Radio Happy Hour; American Idol Results; Eddie Robinson & The Good Rats

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, April 05, 2007

We had a FABULOSO TIME on the Doctor Blogstein Radio Happy Hour.

Thanks to Doc and Jamie for their hospitality. If you missed it, there is an archive of it. Just click on the link for the show back a sentence or two.

We were sorry that Joey G. bailed on the show as we were going to contract him to take out Paula for her comment that Phil was like The Chairman of The Board!

To those of you who were listening, thanks. How was my accent? I worked hard trying to lessen my new found southern accent and I tried hard to sound like a New Yorker again. Hope I did well with it! bwahahaahahahahahaahahaaaaa

Doc has asked that I call in next week when one of his guests will be discussing the Weird One from AI. (NO, not Simon!). The show will be back on Tuesday at 9:00 PM.


The Bottom Three:
PHIL (we called it)
HALEY (we called it)
GINA (Huh? What? Huh?)



We are seriously going to have to think about whether we are going to continue to watch this train wreck.
It has been said by many...but we wil say it here -
The Producers have done this to themselves. They can talk about the most votes yadda yadda,
but with VFTW and Howard Stern pushing for votes for Sanjaya that is giving them the votes.
What will happen if he actually wins?
What happens to the credibility of the show?

Bottom Group: 8-7
Going Home: 1-3



February 13, 1919 – April 3, 2007
A Great Football Coach
A Great Teacher
A Great Mentor
A Great Man

Football coach at Grambling University for 56 years, Eddie Robinson amassed a stunning record of 408-165-15 during his reign.

He coached through 11 Presidents, and the civil rights movement. "The real record I have set for over 50 years is the fact that I have had one job and one wife,'' Robinson said.

Even during the era of segregation white coaches praised “Coach” for his ability to develop young talent. He was so successful at doing so that over 200 players from Grambling were drafted into the NFL.

Grambling first gained national attention in 1949 when running back Paul ""Tank'' Younger signed with the Los Angeles Rams and became the first player from an all-black college to enter the NFL. Suddenly, pro scouts learned how to find the little school 65 miles east of Shreveport near the Arkansas border.

Players drafter out of Grambling included seven first-round draft choices and Doug Williams, Super Bowl XXII MVP, who succeeded Robinson as Grambling's coach in 1998. Others went to the Canadian Football League and the now-defunct USFL.

Robinson's pro stars included Willie Davis, James Harris, Ernie Ladd, Buck Buchanan, Sammy White, Cliff McNeil, Willie Brown, Roosevelt Taylor, Charlie Joiner and Willie Williams.


Let us introduce you to another band we were a huge fan of during the early 70’s on Long Island.

The self proclaimed “World’s Most Famous Unknown Band” is The GOOD RATS.

In 1969, founder/lead singer/songwriter, Peppi Marchello and his brother, Mickey put out the self-titled album THE GOOD RATS.

I became aware of them in 1974 after they added John “The Cat” Gato on guitar, Lenny Kotke on bass and Joe Franco on drums and released their album “TASTY”. They were the kings of LI bar bands at a time when Twisted Sister, The Illusion (last week’s band), and others were also touring and ripping up the club scene.

The Rats have played at Madison Square Garden, The Philadelphia Spectrum, The Hammersmith Odeon in England and many other famous venues.

They were headliners or opened for bands such as Rush, Kiss Aerosmith, Ozzy, The Grateful Dead, Bruce, and Styx among others.

When we were in Rochester we began playing them on our radio shows and talking to club owners and helped bring them to the upstate NY area where they drew huge crowds in the clubs they played.

Peppi is wild on stage, playing a baseball bat and showering the audience with rubber rats during the show.

The band is still touring, with Peppi’s sons, Gene and Stefan in the band now.

Here are “Tasty” and the autobiographical song “Back To My Music”.



The Good Rats
Composer: Peppi Marchello

The Good Rats
Composer: Peppi Marchello

Header: VEM 2007


28 Of Your Sparks

  1. What little I caught of the radio show, you sure sounded New York to me.

    Wow. Eddie Robinson gone. Hadn't heard that. He was a true legend.

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. Hey Bond - Loved hearing your voice for the first time... and I will now be able to go out and miss AI this weekend.

    I'm afraid that I loathe Dr B., however, and I'm not sure that even your ducet tones can make up for wasting an hour listening to him.

  4. Tisha! Says:
  5. Hey sweetie, wish I had had a chance to actually hear your sexy accent again but I'm sure you rock their socks off!

    BIG hug and kiss :-x

  6. Anndi Says:
  7. Guess you were hiding or lessening your southern accent in Memphis and Birmingham then... bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I'm appalled about Gina! See, it's NOT all about the music and Haley's in your face sexpot act has hormones raging.

    Great job reporting... so was it the sheer shock that had you telling Doc Haley was out?

    I really don't think, unfortunately, that all the credit can be given to VFTW... The Thing appears to actually have a following and they are quite the dedicated bunch. We all know what that can accomplish, don't we.

    Nice tunes... betcha they excelled at small venues. You know.. there's something about them that makes me think of The Guess Who... vocally, there are a lot of similarities with Burton Cummings.

  8. Mags Says:
  9. I listened to it this morning and it was WAY COOL to hear your voice!!!

  10. SONGBIRD: heheeh ummm I really put it on so Doc would not feel alone.. And yes, Eddie passed..we have all the news here

    TOPCHAMP: TY and what exactly is your problem with the good Doc B?

    TISHA: Well girl he was in a bit of a flummox when you called. You can listen to the archived version. TY Kiss

    ANNDI: How did oyu guess about the accent?
    Appalled? I am disgusted...
    TY about the reporting. It truly was more trying to read the reaction without sound on the TV.
    Yes we know what dedication can accomplish, but remember, T.H. was also a VFTW star, and you also have Mr. Stern pushing for the weird one.
    You know..fresh ears, yes Peppi has a lot of Burton in his vocal stylings.

    MAGS: TY glad you enjoyed.

  11. Anndi Says:
  12. You really think people have nothing better to do for 2 hours than ruin a TV show cause Howard Stern tells them to?

    You think Taylor won because of VFTW? *hides in Trav's magic foxhole cause Dana will be catapulting one of our zambonis on you*

    If so... gladly waves Canadian flag .. sheesh dude... that's shameful isn't it...


  13. AtriaBooks Says:
  14. I don't think I've ever been "loathed" before.

    Thanks, Bond and I hope you call in each week with your AI thoughts. You're quality radio.

    Tisha, I'll apologize to you here too. I became unhinged which made for good radio but bad manners. I'm sorry I upset you.

    Also, Joey G sent me an apology. Said something happened beyond his control and he'll try to come on next show. I'll keep you all updated.

  15. I am absolutely shocked that Gina was sent home last night. And how in the hell was Shama Lama Ding Dong (Sanjaya) in the middle group? This is so not right. But I blame the judges... they are the ones who put him through from Hollywood... they are the ones to blame...

    The only reason I watch is to hear what Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha are singing. Will definitely buy those 3 CD's when they come out.

    Sorry I missed you on the show last night. Hopefully, I can catch the archived version. I hear you did a very good job.

  16. Angell Says:
  17. Didn't get to listen to the show as I'm having problems with my sound card - hopefully they'll be fixed soon - please forgive me.

    I honestly have nothing to say about Gina being gone except WTF???? And I will reiterate, the only reason I keep watching the train wreck is my assignment.

    Would love to be able to hear the audio, but alas, can't happen. However, I have no doubt that they are amazing - and they opened for my three favourite bands - STYX, Aerosmith and RUSH. They've gotta be good. :D

    SMOOCHES to our radio star.

    *joins Anndi in Trav's magic foxhole with her flag and a woobie in order to avoid flying zamboni's*

    Dana must have a collection of those by now eh?

  18. Alright. I'm not sure if this will ruin Idol for you or not, but I'm gonna tell you anyhow.

    Word is that in the contracts it is written in tiny print that when it comes to the finale, the producers can overrule America's vote.

    And, I'm starting to think that they are banking on San-jerkoff getting to the finale, too. It would probably be the highest rated show in the history of television if he did. Everyone and their brother would be watching to see if he actually won this thing.

    And then I think he wouldn't win.

    He makes me mad and I didn't see Gina going home at all. That came out of left field.

  19. ANNDI: His listeners are nothing buy loyal... so it could happen - I did not say Taylor won because of VFTW.

    DOC: Sheesh... that was your biggest mistake last night! I am glad you enjoyed my contribution and would be happy to continue to call in.

    DIXIE: i am disgusted by America

    ANGELL: no worries on listening..actually I think the were headliners for Rush and Aerosmith when both bands were just starting out.

    108: There are many rumors about the contracts, but that one I cannot believe or else there would have been a different winner last season. They did not want Taylor to win and would have felt better with even McTATA being the winner.

  20. Sparky Duck Says:
  21. wow Gina? I look forward to catching the podcast. Thanks for covering Eddie Robinson so well, a true legend, I dont even have to post about it now.

  22. AtriaBooks Says:
  23. ditto on the Eddie Robinson comments. Thank you Bond for giving him a nice dedication.

  24. BeckEye Says:
  25. What will happen if Sunjaya wins? Well, he'll cut a record and it will be played on the radio ad nauseam with all the other crap that's clogging up the airwaves now. This is why I don't listen to the radio.

    Wow, I hadn't heard anyone mention the Good Rats in years. My brother had that record. I always liked the song "Tasty."

  26. Peg Says:
  27. My Secret Admirer & I hooked up my laptop to the wave radio in the kitchen, so we listened as he surfed and I baked cookies (how hopelessly domestic of me!!). We loved hearing your voice! And, hello, it's a 'ugely New Yawk accent! There's no question in my mind--I have a sister born & raised on LI, so based on her accent I feel pretty confident saying that...although I don't have your pre-memphis accent to compare to! Hope to hear more of you!!

  28. SPARKY: Ty on the "Coach" post. He was a great man. Enjoy the podcast.

    DOC: He deserved it Doc...and thanks

  29. Liz Hill Says:
  30. LOL -- you so 'don't' have a Southern accent! I could not get the thing to work last night despite repeated attempts---will listen to the archive when I can. i am sure you were wonderful. Thanks for noting Mr. Robinson--that's a cool thing.

    AI is a joke this year. I am beginning to wonder whether the judges put Sanjaya through--the producers make the ultimate call I imagine. UGH. They asked for it --they got it.

    Nice tuneage Bondbaby


  31. Schmoop Says:
  32. Eddie was the man. Cheers Mr. Bond.

  33. TopChamp Says:
  34. Ok so perhaps I was a bit harsh, but I was bored listening to Dr B talking about himself and his previous guests. However given that he was having a lot of problems with missing guests and his technology so was probably winging it a bit, I should prob have been a bit more forgiving.

    So I'll try listening again next week - maybe when I'm not so tired and grumpy. Maybe I'll work out when he's being serious and when he's trying to be funny.

    Will apologise for being nasty though I don't suppose he's been crying all day.

  35. AtriaBooks Says:
  36. hahahaha! TopChamp: Hilarious!

    Here's a sampling of your comment above about me:

    "Ok so perhaps I was a bit harsh, but I was bored listening to Dr B talking about himself and his previous guests.

    And here is your blog post from yesterday:

    "OK so I've been on the internet a few times but we have also today:

    Mown and strimmed the back lawn. Border is still a work in progress but I have spotted lots of raspberry canes and flowers starting to poke through the soil.

    Started to paint the shed..... but ran out of paint after 1 side. Not unhappy really as I don't like the green anyway. Wondering whether I could get away with making the shed two-tone...? It'll all go the patchy green colour when it's dried, so I could just paint over it. At least one side's weatherproof again.

    Dug over the veg plot and planted potatoes & a new rosemary bush (old one died mysteriously overnight - turned brown really suddenly)."

    All about what you did yesterday. And for the record, I wasn't bored with what I read, in fact, I found it quite interesting.

    But thank you for trying again next week. I promise you'll grow to love me.

  37. Tisha! Says:
  38. Thank you Dr. Blogstein I appreciate your apology and accept it wholeheartedly!

  39. TURN: Your ear is just not attuned enough to hear it dear... don;t fret... it is a very delicate instrument and someday your's might be developed enough to hear the eloquence of my lilting accent.

    MATT-MAN; See, i knew we had SOMETHING in common

    TOPCHAMP: He is a good man and a funny guy...

    DOC: See my readers are open minded and ready to allow one false step... but make sure ya don;t screw up next week, they have pitchforks and burning spears! Bringing a whole new audience to the DBRHH!

    TISHA/DOC: I am a bit verklempt at the moment .. this reconciliation is what I have been hoping for all day and to think it happened here...on the COUCH...well.. words fail me... I may go down in history with the great peace-makers of our time... OH JOY

  40. AtriaBooks Says:
  41. You're a regular Kissinger

  42. hi bond. i like a southern accent. very much! do you know i am going on a cruise on monday? well i am. i am still sick as a dog but the doc gave me some powerful stuff today and he said i could and i am, okay? sarge too. have a great evening bond!

    smiles, bee

  43. Meribah Says:
  44. Well, Bond, I listened hard, I really, really did, but I did not hear even a trace of southern in your accent, and you'd think I'd hear it, if it was there, 'cause I've got puppy dog hearing! LOL Your accent is no more southern than mine!

  45. DOC: YUP YUP That's me Harry Kissinger

    BEE: OH I have one .. don;t listen to all these people.. they have horrible hearing.. LOL
    Enjoy the cruise and get better dear.

    MERI: Must have been a bad connection

  46. Gail Says:
  47. I'm still WTF'ing over Gina...


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