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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OK.. the most shocking results in the history of the show????

Didn't they say the same thing last season? The only real shocker in our eyes would be if Melinda went home and we are saying it now.. if that is the case, this will be the last IDOL post ever...

Ellen DeGeneres...not a fan...sorry...

Earth Wind & Fire...BIG FAN.. neighbors might complain, the surround sound is cranked...

No sign of Bono..

A video presentation - the first of the evening...

Quincy Jones and a song he wrote and then the Idols sing it...never been a big fan of these "help the world songs"...

Making fun of Sanjaya...then it appears Ben Stiller will be the running "joke" of the night...

Another video... 27 minutes and two songs... yawn

Back to business...

MELINDA...SAFE (so we will continue doing these)

Anyone seen Bono?

Another video

Umm IL Divo... I enjoyed them a lot.

Jack Black...and another Sanjaya joke...

Back to business...



Ellen and another Sanjaya joke

Rascal Flatts...don't get these guys.. nope...

Ford Commercial

Montage of stars singing and dancing to Staying Alive...cute

Still no sign of Bono....

Back to business...



Ellen throws down a challenge.

Josh Grobin with the African Children's Choir. These kids are incredible. We truly enjoyed that.

Video...This one mentions something we have been behind here on THE COUCH since almost the beginning...."NETS FOR MALARIA" - see the link on our sidebar.

Kelly Clarkson and Jeff Beck... Still one freaking' hot axe player...and she can sing... we even got a little Janis vibe off of that performance...

Ben Stiller joke...what, no Sanjaya?

Simon on American Idol on the Simpsons...

Back to business...


OK, so WTF...what can be so freakin' shocking?

Wait, was that Bono? Ummm nope....

Video of Celine and is pretty incredible...

Madonna... is she going to try and adopt another kid?

Wait.. they are giving $10,000 to the winner of their challenge? Isn't this about CHARITY???

Back to Ellen...after a technical glitch.. BUT we got to see Elvis sing live... ummmm OK...

Annie Lennox...the woman still has it. What a talent.

Back to business...

CHRIS and JORDIN left..

Wait??? BIG SHOCKER? Is America sending home Jordin????? Is that really a BIG Shocker??? ummm not really, but...


Jordin going home?? Tears flowing from her...I am stunned...

WHAT? OH, give me a break... no one goes home????

OH, so sneaky...two go home next week...

But they screwed with the head of a seventeen year old...why couldn't they have told Jordin she was safe and let Chris think he was gone...

that was WRONG!

OH LOOKIE LOOKIE... Bono! finally....

Final song of the night...

2-hours..good cause...crappy show....


Christine from EPIPHANY SANCTUARY, asked that we answer these... so here goes:

1. Your site introduced me to One Day Blog Silence (thank you), a gesture of charity ~ what would you say is the charity or charity gesture that is most meaningful to you, and why?

Thank you Christine.. there are two charities that mean a lot to me. The Lymphoma Research Foundation, as mom is a survivor and it has hit home and then AIDS Organization as we have seen first hand the horrible consequences of this epidemic.
From a volunteer stand point we have also worked with Little League for years, long after my son moved on. For the last five years we managed the concession stand for the Little League in NJ where we used to live. We raised upwards of $10,000.00 each season and sent equipment to Little Leagues after Katrina wiped out their fields and homes.

2. Do you remember the first time you heard the Rolling Stones?

Wow.. the very first time we can remember was their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. We saw them live for the first time in Buffalo, NY in 1972 at Rich Stadium.

3. Favorite childhood toy?

OOOO I had a Man From U.N.C.L.E. gun I loved, and I was a big Mousetrap my Lionel Trains (which I still have)

4. What differences does your NY heart notice between Memphis and NY?

Funny, I was having a discussion with someone today who was telling me about their trip to NYC. I miss the vibrancy of truly never sleeps... and The food. Yes Memphis has great bar-b-que, but OH how I miss pizza, and good Italian (that I have not had to cook), and I have not found sensational Chinese here yet...

5. Your profile says you like cooking (go, you!). ~ Favorite meal to cook?

Well being Sicilian/Italian, I have an affinity for that cuisine. Taking after mom, I make a great Lasagna...It begins with home made gravy (tomato sauce for the non-Sicilians in the crowd) and homemade meatballs.. ground the meatballs and mix with ground Italian sausage (mix hot and sweet) then layer the noodles with the meat mixture, some gravy, ricotta, parmesano-reggiano and mozzarella cheeses. Keep layering and bake it up... OK, I am hungry....

That said, I also love to cook veal stew, my grandmother Amelia's chicken with onions, I have a killa chili recipe (no beans), I used to have a smoker and would smoke pork-butt with a special rub and basting sauce but will take on any recipe if it catches my attention.

Even though I live alone, I still cook most nights and on the weekends will go into a cooking frenzy and make a few dishes and then freeze them (of course using a vacuum-sealer system to keep them just like new).

Thanks Christine...not asking for volunteers this time around...


The questions for Julie, Coco, Angell and Dana are coming...

Tomorrow on THE COUCH, we go spanning the world for those stories that just make us insane...time for a little rant and rave....

OH and in case you are wondering why this musical selection...?
I just freakin' love this Zappa tune...



Frank Zappa
Composer: Frank Zappa


20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Twyla Says:
  2. Wow, Jordin went home? This happens EVERY year around this of the front runners gets sent home with a few weeks still to go. Remember season 4? I'll say no more.

  3. Coco Says:
  4. Hey honey, started to post here, and can't remember if I posted it. Got distracted. Gonna be one of those days. lol. So thanks for the shot of Zappa. Does a body good first thing in the morning. I didn't watch Idol last night, but I heard about it on the radio this morning. Pitiful. Even seeing Bono wouldn't have salvaged it for me, I'm afraid. The show is a pale shadow of last year's. As far as I can tell, the only contender is Melissa. That doesn't make a show ...

  5. Twyla Says:
  6. I wasn't really done commenting...I had to take my daughter to now I'm back. LOL
    Great interview answers. And I must say that I had no idea that home made gravy is tomato sauce. So what do you call like turkey gravy? Gravy? :-) We have different names for food around here too. you take notes when you're watching AI? If not, you have one heck of a memory. :-)

  7. I said the exact same thing.... what they did to Jordin was so very wrong!!!! I don't think my neighbors in the hotel like me anymore... ;-) Not only did I jam with EW&F... but some of the others as well...

    Oh and Dayum... Jeff Beck does still have it, doesn't he... DAYUM!!!!!! I got the same Janis Joplin feel too... DAYUM!!!!

  8. TWYLA: No, she did not go home. No one did. They will send home two next week.

    COCO: Zappa, morning, noon or night does a body was a boring two hours.

    DIXIE: Glad someone else got the Janis vibe last was very strong, but then again, they both come from Mid-Texas

  9. Piacere Says:
  10. We ARE in tune, Mr. B...that $10,000 contest on a freakin' charity telethon is wonked...

    Now...about that GRAVY...


  11. Twyla Says:
  12. Oh, I totally mis-understood. I should have watched, but I forgot it was on...too busy painting. I hate painting. LOL

  13. BeckEye Says:
  14. Working on my recap now. I went out last night so I had to watch the tape. Thank God for the FF button!!

  15. I saw that one coming the minute they said Melinda was safe.

    I'm also going to say that I think they all knew before Ryan said anything that they were all safe. I thought it weird how she and the crowd reacted when they told Chris he was safe. She laughed and no one boo-ed. Shot to her family who was all sitting there with no reactions. I was more confused by her crying after the fact because it seemed to me that there would have been a freak out when Chris was spared.

    It would have been more interesting to do it to Melinda. Hee hee.

  16. Angell Says:
  17. MMMM - lasagne - now I'm dying for some. Can ya Fed Ex it to me babe?

    Last night's show was BORING. And not sending anyone home?? I figured that was it, because how can they announce a "shocking" results show THE NIGHT BEFORE the results?

    Loved Jeff - he was awesome.

    Loved Jack - he's always funny.

    Don't agree with what they did to Jordin, and why did we only get a fleeting glimpse of Bono? Maybe they were worried he would hog the mic - at their first show in Toronto, they went fourty five minutes over curfew becuase he could not shut up.

  18. TopChamp Says:
  19. hello - thanks for your input on the blog log. Think I'll keep it.

    Another good interview! I was also a mousetrap fan.

    AI doesn't sound great - I assume you weren't too impressed.?

  20. Tug Says:
  21. I love Ellen! And the Josh Grobin song GOT.ME. And I'd have quit watching if Jordin went home...

    So do you ship those meals you freeze??? ;-)

  22. I am so glad you do this AI thing. I can't sit through the second night. But your recaps fill in the gaps. BTW, the reason I don't watch Wednesdays is because of Jill Hennessy. I have to watch Crossing Jordan.

  23. PIA: That just floored me... hehhehehehe.... gravy ...who knows, maybe we can cook together soon

    TWYLA: Why watch when you have THE COUCH! LOL

    ANGELL: Cost so much ... I ain't cheap! LOL

    TOPCHAMP: Mousetrap! Not impressed with AI at all this season...

    TUG: Not an Ellen fan... nope sorry, but Josh did well...
    Only serve here on site! LOL

    BUD; we are here to serve the publics demands to know!

  24. Unknown Says:
  25. Did I hear "Lasagna"? My mind goes BLANK whenever I hear this *drool*

    Lasagna on THE COUCH!!!

  26. Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna Lasagna


  27. BECKEYE: I wish I had one last night....I should have TiVO'ed and the watched

    108: I thought it might have been shock...but you might be right...

    TWYLA: The stuff for turkey is BROWN gravy.
    I actually write as I watch, so the comments on the singers are done before the judges even talk...

  28. Julie Says:
  29. Mmmmm lasagna?

    **deals with overacting salivary glands**

    Yeah about the stunt played on that irked me! And yes...I would have shut it down for the season too!

    LMOO Man From Uncle...Illian Curiokan? However you spell it...what a show that was!

    **blink** What did i do in my sleep THIS time? Questions?

  30. Anndi Says:
  31. Glad I was traveling..ugh..

    TWISTER!!! and Barbie dolls..mine had real interesting and pretty outfits *snarf*

  32. JULIE: Stop drooling on THE COUCH please...
    Great show U.N.C.L.E.

    ANNDI: LOL didn't miss much while on your flight... ooooo TWISTER WITH BARBIE DOLLS? hheheheheheh


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