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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 24, 2007

best blog of the year

Over the last year and a half of blogging, we have met so many wonderful people.

Some we found through a site called Bestest Blogger...well a few months ago there was a big hub-bub over the way the site was being run (or not run depending upon your point of view), and some nastiness went through the bloggosphere. We made our feelings known then and, as you can see...well, there is nothing to see...LOL

Well, it appears that Mr. Griffin has revamped some of that site and is going to begin a new site. But before he does, there is a contest to name the BESTEST BLOG OF THE YEAR.

All sites that have been named BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY are entered.

What does this mean?
It means some of our favorite bloggers are in the running, including:

The process is super simple. There are 105 blogs in the running. Go here and vote for them on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 is the worst, 5 is the best).

If you want to make your vote count 3 times as much, be sure to register first.

Voting will end 2 weeks from today, August 6th and winners will be announced on August 7th.

The winner will receive (at least) a $50 cash prize! They will also have a link to their blog featured on the Blankest Blank Home Page for the next year (until the next blog of the year is decided).

The overall top 10 blogs (including the winner) will have their link featured at Bestest Blog (replacing the Blog of the Month and Featured Blog in the top left) as well as have their links replace the blog of the year voting page. Results for blogs ranked 11 and up will be available from a link on the voting page as well.

OK, do not forget to give some love to those above...

......this has been a public service announcement

BlogTalk Radio update...

tonight...6:30 - 7:30 EDT
Just click on the MO SHOW link in the left sidebar

Tonight at 9:00PM EDT
click on the link right above MO

Yahoo! Sports Senior NBA Writer Adrian Wojnarowski will update us on the latest information concerning NBA referee Tim Dunaghy and allegations that he was working on behalf of the Gambino Crime Family.

Dr. Blogstein will attempt to keep Jane awake and alert when he assembles his sports brain trust to discuss the scandals in all our major sports leagues. We'll try to determine who has it worst: the mobbed up NBA, the thugged up NFL, or the juiced up MLB.

Also, rapper and radio talk show host SK-1 stops by. We'll delve into the state of hip-hop, find out who the governor of that state is and what the age of consent is there. We'll also try to get SK-1 to do some free-style joints for us (I'm so white).

All that, plus the return of Justin the Weatherman and your calls

Don't remember doing this before, but we just have to go for a second helping of "RIDING WITH THE KING" and Mr.'s Clapton & King...

This is called "THREE O' CLOCK BLUES" and has the two trading vocals and guitar licks throughout. It is just freaking hot.

Oh, yes, we have all lived this one....

The song is credited in various places as being composed by Reily King (B.B.'s given name); B.B. King; B.B. King & Jules Taub; Reily King & Jules Taub; B.B. King & Jules Bihari and finally just to Lowell Fulson!

Once again, Nathan East on bass and drummer Steve Gadd do an excellent job of holding down the entire walking line which allows the guitarists and keyboards a chance to take us away on floating lead guitar lines and keyboard explorations. Mr. Tom Carmon is once again on the Hammond Organ and the great Joe Sample was sitting in on piano.

FYI, the first guitarist is Mr. Clapton... Mr. King takes the solo after he sings...

Hope you enjoy...

Well now, it's three o'clock in the morning
And I can't even close my eyes.
Three o'clock in the morning
And I can't even close my eyes.
Can't find my baby
And I can't be satisfied.

I've looked all around me
And my baby, she can't be found.
I've looked all around me, people,
And my baby, she can't be found.
You know if I don't find my baby,
People, I'm going down to the golden ground.

Goodbye everybody,
I believe this is the end.
Oh, goodbye everybody,
I believe this is the end.
I want you to tell my baby,
Tell her please, please forgive me,
Forgive me for my sins.

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Thanks for this "public service announcement" and for the link-love, Vinny ;)

    I´ll attend to the Mo-Show tonight (yes, it´ll be NIGHT in my part of the world) - while the pretty Dr Blogstein is invited for breakfast on Wednesday morning!

    Have a great day, my friend!

  3. SANNI: My pleasure many wonderful folks in the running...breakfast with the Doc... so fun!

  4. AtriaBooks Says:
  5. Awesome plug! You're the man!

    Also, during my interview w/ the rapper, I'll be giving away his cds. Call in if you want to play "Who Dat?!" Where I give you the real name and you must identify the rapper name.

  6. Sparky Duck Says:
  7. Dang, I got Sk-1 and KrsOne confused in my head briefly. Though now I am thinking this is all just confusing to most folks.

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Thanks for the shout out Mo. I just cant get too excited about the award though because it's just a way for his site to get more people registered. I posted the link but I am not doing anything more in the way of solicitation. Cheers!!

  10. DOC: Our pleasure... will be listening

    SPARKY: I thought they were both motorcycles!

    MATT-MAN: First off, I am NOT Mo...sheesh... second, I agree with you on the underlying purpose, but wanted to give my friends a shout-out since all y'all deserve it so... no more mention will be made of it though.

  11. Twyla Says:
  12. On my way to vote now. :-)

  13. Schmoop Says:
  14. Bond: Sorry about the Mo thing. Mo...Bond...They sound the same. And you can make mention all that you want. I was just saying how I feel. Cheers Vinny.

  15. TWYLA: They will appreciate it...

    MATT-MAN: Too much WIR last night? (Is there such a thing as 'too much' for you?)
    I understood what you said, and I was agreeing...I am not in the mind to promote him at this time. But I always promote my friends....even you!

  16. Mark Base Says:
  17. Greetings from Helsingborg, Sweden.

    Wow, what a post!

    Hey listen, dear Bond:

    I've tagged you as a "friend" from MyBlogLog. It's one of those "things about myself" things.

    But I've added a bit of a twist to it; you've gotta find other bloggers you're "friends" with, but haven't really had much contact with.

    Here's the link:

    Good luck.

  18. Liz Hill Says:
  19. You are a good friend sugar.


  20. Thanks for the linky love, my friend. I've been off on a wizard chase, but am back now, just in time to take off for the land of Browns, Buckeyes, and Bagwine.

  21. ooooh... good luck Bestest Bloggers!

  22. TURNBABY: Just want them to get their props...

    DESERT: My pleasure ..good luck to you

    108: They all deserve the recognition

  23. Travis Cody Says:
  24. Thanks for the shout.

    You know, Bobby never did that badge for me - that was Empress Bee. So I haven't actually decided what's the best way to acknowledge my blog pals for this thing yet.

    Blogging shouldn't be this complicated.

  25. TRAVIS: Which is why the shout-out was for my friends and then nothing...It is interesting that it ends up being complicated.

    I thought for a while before posting this today, but if it helps my friends, then so be it...

  26. All I did was grab the linky thing and post it. I'm not going to do a post on it. You did the right thing sweetie.

  27. Julie Says:
  28. **jumps on the couch of confusion with Trav baby**


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