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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The apartment is clean...

Spent about 2 hours Saturday and then 2 hours Sunday and it is as good as it is gonna get...


Have so many tapes to transfer to DVD... Gotten about 10 hours done, but that was the easy part...About to tackle the digital tapes from the digital video and the mini-tapes from the analog video recorder. That stuff is not edited, and in rough shape. Will need to transfer it to the MAC, work in i-Movie and then transfer from there to the DVD recorder.


Mom and dad arrive on Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning. Going to be great to see them. The Italian Fest ends Saturday, so I guess that day is planned. It is about three miles away I gather...have to check into the "gravy-making contest" sign-up area for next year...


Also found out We will be having a guest over the weekend of June 22. Frat brother and best friend Andy coming in after visiting our friend Jamie in California for a few days.

Checking out the goings on that weekend...though it is quiet in June...Beale Street one night, probably Graceland...


My Yankees are really struggling right now. They get hitting and no pitching, or get a good pitched game and can't get a hit...This all started with the rash of pitching injuries early in the season. It put a ton of pressure on their relief staff and those guys are just overworked.

We still have faith they are not out of this is only end of May...long road...but one pitcher is not going to help. The starters need to pitch deeper and our left hand bats need to wake up...

Someone wake up Anndi and tell her the baseball talk is done...


GOOD NEWS: Lindsay Lohan does not look up to Paris Hilton as a role model.
BAD NEWS: She didn't learn and is still too thick-headed to realize you do not put yourself in a DUI (with "cocaine" found in the car) situation because guess what?

pssssssssst....the cops are watching ...

It isn't like when the Rat Pack, or the Brat Pack, or even Team DiCaprio were around.

Going out for the night? Be our guest in making yourself look ridiculous to the photogs (Oh, yeah, they WILL be there, promise), but hire a freaking car service....PLEASE!


Have that tickle in the back of my throat. Little stuffy...


Congratulations to my niece AMELIA
Who graduated high school this past weekend...



1931 - 2007

He passed away of pneumonia on Friday.
Reilly was the flamboyant celebrity seen on
"Hollywood Squares" and "The Match Game" in the '70 & '80's.

But, did you know....?

Reilly began his career in New York City, taking acting classes at a studio with Steve McQueen, Geraldine Page and Hal Holbrook.

In 1962, he appeared on Broadway as Bud Frump in the original Broadway production of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

The role won Reilly a Tony Award.

He was nominated for a Tony again for playing Cornelius in "Hello, Dolly!"

In 1997 he received another nomination for directing Julie Harris and Charles Durning in a revival of "The Gin Game."

After moving to Hollywood in 1960s he appeared as the nervous Claymore Gregg on TV's "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and as a featured guest on "The Dean Martin Show."


My friend read the thoughts from you, my guests, last week
They wanted all y'all to know how much they appreciated the support.

All plans for a mass gathering to cause some hurt are on hold...


Will the ramblin' ever stop????



Marshall Tucker Band
Composer: Toy Caldwell

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Goodness gracious, darlin'! You are all over the place with this post. Good choice on the tuneage - reflects your post (and your mood I suspect).

    Hope you have a FAB time with your folks next weekend. I'm sure your mom will give you lots of well deserved love.

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. I like to ramble... in both senses of the word. And I like reading your ramblings.

    That Italian festival sounds good. Quite jealous.

    Have fun with your folks!!

  4. Matt-Man Says:
  5. Have a lovely time with the folks Bond...What frat were you in?

  6. Bond Says:
  7. SONGBIRD: I know..that is 3 consecutive days of rambling....

    MATT-MAN: Thanks dude.. I was and am a TKE

  8. Matt-Man Says:
  9. I was a Lambda Chi Alpha...You guys were wusses. ; )

  10. Tug Says:
  11. Lindsey hasn't learned because she hasn't HAD to...& probably won't this time I'm hearing. sad...

    My place is a adirondack chair together needing one more coat of paint, one I'm just starting. Tools, paint, wood all over the place.


  12. Sparky Duck Says:
  13. lets see, an hour team meeting and then lose 7 to 1, nice.

    Gravy, thats the tomato sauce right?

  14. the108 Says:
  15. I want to go to Graceland... I loooove Elvis!

    But, not as much as I love you....

  16. Bond Says:
  17. TUG: Would think she saw what happened to Paris and would have learned... oh well

    SPARKY: Yes gravy is tomato sauce, and I will ignore your other comment.

    108: AH shucks now girl...

  18. Angell Says:
  19. Have fun with the folks - I'm sure mom will be more than pleased with your cleaning skills. :D

    As for frat brother Andy - y'all stay out of trouble now. I don't know how much is left in the bail fund, but I'm sure it's not enough for both of you....

    I refuse to make any comments on that baseball thing you speak of.

    God rest Charles - I knew of him and knew his work. Thank you for the extra info.

    And as for the hurting party - just let me know when....


  20. Sadie Says:
  21. Italian fest is always fun. They have free concerts, and sometimes they're actually good! :)

    Don't forget the National Civil Rights Museum, if your parents are museum types.

  22. Starrlight Says:
  23. OMFG! The DiCaprio Pussy Posse! I totally forgot that :P

    And CNR was the shiznitz.

  24. Travis Says:
  25. I recall this cleaning thing you speak of - but I think I still have too much to put away before I have any floor to vacuum.

    Can't wait to get started on my analog to digital project.

    Enjoy the folks and your time with Andy. Family and friends - that's the fun part.

    I can say this here cause I'm amongst friends - I despise the Red Sox. The Yankee spiral wouldn't be so bad if the Sox were tanking worse.

    YAY for Amelia!

    I hadn't heard about Mr Reilly. He was always one of my favorite regulars on Match Game. Him and Richard Dawson. I wasn't aware of his other credits - thanks for that.

    Don't worry about the rambling.

    Later dude.

  26. Matt Man wouldn't have to ask you what frat you were in if he were a real fan of the Radio Happy Hour.

  27. Bond Says:
  28. ANGELL: Thanks for all the encouraging words... it is BASEBALL! LOL

    SADIE: Thanks for the suggestions

    STARRLIGHT: hehehehehe yup Team DiCaprio - otherwise known as DPP

    TRAVIS: LOL you will have to reacquaint yourself with cleaning soon...
    I can't say those things about that other team..class and dignity

  29. Bond Says:
  30. MATT-MAN: Is that really a frat? One of those tiny little frats?
    TKEs ruled at RIT

  31. hi bond! bee here. looking for chocolate cake. i booked another cruise today. the whole family for christmas next year, yay! they have warm chocolate melting cake every day on carnival bond...

    smiles, bee

  32. Dixiechick Says:
  33. Glad ya got the apartment clean... now will you please come and clean my house??? ;-)

    Oh I'm not talking any baseball this year either... what the hell has happened????

    Hope you are feeling better.

  34. Coco Says:
  35. WOOOOOOO Bond Rambles ... just love those posts.

    Have a wonderful time with mom and dad, hon. Congrats to Amelia. And enjoy your fratboy reunion. lol

    Yankees ... it's just a game, Vinny ... (waiting)

  36. Dana Says:
  37. Man, I loved CNR. I have to say, most of what I know of him comes from the Match Game, but he and that lady (what was her name? My mind went blank - oh, Brett) just clicked!

  38. BeckEye Says:
  39. I was bummed about CNR. Cool guy.

    You like the Yankees?? Eeeee-yuck!

  40. Peg Says:
  41. Oh, the celebrity hijinks make me want to puke...and Rosie--she's just as bad as Lohan et al--her's is just a different brand of BS. Hers is the Ooh-let's-see-if-I-can-make-the-network-news-with my-feud-of-the-week-crap-cuz-I've-got-a-CAUSE-y'know!

    Loved Charles Neslon Riley--*sniff* he was a good egg, and funny!

    Enjoy your time with Mamma and Pappa Bond, too!!

  42. julie Says:
  43. Oooh Steve McQueen? "Book 'em Danno!" *snarf*

  44. Anndi Says:
  45. Congratulations Amelia!

    Look out Memphis... the boys'll be on the loose!

    Hugs, smooches and gropes to you and Andy!


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