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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 03, 2007

JULIE finished her 5 Questions Interview HERE

Only Coco Left....
yooo hoooo Coco??!!??!!??

Two saying ciao this evening...

Lot of conjecture over the state of affairs.
Jordin did poorly last night,
but the week before was on top.

LaKisha (YES, I know I have been spelling it incorrectly),
has not been great and seems to be losing her base.


Jon Bon Jovi gonna rock the house tonight...
Here we go....

OK, that proves it.. he is only a computer...
OK, LaKisha has to go, she would kiss him again????


Hellllllllllllllllllllo Ruben...


So, I am real tired of them pimping artists on their label..
Robin Thicke - he couldn't get through the audition process for this show.
That was ears are bleeding.


Did not deserve to go home after his last two weeks.




Time for Jon & the boys...

You can rock without having to be loud and screaming.


Wow...who is that guy?
Finally making an appearance on this season's shows.



1-1 for the week on bottom two and going home



18 Of Your Sparks

  1. So Jordin's safe? Whew!

    I know, I know, I sound like a one trick pony, but since I don't watch this show, I have to go with the hometown girl! This time I'm a lemming going with the local flow.

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Too bad for Phil - but the man left with some real class. He's got his kick ass song for the CD now.

    For a moment I thought I might get lucky and have Blake leave. But it was only a fleeting moment.

    Sounds like we're back in the ladies' wheelhouse next week with Barry Gibb working with the Idols.

  4. Gail Says:
  5. Yea, I screamed when he appeared...'bout time he showed up...I'm worried he might not be at the finale...

  6. Anndi Says:
  7. I finally saw what had people in an uproar about last week's "travesty"...

    What has me irked is: had they kept Blake or Melinda for last during the "most shocking" elimination, no one would have pitched a fit. Do it to the young girl and the whole flam dammily is outraged.

    Jordin honey, if that was the greatest hardship you have to endure in your journey through the rough waters of the music business you'll be lucky.. learn to develop a thick skin. Ryan did you a favour.

    It's unfortunate that Phil was sent home, he was finally coming into his own but didn't get a chance to develop a strong fan base.

    Oh, and um... JON! That smile... the lips... oh lord...


    hey! where's the tunage?

  8. SONGBIRD: Nothing wrong with rooting for the hometown gal...

    TRAVIS: I got the same giddy feeling.. oh well...and I agree, the ladies have a leg up next week.

    GAIL: I can not see how they can not have him on the finale... BUT, one never knows

    ANNDI: You have a strong opinion about that, and we let all opinions be heard here on THE COUCH...I thought it was cruel, no matter who they would have done it to.
    Actually would have worked better in their "Most shocking result ever..." if they had kept Melinda for that spot. She is the only one it would have fit the bill for.
    Just didn't find a song that fit for the will be back.

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. Dear God...When will this AI madness end!!?

  11. MATT-MAN...soon... but true madness comes tomorrow... I have a special one all set....

  12. I was surprised they sent Phil home. Franky Kisha has not been that hot for last couple of weeks and while she was great on the Bon Jovi song for me it was too little too late.

  13. Julie Says:
  14. Great post results show post...hmmm!

    Ann? Did you say lips? Mmmm yeah!

  15. Schmoop Says:
  16. I am all a titter with anticipation Vin...

  17. Tug Says:
  18. I totally agree with the Robin Thicke thing......ow.

    And Bon Jovi? **sigh**

  19. Angell Says:
  20. So wrong that Phil went home - sorry to say this, but Lakisha should have been the one to go home (ducks to avoid flying objects).

    But with the momentum Phil is on, I'm sure he'll land on his feet, and I'll bet he's not sad at all - he's probably dying to get home to his family.

    I agree with ya Bond - would have been wrong to do that to anyone, and yes, it would have been more shocking to save Melinda for last.

    SIGH - didja hear me when Tay came on? I thudded so loud I figured you could hear me down there.

  21. STARRLIGHT: based upon the last two weeks, he should still be here and she should be home being the diva of the block

    JULIE: ty

    MATT-MAN: You are what??? TITTER? runs to dictionary

    TUG: My ears were bleeding - they were,,, that reminded me of the scene from Cabaret in the club with the mustache penciled in and that high squeeky excuse for a voice...

    ANGELL: Not ducking from stuff here... she should be gone

  22. Sparky Duck Says:
  23. I broke down and finally watched a show this week, though TiVo is a blessing. I think they riggle the show a little bit and Phil had to go this week, because he would be in over his head with the BeeGees/70s next week. But he did a better job then Blake from what I saw on recaps.
    Bon Jovi was great, I am already scanning Itunes for the new song.
    Chris commited his final sin, adios.

    And now I can see why Melinda irks some people. Shes too fawning?
    Wow sorry that was way too long

  24. I was surprised about Phil because his last two weeks were really good. At least he gets to go home to that baby :-)

  25. I too was not seeing Phil going home ... my thoughts this week were Chris and LaKisha... but I was wrong...

    Yes I know you thought Bon Jovi did excellent and yes he did but I was wanting the old Bon Jovi.... oh well Jon ain't getting any younger and neither am I so I guess I should like what I get...

  26. Anndi Says:
  27. Well.. let's see..

    Today you say:
    I thought it was cruel, no matter who they would have done it to.

    And yet...

    But they screwed with the head of a seventeen year old...why couldn't they have told Jordin she was safe and let Chris think he was gone...

    The whole uproar.. even yours was because they "picked" on a young girl.

    I'm not defending what they did, but... the contestants sign on to do a show that might shatter their dreams, where they'll be judged occasionally harshly, poising to enter into a business that can rip you to shreds... a little suspense won't do any long term damage...

    but the PTB sure know what a boost it gives one of their favs when they behave that way...

    hmmmmm... I think I'm on to something...

  28. hi bond! just stopping in to see what's doing in here... sorry i don't know anything about idol, there seems to be lots of things i know nothing about, but i ramble along anyway!

    smiles, bee


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