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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 18, 2007

SO the television season is about to end and in many ways it was a good year, but in others it just lacked so so much.


A show we anticipated "SMITH" was a total bust, ratings wise and was canceled after only four episodes. Ray Liota deserved a little more time to evolve on the show.


Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has had an up and down season on "24". The season has been a roller coaster ride of excitement with a great storyline involving Islamic militants, renegade Russian terrorists and the Chinese. On the downside, Jack has acted like a whipped dog more than once. His stupidity with Audrey was ridiculous...sitting in CTU after she was rescued, pouting like a love sick puppy.
Still, we are TOTALLY PSYCHED about the 2-hour finale this Monday.


"STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP", another show we were really enjoying went away quietly and made us sad. The dynamics between Bradford Whitford and Matthew Perry are fantastic. The casting of D.L. Hugley against Sarah Paulson as the fictional depiction of "Saturday Night Live" stars is a terrific point counter-point of personalities. The show within the show has had some great skits. Not sure if the storyline of Whitord and his network boss, Amanda Peet is smart, but we will give it a bit of time. She is real hot though! OH and it comes back on May 24th at 10:00PM - wooooooooooooooo


"CRIMINAL MINDS" is one of my favs. Would you have known that if we didn't tell you? The team of behavior analysts (read profilers), come up against total psychos each week. There have been story ideas I have had that we have then seen acted out on my TV screen and we are upset that we didn't write them sooner. The way they get into the criminals minds and show how they tick, has helped me in my construction of stories. One of my favorite characters is Kirsten Vangsness who plays the computer whiz Penelope Garcia. She adds a real light touch to some dark story lines. This season the sick minds they have portrayed have been deliciously sick. Oh how we would love to write one of these.


"NUMB3RS" is another "police show" with an entirely different twist. The use of mathematics to help solve the cases. We were always into math, this stuff is way over our heads. The cast was well developed this season. We got to see into their lives outside the job which allowed us to feel a more personal connection. Of course the three main characters played by Judd Hirsch as the dad, Rob Morrow as FBI agent Don Epps and David Krumholtz as his brother, mathematics genius Charlie Epps have gone through a whole story line outside the main story. We have learned about the dynamics between the two brothers and their past trials and tribulations. Good stuff.


We have followed "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" also. we need a little lightness in our life on occasions. Neil Patrick Harris as Barney is a wonderful character. So shallow and so full of depth. He is a womanizing, slug with a heart of gold. The stories are sometimes well written and sometimes just a load of fluff, but they do allow me to get away from it all.


Our guilty pleasure is "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES". Hey, everyone needs one of these. Last season was pretty weak, but they have come back with some interesting twists this season. The dead husband kept frozen in the freezer in the cellar; the little almost-fling for Felicity Huffman and the pycho killer played by Kyle Maclachlan were all fun to watch.

The trilogy of "CSI" shows have had some excellent episodes and some duds. We are really tired of the David Caruso stares and stances, but the other two still hold up for the most part. The original Las Vegas cast is the best assembled in our opinion.


The trilogy of "LAW AND ORDER" shows has plummeted in their adventure and excitement. SUV with Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay is the best of the bunch.


"THE SOPRANOS" is getting better and better with each episode. This past week's episode was a real shocker. Tony took a step that we did not think he would take. Well, actually we thought he would but not in the way he did. It is coming to an end and that is a shame.


We also really enjoy "ENTOURAGE". The cast is cool, the story lines fun, the show totally fluffy...but once again, hey we all need some fluff in our life...


Finally, "LOST". This season has been full of twists and turns and stunners. Lead characters gone missing, some killed off. Nothing is secret on the island. The two-hour finale should be a wonderfully wicked experience. This is a do not miss for us.


Our reality show "jones" comes on soon..."BIG BROTHER"...yup it is the one we really enjoy...and think we could be successful on. Would love to have the opportunity to get on this show, but could not take that much time off work.

Well, there you have it...

What have you learned? Well for one thing, that we watch a ton of TV...but NOPE I AIN'T DOING IT CHILI PEPPERS ... I am keeping my TV!

OH, and we pay for our cable... so this ain't about us!

See you tomorrow kiddies....



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28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Sheesh... I haven't the time to watch even half the shows you do.. busy mom, busy mom. Love NUMB3RS, CSI and Criminal Minds!

    I realy tried to watch 24... but it's kinda complicated when you don't catch it from the start.

    Big Brother eh? hmmmmmm


    Great Men of Genious LMOO
    You're paying for porn? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. Twyla Says:
  4. With the exception of watching the first season of CSI and LOST, I have never watched any of the other shows. Like I've said before, I'm a reality show junkie, so I'm REALLY looking forward to watching Big Brother. It's probably one of my favourite shows ever. My friend and I have BB nights where we get together and watch it. It's the only thing that keeps me in the house in the summertime. :-) I wonder if they've already chosen the contestants? Too bad Canadians can't apply. :-(

  5. Bond Says:
  6. ANNDI: TiVO my dear friend...TiVO... and NO, I am not paying for porn..sheesh...well...ummm... NO I am not...

    TWYLA: I am sure they have chosen for this season already...There is no info on the CBS website other then the past shows. I wonder of it is coming back on.

  7. sarge and i watch big brother like idiots!! i love that it is three times a week too! hope for some good characters this season, can't wait...PLUS (and this is HUGE) i will KNOW what you are talking about!!! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  8. Matt-Man Says:
  9. I got hooked on SVU during a New Year's Day marathon. It is very good. Cheers!!

  10. summer tv sucks, we do watch big brother........

    Thank you for the heads up on that post, you will see it again on fathers day..........

  11. Can't comment on any audio because I don't want to disturb hubby who is still slumbering next to me, sooooo.....

    I tried watching "Studio 60" because we really like Sorkin, but this show has been difficult to get into. I do love Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry, though, so we stuck with it and will watch when it comes back.

    Hubby gave up on "Numb3rs" (which is strange since he's the left brained of the two of us), but I continue to record this on the DVR. I loved that Larry went into space, I love that Charlie and Amida developed their relationship, and I'm fascinated by the Don/Charlie/Alan family relationship. I love that Alan has become part of the team, and I'm glad that Don is fully exploring his jealousy of little brother Charlie. That Megan/Larry relationship still amuses me.

    I gave up on "Desperate Housewives" during season two and never had the heart to go back.

    I couldn't keep up with the "CSI" franchises, but I occasionally catch re-runs on SpikeTV and A&E. I detest David Caruso and his posturing, but I've always liked the Vegas crew. I never got into NY, despite really liking Gary Sinese.

    I still try to keep up with L&O (all three of them). I love, love, LOVE "Bobby Goren" (I'm a Vincent d'Onofrio fan) on "CI," and I am really curious as to how Olivia and Elliott will work through things on SVU.

    I'm also really into "House" on FOX - love Hugh Laurie!

    All I can say is, thank God for my three DVRs - they make it easier to keep up with my bad habit of too much television! And I'm really looking forward to the summer cable season: The Closer, Monk, Psych, Rescue Me - YIPPEE!!!

  12. Starrlight Says:
  13. I loved Studio 60 too =( I really thought it was very bright and very funny. I fear it may have been a bit too bright if you know what I mean.

    Speaking of CSI...TOTALLY CREEPED OUT by the freaky little pain in my sawdust doll!


    I do agree with you on Caruso. I loathe him. I can't see him without immediately thinking "What a dick" and usually I think that outloud.

    I adore Gary Sinise and would watch Capt Dan read the phone book. Plus..he is hot.

    But the original is the best by far. Gil is just so weird :P

  14. Mags Says:
  15. *sigh*

    I so wish I had more time to view these wonderful programs. I've missed the last 3 LOST episodes and I'm DYING!!!

    I have to track down my friend with TiVo and see if he still has them.

  16. Piacere Says:
  17. THANK YOU!! Another Sopranos fan...I, too, could not believe last week's episode...I SO don't want this show to end, but like all good things...Whatta 'ya gonna do??

    Hmmmm...a certain FOX Tuesday and Wednesday night show is missing from your lineup (no names after yesterday's post). I'm not surprised...why do you think I gave it up for Lent???

    Have a great weekend, V!!!


  18. Coco Says:
  19. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of NOT watching tv. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be ... but I must admit that I am curious about the season of LOST and the upcoming season of BIG BROTHER, which was my guilty secret for several years ... nice post, honey.

  20. Sanni Says:
  21. Can´t wait to watch 24 Season 6 - we´re far behind in Germany, as usual =)

    And, although I don´t watch too much TV, I never miss CSI.

    Oh, and... Vinny...

    "Tag! you´re it!" :)

  22. Bond Says:
  23. BEE: You me and Sarge on the Couch watching the Big brother... WOOOOO

    MATT-MAN: I do enjoy it

    SARGE: Yes it does suck... and you are welcome.

    SONGBIRD: I used to have 2 TiVOS and they were hooked into my network, so I could watch from either one.. but one stayed in NJ. Biggest conflict was Tuesdays when Lost, CSI and medium are all on. Lost gets the TiVO, if I am around CSI gets the live viewing. Medium should be recorded in the summer when the others are in reruns

    STARR: Yes the original is the best.. Studio begins again next week. TiVO told me that! I love my TiVO

    MAGS: Girl..go to and you can watch it there.. the whole thing...that is one of the cool things all the networks are doing with many of their hit shows... streaming feeds of the shows the next day!

    PIA: I looked and saw it in his eyes and said to self "Self, is Tony really gonna do it this time he didn't on the fishing boat..." and then he DID!

    COCO: nah could not do it....again you can watch LOST there

    SANNI: and you don't have to wait they have the full episodes there...

    umm tag I am it!

  24. Angell Says:
  25. Well, I'm with Ann - I haven't watched half the shows, but I wish I had.

    LOST I hear is so good....maybe my brother will let me borrow his dvd's.

    Entourage I really want to get into, seeing as how I've had a crush on Jeremy Piven since I saw PCU.

    CSI Vegs is the BEST of the 3 - but don't tell me what happened last night - I haven't seen it yet.

    STUDIO 60 - yes, I loved that as well & was heartbroken that it left.

    HIMYM is a favourite in my house - it's legend...wait for it....dary...

    Never did get into BB - got enough he said/she said/ who's doing who drama in my reality to care about anyone elses.

    Good post babe - SMOOCHES. Have a great weekend.

  26. the108 Says:
  27. We have very similar tastes in television shows.

    We are ever so cool.

  28. Bond Says:
  29. ANGELL: Hey ... all by myself...and my good friend TiVO, I can watch whenever I please...I left all spoilers out in my post.. I never spoil (I haven't seen it either)

    108: But you watch more cartoons then I...LOL but we are cool!

  30. Bond: You GOTTA get into The Amazing Race when it comes back. Hands down, the BEST reality show on TV and one of the better shows/events on television.

  31. Meribah Says:
  32. Love sick puppy? **Wags tail** Nuttin' wrong with that! LOL I don't watch much TV now, mostly AI and, when it comes on, CI (Canadian Idol). I luv the CSI shows! Haven't watched them in awhile though...have gotten to be too much of a computer junkie. Hmmm, gotta put that on my list of things to more CSI! :P

  33. Bond Says:
  34. DOC: I have watched it on occasion, but never start to finish... will have to keep an eye out for it...

    MERI: Most of the time it is not bad.. in that case it was pitiful...

  35. Thanks for the visit. It's been the month from hell for me, and it won't get better (maybe) until the kids are out of school on Thursday. I soooooo need that beach vacation to San Diego next month...[[sighing]]]...

    Anyway, I haven't even read your Monday Matinee for this week - guess I'd better check it out.

    Have a good weekend, Vinny.

  36. Bond Says:
  37. lalalalalalalalalalalaalalal

    not listening to talk of beach vacations


  38. Anndi Says:
  39. Of course you don't spoil... You don't have an expiration date darlin'

    Hugs and gropes...

    Oh.. and um.. don't pay for it cause you slipped a twenty to Mister Dishonest cable TV hooker(snarf)-upper?


  40. Bond Says:
  41. ANNDI: whew.. I thought I would have to pour myself down the drain...
    Prove it? you have pictures? huh huh huh huh?
    ummm hope not

  42. Travis Says:
  43. I'm not watching much network tv these days. But that's excellent that Studio 60 is coming back. I'm glad you posted that - I might have missed the return.

    I lost track of 24 - it's Dancing night after all. But I usually try to reconnect for the final 2 hours. Probably not this season - it'll be opposite the Dancing finale.

  44. Sparky Duck Says:
  45. Love this post:
    Like Criminal Minds alot, Studio 60 got a bit boring, and I am a West Wing Junkie saying this. We only watch one CSI the original. Caruso, now their is one redhead I can live with out

  46. HA! I may have to post a video of my vaycay to the beach a la Turnbaby [[teehee]]

    Anyway, just got done watching the season finale of "Numb3rs" -- OH. MY. GOD.

    I'm shock...bewildered.

    What did YOU think?

  47. TopChamp Says:
  48. That's def. the best CSI for me too... I hate Horacio (not sure how it's spelt) so find Miami a bit difficult.

    Also the Housewives I like. Though I've had to watch a few on the download internet 'view again' thing... which sometimes costs £1. Wondered at one point whether it wouldn't just be easier to buy the boxed series.

    Sorry AI went so off for you x

  49. Bond Says:
  50. TRAVIS: You dance, I sit riveted on Monday's. Remember to check over at for the streaming of the show.

    SPARKY: Criminal Minds is in 3rd place on TiVO. Sopranos, 24, Criminal Minds...totally agree about Caruso

    SONGBIRD: now quit that out! Numb3rs was a shocker for sure...

    TOPCHAMP: So, they charge you for watching on line..hummmmmmmm


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