American Idol Half Dozen

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BUT two go home this week

Someone invited Antonella to the show...was Girls's Gone Wild in Hollywood?

Nice $70 million raised last week..very nice...

I love when the artists introduce themselves.. "Hi, I'm Jon..."


PHIL: Blaze Of Glory - Interesting jacket...If he brings it, he could do well with this..a bit of country flavor...Nice start...He should be happy he made it through the first few weeks, where he was weak...because the last three weeks he has shown his talent. Gutty...big notes....big last note...well done...He did it proud.

JORDIN: Living On A Prayer - Rock for the girl... ooo growl.... big hair.... rocker chick... was partially good... she lost the roughness in the middle... could have been better...there was some real good spots..and some real rough spots... not what it could have been

LaKEISHA: This Ain't A Love Song - The top... ummm no... excentuated the fact that she should not wear tops like that (what the hell is with the fashion comments Bond????). OOO bad notes.... got a little better, but still not impressed with her yelling the lyrics... Better then last week...but nothing that I would buy. Guess Simon liked it...

BLAKE: You Give Love A Bad Name: Oh beatbox is back.... WTF.... so he sang the no no no no no no...sorry, maybe it would make a good recording..but what was that? No no no no.. this is a singing contest.... so it was original, but it did not show his singing ability... sorry... no no no no..oh and what is up with the hair?

CHRIS: Dead or Alive - oh geeze...learn the freaking words before you sing for the original artist... does not fit his vocal range... this is a song for someone with a rough...tough voice.. OK, Daugtry did this wonderfully last season (took a lot for us to say it)..this was tinny and pitchy and just NOT good...

MELINDA: Have A Nice Day - This woman can sing a freaking commercial jingle and give me chills... NOW THAT IS ROCK AND ROLL....She had a few tough spots with the rhytm in the middle but she brought it back.. a consummate pro...Brought Tina to the stage tonight...
(gee Randy and Simon...thanks for agreeing)

Oh why why why do we have to watch that message???????




remember this is based upon two weeks votes
and two go home



And as a personal observation... if you want to supply nets to the children of Africa...PLEASE
use the link on THE COUCH and do it through the UN's Nets For Malaria, where every single dollar goes to the nets ... every single dollar.. no money to contest winners, no money to the organizations to pay salaries.. every penny goes to the nets thanks to Ted Turner and the UN Foundation.



Jon Bon Jovi
Composer: Jon Bon Jovi


27 Of Your Sparks

  1. BeckEye Says:
  2. In Chris's defense, I would forget my name in front of Jon Bon Jovi. Then again, I'm a chick. :)

    I can't defend him anymore. He's out. I'm guessing Chris and Phil, but I won't be surprised if LaKisha goes instead of Phil.

  3. Tiggerprr thought Jordin was a train wreck, which makes me said. But I'm guessing that the American voting public won't hold one week against her, do you?

  4. Julie Says:
  5. Yikes Vinny....I guess you hate Blake, huh?

    Ummm who's Tiny? and should I be blushing for asking?

    I loved reading this regardless of agreeing....and great song choice!

  6. Twyla Says:
  7. I watched the whole show, and I have to say that I loved Bon Jovi night. I nearly died though when LaKeisha said she'd never listen to Bon Jovi before. That was the first concert I ever went to, back in '95...and I know all the words to every song. I've been listening to them since I was like 5. I thought everyone did well, with the exception of Jordin. I really like that girl, but I was cringing through her whole performance. My fave of the night was actually Phil. I would have liked to see a 'rocker' last night, but none of the remaining contestants fit that category. Oh, and the message at the end? Scripted or what? Not very sincere at all. It's awesome that AI raised $70 million though.

  8. Piacere Says:
  9. I agree 100%...once again, we're in tune. And I (almost) said the same thing about Mr. Daughtry *CHOKES WORDS* YIKES!!!!


  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Jon did a great job with the 6.. and *sigh* does he have a killer smile or what!

    Sorry Vinny.. but Jordin above LaKisha? NOT even CLOSE.

    It's unfortunate that a totally unrocker chick like Jordin attempted a rocker chick feel.. and what the heck was up with the hair? She fell flat and I'm not enchanted at all. I keep looking for the girl we saw in the beginning... but the thing is.. she hasn't grown. She at least had the guts to admit she didn't pull it off, that shows signs of maturity.

    If you can't pull of Rock.. make it different and make it your own... hence...

    Chicklet and I had a blast listening to Blake. He's a love him or hate him kind of guy. No matter what happens in the end, I'll be looking for the CD he puts out.

    Phil was amazing.. and I had said that about him from the beginning... he's developing and coming into his own and I for one am enjoying him immensely.

    LaKisha did better than you give her credit for.

    Chris.. well.. I just didn't care either way.. not good at this point in the competition.

    Melinda was amazing... on that we can agree. She's a rock star!

    Man did I miss Gina this week...


    Oh.. and I could have done without old W.. sheesh

  12. Schmoop Says:
  13. I wish they would do a tribute to the late Do Ho.

  14. BECKEYE: Phil was good the last two weeks... combined voting.... he stays.

    SONGBIRD: She was outstanding last week and garnered a ton of votes... should save her from this week being off

    JULIE: Did not like that all all from him.. not at all...
    Tiny? ummm not sure what you mean.

    TWYLA: I liked Melinda a lot, but Phil was excellent.

    PIA: Credit where credit is due.. he did rock that one song.

    ANNDI: Combined vote..LaKeisha was horrid last week...much worse then Jordin this week. Gina would have had a good week, no doubt. Sorry I just did not consider that a singing performance last night...

    MATT-MAN: Maybe next week dude.. keep waiting.

  15. Mags Says:
  16. You know? I was forced to listen to the updates on (every) radio station this morning and...wait for it...I think the Blake thing sounded cool.

    There was a part where he overdid it, but the drum solo part was cool-I think it was original and he's good at it and the way he went right back into vocals was good....

    Don't hate me. ;)

  17. Angell Says:
  18. I'm with Ann on Blake - oh that sounds bad doesn't it (or good if you're Ann & I LOL). I thought it was innovative and really made him stand out. You could still hear his singing voice, which I love, and I too will be on the look out for his CD.

    Jordin was a train wreck this week, but even the best contestants aren't perfect all the time. I think she'll still be around, because her numbers from last week were probably off the charts.

    All will balance out in the end my friend.


  19. Tug Says:
  20. I cannot BELIEVE they have AI on at the same time as Gilmore Girls new shows. (shush). LOVE Bon Jovi, & will be tuned in tonight.


  21. MAGS: Sounded cool.. but it was NOT singing.. it was noise...

    ANGELL: sorry ...but YUK

    TUG: Gilmore Girls???? OK, I will shush

  22. AtriaBooks Says:
  23. Vinny: What are you wearing?

  24. Oooohhh.... I disagree!

    I felt that Jordin *should* have sung the song that Lakisha sang. Something that she could handle and do well on. I think she butchered the song she sang and even she knew it.

    Melinda is awesome. Chris was okay, but I was bored a bit. Phil, I don't usually like because I find him ingenuine but I thought he did really, really well this week.

    Blake.... well, Blake is an artist. I know you don't like him but I do. He has a style and works very hard to make his accompaniments fit him. He is easily the hardest working contestant and he is a very good showman. I think he did really well :-)

  25. Err...I liked Blake :P

    The rest was a mixed bag. Phil was, frankly, the best of the bunch as far as truly hitting the Jovi on the head.

    Chris suxor'd on his and yes Chris Daughtry was freakin awesome on that song last season.

    Just a follow up on the charity portion. is shooting for 100k new signatures from this. I you have not already signed the petition, please do so!

  26. Sparky Duck Says:
  27. wow Lakeisha worse then Blake? Now thats bad. Chris should get cut for just trying to sing the GREATEST BON JOVI SONG EVER

  28. Travis Cody Says:
  29. I ranked the 6 for last night's performances as Melinda, Phil, LaKisha, Blake, Chris, Jordin.

    If I'm guessing what America might be thinking, I agree that it's LaKisha and Chris out tonight.

    I agree that Jordin has the votes - I haven't followed Dial Idol this season, but my sis told me today that Jordin was tops there. So I would say she's safe based on her fanbase - they needed to get it done for her and sounds like they may have.

    If Phil is out tonight, I'll be interested to see if a country producer snaps him up. If he's not, then I would not be surprised in the least if he sneaks into the top 3 over Blake - if he continues performing as he has the last 3 weeks.

    **ducks the boots thrown by Blake supporters**

    Good review as always - I'm looking forward to a rockin Bon Jovi performance tonight.

  30. DOC: I told you never to ask in public... a nice pair of black...

    108: he didn't sing anything other than the chorus and then he made noises...

    STARRLIGHT; Must be a chick thing.... sheesh....LOL

    SPARKY: OK, that is the two week top and bottom two, I guess I should have been more specific....

    TRAVIS: Someone here at work showed me the DialIdol and i saw the same thing.. her numbers from last week had to be HUGE and that is why she gets a pass through this week.. LeKisha was mediocre both weeks... buh bye

  31. Bar Says:
  32. Jon Bon Jovi

    I'll watch.

    What is there NOT to love about that man?

  33. tiggerprr Says:
  34. Hello!! Came here right after the show was over to see what you thought, then realized you probably hadn't had time to write your review yet. Agreed with you on a lot of things...not on some ::ducks:: I know it was hard to kudo my man, Chris Daughtry, but he DID do well on that Bon Jovi song last year. :)

    I guess I worried poor Desert Songbird. Jordin isn't going anywhere though, I know that. I don't want her to. In fact, I won't be surprised if she wins the thing, she seems to be the "pimped out" one for this year, IMO. I think she's the most "marketable" (make sure to use the finger quotes motion when you read that in your head) of the bunch, though Blake could give her a run for her money in that regard too. He's just a bit polarizing, you either love him or hate him I think.

  35. I'll go with Chris & Jordin. Not that it is right, but it is my gut feeling.

  36. Oh don't get me wrong Bond. I don't think Blake is at all cute in a "ohh I wanna do HIM!" kinda way. More in the doofy labradoodle kinda way. Plus he is different from the rest of the bunch, I knows 311 and Sublime :P

  37. LAYLA: he is cool

    TIGGERPRR: Glad to see you here... Jordin did great last week..two weeks voting..she is safe...
    I am on the "do not like him" side

    BUD: I think she is safe after last week

    STARRLIGHT: Are you sure??? Maybe you like slightly younger men??? Perhaps?

  38. Julie Says:
  39. umm said something about Melinda's recap....i guess i'm lost.

    **gropes around in the darkness**

  40. Janna Says:
  41. Ooh, finally I'm able to be at the leather couch without it freezing up my computer! It usually does, for some reason; I don't know why.
    Anyway, sorry it took me so long to get through. Please forgive my computer!
    If you still have a question about the template thing, please e-mail me at I didn't quite understand what you were asking, so y'gotta clue me in. :)
    I'm so glad I'm here on the couch today! I wish I could be here more often!

  42. Unknown Says:
  43. Love your AI reviews, Vinny. Our DSDS, the German equivalent show is so... lame =)

    Thanks a lot for your email. I´m sorry to tell ya Blogger doesn´t feature any code to complete your request - but if you´re intereszed I´ll send you my newest 3-column expandable width xml-layout. It´ll be finished on Sunday - featuring Blogger´s crayon box and all those lovely extras you wish to use =)

    *whispering* For you it´s free, my good old friend. But *shhhhh* don´t tell =)

  44. Sanni:

    I would love to see it - yes...



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