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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 24, 2007

YO MORGEN, you are a part of our 300th POST!

Welcome to the "INTERVIEW MEME".
This is the latest MEME out here in the bloggosphere.

We allowed Morgen to select FIVE QUESTIONS for us to answer.
Have to say that he did an exceptional job selecting the queries.


As Ralph Cramden used to say...


1. You've lived through many fashion eras judging by your pictures on the couch banner. If you could re-live only one decade - strictly for the fashion and hairstyles, what would it be and why?

We have worn our hair long since our teens. Even today it is longer than average. So that would probably put me back to the seventies, my hair pulled back in a ponytail, a pair of worn, tight jeans, finished off with a jean or t-shirt shirt and a pair of Fryes.


2. Imagine that your fiction has caught the eye of a publisher and you've been given a six-figure advance. How long do you wait before you tell your boss, "I quit" ?

How long does it take me to get him on the phone? LOL…If given a contract like this, we would need the time and freedom to do work on the novel and my current job would get in the way of that.


3. You're a master at on-going fiction, like a modern-day Charles Dickens. If you were to get that six-figure advance, would you expand one of your previous stories into a novel, or would you start from scratch with a new plot and characters?

First off, thank you for the compliment…Surprised at your using Dickens and myself in the same sentence. This is probably the easiest of all your questions. We would expand on the story begun on the Monday Matinee On The Couch entitled “HER FATE” (PART 1, PART 2, PART 3). It is a story that began to really take on a life of its own and became too involved for the once a week posting format. I do have the storyline in a rough form.
Would also consider “THE QUEST” as my second novel, as we have so much more of that floating in our brain.


4. If you were the coach of an all-star mythic sports team, what 5 athletes (from any era and any sport) would you have as your starting line-up?
This is the most difficult question of the bunch, as I will be leaving off some incredible athletes.

You need to score to win, so, our offensive players would be:
WAYNE GRETSKY from hockey. He shattered all scoring records in his sport
BABE RUTH from baseball. A prolific home run hitter who dwarfed all those who played in his era.

You need defense to keep the other team from scoring:
LAWRENCE TAYLOR from football. He redefined the position of linebacker. Teams built game plans around stopping him. In his time, he was a monster.
HAKEEM OLAJUWON from basketball. He is the all-time leading shot blocker, surpassing even the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Finally, you need a face of the team. Someone who has tremendous skills and can also bring in fans because of their personality and charisma:

TIGER WOODS from golf. He single-handedly has changed the face of his sport. Money purses have grown by leaps and bounds since he became a pro. Crowds have increased at events and he has a wonderful charity foundation that helps children with an educational and sports related focus.


5. If you were the tour manager for the 2008 Taylor Hicks All-American tour, who would you book as the opening act, and how many cities would you be Tayloring for the tour?

Well, to begin, we would have to add some Canadian cities for my friends from up north who have not gotten to see him. SO, it would be a 50 city tour.
The opening act - now the obvious answer would be Taylor’s old band LiMBO, and you know how I hate to be obvious…so….we would get “Roomful Of Blues” or the “Mighty Mighty Bosstones” to open for him.


OK, now the deal is we are supposed to ask for 5 INTERVIEWEES. You can use the comment area to volunteer. We will select the first 5 people and send you each your own set of questions for you to answer on your blog.



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  1. Julie Says:
  2. **timidly and with some degree of trepidation she sits on the couch awaiting her questions**

    Be gentle with me blog god.

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. Happy 300!

    I've already set aside my $29.99 for Her Fate when it's published. No pressure...I can wait.

    You could win a lot of games with that team. I like the mix of offense and defense - cause you need to score but defense wins championships.

  5. TopChamp Says:
  6. SNAP! I'm playing this today too. Nice answers to some good questions from your interviewer esp the Dickens one! Sadly I missed most of the 70's. Sounds beautifully stylish though.. honest.

  7. Coco Says:
  8. Oooohhh oooohhh pick me, Mr. Bond. I have bloggers block and this might just shake something loose.

  9. Twyla Says:
  10. Great answers. This interview meme was such a good idea. I did it yesterday, so I won't volunteer here, but I loved reading your interview. It's a great way to get to know everyone a little better.

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. I dig the Mighty Mighty Bosstones...Cheers my good man.

  13. Coco Says:
  14. Hey V, I got so excited about the blog idea, that I forgot to comment on your blog. Sorry hon. Great questions and thought-provoking answers. This kind of blog reveals a lot about the author, so it's my favorite kind, I think.

  15. JULIE: My I sure will...

    TRAVIS: TY my friend... LOL that $29.95 will accrue interest and be about $2,995,000.00 by the time it gets published! I enjoyed putting together that team.

    TOPCHAMP: I will get over to see yours soon.

    COCO: OK, I shall work on your questions

    TWYLA: ooo can not wait to see

    MATT-MAN: We agree on some music??? Holy Octaves Batman!

    COCO: Ty

  16. I was going to express the same incredulity - you and I agree on some music? Loved the choice of "Who are You?" and I'm with Matt - The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones? Oo-rah!

    Great choices for your sports team, Vin. I won't agree with you on the 70s fashion era (gads, I hate photos of me from then), but I will say there is something about a well-built man in jeans with boots...mmmm....

  17. Angell Says:
  18. Great questions - and for the Taylor tour - thanks for remembering about us up here in Canada babe. (Cuz you knew we'd send da boyz after ya if you forgot right?)

    If you don't have enough people yet - I'LL DO IT. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME.


  19. Piacere Says:
  20. Turnbaby asked me questions last week and I'm still trying to get the answers up...

    Miss my old Frye boots...

    Excellent answers, Mr. B., especially the last one. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones would definitely warm up the mosh pit, just for Taylor...he could dive on me ANY day!!!! ;-)


  21. Schmoop Says:
  22. How About That!?

  23. Mo got me and it was a fun exercise. If you get too many volunteers (my readers seem to be the shy type), pass them along.

  24. Happy 300th! Excellent answers.

    Not much time for comments... I've got to get back to my backwards folks here.

  25. Unknown Says:
  26. How about a 51 city tour? Maybe there´d be a chance for a concert in Berlin, Germany?

    Excellent interview, Mo & Vinny!

  27. desert rat Says:
  28. Love the music! Happy 300th to You! Your answers are interesting (great questions from Mo - I'm answering questions from him, too!). I'll have to read some more of your Monday Matinee, but it's so nerve-wracking! You are a gifted writer - I'll be waiting for your published works, as well!


  29. Meribah Says:
  30. Nice answers, Bond! I think you are a very good writer and I would not be surprised if you did get published. :)

  31. SONGBIRD: What about short, chubby guys in jeans and boots? LOL geeze...I am varied when it comes to music.. why did I surprise you guys???

    PIA: Yes, Bosstones or Roomful who are also way hot (check out their site)

    MATT-MAN: Miracles upon miracles!

    JAMIE: Does not look like I will be passing anyone on.. I got two and the contest is NOW CLOSED...

    DIXIE: Don;t make fun of them before you get out of there! And ty on the congrats

    SANNI: You got it my friend... Berlin it is

    ANOTHER: TY on the music and the congrats. This weeks Monday was not nerve-wracking at all I think you will find...

    MERI: TY and ah shucks.. your lips to a publishers ears dear..

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. Ears!


    From the floor - me! me! But not many people read my blog. And did I read "tight jeans"?

    :thud again:

  34. Angell Says:
  35. Well, looks like you missed me - AGAIN. I volunteered, but I guess you just didn't see that.

    *shakes head*

    Nope nope nope - missed me.....

    :D Good drugs are kicking in now...

  36. DANA: LOL I was expecting that....OK, I will send you questions.

    ANGELL: I apologize...I did not see your comment..never got it...
    OK, you will get five...


  37. Happy 300 to you, Mo cheered belatedly!
    A long-haired man in tight jeans and Fryes sounds good to me!

    Wouldn't a contract from a publishing house just be amazing? I think that you should collect your stories and start sending them out!

    You're welcome for the compliment. I think Dickens fits because much of his work was serialized in newspapers, and because he wrote about everyday people from all walks of life of his time period - very similar to you.

    Aren't you amazed - I actually knew 3 of the 5 sports dudes you mentioned!

    51 cities would be awesome - you'd have to call it the intercontinental tour or something if you're going to Sanniville!

    Thanks for your answers, and sorry it took me so durn long to leave a comment! I read most of your post the other day with Jaz in my arms, then a customer came in and then I got distracted... and well, you know... So, today I fed Jaz, waited for his nap to kick in and sat down at the computer with my sandwich and some Bonding.

  38. Sparky Duck Says:
  39. mmmm Bosstones!

    The sports question was a tough one, but Hakeem over MJ is scary.

  40. MO: THANKS...
    A contract would be a dream...Many have mentioned I do just that...and maybe I will
    LOL 3 of the 5...which two didn't you know?

    SPARKY: It was a defensive pick... MJ would have been an offensive selection.

  41. Anndi Says:
  42. You get an exceptional leader in Mr Gretzky... and a face... man did I have a crush on him when I was a young girl.

    He also has a foundation to allow young kids the opportunity to play hockey...
    He's also a supporter of Oxfam

    Have I moaned about Taylor not coming to Canada enough? LOL

    Great answers.. Mo should do more interviews.. seems he has a talent for asking great questions!



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