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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, June 14, 2007

A friend - someone in our TOOSP Group - turned us on to this performance
The reaction from our old friend Simon Cowell makes it worth the wait.
The female judge makes a comment that was spot-on...
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present to you...Mr. Paul Potts
Mr. Potts is a mobile phone salesperson and auditioned for the TV show
"Britain's Got Talent"


Stop Your Toes From Tapping...

SO, we received an email from Paypal...hehehehe...surrrrrrrrre it was!

Check it out..if they had stopped after the first paragraph their credibility might not be in question.

It appears that after finishing the first paragraph the writer took a break and someone else sat down at the keyboard...someone with not quite as good a grasp on the English language...

Security Assistance It has come to our attention that your account information needs to be updated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. If you could please take 5-10 minutes out of your online experience and update your personal records you will not run into any future problems with the online service. .

However, failure to update your records until JUNE 18, 2007 your account considered as suspension. Please update your records as soon as this email being sent.

Our system requires further account verification.
Case ID Number: PP-462-805-057

Once you have updated your account records, your session will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. as soon as possible. Allowing your account access to remain limited for an extended period of time may result in further limitations on the use of your account and possible account closure.

OK KIDDIES, what do you think we should do? Do we click on the link in the email??? Do we?

As you can see, we are in a quandary....ummmm quandary we like how our lips look when we say that word...can tell you that cause we went and looked in the bathroom mirror and said quandary quandary quandary....
Anyway...we have a situation...so you tell us, dear guests here on THE COUCH...do we use the link or do we not use the link...


Is it Friday? Why are we streaming?


So, did you hear about the rapper The Game - real name Jayceon Taylor... seems that after appearing on "Late Show With David Letterman", our hero hailed a livery cab...

THE COUCH NOTE: FYI...in NYC you have Medallion Cabs. Yes they are painted yellow, but the owner/drivers need to purchase a medallion from the Taxi and Limo Commission. These cost upwards of $500,000.00. They are put out to bid when the Commission decides they need to add to the fleet. Recently they put out for 124 Medallions for cabs that are Handicap Accessible...

Average winning bid? $514, 327.71 bringing in a cool $63,776,636.04 for NYC!
Anyway --livery cabs are non-medallion cabs that are technically illegal to operator or to even hail - you can get a ticket for hailing one! ... they will go to areas of NY that the Medallion cabs will not go to - which is illegal, but that is another story...OK, back to our original story

So after hailing the livery cab he is accused of telling the driver he was an undercover police officer and to not stop for any lights. The cab was stopped 13-blocks later and Mr. The Game was arrested.

The Game rejected a Manhattan prosecutor's offer Wednesday of a guilty plea for a sentence of time already served. The guilty plea
would be for a misdemeanor charge in exchange for the time he spent waiting to go to court.

"Why should he plead guilty to bogus charges for a non-jail sentence if he's innocent," Jeffrey Lichtman, The Game's attorney said outside court. "And he is innocent. It's rare that I have a 100 percent innocent defendant, but this is one."

OK KIDDIES, someone remind me to hire this guy...sheesh, what do his other clients think of him now?

My question is do you want to go to court and have to defend yourself when you can just walk...a misdemeanor!!!!

This is going to come down to the word of the cabbie and the rapper....


Be good. And if you can't be good be careful. And if you can't be careful, name it after me....

Where did that come from?

We used to close our Midnight Friday-3:00 AM Saturday Radio Show
With That Back In 1972-3 ---- whew



One O'Clock Jump
Benny Goodman - Live At Carnegie Hall
January 16, 1938
Columbia Jazz Masterpieces Collection

COMPOSER: William James "Count" Basie

Benny Goodman - Clarinet
Count Basie - Piano
Teddy Wilson - Piano
Lionel Hampton - Vibraphone
Bobby Hacket - Cornet
Johnny Hodges - Soprano & Alto Sax
Harry Carney - Baritone Sax
Cootie Williams - Trumpet
Freddie Green - Guitar
Walter Page - Bass
Lester Young - Tenor Sax
Buck Clayton - Trumpet
Harry James - Trumpet
Gene Krupa - Drums
Vernon Brown - Trombone


27 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ok that guy could sing! And I voted push the button aka link :P

    Mr. The Game ...*snorts with laughter*

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. I'm liking the rambling stream of thought. Reminds me of when I first starting sitting on The Couch.

    And thanks for the video. That was an amazing performance.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. No! NO! NOOOOO! - Stay away from that link! Far far away... forward it to the a land far far away, called "recycle bin" ;)

    Or you could kill two birds with one stone - forward it to one of those guys who bother me with "He is heirless and will die soon. You´re the only one who can help us... you will recieve 33Billion USD when replying to this mail" - the phishing guy who send you this mail could be interested in the tons of billions *LOL*

  6. Coco Says:
  7. I love music on blogs ... from opera to jazz ... both your selections could BLOW hon! Good choices.

    I have a former student who loves Benny Goodman and has modelled her clarinet playing on his sound. How odd for a 19 year old, huh?

    That opera guy brought tears to my eyes. Nothing as moving as a decently realized operatic aria. Purely gorgeous timbre to the guy's voice. Higher tenor than I was expecting, though. The quality of his training is obvious, but it's not hard to believe that this guy hasn't already been snapped up, given the rather insular acceptance practices of the opera world. I sure hope this brings him the attention he so richly deserves.

    I didn't really read your blog yet, hon, because I clicked on the music, then I just had to dance ... then when I got back to my desk, I forgot about anything but the music. You know how that is, right? So I'll go back and read it now ... I might need to comment again, so don't be surprised. Did I mention how good it is to see you back blogging? Yes, I know it was only two days, but it seemed longer ...

  8. STARRLIGHT: Yes he can..and you, being the bad girl you are would select to use the link...

    TRAVIS: What goes around, comes around my friend...Yes, he is very good...

    SANNI: LOL, I can do that...but but but, I thought I was getting the 33Billion????

  9. Coco Says:
  10. Oh, I agree with Trav, these rambles of mindless fancy are still my favorite Bond-Blogs. Lol Paypal and the NYC Cab system, too. That's the real joke there, ya know ...

  11. COCO: Glad you enjoyed the video and the musical selection...His voice is impressive...I heard some "pitchy problems dawg" at one point, but I think the judging on this show is not as serious as on AI or Pop Idol...

  12. Sadie Says:
  13. Holy crap, I thought that guy was lip syncing at first! If he hadn't had those few pitchy spots I wouldn't have believed it! Awesome. And he seems like such a nice guy, too, that will help him with voting. Crazy, can you imagine being able to sing like that and working as a phone salesman...

  14. Sparky Duck Says:
  15. clicking the link is fine and dandy, clicking the link and then giving information, not so much.

    The Simon reaction when he stopped chewing on his pen was priceless. That guy is really good, though Mrs Duck always the cynic, questioned whether it was real.

    Ahh, the Game, a rapper more famous for getting arrested and throwing some lines in on a cell phone song jingle then for actually selling albums or downloads or howver they track that now.

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. I'm in writhing pain so I'll just say Hi Bond...Hi Bond.

  18. AtriaBooks Says:
  19. Why does everyone think that opera singer was so great? I couldn't understand a work he was singing!

  20. BeckEye Says:
  21. I'm with Sadie...I was sure they were going to reveal that Paul was lip synching! I'm such a cynic I guess, just like my beloved Cowell. But that guy was great! I hope he wins. And it's so good to see my evil British love again.

  22. Twyla Says:
  23. The guy in the video was great...not my kind of music though. :-P
    I say don't click the link. It could cause ALL kinds of trouble.

  24. Tug Says:
  25. The voice was totally unexpected & gave me chills...wow.

  26. SADIE: I immediately thought the same thing and then it dawned on me that he was singing...

    SPARKY: LOL click don't give...got it...I think it was real as rain...LOL yes, THE GAME...what a useless thug

    MATT-MAN; feel better my friend...

    DOC: what? your TV does not have the Opera translation button?

    BECKEYE: Glad you could see your evil British love ...

    TWYLA: Not an opera fan either...but the voice...WOW...thanks for looking out for me

    TUG: Yup...same here

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. Sure, click the link and get lured into a phishing scam...:)

  29. Meribah Says:
  30. I just luv to see the rambling Bond! Such a fun guy he is...although some of his other personalities skeer the puppy a bit, like the one that makes him want to click on that link. Don't do it! You're in for a world of hurt! Of course, if being in a world of hurt is your thing then I guess you can do it...just didn't figure you for stuff like that! LOL :P

  31. DANA: Ah is THAT what it is? I like Phish...they rock... OH nm

    Sorry, please ignore him....Ty for the advice...hehehehe

  32. I visited in the wee hours this morning as is customary for me, but I didn't get the chance to view the video until now.


    I wept, for reasons known and unknown.

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Holy cow.... I hope that guy strikes it big...lol.

  34. Julie Says:
  35. Yup, yup, yup....I want to hear more from that fellow!

    Absolutetly amazing!

    Thanks for posting over here my friend!

  36. Angell Says:
  37. I was by yesterday but didn't have time to comment - so here I go.

    The flag - a beautiful sentiment my friend. You must feel closer to him in those times.

    Paul Potts - ok, true triple threat - chills, goosebumps and tears. 'nuff said.

    As for the link - I voted against it. But it's not always a good thing to listen to the little voices y'know....(shut up you guys - I'm trying to write here)

    No comment on the rapper....absolutely none.

    And I LOVE that line at the end - but how many things can be named Vinny?


  38. SONGBIRD: yw - he is special

    108: He just might

    JULIE: I had to after receiving in the email

    ANGELL: I do fell closer...LOL Paul is one of those rare gems...LOL vote vote vote...what voices??? EVERYTHING can be named VINNY!

  39. Anndi Says:
  40. Nice tunage.. excuse me but I have to dance with the broom now...

  41. TopChamp Says:
  42. Alright Vinny?! I missed this post but my boyfriend just told me you had posted Paul Potts. Not a fan of opera AT ALL so I can't like this. Travis mentioned him on my post today and I hadn't seen him on the programme.

  43. TopChamp Says:
  44. you're a wise one... picked the winner straight off!

  45. ANNDI: Glad you enjoyed the dance

    TOPCHAMP: But as a musician, you have to appreciate the "instrument"
    LOL yes I did


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