Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 24, 2007

Want to first off thank my TiVO...It went off just before the very last performance of the evening on that music show on Tuesday evening, so when we ran through it last night. Was not subjected to the new "Tammy Faye Baker Cosmetics" spokesmodel for their line of eyeliner...

You see.. just like a train wreck, we would have been forced to watch...


Also, thank you all for you nice words yesterday. Actually beginning to feel better. The ibuprofen and the heat wrap worked their wonders...Still sore, but not like it was last night..the pain in my left leg is almost gone.


Sitting here and for the life of me,
Having a problem coming up with something to write about today.


The finale is on in the background and unlike last year, there is just nothing to keep my attention...

Well, Tony is on now, so that is cool, except I had to see that seat filler from two seasons ago, play googily eyes with the camera... give it up buddy....


Finally feeling settled in her in Memphis as far as work and the apartment is concerned...still have not really made any friends..the complex had an odd mix of people and they go from their car to their front door without saying hello...

Hopefully, with the summer coming - we will get out more and find some people to hang with...


Really miss Matt like crazy...we talk at least every other day and all, but not seeing him is hard...I guess his going away to school would be like this also...

He has chosen Towson University in Baltimore.

He is playing baseball again with an under 30 team of guys who all played in college and a few who played pro ball at the lower levels and has won the starting catcher job. He is hitting well and has thrown out 4 baserunners in 6 games.

He is planning on trying to walk-on at Towson and see if he can make the team there...

What a great thing if he does after being subjected to the abuse he got from his coaching staff his freshman year at Mercer CC.

Love him so much...hoping we can arrange a trip down here for him before school starts.


Had another chill moment with Melinda as she sang with Beebee and Cee cee Winans...the girl can bring it...


The two-hour finale of LOST is beginning...we know since TiVO just popped on...

We are an hour in and last year's winner has still not appeared on stage...another slight by the producers...


Last weekend they held The Third Annual Baseball Homecoming in West Windsor, NJ. This was an event we had conceived three years ago. The two high schools meet and play for the whole day. This year the Middle Schools played, the the Freshman teams, then JV and finally Varsity.

Felt badly we could not make it back, but heard it went well and the booster clubs made some additional funds to help support the teams.

The one thing we tried for over my two years as president of the South booster club was a new scoreboard. It was installed earlier this season. Trying to get a picture of it to post.


I apologize to my Canadian guests if I came across as knocking the legislature of Nova Scotia, your love of hockey or anything else... I was trying to be funny... I failed...My Canadian readers took me to task, especially Anndi, who spent an incredible amount of time doing research to make her point...


Well, Taylor finally made an appearance and hour and a half into the show.
Not even an introduction for him.

We like Clive Barnes but his slam at Taylor as doing OK
and the real star being Chris was uncalled for -
showed how classless they are.

Would have loved to have seen Taylor walk out on them,
but he held his head up high.

Congrats to Jordin for the win...


Not more much for me to say today... brain just is not working...we will be reviewing the upcoming new novel by BRAD THOR, "THE FIRST COMMANDMENT".

Through Doc Blogstein we received an autographed advance uncorrected proof. Come on by and check it out for yourself... no spoilers though...


HOLY CRAP! If you watch LOST, tell me you did not have chills running up and down your body for the last four minutes of that episode...

THAT is what a cliff-hanger is supposed to be about...we am sitting here after just watching it and the chills are still happening... OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT is what a twist is supposed to be like....

THAT is why it is one of the best shows on TV today.....



Loggins & Messina
Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Twyla Says:
  2. First of all, Constantine was on AI and I missed it?!?!?! I'm assuming that's who you meant by googily eyes. LOL
    Secondly, I knew you were trying to be funny with the whole hockey thing. I was not the least bit offended. Just don't take away our Hockey NIGHTS. :-)
    Thirdly, what happened on LOST. I don't even watch it but now I need to know. LOL
    I thought I had something else to say, but I've lost my train of thought. It happens a lot. :-P

  3. Twyla, yes that is who I meant by the googily eyed one... but he was just in the audience... in all white ... giving the eyes...
    Can't give spoilers on Lost yet... it would be a bad thing for those who have recorded it

  4. Piacere Says:
  5. I like it when you ramble...;-)

    Congrats to Matt on choosing Towson...great school!!

    I'm not saying anything about that show last night since 1) I haven't seen it yet, and 2) I don't want to incriminate myself if a certain record producer goes missing...BWAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Glad you're feeling better...keep up the meds and heat!!


  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Congrats to your son, V! Towson is my alma mater! Got my undergrad and grad degrees there. He'll love it!

    Best wishes, Gretchen

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Congrats to Matt, play Ball. I hope your back is better, and I still think hockey sucks. Cheers!!

  10. Best of luck to your son on his university baseball career. In all sports, I think walk-ons are more successful than people realize.

    Glad the back is feeling better.

    Hometown here is basking in the glory that is Jordin's win. The local media is all aglow in the national spotlight, and not enough can be said about how real and down-to-earth she is. Hope she does well. I guess her dad said to her, "Now you're more famous than me," to which she replied, "Oh wow, Dad, that's so weird." Cute.

  11. Angell Says:
  12. Glad you're feeling better Vince. I also understood that you were joking - but you should also know that hockey is not a joking matter with Canadians. :P

    Have never seen LOST and yes I do realize that I'm missing one of the best shows on TV right now. Hubby says I watch too many shows as it is and if I watch any more he'll have to permanently relinquish the remote to me, and we all know THAT will never happen.
    Might catch up via DVD though..

    Didn't get to see the finale last night, but do have it on tape. Constantine in the audience and Taylor on the stage....SIGH. Will thud later.

    I'm sure Matt misses you too...


  13. Tug Says:
  14. Glad you're feeling better! AI needs to go to one hour finale & get rid of those STUPID golden trophies or whatever they were...I was glad, however, to finally see Ruben instead of Clay!

  15. Anndi Says:
  16. Ugh.. you didn't miss anything of the bald eagle-goat...

    Now.. as for the spokesman gig..

    I heard he was hired as the jingle singer for the Pirates of the Caribbean Capt Jack Sparrow line of cosmetics as Keith Richards hasn't been able to stop singing 'I've got a lovely bunch of Coconuts' since the palm tree incident.. or maybe Keith's just never recovered from sniffing his daddy's ashes...

    Just don't touch hockey and our appreciation of it... ever. Or I'll be forced to send Killer Carlson to defend hockey.

    Who's Clive BARKER? Bob's long lost twin? The one they neutered?

    Matt-man... what an eloquent and well tought out synopsis. Why don't you tell us how you really feel. You'll be relying on writing as a means of sustenance? Poor Schmoop. hehehe

  17. PIA: Thanks so much.. SMOOCH

    GRETCHEN: The Towson troop is coming out, I have met four others from there in the last few days!

    MATT-MAN; TY for Matt..and look out for flying Zamboni's

    SONGBIRD: I figured the town would be a rockin today

    ANGELL: don't rush to watch.. not so great...

    TUG: TY..yes I guess Rueben kissed the ring and got invited back

    ANNDI: hehehe now leave Keith alone...
    Actually I said Clive BARNES, I think he is Cliff Barnes' long lost twin...of course I meant Clive Davis
    OOOOO and the battle is on...

  18. Travis Cody Says:
  19. I'm thinking we get a vat of green jello and let Ann and Matt go at it.

    My money is on Ann, best 2 out of 3 falls.

    Barker, Barnes, or Davis - he's still a windbag and no longer worth my attention!

    Congrats to your son and good luck to his career.

  20. The faux crying as jordan sang that craptastic song totally annoyed me. And I like eyeliner boy. He is bald and southern. It's a weakness :p

  21. Well, I don't watch Idol or Lost, but I do hope that you & Matt get to spend some quality time together this summer!
    I'll have to Google Towson, never heard from it (said the Midwest hick...)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  22. BeckEye Says:
  23. Ha ha, we both used the term "googly eyes" but I don't spell it with the i. Just a personal preference. :)

    I don't remember Taylor being snubbed, but I'm sure The Puppet Master's speech is on YouTube at this very moment, so I'll go watch it again.

  24. TRAVIS: Oh yeah, Ann kicks his lilly white ass....I used to like him... not so much any more...
    Thanks...let's see if he makes it.. I keep telling him, a smart defensive catCher is like a left-handed pitcher, everyone will give them a look

    STARRLIGHT: Yes, the song (as they all do on this show) sucked weenies..and to think they actually had a nationwide search this season "WANTED A SONG THAT WOULD MAKE BOBBY SHERMAN PUKE"

    MORGEN: Thanks bud...The back is lossening up nicely

    BECKEYE: googily googly..same thing LOL The slight was (paraphrasing) Yes Taylor has gone platinum...Chris is the real star..aydda yadda .." then in response to Taylors answer when a reporter asks if he feels slighted that Chris has sold more albums of "To me it is not about the album sales, I am making my music and plan on being here a long time..." The Puppet-master (good name) said "And no matter what anyone says, it is about selling albums...and Chris..yadda yadda..."
    They have given him the weakest support of any Idol winner.. still not even a video for him...just childish ..then they didn't even intro him when he did perform 1:31 into the show!

    I know.. how do I really feel...

  25. TopChamp Says:
  26. That's a really long song you have up there... so it fits your title perfectly.

    I'm glad you're a wee bit better - and I have no doubt that you'll be fighting off invitations out from Memphis-ians as soon as they have the chance to get to know you. Is there a word for people from Memphis? We're Glaswegians... actually I'm not. But people born here are.

  27. TOPCHAMP: That is actually one of my favorite songs.. i just love the interplay of guitars and vocals..
    You were close, we are Memphians... I learned that my first night in town..

  28. Mimi Lenox Says:
  29. Definitely the better singer won last night but it was hardly a competition at all. Although I am a huge Daugherty fan, I did notice how Clive Davis exalted Carrie Underwood and dissed Taylor Hicks. That was hard to miss. And now that you mention it, no, they did not introduce him as 'last year's winner' or make a fuss like they usually do. Interesting.

    Hopefully, next season will be better. It would have to be.

    Glad your back is improving, Bond.

  30. Julie Says:
  31. Oh my I have talked and talked and I'm talked out over this AI thingy.

    **goes to sink and washes hands of it**

    Feel better my dear Vinny!

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. I agree about Lost. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open, watching the last five minutes. They just keep throwing more and more at us, I really hope they have a plan for this. But it puts a whole new spin on things.

  34. MIMI: It was very surreal that they went out of their way to not give him any credit...

    JULIE: LOL yes, the washing of the hands

    JOHN: THanks for acknowledging the LOST part of the post..LOL..the flash-forward twist really got me...I kept saying to myself "when did this happen" with the Jack thing, except for one thing he said.. he talked about his father working at the hospital...should be real interesting


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