Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 29, 2007

Life gives you choices...
Whether you want them or not...
It is the choices it makes for you that are the most difficult


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Sharing one of my all time favorite songs today...
Love It.
The anguish in the lyrics, juxtaposed with the frenetic nature
of the wild and unburdened has always caused me to stop
and just be devoured by the story of love found and then lost

The entire Layla album ended up being a love note to Patti Boyd Harrison.
She was married to Clapton's good friend, George Harrison. When Boyd came to Clapton for aid during marital troubles,
Clapton fell desperately in love with her.

The title, "Layla", was inspired by a love story, The Story of Layla / Layla and Majnun (ليلى ومجنون), by the Persian classical poet Nezami. When he wrote "Layla", Clapton had recently been given a copy of the story by a friend (reportedly Ian Dallas) who was in the process of converting to Islam. Nezami's tale, about a moon-princess who was married off by her father to someone other than the man who was desperately in love with her, resulting in his madness (in Arabic and Persian, Majnun, مجنون, means "madman"), struck a deep chord with Clapton.

Boyd divorced Harrison in 1977 and married Clapton in 1979. Harrison was not bitter about the divorce and attended Clapton's wedding with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. During their marriage, Clapton wrote another love ballad for her, "Wonderful Tonight". Their marriage later developed difficulties over Clapton's alcoholism and his extramarital affair with Yvonne Khan Kelly, and in 1985 he left Boyd altogether for Italian model Lori del Santo, with whom he had a child. Clapton and Boyd divorced in 1989 after several years of separation.

The songs all seem to be selected for their theme of love given and not responded to:

Have You Ever Loved A Woman?
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad?
Thorn Tree In The Garden
Tell The Truth


See all y'all next week
Have a great weekend...
Stay safe



Derek & The Dominos
Composers: Eric Clapton & Bobby Whitlock

"Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs"

Eric Clapton - Guitars & Vocals
Duane Allman - Guitars
Bobby Whitlock - Keyboards
Carl Radle - Bass Guitar
Jim Gordon - Drums

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Sometimes we have control; most of the time we don't. Whatever happens and wherever Life takes us, we can either accept or fight it. The path might not always be to our liking, but the choice of reaction is ours to choose.

  2. You changed your post since I commented, but my comment remains the same.

    Have a good weekend, Vin.

  3. Mags Says:
  4. Desert Songbird said it perfectly. I simple cannot add to what she said!

    Have a great weekend Bond you sexy thang!

  5. Matt-Man Says:
  6. Clapton rocks...He's no Slim Whitman, but rocks nonetheless. "Uno Paloma Blanca aaaaaAAAAAAAH I am just a bird in the sky, no one can take my freedom awayyyyy." Rock On Slim, Rock On!!

  7. Starrlight Says:
  8. Lovely Post Bond. Life is what it is, thank goodness. I firmly believe some of the choices it makes for us are far better than what we would do left to our own devices. They just may not look that way in the moment!

  9. Angell Says:
  10. Love Layla - one of my favourite songs (and wow did I hate it when he UNPLUGGED it...ick).

    I agree with songbird. Beautifully said.

    SMOOCHES and HUGS babe - enjoy your weekend.

  11. Sanni Says:
  12. Keep on rockin´the Blogosphere, Rockin´ girl´n´guy blogger =)

    Have a GREAT we, Vinny!

  13. Oh, yeah...your talking my song! I love the real love story of Layla. Thanks for sharing it, I don't think too many people are aware of it.

    And congrats on being a rocking blogger boy :)

    Email me, I want to tell you something....

  14. Meribah Says:
  15. Interesting story. I guess Clapton really didn't love Boyd after all, if he was willing to have an affair. It just goes to show that, sometimes, lust can masquerade as love.
    Anyway, hope you have a good weekend!

  16. Vin-
    Terrific post. As a fan of all things Beatle, and of Eric I knew the basic outline of this story, but not the details. We could write one hell of a music blog together.

    Anyway, great job!

  17. Isn't it interesting how music marks so many passages in our lives.

  18. Gail Says:
  19. You said it...I've been on roads and wondered if I took the right one. I'm on a road now and am so unsure of where it is going to take me, but I am going to continue on the path until I find what I'm looking for.

    Clapton is my all time favourite artist, Layla being one of my favourite songs. You did good, babe!

  20. Travis Says:
  21. Well, I think sometimes it might seem like life is making choices for you. But at the end of the day, you get to make the decisions in your life.

    You may have a set back, but you get to decide what happens next.

    Chin up my friend.

  22. Starrlight Says:
  23. Bond baby, I have tagged you for the All Boy Meme on my June 29th post. Come be part of my boy band, mmk?

  24. julie Says:
  25. Be bold...go'll regret more what you DIDN'T do then what you DID do.

    So do it it!

    Love ya ...hang tight, dear. Oh great song too! Woo!

  26. Anndi Says:
  27. Catching up..

    Meri makes an interesting point. Hadn't though of it that way.

    I'm sure you'll make the best of it.


  28. Mimi Lenox Says:
  29. Bond - Interesting post. I didn't know much of this story. Fascinating.

    Life's choices are ours in the end, I believe, but the reality is that during the part that seems beyond our control things often look bleak. Finding a way to see the light at the end of the tunnel can be difficult. That's why you need friends and a support system.
    And a faith to help you through.

    This too shall pass, my friend.

  30. Sparky Duck Says:
  31. what is it about the summer that seems to bring out some of the oddest things that happen in ones life. Is it the fact that there are so many things that cause memories, or are the goddesses kinda bored and want to bring up some stuff to get through there lazy hazy days.

    You and Tony Kornheiser do so much for me and my musical history. Keep it up.

  32. Dana Says:
  33. Layla is my favorite song. Ever. Period. Fast version, slow version, unplugged, plugged. Wonder if it's because every time I fall in love it is unrequited? Hm...

  34. the108 Says:
  35. Hmmm. I'm thinking.


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