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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, April 12, 2007

OK results show... we took some grief for putting S.M. in our top two last night... well, for one night he was better then the rest...except Blake.

STOOPID thing at the farmer's market... why are we subjected to an hour tonight? Ans then we have musical guests that have absolutely nothing to do with the show. DO we need to promote an artist on your label who is already at #1?????


OK, let's make fun of Simon time...yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn


Now, some silly "audition sketch"... ummm this is a singing are NOT a comedy show....


We just wasted 26 minutes....well, not totally wasted, got to clean up after dinner...and read some of the 92 emails that piled up today...

OK, commercial over and now we have to watch the lousy performances from last night, once again...


FINALLY... picking the bottom three...


Who is the safe one?

Well, another break, because ...hell we are killing a full hour....


Commercial...heading back...



We are 2-2 on the bottom Two this week....


Now, let's see what we missed from last night... OK, everyone gush over J-Lo....OH yeah, Sanjaya getting her number....ummm sorry, but ...bwahahahahahhahahahah...

Marc Antony gets on the phone and calls Guido and Bruno... "Take the rooster out"


Jenny from DA Block sings...

Ready gents... THIGH HIGH BOOTS WITH HEELS.....Oh baby!

See, now this is how Latin music sizzles......


Well, now we get Haley and Phil back out center stage...


go with your gut Bond... you had her going home, but changed it to Phil because you figured the boys would want more S*X...maybe the rumour we started last week that she was going to join Antonella on "Girls Gone Wild" was taken seriously...

8-6 on Bottom Three picks
1-3 on Going Home picks

should give up my AI selector card...

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. So, no more stripper shoulders for your pleasure? Awww, so sorry, Vinny!

    Have a great week. See you next week after I return.

  2. BeckEye Says:
  3. I knew Haley's number was finally up. As Antonella proved, sex sells but after a while you just stop buying.

    Chrustin was truly awful last night, but I'm glad he got another chance. Hopefully next week he'll redeem himself, and me for gushing over him last week. still Sunjaya. He's guaranteed to make it to at least the top 5.

  4. Anndi Says:
  5. I think the pack of drooling males' dialing hand was busy playing with the TiVO controls while they... ummm... ate chips.. yeah.. that's it....

    Oh.. BOOTS.. OH MY!

  6. Piacere Says:
  7. I guess a set of legs and some skin can only go so far, right??? (I was sure Phil was gone, too...). Keep your AI card - I'll still come to you for the picks!!


  8. Twyla Says:
  9. So much easier to read your re-cap than to suffer through the actual show. Thanks. :-)

  10. SONGBIRD: If you read along you would know that I was never impressed with her stripper attitude... enjoy the big circle

    BECKEYE: Yeah, I had her going and chickened out..When he is in the top 2, do you think Nigel throws himself off a building?

    ANNDI: You seem to know a lot about drooling male hands and ... ummm chips
    Boots were HAWT

    TWYLA: That is why we are here

  11. What I loved the most was J-Lo's compelling and emotional performance of her new song because she was using hand gestures and emoting through her face so much but I couldn't understand a word of It was like a guessing game trying to figure out what the song was about just by her face and I spent the whole time saying to dea, "Oop... now I think she is angry... something or someone has pissed her off..... now, she is full of despair....". It was quite an interesting show.

  12. I knew when I saw her in the Bottom 2 that she was going home... THANK GOD.... hopefully Sham A Lama Ding Dong aka Sanjaya will go soon... I'm sick of looking at him.

  13. Yeah, I have been following along; I was being snarky and sarcastic.

    Sorry - I guess the joke didn't work.


  14. Mags Says:
  15. You know, I'm wondering-do you think the other contestents hate Sanjaya?

  16. Barb Says:
  17. I thought Phil would be going home too because I thought men liked Haley's legs. I was shocked that Chris was in the bottom three.

  18. Liz Hill Says:
  19. LOL at Dixie

    look sugar they really are a pitiful lot and very hard to predict--thanks for the recap so i didn't have to watch it.


  20. I am with Dixie. Sanjaya is good for only one thing. A diet aid. I see him, I puke. Bleh.

  21. Schmoop Says:
  22. I think people should get married through this format. Men could judge women over the course of a few weeks. We could call it "My Future House Robbing Ex-Wife Idol."

  23. Meribah Says:
  24. I was a little shocked to see Haley go, but it was definitely her time to leave. As for Sanjaya...well, I do have to hand it to him: he knows how to be memorable. Sure, he's not a great singer, but he puts his all into every performance and makes it entertaining. He knows he needs to do that in order to stay there, which makes him a smart cookie, and I hope he does well...if only so I can watch Simon squirm even more! LOL

  25. 108; I had the same reaction. Anyone out there know what the song was about?

    DIXIE: Yup yup

    SONGBIRD: Sorry, I missed bad

    MAGS: I think the ones that have gone home probably

    SKITTLES: He was pretty bad this week

    TURN: Anytime SMOOCH

    STARRLIGHT: LOL I have not had that intense a reaction ... yet

    MATT-MAN: Come on dowwwwn... you are our first contestant

    MERI: She should have gone weeks ago...memorable like a case of food poisoning

  26. AtriaBooks Says:
  27. I think Haley's shorts got too short this week and showed a little cottage cheese...yup, I noticed it. That, I'm sure, was her undoing.

  28. Schmoop Says:
  29. I've already played Bond...And Lost!!

  30. Well Doc it was either Cottage Cheese or she should have gone for the Brazillian. Or her fan base couldn't dial one handed ;)

  31. Coco Says:
  32. bwahahahahahahahahaha ... what did Anndi say the other hand was doing?
    damn, I shouldn't find this quite so funny ...

  33. Tug Says:
  34. I'm laughing at the comments about Haley & Dixie? Cracked me up! I can't believe I missed your Idol posts this week - it WON'T happen again. ;-)


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