Just A Tuesday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening...
Please grab a seat, sit back and relax...


Had a great weekend with Andy...we hit the local place on Friday night with burgers and cocktails...then came back and watched some baseball...

Saturday out and downtown...drove to Tom Lee Park on the river and then parked and walked through downtown over to Beale Street...

Walked the entire two blocks stopping for beers once...ummm...yeah once...it was hot out but beautiful!

Ended up at B.B. Kings...seems everyone wants to see the original...Great band playing with a 20-year old guitar player Corey Osborne. Kid played a great guitar...yes he did...

Went to Corky's that night for dinner and were debating on calling a cab and heading back to Beale...ended up buying a couple bottles of wine and enjoying them...

Sunday we went back downtown and did the Sun Records Tour - #3 for me...three different tour guides...the one with mom and dad has been best so far...

Drove over to Graceland...Andy decided he didn't need to tour...headed back home..had some wings and nachos for lunch and a big 'ole bowl of pasta with meat gravy for dinner...

Up at 4:30 yesterday morning and took him to the airport....was great to spend time and catch up and bitch and moan and laugh and drink and eat together again...


Our friend MORGEN from "It's A Blog Eat Blog World"
is moving into the world of "Blogtalk Radio" this evening...
6:30pm Eastern Standard Time

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Then of course

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Been a long and busy day...
If you listen...enjoy the music...

Today's selection is from Roosevelt Raceway on Long Island. A horse track, they held the concert on the infield.

It began as an overcast day, the rain came during the day, then it cleared...

It was September 8, 1974 R.I.T. was on a trimester schedule so we began school later than most and we were still home and were leaving the next day to get there before the freshman orientation began and get the radio station running...

So, happy we stayed an extra day... this was a special concert...

Crosby, Still Nash & Youngand then we found a copy of the concert and can relive it over and over...

Remember...it a live recording made by a fan...


OH...And it seems many of our guests enjoyed the thought of me as a woman...

here is a peek...

want the rest?




Crosby, Still, Nash & Young
Live - Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, NY

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Gail Says:
  2. OMG...I just spit out my coffee on my keyboard...that pic of you is to damn funny!!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time with your frat brother. So, no bail money needed, huh?

    I've been to a CSN concert, but not a CSN&Y one. Great, great concert. BTW, I have a very dear friend who hails from Westbury, LI. What a coinkydink.

    Well, I'm still waiting for the teddy photo, and the spike heels are a must...

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. Glad you had a good time this weekend.

    But you gotta post more of a warning when you're gonna play photoshop!! Dude!

    I fell off the sofa and scared the cat. And Pam says you're taking this "getting in touch with your inner woman" just a little too far.

  6. If I beg for it do I get to call you Big Daddy???

  7. Piacere Says:
  8. Sounds like you and Andy had a blast and you two managed to stay out of trouble, right??? Sunday gravy...YUMMMMMM!!!

    The Hooters pic does not do you justice...your left boob looks deflated and the chicken wings were obviously Photoshopped in...BWAHAHAHA!!!

    SMOOCH!! I'm gonna go listen to some CSN&Y!

  9. GAIL: Funny meaning wonderful ---right?

    SONGBIRD: No bail money needed...oooo coinkdinks..I love em...who says I am not wearing heels in the one you have to beg for?

    TRAVIS: TY my friend...what photoshop? That actually exists...Tell Pam, "not too far!" lol

    108: Of course you do!

    PIA: Stayed out of trouble with the law...correct...deflated? ah man....

  10. Gail Says:
  11. Absolutely wonderful! You can come and borrow some girlie clothes anytime!!

  12. OOOOO Can we do dress up together?

  13. Schmoop Says:
  14. I'll never eat wings again!!

  15. corky's and graceland? you HAVE my attention today honey!

    smiles, bee

  16. Sparky Duck Says:
  17. Yep, it had to be a Hooters!

    I passed up on the chance to see Stephen Stills play at someones house as a fundraiser last year. I am sensing that might have been a mistake, but I dont know any CSN or CSNY songs really.

  18. MATT-MAN: But I made a special batch for you darling

    BEE: see I know how to hold your attention

    SPARKY: yes, you made a mistake..whether you know the songs or not....you get the chance to see someone of that stature in such an intimate setting...you GO.

  19. Schmoop Says:
  20. For some reason I think there is some "special" sauce involved.

  21. AtriaBooks Says:
  22. I find myself strangely attracted to you as a Hooters girl.

  23. Coco Says:
  24. I notice NO ONE wanted the rest of the pic ... and thanks a lot honey. I had only just managed to erase the memory of it from my brain archives and now it's back! Geez!

    Glad you had a blast this weekend. Hugs, honey.

  25. MATT-MAN: Not that I know of...hehehhehehe

    DOC: It happens to most..... LOL

    COCO: You are right, well 108 kinda did....HUGS

  26. Unknown Says:
  27. Getting down on my knees, begging for more. Gimme the rest, you damn hot RBG!

  28. Angell Says:
  29. HAH - Gail still hasn't learned. NEVER drink while reading any blogs by the Soul Patrol.

    Love that pic hon. So glad you had fun with Andy, and VERY glad we didn't have to use the bail fund. We'll need it for Dana and Mitzi...


  30. tiggerprr Says:
  31. LOL Bond, you crack me up! Sounds like you had a great time this weekend! :)

  32. Ok more photo's. The drugs are kicking in and that was waaaay too hot for words :P

    And you said no porn on the couch!!

  33. Glad you had a great weekend with your bud. However, I would have suggested on thing differently... next time go to the Rendevous. It's right downtown there real close the Beale Street and the FedEx Forum. They've got Corky's beat by a mile.

    Love the pic ... I know now why I call you "Hottie" ;-)

  34. Meribah Says:
  35. **Totally traumatized the puppy hides under the chesterfield with her woobie** LOL :P

  36. Julie Says:
  37. Beg? Oh okay...

    **drops to both knees, clasps hands, looks heavenward and pleads with a voracious spirit**

    Now y'all owe me!


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