American Idol - 8 with J-Lo & Radio Happy Hour

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Looking hot in the peek-a-boos during the
contestant meets...


MELISSA DOOLITTLE: First night the chills did not come. Did an excellent job, but not as great as she has been. Solid, subtle, well sung, nicely done. No spark though. We did like the outfit tonight... hot dress.

LaKEISHA JONES: OK, maybe it is just the night...average performance. A very safe song from a vocal standpoint, a Karaoke standard. Sung well, but there was nothing special about it at all. She enjoyed herself and showed a little personality. She continues to coast, in our opinion.

CHRIS RICHARDSON: The music totally overwhelmed him during the beginning of the song...the chorus was a bit better, but did they go back down a key? He seemed to be overwhelmed even on the big notes. He added a bit of flavor near the end, which saved the entire performance.

HALEY SCARNATO: Next week, a bikini??? Is she doing a slow weekly strip??? OK, sorry Haley, you do NOT have the rhythm to pull of this tongue-twister of a song...and the big note.. raspy...train-wreck...the words need to be crisp to make the song work, she sounded like a drunk auctioneer.


PHIL STACEY: Ummm Phil, deal with it please....yes, it is J-Lo.. sheesh... I actually yawned as he sang, well until he hit that horrid note at the end. I was oh so bored with that. He sang the song, he never ever felt the song. A classic love song with heart...nothing to it.

JORDIN SPARKS: Sorry, maybe it is just us tonight. We did not feel any spark in this performance. Latin music is supposed to be.. hot....sizzling....on fire....have not seen it all night and still have not. Vocal was good, nothing spectacular.

BLAKE LEWIS: Someone teach him how to dress, we are back to shuffle board chic.... ugh...Actually liked his vocals, smooth and flowing...nice inflections on the notes. Overall, probably the best performance so far.

SANJAYA MALAKAR: The pimp spot tonight. What do all the guests see in him??? At least he has normal hair. Who taught him the Constantine eye glare??? Well, it hurts to say, but tonight he actually showed why he was selected to be on the show. BY FAR, his best performance since the auditions, and, besides Blake the most controlled of the night.



this really hurts and I know I will get crap for it BUT



Would love to say Haley, but the nearly naked will remain...

Enjoy the ride Phil.. you are outta here...


Had a great time with Doc and Jane tonight...if you missed the show, you can hear the archive at BLOGTALK RADIO .

We spoke with Peter Golenbock, author of 7: The Mickey Mantle Novel and then to Santosh Hari, who discussed Sanjaya (dude he was so not good doing The Kinks...) and the phenomenon that is Bollywood, the movie making enterprise in Bombay, India.

Our friend Anndi called in. If you didn't know, she and Doc have a "thing" LOL...lucky guy!

And then finally, Jane gave a couple of hints on how to seduce your man.

We added a few thoughts on this subject, from the man's point of view, however it was cut off the live feed... BUT.. it lives on the archive, so go check it out.

We tried not to step on Doc or Jane's toes too many times (they are the hosts of course)...though we had one thing we wanted to discuss with Mr. Golenbock, and did not have a chance.

Thank you again to Doc and to Jane for allowing me the opportunity.

THE COUCH may have some things to discuss on this subject in the near future.



Jennifer Lopez / R. Kelly
John Barry, R Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Corey Rooney, Dan Shea

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Agree!!!


  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. We diverge a little this time. I enjoyed Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin. Didn't care for anyone else.

    Missed the show tonight and will try to catch it sometime this week. Had to pick up my keys. YAY!

  4. So sorry I missed your blogtalk radio appearance tonight. I'll try to catch it in the archives.

  5. Tisha! Says:
  6. Hey Bond baby!

    Peculiar that they chose JLo as an artist but hey to each his own! I hope to be able to watch vids of the performances soon:)


  7. Anndi Says:
  8. The shoes.. oooh! That woman knows a good shoe!

    I agree with you on most points.

    Blake had our couch swayin!

    And I was sadly disappointed with Miss Jordin. I kept looking for the rhythm that was supposed to get me.. it never showed up. She didn't bring the sizzle.

    Melinda and LaKeisha both gave strong vocal performances, and I agree, Miss LaKeisha is coasting.
    Melinda looked fabulous, that dress was the perfect choice for the song.

    Me and the Doc? A "thing"? well... He did ask me for seduction tips... He did tell me he loves me (forever archived)...


  9. 108: I just did not gt last evening's show.. I felt absolutely no passion from any of them...

    TRAVIS: I enjoyed them, but did not feel a connection...and i truly believe LaKeisha is dialing it in the last few weeks...As Anndi said last week.. DIVA ALERT

    SONGBIRD: Will be there forever....

    TISHA: Well the artists they pick are normally on the Arista/J Records lineup... self promotion and all

    ANNDI: They were spectacular...Blake could sing the ABC song and have your couch swaying I believe...hehehe I did not feel the sizzle all night...Come up fess up... you have a nurse's uniform special for the DOC...LOL


  10. Sparky Duck Says:
  11. Oh a naked Haley will keep the people voting for her. Maybe the rest of them were dull because most of Jlo songs were dull.

    And the Andi/Doc soap opera maybe better then AI anyday, looks like I need another podcast

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. Anndi and Doc have a thing??!! I didn't know. Oh the scandal....

  14. BeckEye Says:
  15. Are they only doing a bottom 2 now? I guess they are down to 8, so they do start whittling it down at some point.

    I think Haley may actually go home this time. But who knows. And sure everyone was kind of boring last night, but c'mon...Sunjaya in the TOP 2? He was not his usual abysmal self, but a top performer that does not make. You were just mesmerized by his leers of seduction. ;)

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. I had a case of the golenbocks once. Man it was painful!! Cheers

  18. Angell Says:
  19. Well, agree with your top one anyway. LOL. I also agree with your assessment of Lakish and Melinda. Actually, you were pretty dead on for all of them. Check out the-trades for my review if you have time and are so inclined.

    Sound card is fixed but wasn't home last night to catch the show - will do so tonight. :D

    Wonderful review as always Bond baby.


  20. Coco Says:
  21. Bwahahahahaha ... drunk auctioneer ... some of those songs are great, what a tragedy that they would so cavalierly trash them on that farce of a show. Nice work on the show, Vinny. Must be nice to get back to your radio roots.

  22. AtriaBooks Says:
  23. whoah...lots of SMOOCHING going on on the couch. Dirty!

  24. You know Simon hit the nail on the head last night when he commented on Haley's cloths. That is what is keeping her there.

    I have to disagree with you regarding Melinda, LaKisha and Jordin... they are by far the best ones left on the show. They will be your top 3.

    Oh and have you LOST YOUR FREAKIN MIND????!!!! Sanjaya, was as usual... BORING!!!! Blake... ewwwwwwww and Phil... was putting me to sleep as well... Chris was ewwwwwwww too... of course, I DO NOT like the JT thingy...

    Ok, going back to my pillow now. Thank God for pain meds!!!!

  25. Julie Says:
  26. "...a drunk auctioneer."

    LMOO!!! Too funny dear Vinny!

  27. Piacere Says:
  28. DANG IT!!! I missed the Radio Happy Hour AGAIN!!! I'm sorry...

    Anyhoo, I'm watching AI again. Kept my Lenten promise, and now that we're out of the Easter season, I'm back in the fold. And I agree with you, 100%. Of course, I don't have anything to compare it to since I haven't been watching all season. So I must trust your judgement, oh WISE ONE!!! Keep up the good work!


  29. Vin-

    We did see the same show. I agree on bye to Phil. Although I totally disagree on SANJAYA MALAKAR. He sucks. Simon's "less horrible" statement I can agree with.

    Your bud,

  30. Anndi Says:
  31. Stop spreading rumours... sheesh.. now you have Sparky an Mimi believing The Doc and I have a "thing"...

    Wait, would that get ratings?

    *puts on nurse's uniform*

    Oh DOC!!!!

  32. Liz Hill Says:
  33. Oh geez--I actually watched so I guess I gotta

    Melinda: Honest opinion--solid vocal but nothing special. Just not the best choice of song unless she could do the subtle sexy vibe it requires. She needs someone else styling her--she should always wear a deep v neck. Last night's hair, neckline and that rounded pearl choker were very much not what she needed. She has talent do lots of folks.

    LaKeisha: Nothing special at all about her except she did seem to enjoy herself.

    Chris: How in the hell did this wanna be to a no talent get through? Even a 'very lucky girl' like J-Lo realized he needed to go up a key--it did not seem like he did--good catch there Bondbaby--that 'flavor'? ugh karaoke would be a nice thing to say about that

    Haley: Finally found a length of short that was very unflattering from a 'fashion' perspective--know you guys are too blurry eyed to tel. The shoes were fricking hot thouhg. Crap at least the pickle was entertaining with her goofiness. They deserve this one

    Phil : Dude--lose the hat--ugh. Should have been a wonderful song--mediocre effort.

    Jordin: Looked liek she was trying way too hard. I like her most of the female singers as far as this competition goes--but bad song choice--not a 'singer's song. overall .eh

    Blake: Again with the frickin hat. bleh I liked his vocal best--his dancing not so much. He clearly had the strongest performance.

    Sanjaya: Ewwww on the facial 'carpet' ewwww on the "Maroulis" camera stare. Look people he's in the frickin final eight and people are 'praising' him because he was "not bad'? lolol

    OK--so my rant goes in Bond's comments--hope you don't mind sugar

    I think Phil goes--not what should happen--but most likely

  34. Unknown Says:
  35. Seduce a man, eh?

    :turns on the blog and takes notes:

  36. Bond!!!! Missed ya =)

  37. SPARKY: Anndi and doc sitting in a tree....hehehehe

    MIMI: Story on the 6'oclock news....

    BECKEYE: You found me out...glare and me and i am yours...

    MATT-MAN: There is a cream for that now

    ANGELL: Well... the ears do not lie..SMOOCH

    COCO: It was fun with Doc and Jane ...heheheh

    DOC: You just notice? we SMOOCH here all the time!

    DIXIE: Did I have a mind to lose?
    What was the question again?

    JULIE: If I can get off one funny line per post, I consider it a good day

    PIA: Radio happy Hour in archives..follow the link...SMOOCH

    BUD: We were both wrong dude... they let Haley move on to her career at Playboy

    ANNDI: I listened on the radio.... I know the truth....

    TURN: You have not gotten Melinda all year, which worries me... Have you had your hearing checked recently?

    DANA: Yes, good tips on there (Did I say TIPS?

    STARR: Welcome back.. nice tan ya got going there....

  38. Barb Says:
  39. Now.. I put Chris at the top for this week. And yes, it pained me to say that Sanjaya did good. This was the first week I could actually see how the "top" singers might not win in the end.

  40. Liz Hill Says:
  41. Yup--checked and it's just as good as it ever was


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