to put it into every song. Did it make it into country, not really sure. It was rocky at times, for us, but overall it was a nice job, but didn't make me excited.


IS IT BOTTOM 2 OR THREE? We have not figured them out this year, so...





It could be LaKeisha (no lie)
but if the singing gods are working

SANJAYA goes home.


Off to Hot 'Lanta on business....

Not ignoring your blogs, just can't seem to get out there and explore much...hope you don't leave because of that...



Martina McBride
Composers: Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin & James House



20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I'm fearful for Lakisha this week. She picked the wrong song and didn't get it done.

    But for me it's gotta be between Chris and Kid Rooster Bandana Head to go home.

    Safe trip!

  3. Wouldn't leave you because you don't visit, although it does make for a bit of sadness around the Ice Box...

    Glad Jordin continues to do well.

  4. Anndi Says:
  5. LOL You have to admit country music has some of the best song titles LOL!

    I don't really enjoy country night much... But...

    Melinda did a wonderful job and looked fabulous!

    I'm glad Phil got rid of the hat.. he's a country boy he is.. Great!

    Blake had the Chicklet and myself impressed. He's a love em or hate em kinda guy it seems. The true test: I didn't know that song and now I feel compelled to check out the original.

    Wasn't impressed with the other ladies much. Jordin was just ok for me and I did NOT like LaKisha's performance.

    Chris... well... I was hoping he would do better on this one... WONDREFUL of him to send his wishes to the folks in Virginia, VERY classy.

    I'm not mentioning the unmentionable.

    Have a safe trip.


    (Don't worry.. I'm also having a blogging funk...)

  6. Mags Says:
  7. Pscht. Yur not gettin' rid of me!

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Dont worry Bond, I am not leaving for that reason. I am leaving for many, many other reasons...Cheers!!

  10. Piacere Says:
  11. V -

    Grazie per i abbracio... sei molto dolce!!!

    Now, for country week...loved Melinda and Jordin...hate to say it, but I fear for Chris. The San Man????? As Anndi said, let's just not go there.

    Have a safe trip!!!


  12. Can't comment on AI as I didn't get to see it last night. Annual Family Night with the Marine Corp. Recruits.

    Have a safe trip.

  13. Angell Says:
  14. I'm with Anndi on the Blake song - right after he finished I downloaded the original on Limewire and now have the album on the list for hubby to pick up when he hits the mall.

    Loved Jordin and Melinda as well - LaKisha didn't do it for me this week, but hopefully America will prove to be smart and send home the rooster kid.

    I'm sick, so I blame that for the blog funk.

    SMOOCHES (long distance of course as I dont' want you to get sick too).

    Have a fun time in Hot'Lanta.

  15. You are going to Hot 'Lanta?!? I am friggin jealous =(

    I got a laugh out of Blake singing that song. Ryan Adams is not what you would normally think of when you think of country. Not exactly yeehaw. And I am willing to bet most people with a bent for pop over country are more familiar with the live Corrs featuring Bono duet version of this. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful.

    Kiki was flat. Paula called it, she shouted at us.

    Chris arguing that nasally is a singing "style" cracked me up. Nasally is style. Suck is an adjective. They both applied to his singing.

    Sanjaya manages every week to kill any sympathy I might have for a teen in a tough situation. The smarm factor has not been this high since Constantine oogled his way onto our TV screens.

    Phil was actually pretty good!

  16. I will be baffled if Sanjaya does not go home this week. He was just THAT bad.

  17. Meribah Says:
  18. **Tries to will Sanjaya home with the power of her mind** Sanjaya go home...sanjaya go home... Sanjayagohome!!!!!!

  19. Liz Hill Says:
  20. Like you could get rid of me Pffftttt *grin*

    Excellent recap

    I liked Jordin better than Phil even though I don't like the song she did. I liked Melinda--she did a great job on a sassy song and they finally dressed her right. I like Blake but there were spots where he was a little shaky on that song---the melody slides on the notes but you have to be precise. Tim McGraw had the perfect take on it when he did his cover of this Ryan Adams song. The video is very very good.


    Have a good safe trip sugar


  21. Tug Says:
  22. They should NOT put a new Gilmore Girls on at the same time as AI. It's just WRONG. Got to AI late...dangit.

    Martina McBride has THE.MOST.AWESOME voice. Seriously. There was a special with her & Pat Benetar...they almost turned me gay watching them together. ;-)

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. :throws a zamboni at Bond:

    You've lived long enough in the South to appreciate country!

  25. Gail Says:
  26. Doing the happy dance....THING...well, you predicted it!!


  27. Sparky Duck Says:
  28. yea what Desert said, except insert Philly Transplant sadness :)

  29. Julie Says:
  30. Great review...although I'm a day late and WAY more then a dollar short...what...oh this is FREE??

    Woooo!! A pleasure sashaying to the couch as always!

  31. TopChamp Says:
  32. Cheers Bond - this'll keep me going til I (hopefully) get to at least watch the final... they show this about forty times during the week on digital, but my digibox has stopped working. Without you - I'd have no idea what was going on and whether Sanjaya is to be kicked out at some point.....? Have a nice trip.

  33. Coco Says:
  34. lol ... today I'm commenting on a comment instead of your blog, since I'm not watching Idol anyway ...

    Dana, honey, some of us haven't lived long enough to appreciate country music, much less lived long enough in the south. There just isn't that much time in the world ...

    sorry, Vinny. Idol leaves me cold this year. Even the best ones aren't measuring up.

  35. Mimi Lenox Says:
  36. We know you're still out and about amongst the 'sphere. We'll just sit here on the couch and wait for your return.



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