Incredibly Wrong

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 17, 2007

OK, we are exhausted from the last two days and
We used our "ready in a jiff" yesterday,
so we weren't going to even post today..


We will say one thing and that is it for today

We apologize in advance as this is a PG blog


there will never again be a mention of that
TV show here EVER again.

We didn't vote, ok?
But there is no way Melinda is not in the final two.

The finale gets TiVO'ed and we watch the Taylor parts.
Don't really care who wins and that is all.

We will be visiting you all in the next two days.

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Tug Says:
  2. I'm pulling for Jordin, but you know what? I totally.agree. She should NOT have gone home tonight. Not Melinda.

  3. Sparky Duck Says:
  4. I just knew you couldn't resist. I said to Mrs Duck before the show came on, Melinda will be in the finals, unless their is a swell of people that just don't like her personality, because her voice is impressive.

  5. Matt-Man Says:
  6. My heart goes out to you V-Man...Smooches!!

  7. Piacere Says:
  8. What you said...thank you...

  9. Anndi Says:
  10. I've posted this in one of our e-mail groups but figured someone had to be calm and collected in this comment section...

    Oddly enough... I'm not shocked at all.
    The American Public don't want consistent.. they want to be sitting on the edge of the couch anticipating what's coming next.

    Melinda is the better singer, no doubt. But that consistent factor has apparently hurt her.

    People like to root for the young girl, to be outraged because Ryan was mean to her (how dare he!) and they see in Jordin an artist who they hope will blossom before their eyes in her career.

    Blake appeals to people who want something fresh and new and (yes Travis) contemporary.

    I'm not saying the results were right... but it's no shock.

    How many self professed Melinda fans actually voted? As you said, you didn't. Don't be mad at the show, if people don't vote, the singer doesn't go through to the next round. Plain and simple.

    Taylor won because he had a powerhouse grass-roots force voting for him. Melinda's fans didn't step up to the bat (ugh.. baseball talk).

    As we've seen with Elliott Yamin... and unfortunately the screaming bald eagle-goat - winning isn't really the end all be all.

    Melinda will do just fine.

  11. Turnbaby Says:
  12. Well sugar I fear Melinda was probably a victim of both vote splitting---her and Jordin draw from similar fans--and pure apathy about this year

    I wrote on Beckeye's blog that Blake reminds me of Bobby Goldsboro

    Smooch Bondbaby

  13. Twyla Says:
  14. So Melinda is gone? I can't say I'm surprised though. She's an awesome singer, but sometimes singing alone, doesn't count for anything in this 'singing' competition.
    Btw... I changed my blog address. Here's the new one...

  15. not a fan, that is good......

  16. Dixiechick Says:
  17. I totally agree with my two hoochies.... Melinda will be just fine... she will sell many cd's and we will hear many good things from her for years and years.... she is a legend in the making...

  18. Matt-Man Says:
  19. Did my comment not go through or is that you just didnt like my Smooches!! Aye!!

  20. Mags Says:
  21. *sigh*

    You know I started watching a couple of weeks ago just so I could follow along with you...and last night I thought: OH NO! Bond Baby's gonna be MAD.


    I'm sorry that one of your favorite shows doesn't make you happy anymore.

  22. Bond Says:
  23. Will be back to comment on all of these, but had to quickly comment on two....then off to a meeting..
    Matt-Man...I never got notification on your first comment...I love your smooches..LOLOLOLOLOL

  24. There were no winners in the final twelve so it really doesn't matter who ended up in the final two. Maybe there will be a twist next week and Tamyra Gray will win.

  25. Starrlight Says:
  26. Melinda was easily the best singer. But here is the problem. I hear Melinda, and I say to myself, "Self, get your slacker ass to the cd store and get yourself some Ike and Tina." Or "Self, how's about we throw on that Aretha cd at work tomorrow."

    You see where I am going with it? All three have talent. What all three lack, and what for me has just killed this season, is a personality that makes me remember them. I just don't see myself buying and album from any of them. I see myself buying an album from one of their influence. Cause NONE of them bring anything new to the plate.

  27. Twyla Says:
  28. Some guy on MyBlogLog was trying to steal my blog. He had a picture of my blog and everything on his account, and claimed that he was the author. I sent an e-mail to the admins of MyBlogLog, but instead of waiting for them to fix it, I just changed my address. I don't want this creep having anything to do with my blog. Apparently he's done this to other people too. Some people have nothing better to do I guess.

  29. Angell Says:
  30. I am in full agreement with the hoochies. Melinda will have record labels beating down her door. She will not only be just fine, but I predict that her debut album sales will surpass the winners.

    I love Blake, and I think Jordin has talent. It just so happened that all Melinda's fans took the easy route and didn't vote.

    SMOOCHES (probably aren't as good as Matt's....hehe)

  31. hi bond. you must be talking about the idol show cause i saw it on fox news. sorry bond. i don't know any of them but i wish yours won. sigh... eat some chocolate cake honey, you'll feel better. i promise...

    smiles, bee

  32. Bond Says:
  33. TUG: I am so over it...

    SPARKY: yes, the day wears on, it just doesn't matter now does it

    MATT: Thump... he smooched me LOL

    PIA: yw

    ANNDI: All good points... I am calmer now

    TURN: Bobby Goldboro..heheheh SMOOCH

    TWYLA: Yes... getting calmer - fixed the link here on THE sorry you had to switch

    SARGE: Nope no more

    DIXIE: so calm....

    MATT-MAN: how could anyone not like your smooches?

    MAGS: it's OK, jack is still kicking ass on 24, The loonies still get caught on CRIMINAL MINDS and the island hasn't eaten anyone yet on LOST...all is well

    DOC: oooo Maybe....

    STARRLIGHT: so very very calm....

    TWYLA: Those people should be draggged under a boat (keelhauled)

    ANGELL: very very very very calm SMOOCHES

    BEE: CAKE? OK!

  34. Anndi Says:
  35. Me thinks Turnbaby has had one too many cocktails...

  36. the108 Says:
  37. I think it sucks that Melinda was booted off. I think Jordin should have gone home.

    I think Melinda went home because she is so damned good at singing a style of music to the likes of Tina and Aretha and so if this was 1960 then she would have won hands down. But it's a different time and the music industry is just hot right now for the Blake Lewis type... producing music has become just as important as singing or playing it.

    I don't have a clue why Jordin is so beloved. She's an alright singer but as a singer myself, I have noticed that she is one of those people who can only sing certain types of songs and that she has zero vocal control unless the notes are long enough for her to gain control over them. I have a feeling she is going to win this and I think the same thing will happen to her that happened to Ruben Studdard... they write her a bunch of crappy r&b ballads with shitty backbeats and after an intitial run, they'll stop selling.

    Blake will actually write his own music and lyrics and put out a decent ablum for what he does. He and Melinda are far better performers than little Dorothy Gail up there winning votes because people think she is adorable.

    But... I think she'll win. Sigh.

  38. julie Says:
  39. I'm sorry you're sad Vinny. You invested a lot of time and thought into this season and America let you down.

    Regardless of whether we agreed or not I always ran to The Couch VERY early every Wednesday and Thursday morning. Sometimes before I even put the coffee on to brew.


  40. Sueann Says:
  41. Hugs Bond! I feel your pain. I can not stand Blake! Everytime he starts beat boxing it reminds me of my Brother, when as a little kid he would pretend to be boxing and make those exact same noises that comes out of Blake's it does! I do pray Jordin wins. She may not have been the best vocalist this year but she sure as hell beats Blake! Can't wait to see TAYLOR tomorrow night!

    More Hugs!


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