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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 22, 2007

After stopping at Kroger to pick up some grape juice, we have grabbed our mail and inside…upstairs…hummm...should clean some…

turn on TV and look at scroll for Yankee score…afternoon game...

We really, really, really, really hate Colorado

Into the bathroom to clean…
OK… vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs...
taking a break…turn on the college world series

looking around the living room…WHAT THE HELL...
thought we dusted when was that?

when was it…let’s see…mom and dad were here two weekends ago….
we cleaned the week before they came…
OH yeah…guess that is why there is dust!

Did anyone see the play the first baseman of Carolina made on the first pitch of the game?!
Dustin Ackley ran under a foul fly ball and made an back to the play catch over his shoulder.

Then Josh Horton, the shortstop dives and throws the next batter out…
nice start to the game...
Need a beer…brb
HEY BEE…there is pie in the refrigerator…It is Chocolate Meringue…help yourself…
OK, be back…going to dust…
What do we feel like for dinner…?
Oh yeah...we forgot about the pork chops...

So, we should go make dinner…will ya miss us?…enjoy the music while we are away

BTW…10 minutes later and we are still sitting here watching the college baseball…lol…
OK…pork chops in the oven with some onions and Italian Salad dressing…
water is on for a side of Linguini Aglio e olio (garlic, oil and parsley).
This is how we make ours...nothing special...pretty basic
side dish or pasta course or main course...

  • 1 lb. linguine pasta
  • 2/3 cup (160ml) extra virgin olive oil
  • 3-4-5 cloves garlic, finely chopped (how much garlic do YOU like?)
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • anchovy filets (optional)
  • ½ cup finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • salt
  • Cook pasta in a large saucepan of boiling salted water until just tender; reserve ½ cup (125ml) of the cooking water. Drain pasta, return to pan. By returning it to the hot pan, you dry out the pasta and your gravy or other sauce will stick better to your pasta.
  • Meanwhile, combine oil, garlic and red pepper flakes in a medium frying pan; heat gently, stirring, until garlic is soft and fragrant.
  • If using them, put the anchovy filets in for the last minute or so.
  • Toss pasta with oil mixture, parsley and salt to taste.
  • Depending upon your taste mix in some or all of the reserved cooking liquid…
  • Add some grated parmesan cheese, a piece of warm Italian bread and you are set…

Since it is only me, the leftovers go into FoodSaver bag,
succcccccccck the air out…into freezer…

Loves me my FoodSaver…really like the new one with the settings for liquids
(they are tricky with the old one) and for soft foods…that would be cool!
Garlic is filling the room as it slowlllllly cooks…
Ummm hate boil overs? Add a teaspoon of olive oil before you put
your pasta into the boiling water…it will coat the inside of your pot
preventing the foam from forming and boiling over the side…
Hey, we didn’t get around to only a couple of your homes yesterday…
we will be catching up next week…

Do you like "The Office"?
We have a problem with it...
we can watch like half an episode
then our attention drifts and
we lose touch with it...
Can't even get halfway through "Scrubs"...

do you like
The Office???
Almost forgot! We wanted to share this story with you...oooo...oooo two stories really, well no, they are one story but two parts to the one story...

So anyway...Rick Reilly, he of "Sports Illustrated", writes a column that appears on the last page of the magazine...anyway, he was on the radio while we were at lunch today and they discussed that all profits from his new book are going to the charity he helped get going "NETS FOR MALARIA" know you can find it on our left sidebar...They have raised over $6,000,000.00 for nets so far..that is like a kabillion nets

Sorry for the interruption... anyway really that is 600,000 nets as every penny goes to the purchase and distribution of the nets to children in Africa to help wipe out Malaria...Clck the link on the sidebar to find out more...

Ok the second part of this is, as we are sitting there, we are reading Sports illustrated and got to the last page (we always read front to back)...

Where were we??? Anyway, this is the issue with Omar Manaya, the G.M. of the NY Mets baseball team and some of his players...The story Mr. Reilly shared with us is of Ahman Green (on the left),
and Jason Simmons, (on the right) two football players...

no no no, wait...this story does not involved guns or strippers or limos...keep reading

Back to the story... Mr. Green signed as a free agent for the Houston Texans football team. Now Mr. Simmons wore Mr. Green's lucky number 30.

Athletes have their lucky numbers (Matt has always worn number 8, except for a few All-Star teams) and when they join a new team they will sometimes offer to "buy" it from the player wearing it. Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins paid $38,000 for his number 26.

Roger Clemens
gave a gold Rolex to Carlos Delgado when he joined the Blue Jays and wanted 21. Eli Manning gave kicker Jeff Feagles a family vacation for number 10 when he joined the NY Giants.

There are plenty of other examples... so back to Mr. Green and Mr. Simmons...

When asked by Mr. Green what he wanted for the number, Mr. Simmons says "How about making a down payment on a house for a single-parent family?"
Green is quoted in the article as saying, "I was like, 'Oh Man! That's awesome! Sign me up!' "

Then Mr. Green decides he will also pay the mortgage for the first year!

Pretty cool huh? Instead of another Rolex or even a car or vacation, a single mother with three kids, (the preference of Mr. Green and Mr. Simmons) will have the opportunity to upgrade her family's life. Applications are pouring in from mother's and from others who know someone in need in the Houston area.

Simmons is from L.A. an only child of a school teacher mother and a father on disability and is quoted as saying "Asking for a watch or a car, that was going to make me feel uncomfortable...Money can ruin you."

Green's family did not live in their first house until he was a teen, so he knew about the joy of finally getting your own yard.

SO guess what happens next?


The owner of the Texans, Robert McNair pledges to match whatever Mr. Green contributes...

A local developer offers to take 20% off one of his houses...

A grocery store offered food for a year....

theres more kiddies...

A furniture company promised to contribute...

Then a mattress electronics store...and even the electric company said they would pay for a year of service!

What a cool idea...what cool guys....just spreading a "little tenderness" we guess...

Maybe the rest of the athletes out there are listening...

Not sure there will be a post Monday,
but we will have stories...
ummmmmm maybe...
on Tuesday...




Three Dog Night
Composers: Jimmy Campbell/Reginald Connelly/Harry Woods

"Three Dog Night" - 1969
Danny Hutton - Vocals
Chuck Negron - Vocals
Cory Wells - Vocals
Michael Allsup - Guitar
Floyd Sneed - Drums
Joe Schermie - Bass
Jimmy Greenspoon - Keyboards


23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Gail Says:
  2. Hey - the linguini sounds some for me...

    THE OFFICE...for sure! I am it love it love it! Can't wait for season 4!!

    Hope you have a good weekend too with Andy...oh, and what I meant by warning the ladies...simply that there are two outstanding (although I don't know Andy - but I'm guessing that if he's your best friend, he's equally outstanding) men that will be out and about in Memphis, and they will need to form a line...

    XO Love you be safe

  3. Grape juice - white or purple?

    Not into baseball - sorry! Although I know your Yankees swept our D-backs (damnit!) As for CWS, my Sun Devils are eliminated, sooooooooo....who cares?

    Hey, genius, could come over and dust my house? Oh, wait, we don't dust...we VACUUM the dust because it accumulates so quickly!

    Nope, don't do "The Office" or "Scrubs."

    Cool story about the nets, but I think you're a week behind me on SI. Life of Reilly this week is entitled, "The Wrath of the Golf Gods." Haven't read it yet; just pulled three days of mail out of the mail box (it's too damn hot to walk down there!), and I haven't had the chance to even flip through this week's SI.

    I love stories about sports figures actually acting like compassionate humans. That kind of goodwill spreads to the corporate bigwigs, and BAM! Kindness spreads. How cool is that?

  4. BeckEye Says:
  5. You know, I felt the same way about "The Office" during its first season. I could never get into it. I started watching it this year though and thinks it's absolutely brilliant. Such smart writing and great comedians on that show. I love the dry wit and simple, observational humor.

    "Scrubs" usually has a few funny parts but overall I'm not a fan.

  6. Liz Hill Says:
  7. Wow---packed a lot into this one LOL

    Great play by play of the Carolina game.

    I LOVE pork chops--fix them a variety of ways. And linguini aglio e olio is one of my favorite suppers when it's just me. I'll do six cloves--what???--I 'm afraid of vampires ;-)

    I love The Office--watched the original British version first and love it as well. And I love Scrubs--yup.

    And big KUDOS to Mr. Green and Mr. Simmons--it's nice to hear about the good things professional athletes do

    So KUDOS to you too sugar for letting us know

    Funny post -


  8. Dr. A Says:
  9. Love The Office! Can't wait until the season three DVD is released in September...

  10. Piacere Says:
  11. That's not nearly enuff garlic, Mister!!!! Miss you - SMOOCH!!!

  12. GAIL: You coming to get it? LOL
    I knew what you meant about the are bing too kind...

    SONGBIRD: Purple...I am sure I am behind on my reading... the nets have been here for over a year on THE COUCH...I thought that story was very cool

    BECKEYE: I am glad you got my point..I really like John...Just do not feel The Office

    TURNBABY: Yes, this post kind of exploded on me! Six cloves work for me also...sometimes seven even..Thanks...

    DR. A: Thanks for coming by THE COUCH...

    PIA: That was for the Turn, I am using 6 or so when I make it - LOL Miss you too..SMOOCH

  13. Chocolate Meringue??? nice bond. very nice. i tried to read the rest but i was busy eating the pie and my attention wandered. i did see something about the office but i have never heard of it. should i be watching? sarge has poker on all the time and that's about all i get. i DO know big brother is back on july 7th and i an stoked about that. well bond, i have about finished the pie honey so i will be on my way now... thanks ever so much, it was heavenly!

    smiles, bee

  14. good grief, man, that was quite a ramble! Nope to The Office, but YES to your linguini!
    Have a great rambling weekend!

  15. Meribah Says:
  16. Ch-ch-chocolate meringue pie??? THAT'S EVEN BETTER THAN LEMON MERINGUE!!!! **Dives into whatever is left** Yum yum yum! Oh, and I liked the story about the kindness of one person spreading to many. It really touches the puppy's heart to read such things! :)

  17. Schmoop Says:
  18. Rick Reilly is a fantastic writer, and seems to be a decent guy. Cheers Vin!!

  19. Maggie Moo Says:
  20. Your pasta sounds yummy. BUT only put the oil in if you are using an oil based sauce.

    Otherwise, the sauce won't stick to the pasta like it's 'spoded to.

    8) Just a friendly tip from your local chef.

    And I love The Office. It's actually one of my most favorite shows. I like stupid everyday humor like that though. So it makes sense.


    Happy Friday Bond-o-licious!!!

  21. Sparky Duck Says:
  22. oh I love Rick Reilly, I read the first few pages of the magazine and then skip right to the back to read what he's talking about, because its either funny, touching or both. And its something in SI I can always get the wife to read.

    gotta love the purple and black, no?

    I love the linguine, its likes something i make already, but now I am gonna add anchovy paste.

    Scrubs over Office, though I dont watch either consistently

  23. BEE: glad you enjoyed the pie

    MORGEN: it sort of just took off on me my man... linguine in Memphis anytime for Lee and yourself....

    MERI: Would you control yourself please....

    MATT-MAN: Love Reilly, and yes seems like a guy you would want to tip a few with

    MAGS: I was waiting for you to come over for my cooking show! LOL You are right about the oil, but most of my pasta gravies are oil based.. but ty for the clarification...Bond-O-licious... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    SPARKY: I save him for very last i enjoy him so....
    OK, Sparky, you place on the COUCH is in jeopardy if you do not quit it out...I wills end Tug after ya...LOL
    OH most certainly add the anchovy fillets or paste...yummmmmm

  24. Angell Says:
  25. Umm, Bond, u taking ur meds again? Cuz the others want to come out to play obviously.

    Love the liguine - that's how my dad makes it at Xmas time. :D

    What a generous idea!! I agree whole heartedly, I wish other athletes would have the presence of mind to do something like that.

    Dusting is just an afterthought for anyone LOL. Myself, I hate doing it - until my allergies kick in.

    Don't watch the Office or Scrubs. I watch too much TV as it is.

    Have a great weekend with Andy, and I look forward to reading Monda..I mean Tuesday's post. :D


  26. Yes, I know you've been leading the cause for the nets for a long time. When I first started reading you I saw that (I gave your blog a VERY thorough reading before I started making comments.) I meant I thought it was wonderful that there was an update on the story.

    Sorry - I guess I don't express myself very well at 12:20 in the morning...

  27. ANGELL: what voices?!?!?!!?!?!
    Very generous...keep the bail money handy

    SONGBIRD: I am well aware of the research you do before commenting on any blog..I was not trying to say you didn't know...oh hell..we agree..great story! LOL

  28. Aisby Says:
  29. That linguine looks awesome. I only saw a little of the UNC game. That story was quite touching, I think I may have even shed a tear...

  30. Love both Scrubs and The Office btw.

    So tell me, do you cook in those shoes you got posted one up?

  31. AISBY: It is one of my favs...the story gives some hope...

    STARR: LOL only when I am having special guests!

  32. TopChamp Says:
  33. bl''dy hell your pie just gets more & more exotic! (My mind's definitely smutty today. Can't hear 'pie' without wanting to snigger.)

    In fact all the food here sounds great! I just had haggis. Not joking.

  34. Travis Cody Says:
  35. Rick Reilly is usually my favorite part of the magazine. I read his column, then go back and read through from front to back. Sometimes I'll even read Mr Reilly again.

    Great story about Green and Simmons, and the rest of the community pulling together.

    Have a great time with Andy this weekend.

  36. AtriaBooks Says:
  37. So, so much to comment on here but there are two things I can't get past.

    One: Scrubs and The Office are both fantastic. Drifting is unacceptable!

    Two: You really always seem to be into woman's clothing. Sure you don't want Donald Taylor's phone number? hajajajajajajajaja


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