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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The blue jean shirt above is one of a kind.
It was hand embroidered for me by a friend in college. She had heard
I wanted something like this done and took on the task.
She would not let me see it until it was completed.
It took her about
three weeks to complete.
On the day she gave it to me, I was offered $150.00

for it by someone on campus.
The PEACH(YES! I know the early version said "orange- sheesh) on the truck is all "French knots."

(I think that is what they are called.)
The picture does not do the details of the embroidery justice.


A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday (THANK YOU DANA!) and I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

By The Numbers: Allmans at the Beacon

Hidden Track - Glide Magazine
Written by: Scott Bernstein
April 09, 2007

The Allman Brothers Band concluded another epic run at the Beacon Theater last night. And just when you thought they had run out of possible guests, they bring out a former baseball player and a certified blues legend.

I thought the run started slow, but things quickly heated up. The Brothers broke out a number of new covers this run, including but not limited to All Along The Watchtower, Mojo Boogie, Dazed and Confused, Manic Depression. So many songs were played this run that some classics such as Ain't Wastin' Time, Soulshine, and Melissa were only played four times (whereas each of those songs were played almost every night during the Dickie Betts' days). The return of Warren to the fold in 2001 really pushed this band to new heights, both in execution of playing and in making the setlists interesting again.

I attended Friday night's concert and last night's finale. Both shows were amazing in completely different ways. The band played a number of covers at my first show of the weekend, as they were celebrating Warren Haynes' 47th birthday. Hearing Warren sing I've Been Lovin' You Too Long was a thrill: the man owned that song. Peter Frampton showed he has some killer chops when he sat in for three songs, including a blistering Born Under A Bad Sign.

Sunday's show was more about the Allmans' original tunes. The band played a version of Jessica that included a ridiculous solo from Derek Trucks. Trucks and Haynes bring so much emotion to the table that you expect the table to start crying. My favorite part of the three shows I caught was Sunday's triple encore. Oteil came out at first and played a short but sweet solo version of the beautiful Little Martha. The band returned with American Idol Taylor Hicks on harmonica for a rockin' One Way Out, followed by a fitting Revival.

Now that the run is over, we've gone geek and entered the stats into an excel file. These are the results that we came up with:

227 songs played
86 different songs played
45 guests
29 songs played only one time
15 total shows
9 shows before they played a concert without any songs that were new to the run [3/31/07]
9 versions of Statesboro Blues [only song played more than six times]
3 versions of Whipping Post [comparison: they played 10 in 13 shows in 1996]
2 shows with no guests (3/20, 3/22)
1 guest appearance by a New York Yankee
0 LOVE for Dickey Betts


Think about it folks...every year for 2 weeks, one band takes over a classic venue and just kicks ass.

Seriously, go back and read the stats...there are few other bands who could go out and play 87 different songs in a year - no less in 15 days!

NINE days of totally different sets IN A ROW!

FORTY-FIVE guest in 15 days!

It is sad that Dickie Betts fell into such bad shape that he was fired by the band in 2000.

OH, and who was the NY Yankee?

Bernie Williams! (OK, so technically he is not on the roster this year, but he will always be a Yankee!)

That is Bernie on the right playing the first solo...he is a master guitarist in his own right.


Derek Trucks is the nephew of Butch Trucks, long time Allman Brothers drummer and was, of course, named Duane in honor of the great Duane Allman. It was pretty appropriate. He began playing guitar at 9 years old and began touring 2 short years later. He leads his own band (The Derek Trucks Band), has toured with Eric Clapton and is now a regular with the Allman Brothers. Pretty Spectacular.
And this is from the 2003 series...just brilliant...


If you go to that tube site and search "Allmans, Beacon", you will find other clips from this and other years...sorry Dana, no clips from Taylor's jam with the band. Taylor will be at the Beacon this month though.


OK... I have said it before BUT I will say it again

24 is the freakin' best show

on TV and Jack Bauer is a BAD ASS!

Oh, and Holy S**T, Audrey is alive and

the Chinese have her!



Allman Brothers
Chester Arthur Burnett aka Howlin' Wolf

Allman Brothers
Greg Allman


22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Dang! I didn't know Bernie could play. Whoa!

    Great clips. Musicianship - ain't nothing like it.

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. Great clips --so nice to hear people with true talent --especially first thing in the morning.

    Wow on the shirt--I do needlework--and I know exactly what a 'french knot' is--that took some time. What a neat keepsake.

  5. TRAVIS: Bernie is classically trained. He has a CD recorded. Go to berniewilliams.com and hit the jukebox there to listen to it.

    TURN: Some hot stuff here, but nothing like seeing them in concert. This event becomes a sing-along at times... the place goes freakin wild...
    The shirt is wonderful...

  6. Twyla Says:
  7. Well I am totally out of the loop. I don't know who the Allman Brothers are...and I've never watched 24. LOL

  8. Mags Says:
  9. Not being someone who watches 24 (I have school that night) seeing a large comment in bold saying "The Chinese have her" is very funny.

    And also, that shirt your friend made for you is kick ass. Wicked cool Bond!

  10. TWYLA: :::blinks twice::: Ummm The Allman Brothers are the quintessential Southern rock band. Begun by brothers Greg and Duane Allman. Duane was named the second greatest guitar player behind Jimi Hendrix by rolling Stone. Unfortunately, he passed in 1971 after a motorcycle accident, but his legacy lives on (someone stop me please). 24, well it has to be experienced.

    MAGS: It is a one-hour adrenaline rush every week. The shirt is very "sicked cool" - your New England is showing! LOL

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. I dig the Allman Bros. And by the way the Chinese have Audrey's what?

  13. Julie Says:
  14. Hey Y'all! I think the V-man loves his special shirt, the Allman Brothers AND 24!

    Great hearing the excitement here Vinny!

  15. Ain't nothin' like the Allman Bros... they truly do kick ass...

  16. Stand up and salute when you say that, young man - "Southern Fried ROCK."

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

  17. Sparky Duck Says:
  18. Im ashamed, I should have known it was Bernie Williams, I watch Yes Network enough.

    While I missed the heyday of the Allman Brothers, with classic rock stations of my youth I am still able to catch up with the classic bands.

    Of course, with classic rock stations dying, how will the next generation find what they missed?

  19. BeckEye Says:
  20. I've never seen the Allman Bros live, although they seem to come around every summer. One of these days...

    "Melissa" is still my favorite song of theirs.

  21. Coco Says:
  22. Great post, Vinny. They truly are a great band, although I wasn't terribly familiar with their music until I met you ...

  23. Anndi Says:
  24. ARGH!

    Can't see the vids...

    Well it's about darn time you showed us that shirt.. I've heard you mention it before.. a few times...

    Oh.. and I once stumped you on some Allman lyrics! Yes, you may now kiss the hand thank you.

    Smooch baby!

  25. TopChamp Says:
  26. That must have taken her ages!

    Going now to read properly & become more educated on Allman bros and their material.

  27. MATT: See, I knew there was hope for you...; and i can't say what... this is a "family' blog

    JULIE: Yup, yup and yup and WOOOOOOOO

    DIXIE: Sing it Sista! Say it loud..say it proud!

    SONGBIRD: Join Dixie at the front of the stage!

    SPARKY: By sitting on THE COCH and letting me 'splain it to 'em Lucy! Was actually thinking of following Doc to blogtalk radio with a classic rock show... comments? Bueller?

    BECKEYE: Worth the sheckles to check them out...

    COCO: TY - I am glad to have spread the word...

    ANNDI: Hope you can see them at home...heheh anticipation darling...anticipation... verbal foreplay SMOOCH

    TOPCHAMP: I know she worked very hard on it... Learn my child!

  28. Great post! What a jacket, and "Eat a Peach" brings back floods of memories. Heard you on Dr. B last week. Good job.

  29. Wow, Vinny with a regular show on blogtalk radio, huh? You might get me to actually listen on a regular basis. Just be sure to work on your Southern accent so that you can give proper respect when you discuss SOUTHERN FRIED ROCK, my friend.

  30. Unknown Says:
  31. Hehe! Now we'll have to find a clip of Taylor playing with the Allman Brothers!

  32. Sparky Duck Says:
  33. oh the talk show is a very good idea. Someone has to tell the up and coming singers that it is not acceptable to cover Bon Jovi. I am looking at you Daughtry

  34. Nice! Ain't Wasting Time is in my top 3 Allman songs =)

  35. tiggerprr Says:
  36. Oh Look who dropped by!! :) Just wanted to say hi and I did not see the Audrey thing coming...but not sure how this will play out. Interesting.


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