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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Well? I said WELL?
Huh, what?

Where have you been?
Would you believe we were just depressed after the Sopranos ended? Not because we were unhappy, but because we will miss it...
We really did like the ending...David Chase had left it to our imagination before and he did it again...we came into the show (BOOM) in the middle of one day in the life of the Soprano's...we left (BOOM) right in the middle of one day in the life of the Soprano's...clean, simple, complete for me...

Ummmmm like that even came close to answering our question...
Would you believe we were holding a social experiment to see if anyone missed us?

Well, do you really want to go there as only 4 people even noticed?
hummm you have a point…WAIT!...we just checked our email and more people than that noticed..

So, was it a "Social Experiment?"
Well...ummm, wasn't...

That is what I
Would you believe that I had been kidnapped by a group of Paris Hilton lovers who were sick and tired of my snarky comments about her?

Oh are pulling at straws now...
OK, we were traveling on business...

You have done that before and were still around...LOOK at this place, it is a mess and seems know that this is a two man operation..
Yes, yes, you are correct...but we have not posted before...

Maybe one day, never two without making a big announcement --- SOUND THE TRUMPETS, HE IS TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT..
Now, that really isn't fair is it?

If it quacks and walks and looks like a duck...
OK, moving on...

OK, this is getting indulgent now...
Probably, but maybe they won't notice...

Your guests are very intelligent people OF COURSE they will notice...
sheesh...yeah, we know sure are pretty intelligent too...

Why thank wait a minute... you still have not told me why...
OK OK OK...don't hurt me

I wasn't planning on it...
I just thought, ya know, we could play it up a little and we could fight you off for hours and then get all these comments because we were so brave...

But you just began to give in like a little wimp "doooooooooooon't hurt me...wa wa wa"
Well we were going to lull you into...

OK, stop...where have you been...?
Look, nothing crazy, we were traveling and then well our brain needed a rest...

Reading this, it probably still does...
HEY, you are a part of this too you know...

And that's it??? Nothing dramatic???
Hey, I tried dramatic earlier and you poo-pooed it

Hey, our friend Anndi uses it, we can too...Well, the other thing some might want to know is that Monday Matinee is taking a rest for the summer...we need the time to concentrate on something else...

Are we done with this?
Yeah, probably...getting sort of weird letting them listen in to our conversation...have we ever done this before?

OK, I am outta are out of control...
Wait...can you give me a lift?


Tony Parker, he of the San Antonio Spurs is living la dolce vita right now...

In the first two games he has played a huge part in the San Antonio wins in the NBA Finals...

On July 7th he marries Eva Longoria, she of "Desperate Housewives" fame, in a big-a$$ blowout in France...YES, BIG-A$$ ...

Reports are the Wedding Cake is costing them $15,000.00

A lot of money for sure...but get this kiddies, they looked and looked and scouring the "Le Jaune Pages" for someone who could bake a Wedding Cake...Lo and behold, there was not one in the whole dang country, so it is being baked in California.

Now, to get it all the way over there across the ocean to Gay Paree they have purchased a first-class ticket for the cake. No self-respecting Wedding Cake would fly all alone to a foreign country so a staff member from Beverly Hills chef Sam Godfrey's staff will fly escort with the Wedding Cake. The two first-class tickets will cost over $20,000.00!

Almost $40,000.00 for the Wedding Cake...

HEY that takes a big bite out of the $2.5-million budget!

Yeah, like that is gonna be the limit! WOOOOOO

Where did I put my tux?


Damn...need to get some WD40 for the upstairs ceiling is squeaking...


End of the third quarter of game 3 of the NBA Finals...San Antonio 55 Cleveland 50...Might not go the 6 games we predicted...


OH, when mom and dad came they dropped off copies of a bunch of pictures they had of Matt over the years including the pictures of his trip with gee-ma and gee-pa to DisneyWorld when he was 3.5 years old. That was a nice surprise...KISSES MOM AND DAD!


OK, will you wrap it up are blabbering...
OK, well since we hadn't posted we thought we would just thrown out some random thoughts...

You should have thrown them out all right...



Duke Ellington & Johhny Hodges
Composer: Artie Matthews

HBO via Reuters Via USAToday



27 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Dude, maybe you should have taken one more day off.

    No Matinee for the summer eh? I guess that gives me something to look forward to in the fall.

    I thought if Cleveland won tonight that it might go 5. Now it might as well be a sweep so we can move on to something else... NLF training camp!! Woooooooooooo!! Only about 5-6 weeks until camps open.

  3. Coco Says:
  4. Okay, now I feel better ... don't do that again. B sends his love and wants to know where Uncle Vin was, too.

  5. Sparky Duck Says:
  6. you were gone?

    I think I resemble that duck comment

    Its an interesting life for Tony Parker. Not only is he on a very forgettable dynasty of a basketball team, but he is also forgettable in his marriage

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. Who are The Sopranos....Did I miss something?

  9. Peg Says:
  10. Cheers, Bond--loved the tune w/this post, btw! Hey, we all need a break now and again. I take them pretty regularly. But I'll still miss the Monday Matinee...looking forward to the return in the fall!!

  11. TRAVIS: Ouch babe and I mean it...Need to focus on writing in a different way and do not want the MM to interfere...
    NFL? Sheesh...still have the college world series, the LL world series, and the mlb world series

    COCO: Tell the B-Man I siad hi

    SPARKY: Funnnnnnnnnnnnny - I am not sure they are so unforgettable...the marriage maybe

    MATT-MAN- Fuhgettaboutit

    PEG: Glad you enjoyed the music...It shall return...

  12. Gail Says:
  13. Bond, you were like Taz, all spinning and spewing stuff...that was a great post...and I am still smiling!


  14. oboy! cake news! thanks....

    smiles, bee

  15. BEE: I did think of you as I typed that!

  16. Did someone say NFL training camp?! Bring it on, baby!

    Don't even talk about that Parker creature and his band of merry thugs. We all KNOW who should be playing in the NBA Finals against the Cavs...

    That's cool that your parents brought over photos of your son. Rediscovering photos is like finding buried treasure. Enjoy!

    I'll Monday Matinee, but totally understand about needing a break and change of focus. I can't seem to find mine lately, but it's slowly returning...the vacation sure helped.

  17. SA Spurs...Thugs???? OK, we disagree on that wholly

    I am writing away from the MM..and need to focus on that...

  18. Mags Says:
  19. $40K for the cake....why do you think I wanted to become a chef?


    I for one, missed you.

  20. Angell Says:
  21. YAY - we finally get to meet another of the voices in Bond's head!! And your name sir???

    Could care less about basketball, could care even less than that about Eva Longoria - if I AIN'T INVITED I DON'T WANNA KNOW. He he he.

    And for the record, I noticed you were gone, but I also noticed the announcement about the business trip so I wasn't worried - however, one more day....

    I'm with Trav. Looking forward to new MM's in the fall....after all, summer is such a lovely season, and you are in the south...maybe some inspiration will come through your time outdoors. (bring the laptop)

    I leave you with this thought....

    ....nah, forget it, get your own!!


  22. MAGS: LOL maybe I should learn to bake too...
    Ah shucks...I been missed

    ANGELL: MY NAME???? MY NAME???? I am just IN CHARGE! Sheesh, sorry about that...he is so rude...and what makes you think there are more then two voices in my head?
    I could use some thoughts! LOL

  23. Travis Cody Says:
  24. Good luck with the writing. Mine has become painful again - I'm getting words out, but each one is a struggle.

    I need to find a flow again and stop trying to write a perfect first draft. That's what edits are for.

  25. Ok that made me dizzy :P

  26. Forest Dogs Says:
  27. ...and we thought our mom was weird...

  28. TRAVIS: Hate when it gets painful, but you are correct...let the words just flow and then go back and edit....this is not your final draft in one try...

    STARRLIGHT: bwahahahahahahahaha - It worked then!

    FOREST DOGS: thanks for sitting on THE COUCH...hope you enjoyed yourself and I appreciate the weird comment... Nothing wrong with a bit of insanity!

  29. Julie Says:
  30. Well you are back and in rare form I must say.

    Missed ya!


  31. Unknown Says:
  32. :blinks:

  33. Meribah Says:
  34. Wooo! Me likee random thoughts! They can be some of the most fun thoughts!
    Oh, and the voices in your head sound really weird...not like the ones in my head at all! LOL :P

  35. JULIE: ah TY and HUGS back to you

    DANA: bwahahahahahahahahaha....see it is all about letting a spark of insanity run your life...

  36. Coco Says:
  37. A spark? Like a forest fire ...

  38. MERI: LOL I have many random thoughts...the voices? What voices

    COCO: LOL Could be... could be....

  39. Twyla Says:
  40.'s so good to know that I'm not the only one who talks to herself. LOL Although most of the time I am actually talking to someone...they just aren't it just feels like I'm talking to myself.

  41. Okay, I missed you but in my defense... I was rather indisposed :-)

  42. Anndi Says:
  43. um... slowly steps back from the computer and prepares to break out into a full RUN AWAY!! Damn, I'm not wearing the proper heels to do that...


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