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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, June 21, 2007


Wow.. thinking we got to and commented on all the FAVS on the right yesterday...Been a long time since we were able to do that...If we missed you, let us know please...

Work has been very busy and there are days we can only get halfway through so we alternate beginning at the top or at the bottom...we always go in order...

So do you go through your daily journey through your favorite sites?


Well it would seem the leaders of the Church Of Scientology has put their collective heads together (which has been proven to have the brain capacity of a gnat) and realized that maybe....just maybe Mr. Tom Cruise's credibility with the public at large is on shaky grounds - though his absence from being in our faces has been a nice break.


Well fine whatever the reason - sheesh just be quiet OK? - Mr. John Travolta has thrown his hat into the Major Tom - Brooke Shield catfight....



Anyway, in the July issue of "W" magazine Gabriel Shear is quoted as saying,
"I don't disagree with anything Tom says. How would I have presented it? Maybe differently than how he did, but it doesn't matter. I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is (psychotropic) drugs at the bottom of it."

"I don't want to create controversy; I just have an opinion on things, and there is nothing wrong with stating your opinion if you are asked," he continues. "Everyone wants that right, and because you are famous doesn't mean you have less of a right."

Now before Beckeye and Turn have cows (not Bessie Dana), let me say we like James Ubriacco. We have no problem that he practices a "religion" that is based upon a science fiction book...Look, we don't care that Tom Terrific does, what we have not liked over the last few years is his erratic behavior and proselytizing.

We just think Vincent Vega should stay out of this whole controversy and not become a mouthpiece for the church...


Best friend Andy coming into town Friday night...should be a great weekend...

LOL...and the phone rings and it is...drum roll please...

push the play button please is Andy calling from CA, where he is visiting Jamie first, checking in making sure everything is in order...


UGH...I hate Colorado .....
Baseball reference


When Larry Birkhead looks at his 9-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, he sees her mother, Anna Nicole Smith. "She has long legs and chubby little toes exactly like Anna's; it's like a mirror image," Birkhead tells "OK" magazine in its latest issue. "It's really incredible. And I think her lips are her mom's lips; especially when she pouts. ... She also gets what she wants exactly like her mom always did as soon as she'd pout."

Birkhead also said he was in negotiations for a Playboy spread for her when she reaches her 18th birthday...


So, it is by no means official...

"I have not been asked for my opinion, nor have I expressed one," Bob Barker said on Wednesday. "I think there are several candidates who could do the show, and Rosie is certainly one of them."

Among those reportedly in the running, besides O'Donnell, are Todd Newton of the "E!" network, Mark Steines of "Entertainment Tonight," George Hamilton (isn't he as old as Barker???) and John O'Hurley.

Rosie talked about this on her blog and said she would accept it if offered.

Barker was asked about the possibility of this happening.

"She told me at that time (on her now defunct talk show) that she liked `The Price Is Right' and some day wanted to host it," said Barker. "I thought she could do the show. She's a very talented lady and I thought she could do most any show."

So when asked after the Emmys about her qualifications, he responded, "She knows the show. There's no doubt in my mind she could do the show."

On Wednesday Barker began backpedling saying it would "terribly presumptuous," for him to have an impact on the final selection...yeah surrrrrrrrrrrrre



Joe Cocker
COMPOSER: Dave Mason

"With A Little Help From My Friends" - 1969

Joe Cocker: Vocals.
David Cohen: Guitar
Artie Butler: Piano
Carol Kaye: Bass guitar
Paul Humphries: Drum
Laudir: Tumba, Maracas
Brenda Holloway: Backing Vocals
Brenda's Sister: Backing Vocals
Merry Clayton: Backing Vocals

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. julie Says:
  2. Oh yeah....feelin' alright now! Thanks and a great pick!

    Rosie and Tom should just start their own show! Maybe they can learn how to cook placenta various ways prior to eating!

  3. Travis Says:
  4. Just for clarification - sometimes I go through my daily blog rounds top to bottom, and sometimes bottom to top. I like to change it up in case I'm not able to get to everyone.

    I have no opinion on the religion thingy, especially now that the voices have made another appearance.

    Have a great visit with your friend!

    John O'Hurley would be a great host for Price is Right.

    Later dude!

  5. I didn't vote on your survey because you didn't provide the option that I use - I use Google Reader to read my blogs. I keep it open all day and I can tell when a new post is up almost right away. Best way to read all of my blogs - don't miss much that way!

    Cruise Creature - can we be done with him and never have him cross our path again? Please? Let's perform an exorcism...

    Hey, just heard there's a Jesus image on a tree outside of St. Michael's Catholic Church right there in Memphis. It's a sign...Ha!

  6. the108 Says:
  7. Were you reading yahoo news at the same time as me??

  8. Matt-Man Says:
  9. While I find Rosie annoying and moronic...I actually dont find her and hosting the show a bad fit. Cheers!!

  10. is there any left over pie in here bond? there must be ONE piece somewhere.... drat!

    smiles, bee

  11. Gail Says:
  12. Seriously, I don't need to read Comcast got it all here for me.

    Have a great time with Andy! Perhaps we should warn the women within a 50 mile radius of Memphis to beware...

    I try to read everyone's blog as much as I can. I sometimes hop over to other people's blogs through their links. Hopefully, that's okay.

    Okay -- don't hurt me people, despite all the hub-bub, I still like Rosie...{ducks from all the flaming walnuts being thrown at me}

    Luv ya

  13. Mags Says:
  14. *sigh* Why did Bob have to get old?

    I'm terribly sad about this. Though I haven't gotten to watch TPIR in a long time...I loved it.

    And with Rosie-oh, I hope not...


    I read my blogroll from bottom to top. There is a reason.

  15. Starrlight Says:
  16. Did someone say "on top"......

    Sorry, got distracted!

    Tom Cruise is THE SUCK.

  17. Tug Says:
  18. Birkhead also said he was in negotiations for a Playboy spread for her when she reaches her 18th birthday... SERIOUSLY??

    Yeah, another reason to hate Colorado. Damn Yankees.

    I heard this morning Drew Carey may do the Price is Right? I think he'd be awesome.

  19. Bond Says:
  20. JULIE: Glad you liked the tune... LOL placenta 10 different ways with Tom and Rosie

    TRAVIS: Just like I do ... O'Hurley would be a good choice what voices???

    SONGBIRD: OK, I should have put that choice in also...A sign of?????

    108: Sorry, can not divulge where I find my engrossing stories...LOL

    MATT-MAN: OK, another republic heard are not spanking your wanker to her are you?

    BEE: Right over there by the cake

    GAIL: Sorry, can not divulge where I find my engrossing stories...LOL ...warn the women about what??? You are allowed to like her ...ready ATTACK! LOL ---Luv ya back

    MAGS: See everyone but you and I get is a fact...LOL And you are not sharing the reason you go bottom to top? C'mon fess up

    STARRLIGHT: On top...the suck.... oh my ... LOL

    TUG: ummm no purple italics is my snarky side...hehehehehe
    What the hell is going on out there Tug????Will you please fix it tonight??????
    OOOOO Drew would be perfecto

  21. Peg Says:
  22. LOL I'm a reader girl too--but sometimes, I'm wanting to just hear the tunes, and they don't show on my reader from your blog!! :D

    Enjoy, that's it...with a little help from your friend this weekend!!

  23. Morgen Says:
  24. I'm a Google Reader now, too.
    Still working out how to get all my 'reads' in -- today, I started at the bottom, working my way up to the top of human blogs, then will work my way down the cat blogs...

  25. Angell Says:
  26. Ok, first comment EWWWWWW to Julie. That's just gross....pass the community barf bag please.

    Second, yeah, umm, I had the same problem as starrlight. My train of thought derailed when I saw on top....wait, what were we talking about again?

    Oh yeah, Larry - no comment whatsoever on that jackass. Sorry for the language...but he's just looking to make money - I feel for that poor child. She might have been better off with the lawyer.

    As for Major Tom - I've always loved him, that won't change. Do I think he's insane? Abso-smurfing-lutely.

    And speaking of insane, Bob must be to think that Rosie would be a good host of anything, especially not a legendary game show.

    Have fun with your friend this weekend.....y'know it's Pride weekend here in Toronto right? :P

    Oh, but for the record, I always sit on the Couch last in my travels, that way I can rest my weary feet and have a cocktail or two.


  27. Tug Says:
  28. Ah....sarcasm. heh. I read you in Bloglines (no purple italics)... ;-) ThanktheLORD. whew

    I really should go to the game (I think it's an afternoon one so I'd never make it now). When I go? My teams win.

  29. Turnbaby Says:
  30. Dear Bondbaby--chalking this one up to that stml thing you 'don't' apologies to Beckeye but I have never had a 'thing' for Travolta...Now John Cusack...well that's another story!!

    Have a great weekend with Andy


  31. BeckEye Says:
  32. As John said, he would've presented his thoughts differently. I don't think anyone has a problem with Tom Cruise having an opinion on drug use, but it was the WAY he tried to jam those opinions down everyone's throats. John specifically said he didn't want to be part of the controversy, but he was asked a question and answered it plainly and honestly.

    John has been a Scientologist since he was 18...before it was "cool" in Hollywood. Rarely do you hear him spouting off about it like Tom Cruise, because he has said that he doesn't like to talk about his religion unless people are genuinely interested to learn more about it. He knows that most questions about Scientology are asked by people who are looking for some way to tear it down or ridicule it. There's a difference between standing by your beliefs and trying to force everyone else to accept them.

  33. Bond Says:
  34. PEG: I forget about the readers who don't see the special formatting...but you miss the music toooooo! LOL

    MORGEN: More and more people are going that way...I enjoy visiting...

    ANGELL: heheh on gross...I forget what we are asking happy you enjoy your stay...cocktails are always available...

    TUG: LOL I have to remember the people who read and do not see the formatting...hehehehehe

    TURN: I thought it was ...there was someone else who talked about John on Beckeyes blog...
    I shall do so... Smooch

    BECKEYE: I thought I made it clear my hope was that he continue his beliefs. I pointed out he had not sprouted off in the past.
    We agree I hope you "got" that from my post...

  35. Sparky Duck Says:
  36. Im a reader too, though since i love leaving comments, its an extra step for me.


    ive given up all organized religions so your scientology part sounded like bawk bawk bawk to me.

    OHurley or Mark Steines would be best, though Rosie would give some interesting street cred.

  37. BeckEye Says:
  38. I understood what you were saying. But everyone's been picking on John lately and I'm in defensive mode. :)

  39. Bond Says:
  40. Now nice...

  41. TopChamp Says:
  42. have a fab weekend!!


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