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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 08, 2007

And the wheels keep turning...and it's not really all sports...


Invited by clients to spend today at the PGA's Stanford St. Jude Championship being played here in Memphis at TPC Southland. This will be our first pro tournament...looking forward to it...


Have to leave Sunday for St. Cloud, MN once again. Should be there until Tuesday...Been a busy three weeks or so...


So kiddies, if you are a sports fan, this is the time of year for you to get your jones from all directions...

Stanley Cup Finals
just ended...congrats to the Anaheim Ducks for their victory...

They came into being in 1993 as an expansion team named by the team owners, The Walt Disney Company, after their hit movie "The Mighty Ducks". The Disney Company sold the team in 2005 and the new owners dropped the "mighty" in 2006.

Ducks goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere - a native of Montreal...


COUCH COMMERCIAL: WTF???This Sheriff Lee Baca decided on his own that Paris Hilton needed to be released because of some undisclosed medical condition??? She is due back in court and the good ole Sheriff could end up in a heap o' trouble!!!

Seeing as how she had attended the MTV awards just before reporting, out guess is that she has that dreaded disease:

According to the disease can be traced back to Jody McCrea, who played "Big Lunk" or "Bonehead" in the Beach Party Movies starring Annette Funicello. Jody seemed to show up at Frankie Avalon's Bar-B-Ques, whether he was invited or not...


The NBA is just beginning it's Finals with the San Antonio Spurs looking to build on franchise history with their 4th Championship in 9 years...against the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers...

LeBron is going to be shadowed and the Spurs do have so many weapons.

Not sure how far the Cavs can stretch the Spurs, and will be surprised if it goes 6 games...

I am sure brother Rich is laughing saying to himself "No way it goes more than five..."


There is talk after the NFL Draft...what teams did well? Which teams bite the bullet with their pick (can anyone say the Miami Dolphins?).

Their first selection in the draft was Ted Ginn. A nice enough young man except....Ginn has a fairly major foot injury, one that kept Ty Law out of pads for a year. Ginn's receiving skills still need a lot of work. And they could have had a plethora of players at positions they needed to fill...sorry, we aren't even Dolphin fans...

NY Giants got a solid cornerback....


COUCH COMMERCIAL: Did you know about Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park? Located in Murfressboro, AK, this is the only public diamond mine in the world!

It is a 37-acre plowed field. It opened as a park in 1972 and over 19,000 diamonds have been found; they claim most are gem-stone quality.

Well this week 15 year old Nicole Ruhter noticed something everyone else had missed - a tea-colored, 2.9-three-carat diamond. It was sticking out on the path to and from the field and Nicole dug it up!

Not all of the finds have been small. The largest documented diamond find is the 40.23-carat "Uncle Sam" diamond, which was discovered in 1924.

The largest diamond found since the Crater of Diamonds became a state park was the 16.37-carat "Amarillo Starlight," discovered in 1975.

Other notable finds include the "Star of Murfreesboro," which weighed 34.25 carats; the "Star of Arkansas," which was 15.33 carats and the 8.82-carat "Star of Shreveport." The 4.25-carat "Kahn Canary" diamond was found here in 1977 and was worn by Hillary Clinton during the presidential inaugural balls as well as for two gubernatorial inaugurations.

The 3.03-carat "Strawn-Wagner Diamond," found in 1990 was cut to a 1.09-carat gem graded D-flawless 0/0/0 (the highest grade a diamond can achieve) by the American Gem Society.


The Softball World Series just ended with the Arizona Wildcats coming back from a first game loss to win the last two games of the three-game series beating the Tennessee Vols for the title.

The College Baseball Playoffs are being played. This weekend begins the Super Regionals to get down to the top eight teams who will meet in Omaha, Nebraska.


Of course the Major League Baseball season is in full swing. My Yankees had a tough start with a rash of injuries to their pitching staff and they have already a group of tired arms. They are playing better recently and feel confident they will be in it at the end...

And Little League Baseball and Softball is being played coast to coast and in our two neighbor countries...

And Youth Soccer Leagues are playing...

And Youth Lacrosse Leagues are forming...

And next week is the U.S. Open.....




Miles Davis
COmposers: Miles Davis & Easy Mo Bee


14 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. There's Miles Davis in the gig I'm doing on Monday... I'm not playing it - they have a proper jazz trumpet player for the piece!!

    Ignoring the sports talk as ever.

    The diamond place sounds amazing. Did you get the oven chips explanation?

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. I love watching the NCAA Men's baseball tourney in spite of using metal bats. Cheers and have a great weekend Vinny.

  5. Travis Says:
  6. Golf...Sunday's perfect nap sport. Have a great time at the event!

    MN again? Safe trip.

    I enjoy this time of year because the LLWS is right around the corner. Some have said it's a shame to televise so much of the tournament. But I think it's wonderful to watch the kids play. They're pretty dang good, and they play the game with such seriousness. Yet 5 minutes after crying over a heart-breaking loss, they're splashing through the fountains or rolling down a muddy hill with kids from the team that beat them.

    I would love to go to the LLWS one of these days.

    Ya gotta love that!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  7. sigh... sports bond. i did read the parts about paris and the diamonds. thanks for throwing those in there. i really TRY to like sports, honest. have a wonderful weekend my friend, and you're ON for the gravy contest!

    smiles, bee

  8. Starrlight Says:
  9. They spelled Starrlight wrong :p

  10. Dixiechick Says:
  11. Hope you are having fun at the golf tourny. I had the opportunity to attend waayyyy back in 1982 & 1983... it was a blast.

    Have a safe trip!


  12. Turnbaby Says:
  13. I hope you get to enjoy the tournament.


  14. Meribah Says:
  15. Oooo! Diamonds! I wonder if Nicole got anything for finding that diamond? I'm thinkin' she never got to keep it!
    Paris Hilton...going back to jail...'nuff said! :D

  16. Sparky Duck Says:
  17. I think Sebastian is a terrific goalie, so I am glad Anaheim one, but I do think the canadians have to be sick of sun belt teams winning their trophy.

    Have fun at the golf tournament, to bad its the week before the us open, so some good guys will be skipping it.

    Paris is probably detoxing. for a digusting laugh, try and imagine what she could be addicted too.

    I dont pay attention to the college baseball until the CWS unless a local team is in it. Speaking of, I have no idea how Rutgers or Monmouth did.

    Have a great one...

  18. Bond Says:
  19. TOPCHAMP: Got the explanation...and as I understand they are close to what we might call "steak fries" they are thicker cuts of the potato. They can be fried, but also, I have baked them in the oven.
    I am certain you could play the Miles also.

    MATT-MAN: Totally agree regarding the metal bats...Cheers my friend

    TRAVIS: hehehe golf can be that...well next weekend, maybe not..I will be safe, thanks....LLWW, Matt and Allyson went twice (were there when the team from Tom's River, NJ were there)...our softball team for the LL I volunteered for won States three out of four years and were one game away from the SBWS one year...That is in Oregon.

    BEE: That is why I threw those in for you!

    STARRLIGHT: Bwahahahahahahahahaaaa

    DIXIE: It was fun. The 3 hour rain delay wasn't but the time before and after was! LOL

    TURN: Was definitely something I would do again...

    MERI: No no no ... you find it you keep it... THAT is the attraction ...buh bye paris

    SPARKY: I must be learning something from my Canadian friends Anndi, Meri, Jo, Angell & Coco...they are not that upset because 20 of the players are Canadian, 6 are from the US 2 Europeans and 1 in reality Canada will have the cup more than the US! LOL, how did I do ladies?
    Only 4 of the top 10 were there..VJ was there since he is sponsored by the tourny sponsor Stanford...
    I will watch...but like Travis, I do love the LLWS

  20. BeckEye Says:
  21. The best punishment for Paris would be for everyone to turn their cameras off. She'd probably rather spend a year in San Quentin if she was on the front page every day than be a free woman who no one cared about.

  22. BeckEye Says:
  23. Oh, by the way, in case you missed it...I finally got around to your guitar meme. It's a couple of posts back.

  24. Anndi Says:
  25. I'm hoping J.S gets to bring the Cup home as is tradition in the NHL.

    Nice to see a hometown boy holding the cup like that...

    It's a beauty eh!

  26. julie Says:
  27. Interesting stuff here Vinny cough..coughexceptthesportspartscough..cough.

    Cool find for that little girl, I do hope that she gets to keep it.

    Beckeye says it all when she said what she said about Paris!

    Hmmm so does this mean that the couch's commercials were more interesting then the show? Wow, sound like the Superbowl!

    Hugs Mr. Vinny!


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