Final Review on AI

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 10, 2007


Barry Sings
Nice - he still has it
The dentures not so good though

BLAKE - Safe

She will get some interest, but they will need to work with her.

No Bottom Two announced

wanted to do something else with this today...

just didn't have it in me...

not into this anymore

Jordin goes home next week
Blake comes in second
Melinda wins

Enjoy the rest of the season

Our Going Home Total

Now for some real music:



Led Zeppelin
Composers: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. We got something special last season. This season just hasn't lived up to it.

    It's dragging - they don't need an hour results show every week. And I can't even imagine sitting through a 2 hour finale. If it wasn't for Taylor's return, I'd skip it.

  3. Burn out - it happens.

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. I always found Plant's name funny. It's just so un-rock 'n' roll. "Hi, I'm Bob Plant, and I am a rock singer."

  6. AtriaBooks Says:
  7. Mr. AI isn't into AI? What happened Bondie?

  8. No kidding, Doc. I think we need to call an ambulence!

    I am not feeling it this year either, frankly. I didn't watch it last night. When shaving your legs wins over watching Idol, you know it is a boring season.

  9. Tug Says:
  10. Yeah, this was a bad year. I hope Blake goes home next week...I think Jordin will give Melinda more of a run that he would.

  11. Angell Says:
  12. It's been HELL this year. Only reason I'm sticking it out is because I have a column to write (I know, broken record, but I feel it must be said to justify to myself why I keep wasting time on this).

    The good news is it's almost over....

  13. Meribah Says:
  14. Yup, it's almost over...and then comes Canadian Idol! Wooo! LOL I sure hope it's more interesting than AI is this year. :)

  15. TopChamp Says:
  16. I've stopped watching but am still coming over here to see what's happening... Lazy me.

  17. Anndi Says:
  18. Have I mentionned I have a thing for Robert Plant?

  19. hi bond! i'd watch it if it was on a cruise ship! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  20. tiggerprr Says:
  21. Hey Mr. Bond,

    This season is kind of a let down. I think after last year, when I was so totally invested in someone, it's dissapointing (to me anyway) that I'm just not all gaga over one person. I like all three of them that are left, but it's just not the same.

    What pushed you over the edge, if I may ask?

  22. BeckEye Says:
  23. We're in the home stretch! It'll all be over soon.

    You need to be meaner in your recaps. Trust me, it will make the whole process much easier to take. :)

  24. TRAVIS: Really, why an hour of crap when we can do it in a half hour?

    SONGBIRD: More like boredom

    MATT-MAN: Bob? Bob? He is Robert SIR!

    DOC: total boredom I guess

    STARR: See, you know exactly why.

    TUG: He will have all the female votes we suspect...

    ANGELL: I ain't getting paid for this so why bother...

    MERI: Anything can be more interesting than this year

    TOPCHAMP: Guess you have to watch next week.. no review here

    ANNDI: Not until now... he on your "list"? hehehehe

    BEE: You do anything on a cruise ship, no?

    TIGGERR: Yes, I agree, but we were invested in different people! - Honestly, I am just bored by it all

    BECKEYE: Can't be over too soon and can you imagine the tour...yawn....See I can't even get nasty about these people they hold no interest to me at all

  25. anyjazz Says:
  26. Watched "Pop Idol" in England a couple seasons. It was a much better program.

  27. tiggerprr Says:
  28. It's ok Bond, we can be invested in different people and still be pals! After my fave was gone, my votes went your fella's way! ;)

  29. Julie Says:
  30. Aww now I'm sad, Vinny. And the Zeppelin tune even makes me more somber.

    Next year sweetie?

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. We agree, I think Jordin will be next, with Blake and Melinda in the top two, and Melinda winning. And Taylor is going to be on the finale!


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