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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are sitting here and realized we had nothing ready to go for all y'all, our special guests...

Do we go wayback? nah....

Let me look around for a second here.... lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Nope, no memes anywhere .... not gonna go chasing them down (and please dear guest, do not inundate us with them...this is only mildly amusing humor) though and we think we may have done all out that even possible? Not, you hang on a second...

YO MIMI, QUEEN OF ALL MEMES, Owner of Bloggingham it possible someone has done every meme there is??????

Hope she gets back to us...she is pretty cool to her loyal subjects...yeah she will...

Anyway, where were we?????? If you forget, why should they remember?

OH yeah, what the hell are we going to write about is getting late here again...sleep, glorious sleep...SEE STARR, we can do Billy S.

What, that wasn't something he wrote? You mean we wrote that?

Are you sure it wasn't a mattress commercial you saw and it stuck in your subconscious and now they are going to come after you and sue...take all your vinyl away....


maybe we can get them to take Anndi's Luggage instead...yeah, that's it.... bwahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa

Anyone out there even notice there is one subject in sports that we have not discussed? anyone...anyone....bueller??? anyone???

Hummmm there are quite a few stories out there in sports...which could it be????

OK, well find out tomorrow, when we dust off SPORTS FRIDAY...which will he not mention... hummmmmmmmmm

Sitting with ESPN on and just shaking our head....

OK, so song of the day...and we hope you are enjoying getting some of the liner notes with them...What to play...what to play... would you like a rare, live recording? Pretty cool huh...?

We actually have hours and hours...much is Grateful Dead, but we have some Yes, and Jimi, and Janis, and Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane and oh there is more...

So, should we open the vault today?

Back in 1988, the Jimi Hendrix Experience was on fire. Jimi along with guitarist-turned-bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell comprised this incredible group of musicians.

On the evening of October 10th, 1968 the trio performed at the famed Winterland Arena in San Francisco, CA. We will not swear to it, but this sounds like a soundboard mix. The sound is crystal clear...close your eyes, crank it up and you are in the 10th row...


19 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mark Base Says:
  2. It really is a comfy sofa, and some great tunes.

    Got any munchies, dude?

  3. Thanks Mark...glad you enjoyed... Sure, plenty of snacks near the yourself

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. I am a sucker for great a jai-alai story. Cheers!!

  6. Julie Says:
  7. Good morning Vinny! Great song to crank up! Ooopsie there's a stooopid preposition again!

  8. MATT-MAN; You spoiled the surprise

    JULIE: Glad you enjoyed...I am not grading on structure of sentences....LOL

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. I feel so bad. A thousand pardons.

  11. did someone mention munchies?

    nice to see you in a silly mood, mr bond!

    I'm trying to cook up in my noggin a fall meme, and of course a halloween one to sequel last halloween's meme.

  12. Angell Says:
  13. Vinny - y'know I lurv ya - but PLEASE DEAR GOD don't let it be anything about FIFA U20 or I will have to give up my spot on the couch for the day.

    I worked all two weeks of that mess - it wasn't pretty....



  14. Holy cow... you have excellent taste in tunes :-)

  15. MATT-MAN: Now I changed it and you will have to read all about turtle races

    MORGEN: Always munchies dude...gotta have 'em...
    thank came out of nowhere (the silly mood that is)
    ooooh fav holiday

    ANGELL: Damn and Matt are soooooooooooooo perceptive....
    Glad you enjoyed the song

    108: ummmm you JUST NOW figuring that out? sheesh

  16. Coco Says:
  17. Yeah, and all that ... now guess who's coming to the local Jazz and Blues festival in September??? Can't guess? Gov't Mule, that's who!! Oh, I am so excited ...

  18. Travis Cody Says:
  19. I am about to commit a rock sacrilege...I'm not that wild about Jimi.

    My ear can't process this and it garbles into a bunch of noise.

  20. COCO: Welcome back dear...Excellent...they put on a great show..

    TRAVIS: Hey to each their own ear...I admit there is some live from him that I would prefer to listen to the studio albums. Even still, I have friends who never 'heard' Jimi either..

  21. Sparky Duck Says:
  22. hmm was this post sponsored by tennesee whiskey or kentucky bourbon?

  23. SPARKY: Only Tennessee Sipping Whiskey touch these lips....

  24. Anndi Says:
  25. Step away from the luggage... nobody messes with my luggage!

    Thanks for the tunes... yup, it does sound clear.

  26. ANNDI: LOL...Better your luggage than my vinyl!
    Knew you would enjoy this one...

  27. Anndi Says:
  28. Them's fightin' words...

  29. ANNDI: Of COURSE they are...LOL


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