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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 04, 2007

50 Million Records SOLD!
and still doing it STRONG!

THE COUCH has always loved Tony


BLAKE LEWIS: Mac The Knife – Didn’t take the advice and was a bit too fast for the song. That said, it was a good choice for his voice. Began to rush it at the end and his voice broke a couple of times. Did he mess up on the lyrics at one point? Could not tell even after listening back. Not bad…but it could have been so much better. He gets through.

PHIL STACEY: Night And Day – Come on Phil.. Tony says put a beat to it… you do it. Too slow, too blah, too boring. If it had a bit more up tempo, it would have been so much better. Last note he did well, but overall it was not WOW. Side note: Paula are you NUTS...Frank Sinatra...Which one Junior? He sits in the bottom three again.

MELINDA DOOLITTLE: I’ve Got Rhythm – One word…Chills AGAIN! Big notes… three tempos – all done extremely well. Staying around without a doubt.


CHRIS RICHARDSON: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore – Tough song choice…if he pulls it off…He actually did much better this week then in the past couple. He still has that creepy JT vibe (as Beckeye calls him CHRUSTIN). He worked the stage, he sang the song… he worked the lyrics. Nicely done. He stays around.

JORDIN SPARKS: On A Clear Day – Really liked how she phrased the song. Her voice was in top form. This was a great performance. We really enjoyed it. We can see her recording this one. Huge last note…and spot one. Not going anywhere.

GINA GLOCKSON: Smile – Gina – showing some thigh and BOOTS… calm down Travis….We liked that she came out with a nice ballad, to show her other side. Gave the song feeling and emotion. Very happy for her performance. Terrific Job. She'll be back.


SANJAYA MALAKAR: Cheek To Cheek – OK, honestly, his best performance since his audition, but it still did nothing for me. No strength in the last note. He was pitchy in many spots seemed off-key for most of the song. The vocals just are NOT there.
He has become a bad joke. (And now Simon is trying reverse psychology on the audience!). Should be in the bottom three.

HALEY SCARNATO: Ain’t Misbehavin’ – What is what the faces? And then the stripper shoulder shakes? The whole thing just fell flat with us. The vocal was shaky…the whole thing was her throwing sex on stage. Maybe there is another opening at “Girls Gone Wild” We keep getting flashes of McTata’s from last year without the vocal skills. In BIG trouble.

LaKEISHA JONES: Stormy Weather – Could have done without the vocal inflections in the beginning. But then she belted it out. She needed a good performance after the last few weeks. BUT she did not listen to Tony and the ending was NOT GOOD. Hit the note and let your voice wow ‘em - isn't that what Tony said??? Overall very good, but the last run spoiled it. Still going to stay around.


Jordin Sparks
Melinda Doolittle

Sanjaya Malakar
Phil Stacey
Haley Scarnato


Would LOVE to say Sanjaya going home, but it will be:
Haley Scarnato


Hope to hear from a bunch of you this evening on
9:00 PM EDT


Tony Bennett
Composer: Bart Howard


24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I am in agreement.

    I tried to listen fairly to Blake. I'll give him the props this week - I didn't hate it.

    I totally disagree with the thoughts on Chris - I didn't hear anything I liked in that performance.

    I now refer to the creepy one as Kid Rooster Head.

    Melinda - BIG WOW. Jordin - Medium WOW. LaKisha - small WOW.

    No idea how American will vote.

  3. BeckEye Says:
  4. I actually didn't call Chris Chrustin this week! I felt it was undeserved this time around. I can't believe I really liked his performance. I'm happy about it, because now I can talk about how cute he is and not feel like one of those idiot 12 year olds voting for Sunjaya. Not that I'm voting at all.

    I picked the same bottom three, but I think Phil will go. Haley and her T&A will make it through again.

  5. TopChamp Says:
  6. Will pop back tomorrow to see if you're right... getting the hang of this now.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. I disagree on Phil Stacey...I absolutely loved his performance. As for Haley, seen it last year with Kat but at least Kat had some talent.

  9. Tisha! Says:
  10. you betcha...I even went to study my American Idol to know wtf is going on! kiss Bond baby!

  11. Julie Says:
  12. "girls gone wild"

    Bwahahahahaha!!!! Great review V-man!

  13. TRAVIS: I thought Chris was the best male actually. I gave Jordin a big wow too

    BECKEYE: He was better then the other guys last night. You might be right about Phil.. I went back and forth on he and Haley...but she was just awful.

    TOPCHAMP: See you then

    DANA: I heard nothing I liked by him, the song was so bland.

    TISHA: Should be fun tonight

    JULIE: heheheheh glad you liked it

  14. Mags Says:
  15. Well, sadly I don't watch, but look forward to being "in the know" from these posts...

    But I did want to tell you that I enjoyed "Stripper shoulders" immensly.

  16. That's at least the second time that LaKisha disregarded the mentor's advice. That bugs me. I'm really cheering for Melinda--wow oh wow is she good!! I can't watch Sanjaya--he literally makes me cringe.

  17. Like I told you last night, I have officially taken my dialing finger out of retirement. I am so ready for this "kid" to go home.

    I agree with Beckeye... the guys are gonna keep Hailey around just because of her "hooker" appearance. Sanjaya should go home, but it will be Phil.

  18. Sparky Duck Says:
  19. See, you explained why Haley wont go right in your review. The boys that are forced to watch this show love the stripper shoulders.

  20. Schmoop Says:
  21. You'd think someone could have had the balls to sing some Spike Jones!! Sissies. Cheers...

  22. Tug Says:
  23. Couldn't agree with you more. I think Haley knows she's going home, so she's just trying to hooker her way out - see if that gets her anywhere.

    Randy & Paula need to grow some cajones here...passing it onto Simon when it was bad. Freaks.

  24. Angell Says:
  25. I agree with just about everything you said (the only reason I say just about is because I can't remember what I wrote in my review last night that might contradict you) :P

    Oh, and I just found out that McTatas is coming to Toronto - so we can get her but not Taylor????

    A little miffed at that...


  26. I don't even have it in me to post this week.

    I think Phil might be going home. I'm about SICK of his imperonations each week. And Sanjaya looked like a greasy pubic hair.... it was icky.

  27. Joyce Says:
  28. I think it will be Phil to leave tonight....otherwise you and i agree.


  29. Anndi Says:
  30. First,, the song.. WOW. It's a beautiful version. Excellent choice, it so represents why I love Tony.

    Now, one quick comment.. and I'll use the song you posted to make my point: Tony's version is different than Frank's tempo-wise.. yet both are excellent... which is better? Don't know.. but what it comes down to is.. sometimes it's ok to go with another style.

    I missed the first three performances because of my dinner with the Grand Poobahs, although the Chicklet gave me a brief run-down.. so I had to visit a certain website, used a little bait and saw both Blake's and Melinda's performances.

    The fact that there wasn't one of Phil spoke volumes about his popularity.

    LaKeisha has me puzzled, and I am getting the 'Diva will Be Hard to Work With Vibe' from her... she has talent, but I'm sensing major attitude.

    I tend to agree with your assessments... I did happen to really love Blake's performance, he has the stage presence that so many have failed to show.

    I LOVED Melinda (again goosebumps) and Gina.

    Where Jordin is concerned, although she sang it beautifully, it didn't have me saying Wow...

    The Thing will probably still be around after tonight.. and it's creeping me out.

    Haley just left me shaking my head...

    I'll be listening tonight.

  31. Liz Hill Says:
  32. I have to agree that Phil is going--the boys will vote to keep the Scartatas --Simon had her spot on with "pageant performance'

    I really like Jordin---she can actually sing a song without having to rely on just hitting big notes.

    The review is great--hope to join y'all tonight

  33. Coco Says:
  34. Yup ... almost wish I'd condescended to watch this week, what with Tony Bennett and all. What a voice!

  35. MAGS: It is what i thought of immediately

    JOELY: Yes she has the "PITA" factor about her

    DIXIE: Almost picked Phil... but I am thinking just maybe ... just maybe...

    SPARKY: I am hoping they were not dialing and were busy doing "something" else

    MATT-MAN: See, you should be a correspondent!

    TUG: he even blew it off.. "nice legs" sheesh

    ANGELL: We were close.. some small differences.. Please keep her up there will ya?

    108: Yeah.. I might have blown the going home pick

    JOYCE: I am officially outvoted!

    ANNDI: So Happy you liked the song...
    I follow your logic and it makes sense, I just feel as thought - the star is there to help and when you don;t take their help, it hurts you
    LaKeisha...diva factor - absolutely
    I know you liked Blake.. you have all along.. he wasn't bad...just not great
    I like Jordin more then you do...once again
    The last two.. who cares!
    Hope you can call in

    Hope you can listen

    COCO: Watch tonight he will be singing I am sure...

  36. Travis Cody Says:
  37. Scartatas!! Bwahahahahahahahahahah

  38. Gail Says:
  39. OMG seriously..."THING" has got to go...some one at work was telling me about Howard Stern and his plea for everyone to call and vote for this true?!?

  40. yeah that was funny

    GAIL: Yes it is ...just to screw with the AI machine

  41. Anndi Says:
  42. If they're supposed to listen to the guest, then I'm puzzled that you did not critique Jordin for her No Doubt song.. she didn't listen to Gwen... and to think.. she actually is the ORIGINAL artist and one of the song's composers.. now THAT's disrespectful...

    Double standard there... Surprises me coming from you.


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